‘Aquaman’ Cast on Keeping Secrets, Aquababies & ‘The Snyder Cut’ | MTV News


46 thoughts on “‘Aquaman’ Cast on Keeping Secrets, Aquababies & ‘The Snyder Cut’ | MTV News”

  • Paola Elizabeth Morales says:

    You know Amber Heard seems to share a similar ideology to Brie Larson AND has done some bad things in the past (Depp Fiasco) and yet SOMEHOW
    she is still far more charming than Larson.
    Take notes, soft cheese

  • Walter white says:

    The point he made about a child is so on point. Women do grow through pain giving birth to a child and swear that they will never go through it again but yet they go through that pain multiple times. I never understood why nature created women or girls to push something the size of a bowling ball through a tiny hole. Maybe as we evolve it would be easy.

  • Walter white says:

    I like the interviewer and the way he went around the room asking each one questions and not just on a single person. Great interview and you can tell the cast had a great time.

  • I always thought I was weird for sitting with my feet sideways like that that Jason does in the beginning. Now I don't feel so weird. Thanks Jason Momoa!

  • patrick wilson did a good job as a villain. I've always seen him as a good guy in other movies, but he surely nailed the role in aquaman!

  • Monty Martin says:

    Jason's laugh, open mouth and then there might be some sound. Giant of a man with a personality to boot. That's how an actor, or any celebrity should be, not arrogant, not "Look what I just did." I'd rather listen to Jason talk about his two children, than Kim K's fourth one. Need more Momoas, not more Kardashians.

  • I hope James Wan will be the director for Aquaman 2 ! He has great ideas. And let's not rush with the babies haha

  • Maimuna Tavares says:

    i like this interviewer he knows so much about the comics and the movies i have been seen him through the marvel movies.

  • ROBBIE RACER says:

    Oh damn…Patrick shaking his head yes, when asked about going into Aquaman 2 and costume suggestions. Guess that means Orm will be back….? Nice

  • Jesica Wiatrowski says:

    Yeah not spending my money on this trash and by trash i mean on amber turd y'all so are blinded by but hey itis what it is the truth will show and when it does ill be laughing at how dumb she is for trying to bring down a good mans life.


  • I just found out that Patrick Wilson is actually 45 and much older than Jason Momoa who's 39 but plays Aquaman's little brother. I really wouldn't have guessed

  • hotgritz4sho says:

    Jason is so real. His candor at the end says it all—“Fuck yeah!” He knows how to play the game to keep the food on the table man.

  • yegata yegata says:

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