Are You Actually Supposed to Break This Toy?

Are You Actually Supposed to Break This Toy?

(heart monitor beeping) – Scalpel. Forceps. How are his vitals looking? – Stable. – Oh, my god. It’s two floor seats to Lady Gaga! (cheering) – [Narrator] Surgery isn’t usually a place to find treasure, but you can uncover rare collectables inside Treasure X Aliens, available at Trapped inside this alien’s belly is a mystery treasure
hunter for you to rescue. Grab the included excavator
tool and start your dissection using the notched marks
on the alien’s belly, which lets you easily make your incision. Dig through the alien’s gooey guts and extract the pieces hidden within. Once you clear off the entrails, you’ll uncover your treasure hunter, along with a weapon and treasure, as mementos of your
extraterrestrial treasure hunt. Plus, the removed alien
ooze is such a fun toy with many ways to play
that it almost makes you want to be digested. – This is the creature that got Dawkins, before we could stop him. – Commencing full autopsy, captain. (man yelling)
– That was fun, guys! – Dawkins? – Captain, he appears to be fidgeting. Oh. – Gummy bears? – [Narrator] You can store your alien ooze in the included container,
which acts as the base to display your outer space monster. With 18 figurines to collect, there’s plenty of reasons to
get more aliens to dissect, especially with the chance
of finding a rare space gem. Treasure X Aliens is so
uniquely fun to play with, we couldn’t help wondering
how much fun it would be to do it jumbo. – All right, these guys are
gonna go on a treasure hunt inside a giant alien
stomach full of slime. But first, check this out. All right, so what we’ve done is, we’ve gotten a six foot water trough and we’ve put it under
a plywood table, here, that we’ve cut a hole through. Joey then made this cool wire frame and stretched this really
stretchy, you know, flesh-colored fabric over it
to be the skin of our alien. Got this cool alien
mask here for the head. Cover it up with the surgical blankets, and then we’ll dump in our slime powder, add some water, and we’ll have
a alien belly full of slime. – Alien autopsy. – We have our giant alien stomach here, loaded with a Treasure X Alien, along with a couple distractions. We’re gonna give Talon here
about two minutes to find one, and if you do, you get to keep it. Are you ready? – Yeah.
– All right! Go. – That ain’t it. – [Man] (laughing) That does not look like a Treasure X Alien.
– Yeah, no. – Go ahead and fish around in there and see what you can find. – This ain’t it, it’s a bone. (man chuckling) Yeah, this doesn’t look like it. Slippery. – Get in there and fish around a bit. See if you feel something
that looks like this. – This ain’t it! – That looks like a dive toy. – Yeah, it looks like
something that goes in a pool. – Yeah, okay. This alien’s been eating
some weird things. – Yeah. What it.
(man laughing) Did it eat a person swimming? – I think so! Yeah, so far, this alien
isn’t really filled with many treasures, is it? – No.
– Yeah. Oh! There, oh! You lost it! – I lost it! – (laughing) That was
it, though, you had it. There it is! Ahh, very nice. The Treasure X Alien. That is yours to keep. In fact, we’ll go unbox
that together in a minute. But we’re gonna let your buddy Anthony come in here and see if
he can find one, too. – All right! – All right, I’ll see you in a minute. All right, Anthony, you’ve got two minutes to try to find a Treasure X Alien. Are you ready? – Yes.
– All right, go for it! What’s it feel like in there? – Gooey.
– Gooey? Aww, this is some good
alien guts, in there. Tell me if you feel like the
digestive system of the alien kinda matches humans. Have you found the small intestine yet? Don’t know? It’s kinda, oh. (laughing) What? Okay, nice. All right, this alien
swallowed a bad garage sale, it looks like. Who knows? It might be near the appendix. I don’t think aliens need those either. – Feels gooey. – Feels gooey in there? Yeah, okay, a weird crab. Do you feel anything yet?
What do you got, do you think? – Oh.
– Oh! Okay. A recorder. Have you ever played one of those before? – Yeah.
– Okay. (recorder squeaking) Never had one lesson! – Oh.
– (chuckling) Another bone! Feels like this alien was maybe at the prop closet at Vat 19. I don’t know. Oh! There it is! That’s your Treasure X Alien. You get to keep this slimy toy. All right, let’s go
unbox these real quick. All right, Anthony, are you excited to dissect this alien? They say on here that there’s
12 levels of adventure. A lot going on inside of this. Step one is we have to cut along this danger line, along here. Go ahead and grab that X tool, and then you can start
cutting along that line there. – This is kinda fun, cuttin’ into a alien. Different, but fun. – I always have fun cutting into aliens. It’s like a mini little saw they give you. – I haven’t worked with one of these. – You’ve never dissected an alien before? – Nuh-uh. – (scoffs) What are they
doing with these kids in school these days? Okay, cool. – [Talon] What is this thingy? – That’s the ooze container. Ahh, that’s the map. I don’t think there’s anything in it yet. So, I think we’re gonna get–
– We have to get the, put the alien glue in there? – Yeah, maybe we’ll put the
alien’s ooze in here for later. Okay, it’s got our instructions on there. Next step is, we’ve gotta get your alien out of this crystal, here. Teamwork, there we go. Okay. Cool. That’s your alien. – He looks scary! He has two brains. – Do you want to start the dissection? There’s a sticker on here that says– – Cut here. – [Man] Cut here, so, you
gotta take that X tool and cut around in there. – Scalpel, please. – Scalpel. Cut open his whole stomach, there. – Oh.
– Oh. Oh, you’re really cutting into it. That’s pretty cool.
– Yeah. – It’s like doing surgery on a monster. – It’s just like doing
surgery on a monster, yes. – Oh.
– Uh-oh. Well, you know what, it’s all right. He’s dead anyways, right? His head fell off. Got it! – You know, you have to
cut it like a pumpkin. – There you go. I think you’re doing some damage now. – Cutting his ribcage! – [Man] You cutting his ribcage open. There it is, nice. Oh, there you go!
– Got it! – You got a big flap open. – This is inside a alien. – Yeah, okay, now there’s
this ooze sack in there. Which you can cut open with that. Poke that. Oh, I think you got it. Now, you can use the tweezer part of that to kinda pull different sections out. Now we’re getting into that
real dissection action. – Feels like Jell-O. – [Man] There’s a treasure
hunter inside of that. – Yeah. – Cool. Nice! That is a critter. So, you got a critter and a treasure here. So, that is your treasure,
is the fusion fish. Okay. This could be the one in 12 real space gem, yeah!
– Gems, yeah! Oh, it’s the wanted poster. Glows in the dark, it says. There’s a treasure guy. He should have a weapon. Heister. Those are 18 different guys
that you could collect, and it looks like we got Heister. Octoslop. – Octoslop.
– Octoslop. He should have a weapon
in there of some sort. Oh, I think that thing– – Oh, yeah.
– Is a gun. So, this guy can kinda hang out. You’re supposed to be
able to, if you want, fill the head up with the ooze. I feel like it’s pretty good slime, because it’s oozy and squishy and goopy, but it doesn’t stick to your hands. – I hope it makes this farting sound. – You’re hoping for a farting sound? – Yeah. – Oh, it comes out of his mouth and teeth and under his eyes! – It’s like he’s throwing up. – Looks like he’s throwing up. – It looks like he’s blowing out snot! – Yeah.
– He’s crying, but also– – He’s crying boogers! – He’s crying boogers! – [Man] Look at that. (ooze squeaking) – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s pretty good. Yeah, and he threw up
through his under-eye holes, or whatever. (groans) (groaning)
– Ew! – Ohh, so much snot! What was your favorite part of all this? Is it the goo, was it cutting it open, was it getting this little guy? – Either getting this little guy, cutting it open, or the goo. I like all of it.
– Okay. – My favorite part was
kinda like when you got to squeeze the slime out of his head. – Yeah, this was really cool. I like it! – Thanks for unboxing with me. – You’re welcome.
– That was a lot of fun. – Yeah, it was! – All right, pick yours
up now at (beep) (man groaning) I shouldn’t have had
that extra space hunter. Ohh, I ate too much. (man groaning)
(ooze squeaking) Ohh, I got slimed. ♪ ♪


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