Archeage “Coming Soon” Speculation & Information

Archeage “Coming Soon” Speculation & Information

As someone who has access to slightly more
behind the scenes info than the general public, being that I do have direct contact with some
people from Gamigo, the publishers that are now behind Archeage…You would assume I have
some secrets I could share. Well, I don’t…Unfortunately. I’m not quite at that level of clout yet where
I am told the secrets and even if I was, I don’t think it would be a good look for me
to spill the beans if I did know. All I can share that you may not know is that
whatever this is, will be announced in the evening of the 19th of August when the count
down ends, but show cased at the Gamigo Booth at Gamescom on the 20th of August. Then the content is expected to launch in
full, sometime in September. So we won’t have long to wait for it to become
playable. I can also say that I heavily expect it to
be a huge reduction in p2w, like a whole new system. I can’t give details because I don’t know,
but I have been told that it will involve a restructuring of current monetisation methods
which is one of the major problems Archeage has had and one Gamigo has constantly talked
about changing since they took over Archeage from Trion. So hopefully I’m not revealing something that
will get anyone in trouble but some info that you guys may be interested in…I don’t think
it’s much so it shouldn’t be a big deal…I hope…But yeah, last I heard this will be
out in September and showcased in full at their gamescom booth. What else do we know? Gamigo reached an agreement in january to
expand the Archeage development team over at XL games. Since then, there hasn’t really been a lot
of content released for Archeage in all honesty. This leads me to believe they have been working
on something big and of course with the countdown and what I’ve been told privately that this
will be a massive change for the game, I’m pretty certaian they have been putting a lot
of time into this and it could be a huge game changer, pun intended. Let’s take a look at the information we have
from the countdown website and then speculate as to what I think it will be. I screenshotted all of the quotes that show
up on the website plus the Gamigo responses. They all seem to be cherry picked, some outlining
issues with the game that they aim to address and some talking about the features they love
about the game. The interesting thing here is that they address
p2w, labour and the monopoloy that vets have over the housing in the game. The quotes they picked out that talk up the
game about the sandbox elements and things that got people originally hooked on Archeage
are ones from 2014…Which is when the game for me was at its best and had an identity
as a sandbox-themepark game, with tons of possibilities. The game now of course has moved away from
that a bit, with gearing and end game revolving around dailies quite a lot more than what
most people would have wanted from the game back then. From all this, my guess is pretty much on
par with everyone elses. I think this is going to be a fresh start
server. Similar to classic WoW , starting from back
when Archeage had all the momentum but without the p2w which inarguably ruined the game and
killed the playerbase. This could also come with an engine upgrade
or graphics update which would be massive for the game. If there is no p2w, I imagine it will be a
subscriber only server which would make a lot of sense and be the answer to many people’s
mmorpg prayers. If I had my wish, I’d have Archeage starting
again from classic launch patch but with any old bugs removed. Subscription only server, no cash shop at
all, like zero cash shop. Develop content for the game from classic,
follow a different path from what they took the main game down. Develop it more as the sandbox themepark it
was inteded to be, with all focus on open world content, play your own way, none of
this daily quest grind that it became today. What I expect it to be is something in between
what I talked about, I’m 100% sure it will be a new server, I’m not 100% sure they’ll
remove the cash shop entirely. I have mentioned to them and have said it
in the past, if they released a fresh start server of Archeage from back on release with
zero cash shop they would absolutely revive this game. Archeage was hugely popular back then for
good reason, it was just a great game. It has tons of stuff to do and the only thing
that killed it was the greed. I can’t say that the game would hold up today,
but it’s worth a try because the main game isn’t really going anywhere fast right now
from the looks of things. As someone who recently played Archeage and
then also recently stopped playing and the whole time I played just was thinking of how
the game was during launch and how much it has changed, not for the better in my opinion,
I can say I’m definitely excited for this announcement. If it’s a fresh start server with very minimal
or totally removed cash shop, 100% I’ll be playing this game alongside WoW classic in
September. Now before people say, oh another cash grab
from Archeage…Just going to let you guys know that the game during any other fresh
start servers or whatever they did before was under Trion Worlds. This is now under Gamigo, a totally different
company and I think it’s fair we treat them as a totally different entity as that’s what
they are. I can’t talk about what they’ve done in the
past as a company as I’m not super familiar with them as a company but I can say they
are obviously committed at this point to making archeage better than it was under Trion. I think it’s not really up for debate that
since Gamigo took over communicated more and tried to work on what people had problems
with. I know from my experience with them they are
clearly committed to reviving the game to former glory. They reached out to me when they saw me make
an archeage video and offered me an affiliate code if I wanted to keep making videos for
the game and told me to just be honest and they would listen to any criticism and try
to address it. That’s why I think they’ve taken community
input on board and are actually going to do something great for this game. I could be totally wrong and I’ll admit if
I am. I hope this is the turning point for the game
and we all get what we want. You guys will have to let me know in the comments
if you have a different vision for this announcement than me, what is it you think it will be,
what is it you want it to be? Let me know! So I guess that’s that, 5 days isn’t a long
time to wait. We’ll see what happens. Thanks everyone for watching, special thanks
as always to my youtube membership supporters, Chillie Hue and Seal Boss. I will see you all on the next one, PEACE.


15 thoughts on “Archeage “Coming Soon” Speculation & Information”

  • Michael Aliotti says:

    Personally I think even without the cash shop the early state of the game still has a lot of problems that have been worked on a lot, we would go back to all the shitty rng that has been improved over the years, such as regrading and crafting, and we would miss out on things such as abyssal skills, hiram gear, etc. etc. Basically i think that a "classic" server would be hype for the game but we would miss a lot of good game improving content that has been added over the years and the server would not age well. Idk maybe im an idiot for thinking this, its just my opinion after all.

  • Asian devs have no idea to run a friendly cash shop with no direct/indirect effect to character progression. They just go full p2w sooner or later.

  • I feel like they already made a fresh start along with reduced cash shop. Nostalgia is a hell of a thing. I’ll wait and see but until then not getting hyped

  • Have you tried archerage private server ? its 3.5 higher exp and drop rates. Infinite premium. Labor points regenerate much faster. Game version is 3.5. But…. but its pretty dead )

  • If they do re launch with no P2W then i'll finally give this game a try. If they do this correctly then it may revive the game.

  • What I don't understand is why they would do the most amazing thing to do for the game at the absolute worst possible time in the MMO market. They should have held off on the announcement until a build was ready for launch and to be played right away. A big,swift, and pleasant surprise that people would instantly be able to play alongside their high hopes, similar to what Apex Legends did when it came out, it took the BR genre by storm. I'm not sure it would have had the same impact if people would have to wait a month or 2 after the announcement to play it.

  • Robert Von Raccoon says:

    my IRL would be destroyed if they brought out a 1.2 patch Fs sub based non p2w, i fucking loved early and alpha AA and i would drop any game i played to be 100% focused on AA again. PLZ PLZ let it be so

  • I think it's kinda retarded to invest in no marketing and make and release this game/update/server around the time of THE biggest MMOPRG releasing it's classic servers.

  • P2w cash shop is bad, but i think monoaccount would benefit the game, I remember seeing a convoy of 7 alts and that was sad to see.

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