‘Aquaman’ Cast on Keeping Secrets, Aquababies & ‘The Snyder Cut’ | MTV News

‘Aquaman’ Cast on Keeping Secrets, Aquababies & ‘The Snyder Cut’ | MTV News

– It’s truly a gift to
bring it to the world and all the kids that are gonna be able to experience what we went through. – He’ll be their first Aquaman, you know, – Yeah.
– like Christopher Reeve was – Yeah.
– for us for Superman, that’s exciting. – I’m someone’s Michael Keaton. – You are, you are.
– I’m fucking Michael Keaton. – You’re not my Michael Keaton. – [Amber] No. – No, I wish I wasn’t.
(laughing) – Did you guys have the
same questions I did, going into a project like this? Like even the basic stuff, like am I gonna be shooting underwater? How is this even gonna work? Like what are those
initial conversations like, when you sign on? – I remember I was on the
phone with Zack Snyder and a friend walked in and just overheard only
half the conversation, which already makes it a
little bit more awkward and she was in the kitchen,
I just remember her reaction, she was standing there in
the kitchen looking at me and you know, my friends
are used to a lot with me, but she was like hearing me say, she was like saying, she
was like hearing, I’m like, so now do I blow, so it’s
create a bubble to talk – Oh, right.
– or is that like, and my friend’s face is like, huh? – Wait a second, like explain that again. – Who are you talking to?
– Yeah. – What about for you, Patrick, obviously you’ve worked with James before, so there’s trust there?
– Yeah. – But are there some basic questions, before you get on to a project like this? – Oh yeah, oh, sure, never any doubt, I mean, after a handful
of movies with him, I trust him, like hey,
man, whatever you want. But I did wonder how
this was going to work, physically what were we
going, I remember saying, right, but what are we actually doing? So where are the wires? – Make it really simple for me. – I know what it will look like, I know eventually it will
look like we’re swimming, – Right.
– what are we doing? You know, because it was a
very, very weird dynamic, when you’re just flying around a room in different harnesses
and even without fighting, just talking, that was strange, the stunts are always difficult, but literally just a
page scene of dialogue, that becomes physically demanding? – Right.
– When did that happen? – Yeah. – The characters’ history
goes back, I think 77 years, there’s a story past to Aquaman, Jason and I have a
story past with Aquaman, that goes back a good five years, – Five years.
– five years, let’s take a look at a piece of video, so to contextualize this, – Let’s just see how
great of an actor I am. – You were very good.
– January 2014, – I love this.
– and rumors are swirling, that you were gonna play Aquaman and we chatted at Sundance,
– God. – and everybody, check this out. – It’s a rumor. – Is it just a rumor though, because–
– It’s a rumor, I swear. – The way this is,
– You swore. – I’m gonna see you as Aquaman, I’m gonna see you as Aquaman in a cameo and then you’re gonna
pop up in Justice League, are you promising me, Jason, man to man, – Man to man, you can
punch me in the face. – There’s nothing to it? – You can punch me in the face. – I don’t wanna punch you in the face, ’cause I know what’s
gonna happen afterwards, you’ll punch me harder. – You’re allowed to punch me in the face. No, it’s a flattering rumor, but– – Okay. – That’s great.
– Yes! – That’s great.
– I was sworn to secrecy,
– Yes. – by Zack, I did not wanna upset Zack, he’s like, “You are not
allowed to tell anyone,” and let me tell you, I needed
to put food on the table. When he released Unite the
Seven, I was like, yeah! Right before Christmas,
we’re gonna have food! – But I love your moment,
where you probably, like either Josh, you’re
like, you know what? I’m gonna say this, you
can punch me in the face, knowing if nothing else,
I could take a shot. – Yeah, punch me, then I’m like, oh, man. – So I’m not gonna do that clearly, but all I want is just an
apology, just an apology. – Ooh! – I apologize for lying to you. – [All] Aw! – That means a lot, it’s beautiful. – I did it purposefully, if wouldn’t have asked me the question, I never would have had to lie to you. – Aw!
– That’s right. – Have you guys ever had
to lie about career stuff, about projects that you
were associated with or not and is that a tough kind of line to walk? – Have you?
– No. – No one’s cared.
– No. No, just the ones I’ve done are pretty. – Yeah, I’ve lied about past work, not future work.
– Yeah, exactly, exactly. – What are you talking about?
– Not me, not me at all.
– Yes, exactly. – Another thing I love about this movie is I don’t know, for me it’s
less like a superhero movie, although it is a great
origin story superhero movie, but it’s kind of a fantasy, family drama, it’s this very audacious
blend of different genres. Again, were you surprised
by sort of the form this movie took? Because I haven’t seen a
superhero movie like this before. – I mean, on behalf of
the resident James Wan, – Right.
– actor, I’ve watched him in these different genres
and different movies to where he always leads
with a family drama, he really does, if you look at his films, he leads with his heart and so you know he’s
gonna deal with people that are betrothed, but
don’t really get along, maybe there’s a budding
romance, sibling rivalry, I mean, he always puts in, he always concentrates on the family and the character aspect of it, because of course if you’re
gonna put characters in peril, you’ve got to have people
that you care about, not even like or dislike,
but that you care about, so that side of it didn’t surprise me, I knew he’d go deep into the family stuff. – Just as important as
the weighty thematics are obviously the costumes,
they can’t be comfortable, let’s get that out of the
way, they’re not, right? Who had the least comfortable costume among the three of you? – Go on.
– I don’t know, probably you, – Well, these two probably.
– you did, – I mean, – yours is pretty uncomfortable. – Yeah, mine’s pretty awful, I’m not kidding, I’m not gonna lie. – Yours was pretty awful too,
– Yeah. – but I feel like, she had heels on, which is like, adds to the–
– I had heels and a corset and a pushup bra,
– Yeah. – Come on.
– Yeah, you were. – Are there notes going into Aquaman two, that you’re gonna ask
the costume designer to– – Oh, yeah.
– address? – There’s just, it’s a long list. How much time you got? – Yeah, yeah,
– It’s a lot of time, – we just wanna wear sweatpants. – it’s a lot of time.
– Yeah. – Aquaman gets his tattoos taken off. – Yeah, exactly, exactly. – That’s right, yes. Yeah, he’s found more.
– Exactly. – Two hours of tattoos,
I’d take ’em off that. – Yeah, we would all be gone and you could kind of still hear the music in his makeup room with
them like taking them off and putting them on. See ya! – You of course, we now know of course, that you donned the iconic
costume of the comics, which I think again, I
was so heartened to see how well you guys pulled it off, because it’s one thing to see
that orange and green costume on a comic book page,
– Yeah. – it’s another to see it in real life, – Yes.
– Were you worried about that being able to be
translated onto the big screen? – Extremely worried, extremely worried, I saw some in the very
beginning and it was– – Like the one you were gonna wear? – it was a definite concern. Even when I signed on, Zack was like, “No, no, no, we’re not gonna do that,” so I was fine for Justice League, but then James was dead set on making it, that was his dream. – Did he go through different iterations, where you just try on some things? – You just try different
techniques with it, you know, but it just
wasn’t, it’s amazing now, – Yeah.
– but you know, it was a work in progress like everything, but I definitely got
experience that through James, you know, when I first put
it on, it was kind of creepy, ’cause he just sat there
and watched me put it on, but once I got it on, he really lit up and his face was, – You made his dream come true. – Yeah, I was like are
you gonna wait till I, it’s cool, whatever,
I’m Hawaiian, I’m cool. – Amber, having gone
through this experience, is there something that you could talk to the Amber of two years ago
and say, just so you know, this is what you should know, before going into something like this. – No, if there’s anything I
could have prepared myself for in this process, I mean, there’s just, you find yourself at
work as an adult woman, at least in my case and you show up at six
o’clock in the morning and again, stand in a
little box on a drain and get hosed down, before
being attached to these rigs to be suspended 25 feet in the air and then care passionately
about this trident and speak about it, it’s the most–
– Is that what you call Jason or actually the trident?
– She had the hardest job, hands down, man, hands down. – What about for you, Patrick, obviously Watchmen was a
different kind of a film, – Yeah.
– but any flashbacks to that in the making of this one? – No, I mean, the costumes
have come a long way, so they’re a little easier to move in, I think, gosh, if I had to go back, I mean, really, all the trident work, all the staff work, it does
wreck you, I will say that, doing any movement hundreds of times, but I remember a specific day of fighting imaginary creatures,
that were coming at me. – Remember that day? – And you’re just literally
swinging at nothing, – Yeah.
– You’re like huh, huh, huh! – [Josh] This is gonna
look cool right now. – You’re like, no, no,
if you look up there and hit something, we’ll
put it there later. So by the end of it,
you’re just dead sore, I mean, there’s nothing worse
than an actor complaining, we’re all very fortunate, but it was rough.
– Yeah. – Was there a toughest day for you guys, when you think back, Jason, is there a day similar to what Patrick’s
talking about for you? – Oh, yeah, there were
some pretty rough days, but – [Jason And Josh] It’s
all worth it in the end. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah, absolutely, I feel like kind of, I hate
to compare it with childbirth, but you know.
– Yeah, don’t. – Don’t.
– Don’t. – Don’t, dude.
– You know, why would you go through pain again? – I mean, I’d do it again,
– Sure. – we went through some pain, but it’s nothing compared to childbirth. – Right.
– Well, that is true. – So there’s no real point of complaining, ’cause it’s like we had a great time, sure, I did not wanna be
in a lot of situations. Am I gonna do it again? Fuck, yeah. – So speaking of that–
– I forgot about it, when you get a job, why
would they do it again? I mean, that much pain,
why would they do it again? – Because it’s possible.
– That’s a comparable quality. – Yeah. At first I was like, oh, no. – When they spray me down with water, it’s like giving it you,
– Oh! – I’m just like they can
go through that pain, – Yeah, we’re there,
– I can, then do it again. – we’re there.
– Sure. – Speaking of doing it again, what do you wanna see in a sequel here? – Maybe a baby? – Oh!
– Oh! – [Amber And Jason] Aquababy. – Aquababy. – There’s so many possibilities. – Aquaman two: Aquababy,
there you go, the title. – Aquababy.
– There’s Aqualad, lest we forget.
– There is Aqualad, yeah. – You can be their Aquababy
and I’m doing Mera. – Very cool.
– Sold. – Are you aware, this is a side note, but just related to the
Justice League experience, some fans are obsessed with
the so called Snyder cut of Justice League, like an alternate cut. – Yeah, yeah.
– Are you– – I’m obsessed with it too.
– Are you? – Yeah.
– What’s your take on that? Like do you wanna see a different version eventually at some point or
is there a different point or is there a different concept? – I mean, you know, that’s one thing that, that sucks with our business, where you just can’t
speak your mind, but yeah! – Okay.
– Fuck, yeah, I wanna see it. – Okay, fair enough,
we’ll keep it at that.


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