ARCore 1.0, Updates to Google Lens, Dart 2 & More – TL;DR 101

ARCore 1.0, Updates to Google Lens, Dart 2 & More – TL;DR 101

JEN PERSON: Hello, I’m Jen
Person for the Developer Show. This is your update about
the coolest developer news from Google in the last week. ARCore, Google’s augmented
reality SDK for Android is out of preview and
launching its version 1.0. Developers can now
publish AR apps to the Play Store, which
makes it a great time to start building. To learn more about
what’s in this version, as well as details on the
latest updates for Google Lens, head on over to the post linked
into the description below. With Dart 2, we’ve dramatically
strengthened and streamlined the type system,
cleaned up the syntax, and rebuilt much of
the developer toolchain from the ground up to make
mobile and web development more enjoyable and productive. Coded instructions on
getting the pre-release are on the post. If you use Compute Engine, you
probably spend a lot of time creating, cloning, and
managing VM instances. Well, it just got easier. You can now create instances
from existing instance templates, create instance
templates based on existing VM instances, create
multiple persistent disks as part of the virtual machine
instance creation workflow, protect your VMs from
accidental deletion by setting a simple
flag, and more. Links to the docs
are on the post. Cloud IoT core is our
fully-managed service to help securely connect and
manage IoT devices at scale. With it, you can easily
connect and centrally manage millions of globally-dispersed
connected devices. And it is now
generally available. More details and links to
get started are on the post. According to Google data
from 2016, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site
takes more than three seconds to load. At Mobile World
Congress in Barcelona, we introduced the Mobile Speed
Scorecard, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to
compare your mobile speed with other companies. For examples and a
link to the tool, please head on over to the post. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Jen Person for
the Developer Show. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching
the Developer Show. OK. SPEAKER: Perfect. I think we got it. JEN PERSON: There we go. Cut, print, OK.


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