Arcade1Up Pre-Orders LIVE For New Cabinets – Canada Customers Too!

Arcade1Up Pre-Orders LIVE For New Cabinets – Canada Customers Too!

ladies and gentleman boys and girls
children of all ages welcome back to the channel your number one source for
arcade 1up news and information on the internet as voted by my mother in
today’s video we’ve got some awesome updates some some amazing products we
first glimpsed at CES as well as e3 and we also got some great news for our
Canadian friends up north all that and more right after this first up on the docket we got some
exciting new products listed today on the GameStop website we got the cocktail
cabinets the street fighter head-to-head as well as the Namco pac-man edition
both of these cocktail cabinets will feature 17 inch LCD screens standard for
the arcade 1up machines the pac-man / Namco 801 cabinet will feature pac-man
pac-man plus pack mania pack in PAL super pac-man pack land Dig Dug and
Galaga the Street Fighter head-to-head one will feature Street Fighter 1 Street
Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2 champion Edition Street Fighter 2 hyper fighting
Super Street Fighter 2 the new challengers Super Street Fighter 2 turbo
Darkstalkers final fight 1944 the loop master ghosts and goblins Strider and
commando super excited for these to come out $499 is the retail price they are
currently slated for a 10-15 2019 release date I got the chance to play
both of these at e3 and I absolutely enjoyed them I was a little hesitant at
first when I first came across these because I thought especially the Street
Fighter 1 I thought the split screen head-to-head one would be a little hard
to focus in on your character in your screen but after about 20 minutes of
playing it and enjoying it I really got to say I was won over I really enjoyed
my experience going head-to-head talking trash across the way with the other guy
who actually ended up beating me in Street Fighter will will let that one
slide but other than that it was a great gameplay experience the controls felt
great there was a plexiglass overlay on the screen as well as the control panel
so we don’t have to worry about any rub issues of the graphics and they included
12 games are a fantastic lineup in my opinion especially with the addition of
dark stalkers and of course we got some great accessories on the GameStop
website as well we got things like the decorative wall marquees that light up
so things like Mortal Kombat Galaga pac-man those kind of things we also got
the decorative character signs like pac-man the Galaga ship as well as the
arcade 1up stools for a couple of the arcade 1up cabinet themes and also some
exciting news for our Canadian brethren up north something they’ve been
anxiously awaiting and anticipating ever since the release of the waveone
cabinets they finally now have access to some of these wave two cabinets these
latest releases we’ve all been drooling over since seeing the mat at e3
EB Games has went ahead and activated some online pre-orders for these new
cabinets you can now order the Star Wars cabinet
the Marvel superheroes cabinet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet
with golden tea cabinet and the Galaga cabinet and all of these cabinets do
come with an included graphic riser and it regards to an update on something I
get asked about on social media on a daily basis is when is the Walmart
exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade cabinet gonna come out and when’s
it going to be pre-order availability for the United States customers I’ve
reached out to my Walmart contacts and the only thing I can update you right
now is that it is currently still being planned to release in October and there
are no delays as far as when a pre-order link will and if it will ever go live I
still can’t figure out that I haven’t given me any updates but I will let you
know just as soon as I know that way you can all get those itchy trigger fingers
active and you can go ahead and pre-order that as soon as possible and
that does it for today’s video update guys make sure you’re following me on
social media that way you’re always up to date and in the know for all the
retro gaming arcade gaming toys and collectible news I cover if you’re new
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and as always thanks for watching guys


87 thoughts on “Arcade1Up Pre-Orders LIVE For New Cabinets – Canada Customers Too!”

  • Let me know you thoughts in the comments below on the new cocktail cabinets and accessories available from GameStop. Are you going to be picking any of these up?

  • Saw this video pop up and I was like should I watch it or just go check :/ October can’t come soon enough. I’m afraid that TMNT will sell out and I’ll have to wait another year ?

  • Rojelio Taylor says:

    Have you heard about NBA jam cabinet preview during the NBA allstars weekend in Chicago 2020? If you have plz do a episode or tutorial on it please… #SergeantSneakers

  • Benjamin Deadmoon says:

    No slam masters. Im passing on the cocktail cabinets. I'll grab the final.fight cabinet on clearance. I'm done buying any of these at full price, not hating just seeing tons of them sitting around everywhere I live. That and I'm a bit salty about my galaga and space invaders cabinets. It's a long story. Good video man.

  • Thanks for continuing to provide updates on when the TMNT cabinet will be available at Walmart. Greatly appreciated. I can't wait to add it to my collection .

  • I tried the cocktail SF at EVO. It's nice quality but it's slightly awkward since it's rather low to the ground even in a stool. I saw some people playing on their knees.

    But more than anything, WHY did they include so many versions of SF2?? Only 2 (maybe 3) of those are worth playing. Sf2 is just rather outdated among its iterative peers, CE is the maybe, hyper fighting is great, Super is almost universally disliked, and ST is enjoyed. The one at EVO had graphics on the cab for other SF titles including Third Strike. That would have been much better for variety. Darkstalkers is also questionable compared to Night Warriors or Vampire Savior. The cocktail cab is a good fit for the platformers and pacman though.

    I will say, the turtles cab was VERY impressive and people will not be disappointed. The buttons were subpar and the stick was oddly stiff for being japanese style. But it's definitely worth a buy.

  • Really cool getting so many arcade titles releasing from back in the day. You really had to be born around back then to truly understand how popular arcades really were.?

  • Manco once again, trying to shaft Ms. Pac-Man fans (especially arcade 1 up fans) and the people who develop it. at least Ms. Pac-Man is in the home non-coin up edition of Pac-Man Pixel Bash arcade machine but that thing is $3,000. it clear they don't wanna avoid paying more royalties after they got busted over the Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 81 and had to be forced to agree to pay Ms. Pac-Man developers over the coin up version and I have no doubt they had do the same thing with coin up Pac-Man Arcade Party. also excluding Galaxian in the pac-man cocktail version is also stupid.

  • YES ! YES ! YYEEESSSS !!!! 🙂

    I went to EB Games last year and told them all about arcade 1Up, they had no idea. Glad they decided to go for it.

  • Hi cool toy everyone should get the street fighter and the Pac man cabinet right cooltoy your the best hard working man in the world and keep up the good work?your awesome cooltoy

  • I've been waiting for to find a Pacman for two hundred bucks. Can't pull a trigger on 300 bucks. Please sit down cabinets with more games for 5. Prepare might be interesting but still interested in stand-ups

  • Chicago Anonymous says:

    I want the Teenage mutant ninja turtles..Me and my 3 brothers We used to go to our corner grocery store to play 1st it was Double Dragon then the store owner change it for a Golden Axe then he changed it for 3 new Arcades 1944 and Final Fight and Teenage mutant ninja turtles and i love Teenage mutant ninja turtles because me and my 3 brothers could pick our favorite turtles i was Leonardo we felt like we were inside the cartoon kicking ass ???

  • chickenfkeryay says:

    As a sf2 and pacman owner, both of these are so appealing. All the extra games on sf plus it has the final fight cab makes me want it. Pacman has galaga.

  • Darkstalkers is my all time favorite. I would have never dreamed they would have put it out. I'm sold, take my money!

  • Whatever happened to fatal Fury and other SNK games. It was leaked long time ago? Will they save that for the future?

  • Vince Scarpine says:

    Hey at least tmnt comes with the riser. Hope the same is true for the Walmart one here in the states. I’m so pumped for this cab

  • Videogame Vegas says:


    Thanks for the update!

    The cocktail cabinets are cool but Namco and Capcom are being way to stingy when it comes to the games they're offering. You may remember an idea I had for a Namco 12 in 1 machine with the following games:

    Ms. Pac-Man
    Jr. Pac-Man
    Gaplus (Also known as Galaga 3)
    Galaga 88'
    Dig Dug
    Metro Cross

    Just the right amount of Pac-Man and Galaga family to give it some theming with just enough variety with the last four games to punch it over the edge. Namco could make this happen without breaking a sweat.

    And Capcom, come on guys! Bring your best and most complete versions your fighting franchises! Darkstalkers, the first one? Are you kidding? Darkstalkers 3 bay-bay! Stop skimping out and give the people what they want! And Capcom… BRING THE BEAT-EM-UPS! You have SO MANY!!!

    I really need to show Capcom how it's done. Here's what one such 12 in 1 cocktail version I'd create if I had my way. I'll choose only arcade games that haven't appeared on Arcade1up cabinets before. Well… maybe just one released before. I needs me some original Street Fighter II action, so I'll include the most complete version of that game, Super Street Fighter II Turbo. And to also keep some semblance of theming, I'll batch equal amounts of fighting and beat-em-up genres. 4 fighters, 4 beat-em-ups, and 4 wild cards (for the variety factor). [Please note, I'm ignoring any licensing agreement problems, or processing power cost limitations.] Here we go!

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    Darkstalkers 3
    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Aliens Vs. Predator
    Captain Commando
    Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
    Knights Of The Round
    Ghouls 'n Ghosts
    Legendary Wings
    Magic Sword

    You know what? This is impossible! You almost can't limit Capcom (or Namco for that matter) to 12 games. How can I drop Black Tiger, Gunsmoke, Forgotten Worlds, Side Arms, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Carrier Airwing, Mercs, Trojan, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Three Wonders, and Willow? I almost have to name all of them here. Well, I gave it a good ol' college try and I'd buy that damn cabinet (and the Namco one too) 🙂


    P.S. I love the fact that the Arcade1up accessories (lights, stools, et. al.) are available at Game Stop, though "online only," but when you go to any of the buy pages, they say, "not available online." Game Stop's attempt at humor? If these listings are meant to be placeholders, I wish Game Stop would do a better job and not make them look like you can get them now. Listing everything as sold out, or as online only (then to say, not available online) is a joke. Best Buy is guilty as charged as well.

  • awesome awesome awesome update. I love how you included update for the Canadian market!!! thanks so much, you rock!!!

  • Not many infos on ebgames page…its it a light up marquee? Or it just on the arcade1up site?
    Thanks for all your works and infos since the beginning of the arcade1up adventure!

  • What is the two player mode for the Pacman cocktail cabinet like? I don’t really get how any of those games are two player.

  • Ok honestly. I've been following A1Up's management strategy from the beginning. If they want to surpass Canada's high shipping fees, they need to locate within Canada. No one will buy any Arcade1Up cabinets at that price during a massive economy downturn set by the US president's import exporting savings for his own country. Stop surgar coating everything A1Up. Your canadian fans won't buy your shit. We have no money. Expand over boarders and maybe things might turn for your favor. Try for now. Not just .com.

  • I think Walmart is going to wait until Christmas with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they got to have one hot item this year, LOL

  • Oh man, I love the look of the Pac Man cocktail but prefer the games of the other one better. Also that price, ouch. That TMNT cab too, though. Anyone in the market to buy a kidney?

  • Luc Desormeaux says:

    650$ for the Star Wars cabinet in Canada…I'll be waiting for the non-"special edition" one. That is ludicrous.

  • Wilfried Paccou says:

    Merci pour l info j ai pré commander ma cinquieme arcade star wars . Elle va arriver ds mon magasin au Québec !!

  • What do you think the odds are that arcade1up could do a 720/Paperboy/T&C Surf/Excitebike cabinet? Would be a nice sports style cabinet

  • That’s stupid not to include ms pacman and jr pacman or say not all the pacman games the pixel arcade machine is way much better

  • Does this mean I have to get rid of my one-of-a-kind-with-artist's-papers Italian-marble coffee table that matches my end tables to fit one of these!? So tempted…

  • I was at my local Walmart with my Dad, seeing if he would be interested in a Golden Tee for his birthday since he was really into it. Problem was, they didn't have it, neither would they price match the final fight one. I never can seem to buy an Arcade1up machine even though I always want too. These cocktail machines are super tempting. Also, thank you for replying to all these comments (even if you don't with mine). I thought I was already subscribed to you, but now I can confirm that I am.

  • Remington Haynes says:

    Has anyone ever thought about buying and using a different Arcade1up pcb board in say a street fight cab ? like if I bought a pac man board for 35$ couldn’t I very well use it in a street fighter it’d take less than 5min to swap it out you could store the street fight board in Tupperware leave it inside the cab for when you wanna use it (label it)and that way you get to play more games on one cab without any moding or having to buy another 300+ dollar machine…???‍♂️

  • I would have wanted a stand up of street fighter II and street fighter III.
    Was Simpson's and c-men beat am up conformed?

  • Do the cocktail has a setting for single play where one player can use the whole screen or he/she is stuck with the splitscreen?

  • Really like the vids, but not too happy with Gamestop these days. They have committed some unethical actions towards my fiance and I. I'm a big fan of Arcade1up and wrote for them asking to make Star Wars available through other vendors.

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