Are Transient Lunar Phenomena Electric? | Space News

Are Transient Lunar Phenomena Electric? | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Recent scientific reports highlight
increased scientific interest in a long enduring
mystery on the Moon. For well over half a century, scientists on Earth have puzzled over the cause
of occasional mysterious flashes of light seen on the lunar surface, or what is called
Transient Lunar Phenomena. Reports on the nature
of these light episodes range from a temporary increase
in the brightness of a surface, to an apparent reddening of a surface
with no accompanying brightness, to other odd color changes
such as blue, green or violet, and even an unaccounted
darkening of the lunar surface. In fact, reports of these
mysterious light events on the Moon date back at least
over 1,000 years. But for several decades, many astronomers were highly
skeptical of the phenomena’s existence. That is largely because the Moon has long
been believed to be long geologically dead and no dramatic activity
should be seen today. But in recent years, statistical analyses
have indicated that the phenomena overwhelmingly
seem to be genuine. Yet, there remains no consensus scientific
theory on the underlying mechanism. To date, most astronomers
have believed the phenomena either involves
meteoritic explosions or outgassing. However, some mainstream
astronomers have also entertained that the phenomenon is
electrical in nature. As stated in a recent report, “Such flashes could also occur when electrically
charged particles of the solar wind react with moon dust.” Recently, a team of scientists from
the JMU University in Bavaria, Germany, began operating a privately
built lunar telescope to try to gain a better understanding
of Transient Lunar Phenomena. The images the team obtains will be compared
with those of the European Space Agency and may provide insights into the cause
of the mysterious lights and flashes. From the Electric Universe perspective,
Transient Lunar Phenomena may be important both in terms of the Moon and our solar
system’s current electrical environment, but also the stupendous electrical events
that may have shaped the Moon’s surface. Today, planetary
scientists do acknowledge that dramatic electrostatic
events occur on the Moon, even as the result of the Moon’s
interaction with our own planet. As noted by NASA
scientist Tim Stubbs, “Earth’s magnetotail extends well
beyond the orbit of the moon and, once a month, the
moon orbits through it. This can have consequences ranging from lunar
‘dust storms’ to electrostatic discharges.” In recent years, scientists have also entertained
that subsurface electrical sparking in permanently shadowed regions may
cause the breakdown of lunar soil. Nevertheless, the
outgassing hypothesis remains the preferred explanation among
astronomers for Transient Lunar Phenomena. But there are several important clues that
point to the phenomena’s electrical nature. If the light episodes are indeed
a form of electrical arcing, then we expect to see them most
commonly in high points of terrain, which electric arcs
are always drawn to. In fact, many transient
lunar phenomena are associated with the edges
of so called lunar maria which planetary scientists believe
are the sites of ancient volcanism. But an analog to the lunar phenomena may be
the bright plume seen flaring on comet nuclei, which comet scientists also
routinely interpret as “outgassing”. Consider this close-up image of the
comet 67P, taken on July 3rd, 2016. The plume appeared suddenly when the
comet was over 500 million km from the Sun, a distance at which the sublimation
of water ice is not expected at all. The lead author of a paper
on the phenomenon stated, “We saw a bright plume of dust blowing
away from the surface like a fountain… It lasted for roughly an hour, producing
around 18 kg of dust every second.” The team admitted they had no idea
what could have powered the plume. The ESA website stated, “Initially, scientists
thought that the plume might have been surface ice
evaporating in the sunlight. However, Rosetta’s measurements showed there
had to be something more energetic going on to fling that amount
of dust into space.” The Electric Universe
has always proposed that comet activity is fundamentally
electrical discharge activity caused as the comet moves through plasma
regions of varying electrical potential. Again, it is not a coincidence
that the plumes seen in this image appear to be focused at
the edge of a pit or crater which we do expect if it’s
a form of electrical arcing. Another aspect of
Transient Lunar Phenomena is the extraordinary events that
shaped the surface of the Moon itself. For many decades, the Electric Universe has
proposed that the massive cratering on the Moon was caused not by meteoritic
impacts over eons of time but by high-energy
electrical discharge in an epoch of planetary instability
in the inner solar system. In fact, as far back
as the mid 1960s, the amateur astronomer Brian J. Ford
performed plasma discharge experiments which reproduced the rate of highly
circular crater formation seen on the Moon. In the 1970s, the engineer Ralph
Juergens performed a rigorous analysis which showed that
the lunar rills, which consistently show no internal
debris from collapsed lava tubes, which are improbably
wide at up to 7 km, and which routinely become narrower
at their so-called outflow ends, are not collapsed lava tubes as
standard theory has proposed for decades, but they are the features
of electrical discharge. The notion of the Moon as an
electrically scarred body was the basis for an outrageous prediction offered by one
of the great heretics of the 20th century, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky. Well before the
Apollo space missions, Velikovsky predicted the discovery of
remanent magnetization of moon rocks, a required lingering effect of
tremendous “lightning bolts” from space. To the astonishment of planetary
scientists, the prediction was confirmed. As stated in the 1971 paper, ‘Determining the
origins of lunar remanent crustal magnetism,’ “The discovery of lunar magnetic
fields of crustal origin was a major scientific surprise
of the Apollo program.” The electrical origins of
lunar geology enables us to make predictions for the ongoing
study of lunar transient phenomena. Since the Moon has no atmosphere, we
expect electrical discharges to be diffuse with the glow seen
over large areas. However, bright flashes will
typically occur at high points due to a sudden concentration
of electrical discharge, which we see on earth in
the form of St. Elmo’s fire. The pinched up rims of craters,
the craters’ central peaks, and any high points of terrain, will be the consistent locations
of bright transient flashes. The scarring events that formed these features
appear to make them ideal lightning rods for much smaller scale
electrical activity today. Like every other body
in the solar system, the Moon is subject to the
electrical input of the Sun. In fact, in recent years
astronomical papers have proposed that the interactions of protons from the
solar wind with silicas in the lunar soil may be the source of the
surprising abundance of lunar water, and electrostatic dust
levitation on the Moon as well as many other
airless bodies in space is now routinely acknowledged
in astronomical literature. So it is with great confidence, we predict
that future scientific investigations into transient lunar phenomena will point not toward outgassing nor any
other conventional geological process, but rather, they will continue to affirm
the electrical nature of the phenomena which predominate
the solar system and the universe as a whole.


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  • Stefanie Daniella says:

    on Earth, one can get struck DEAD by an intense powerful lightning bolt "out of the BLUE" (on a sunny clear BLUE sky terrestrial day!)
    seems pretty rare, and thus, quite transient (very rarely recorded)

    so, on our Moon, if one were to have manned missions on the lunar surface, if one were roaming during the lunar day while the Earth were in full view of its night side, one ALSO might get struck DEAD by an intense powerful lightning bolt "out of the BLACK" (on a sunny clear BLACK sky lunar day!) … well, okay, there may be lots of hair-raising sticky electrostatic moondust climbing up onto our spacesuit JUST BEFORE "KAAAAPOWWWWWWW!!!" (SUDDEN PLASMIC EDM ARCING CHARGE REBALANCING BOLT of FLASH)
    … yup, seems pretty rare, and thus, quite transient (very rarely recorded) …

    btw, don't lunar map makers ever notice "new" craters after such brilliant "lunar transient phenomena"?!?! (or are there "zero alterations" in the coordinates on lunar surface AFTER such phenomena?)

  • John Brownwood says:

    The moon is not completely dead yet, though close(dead when completely hardened, with no mantle or magma left).The warmth inside is still spewing electrical activity.

  • Buried Axblade says:

    side note: Obama got his Nobel Peace Prize the day that NASA bombed the Moon for Water. Still makes me laugh

  • I like your vids and am subbed. But please note: phenomenon is singular, phenomena are plural. Always surprises me how often educated people get this wrong. You could at least correct the title of the video!

  • And those mysterious UFO's, I wonder what they are? Love ya Thunderbolts, but c'mon…I'll call your electric, and raise you a magnetic and a gravitic.

  • It is a reflecting mirror. First Russia put one on the moon then USA and probably others. A REFLECTING SUNLIGHT MIRROR …DOY….

  • Carl Harrison says:

    lol, this is a very funny video. At least you're not trying to say "nothing is there, its swamp gas. on the moon". Still doesnt explain lights moving across the moon, so at least you're going there and blowing it off as moon-fart-gas.

  • Thanks for letting us know the scientists puzzled over this are on Earth… We don't need people thinking you meant scientists from Alpha Centauri, or something lol

  • The moon light are not natural event it are alien made ,of the moon do not exsist any atmosphere to appear electric phenomen ,ask amstrong what he 've seen there ,we think we are alone inteligent species but last year was seen around our star ,a huge star ship three times more huge than our earth .This scientist women gina maria did have recorded all this event from the new mexico observatory and have put all this records of internet.After there was arival the fbi , and they have closed imediately all this observatory, and have teken all this records ,i will be not suprise if of moon were exsist a alien mining station from thousand of years, and all of you the modern scientists try to find a lot of ridiculouse theory, when the true fact could be , of the moon could exsist a alien mining station, sfm writte !

  • I've heard of reports dating from medieval astronomy through to today of rare occasions when a star(s) appeared to be visible from behind the moon- as if the disc of the moon itself became translucent, revealing the sky behind it. Perhaps flares of surface electrical activity provide a better answer to that mystery than those popular "moon is a hologram" ideas.

  • Andrew Manche says:

    meteor strike will account for some of these – no matter how small, an object hitting at mach 25 is going to make a flash accordingly

  • what the flying fuck ... says:

    Stupid scientists: But there can't be electricity, because there is no cable connecting the earth and moon.
    me: eerrmm….
    Stupid scientists: But there is nothing in space that could transmit the electric charge.
    me: except EVERYTHING we know is in space … DUH!

  • Didn't NASA submit a chronological catalog in 1968 of over 500 reported lunar events from areas like the Arostoteles crater of phenomena? They've seen glows and they know gases are released in places like that.

  • Andrew Hallin says:

    Five years ago I run into the lunar wave footage that put me on this path. Still have no idea what it might be. Has anyone looked into it? Don't buy the Moon is a hologram theory. Space weather and electric universe doesn't fit. Any better ideas out there?

  • We were musing last night about how much easier it would be to study and gain scientific acceptance of this kind of geo-electrical activity if we had some on Earth. Imagine being able to watch a huge glowing area throwing dust into the sky. It would quickly eclipse Yellowstone as a tourist destination!

  • Ahhhh geez…you fella's got us "mainstream stupid scientists!" We all have such a huge vested interest in changing the facts and ignoring the evidence to discredit an electric universe. We give up!

    Seriously people, use your energy and time better than looking at really fringe and unlikely theories of something that isn't well enough documented yet. Eventually "mainstream science" will figure it out and we'll have our answer.

  • WimpyDave's Rubber Room says:

    Maybe it's similar to Static Discharge, as the Negative Mass moves through space, interacting with positive Electrons in space or what is Emitted from our Star??????? Motion!

  • From Apollo papers are metrics that the Moon carries an ambient charge of -100vdc as some minerals are dielectric.

    Then, with grains small enough, picograms, to levitate with a plasma, the Debye Sheath acting as a plate separating it, charged by UV, GCRs, solar events and passing Earth's plasma tail.

    Those event charge it to -700v/m for 20-days, tail passage -500vdc for 14-days.

    The levitated layer follows nights and charges to +10v near the ground, fading to -100vdc as it migrates to space as an erosional process.

    Pretty cool …

  • hyp3ract1v • XB1X says:

    I bet the Moon was a second Sun wayyyy back in the day… how else do you think our thawed out puddle habitat was created .
    We are a motionless plane . The sun and moon rotate above us like a clock , with north pole being center of our puddle . What is beyond the southern portion that the sun hasn't thawed ,,, well ,,, only NASA and Admiral Richard E. Byrd know that .
    They trick us from early age to believe that we live on a sphere . And all the moon missions were faked to kinda make it more believable . Until now ….

  • You guys really need to head over to "Bruce sees all" channel or aquire a good telescope to stop this nonsense. Scientist are looking out for findings not life in the Universe. Bruce is an amateur astronomer who video tapes the Moon in real time and he is showing us stuff that is incredible.

  • Duane McCullough says:

    As always — another great video about our mysterious universe. Regarding TLP events — some may find this link interesting:

  • Nicholas White says:

    It's a common theory saw it on pbs. Supposedly they create the crater looking circles that everyone thinks are asteroid hits

  • robert brander says:

    Space Questions : How does water form in a vacuum and How does water react in 1/6th gravity ? And what about dust ?

  • robert brander says:

    How can comets , small asteroids or planets form solid compacted rocks with only minuscule gravity ? And any soil or sand would be held down so weakly it would have no solid surface . It would be as thin mud or fluff . Even the Solar Wind could blow it away . But every comet seems to be made of solid rock ! So what's going on ?

  • robert brander says:

    Moon Landing . The Moon has 1/6th Earth's gravity . An astronaut with pack would weigh 360 lbs / 6 = 60 lbs on the Moon . These super fit astronauts on the Moon couldn't leap or jump no higher than on Earth . Just imagine yourself jumping and leaping around the beach in 1/6th gravity , weighing 30 lbs and having muscles for 180 , or having a helium balloon that could lift 100 pounds attached to you ……. …… vertical jumps of 12 feet and long jumps of 20 to 60 feet (John Carter movie)…….. Plus there was No crater or erosion under the lander from the rockets . And what happened to the dust on the surface , the soil behaved like sand on Earth …… imagine driving down a dirt road and the clouds of dust you throw up …….. there was No Dust . How dense would sand or rock be in 1/6th gravity ? Like quicksand and cotton candy ? So many illogical things going on about NASA and Apollo . 😀 100% Just imagine how awkward it would be for you to walk in 1/6th gravity …….. you'd be on your ass in a second !

  • robert brander says:

    Isn't Water supposed to show some kind if intelligence ? And if it does …… Can Electricity show intelligence too ?

  • robert brander says:

    What causes Accretion or Coalition of planets , electromagnetism or microscopic gravity ? And how does a planetesimal hang together with microscopic gravity or even electromagnetism ? The particles would be like a rack of billiard balls waiting for the cue ball to hit and scatter them to the wind never to come together again . There must be a spark that fuses them together like natures welding machine . Hmmmmm , solar ejections or magnetic storms ? Trying to grasp the Unknown .

  • robert brander says:

    Doesn't steel have to be made with intense Heat to make it Cohere ? I am talking about the surface of the Moon with 1/6th gravity . Imagine Earth , all of a sudden had moon gravity , how would rivers , beaches , farmer's fields be different ? What we saw on the Moon ….. doesn't add up !

  • robert brander says:

    If Neil Armstrong's first step , in 1/6th Earth's Gravity and no thick atmosphere to walk through …. his Earth trained muscles …. would have Landed him …. FLAT ON HIS FACE !!

  • Referencing of materials, such as photos used, would be a good improvement for this video series. Thanks for your work

  • Good morning, as a boy when I rubbed a balloon on my shirt it sparked, oh boy why did that take so long to figure out. Be well and have fun

  • There is more radiation in our atmosphere, caused by Grand Solar minimum. See
    So also more on the moon. Night lucend Clauds etc. More uv than ever! Radiation is intergalactic, not so much from the sun, because the sun is magnetic weak at the moment. Greetings!

  • Stephen Goodfellow says:

    Nice to that my thoughts on the bright flash during the lunar eclipse is echoed by the Electric Universe folks:—lunar-eclipse-electric-discharge

  • JAMES! Since the 70's says:

    Could there also basically be lightening, from moon dust, buing kicked up by electrostatic charges, and then them colliding, like volcano lightening? Since the moon dust is tiny, light and easy to move, I have heard the lander put dust basically all around the moon when landing, not like a dust storm, but the smallest particales basically around the entire moon. Could this not cause small arcs, or lighting, if the same basically happens during night and day , even micro Impacts, ?

  • The Moon DOES have an atmosphere, and just as on Earth, as it passes into, and out of, the magnetosphere of the Earth, the Sun effects the atmosphere of the Moon.

    By the way; How is it that the heat of the Sun can actually be felt on Earth? In a vacuum, heat does not transfer.

  • Listen to this bullshit. Tlp only occur on high peaks of craters. BS! All these telescopes all over the world n nowhere do u see photos, closeups, zoomed in shots of TLP. Nothing. But now they know whats causing them. Bah!??

  • Alissa Swofford says:

    ❓QUESTION: Since the 'narrative' is landing on the moon (but recreated it in studio due to 'video' fail) …that there's an 'International Space Station'…a 'Rover' on Mars feeding us 'vid'…we've never 'returned' to the 'moon'-nor has 'other countries gone'…WHY is there no 'ROVER' on the 'MOON' where 'we' supposedly WENT 50YRS AGO?!!! Is there a 'MOON ROVER' I'm unaware of/footage of said 'MOON ROVER'??? Robots can anchor themselves in 'zero gravity' just like the 'moon landing rocket'…RIGHT?! You know-how it just sat on the 'surface of the moon' while 'astronauts' bounced around…is their some 'weight' requirements to be able to defy 'zero gravity' as we've been told?! Idk-I'M just asking LOGICAL QUESTIONS …Maybe 'zero gravity' is BS-maybe our entire galaxy is much closer than we're told…HOW does one determine 'light years' in the 1st place? Or 'galaxies' for that matter? WHO was deemed 'interpretor' of that which we truly DON'T KNOW beyond our OWN ENVIRONMENT?!!!
    ?I'd love to see the REAL story of it all!!! Apparently all that 'know' the truth are subjected to 'very bad things' …bottom line is 'they' have cornered ALL markets there is way before we ever 'knew' there was a 'market' for it!!! 'We the People' have been slaves way longer than anyone knows about!!!
    ?I've told people all my life that 'this' is 'hell' & our JOB is to REACH & TEACH the FALLEN-INCLUDING OURSELVES-how NOT to be FALLEN & instead turn it into 'HEAVEN ON EARTH' ???

  • David Webster says:

    Interesting how we are told the marks/scars on earth are craters when in fact they are the result of plasma arc storms from the Sun preparing to nova in 20-28 years. No doubt it is going to occur as it has every 12068 years for millions of years according to the records researchers have uncovered. Everything on the moon on the surface indicates the results of the previous Novas.

    Dinosaurs DID NOT DIE from impacts, they died from the Novas our sun and all stars do throughout their lifetimes.

    Hence the extinction events, everyone is explained. Once it hits in about 28 years, waves of water will rise up 1-3 miles high, 18 hours later a massive dust plume strikes the planet. Either we are deep underground or off planet when this occurs. Last event hit Europe area, it is said that this time it will strike the Americas. Best way to survive is off planet!

  • I have personally witnessed these phenomena on the moon with powerful binocular. I couldn't figure out what are these extreme bright spots. Aliens? Cities on the moon? Meteorite strikes? I now realize the bright spots are electrical in nature. It is the easiest and most logical explanation. And the easiest and explanations tend to be the most accurate! Have an ELECTRICAL Day!

  • Yep, it’s electric and not so “mysterious” when EU and TBP explains it. This same St. Elmo’s Fire, static electricity effect can be seen flowing from a person’s finger tips in this YouTube video. Thankyou TBP!

  • Oh how convenient that unbeknownst to the astronomical community for decades, the earth's magnetosphere extends beyond the moon. And thus, another mysteriously and suddenly appearing "fact" stated by one person serves as the basis for an untestable theory. Take this into a laboratory and publish the results, please.

    In any case, at 1:06, "…many astronomers were highly skeptical of the phenomenon's existence…". What? Firstly for a feature that had been documented by Tycho Brahe, and secondly that knowledge of this constitutes an observation of the world.

    One cannot be skeptical of say a red moon just because one has not seen it. That is not skepticism. One cannot intelligently say: I am skeptical that France exists because I have not personally seen it. One can be skeptical of the idea that France exists, or skeptical of the people and their motives for saying France exists, but not that is not being skeptical of France existing. The correct phrase is "I do not believe that France exists" (despite what lots of people say).

  • Everything in the Universe is electrical but mainstream is reluctant to see the obvious. That's why they are stuck in the XVII century with gravitacional physics and don't get any real good advancements in science.

  • Stephen Goodfellow says:

    Discussed in the video: "…Many transient Lunar phenomena are associated with the edges of so-called Lunar Maria…"
    With drastic variations of temperature during a Lunar eclipse and the consequent expansion and contraction of surface particulates and rock, these locations are more prone to minor rock slides, which would account for a static discharge trigger, much like when one gets a shock from touching a metal door handle in dry, static conditions.
    As mentioned in in my link posted below that I used for my SciTechNature lecture, could this not be the trigger mechanism for this transient Lunar phenomena?

  • When electrons collide with molecules of air in the gap, they excite their orbital electrons to higher energy levels. … It is impossible for a visible spark to form in a vacuum. Without intervening matter capable of electromagnetic transitions, the spark will be invisible ie a vacuum arc.
    And as I have always been told, space is a vacuum…

  • Wasn’t it explained as gamma ray bursts? The astronauts did an experiment where they covered their entire head in a helmet and still saw the flashes with eyes closed and everything.

  • All Transient Lunar Phenomena have been seen from Earth and if some are even visible by eye then they must be very bright and large to be seen at such a distance. TLPs have not however been observed from outside of Earths atmosphere or from lunar orbit by the LRO or LADEE for example. This would seem to indicate that the flashes are producing UV/EUV/X-ray photons from electric discharge and it is the molecules in Earths atmosphere that are being energised by these UV flashes that are producing the visible light observed from Earth.

  • Could it be that they actually went to the Moon but on TV we didn't see the real footage? I want to believe they landed on the Moon but there is so much staged stuff about it still that I can't just ignore it.

  • Herbert Zischkau says:

    How are electrical discharges on a bigger scale such a hard thing for mainstream science to accept??? Baffling. Great video.

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