April Fools - Math Class Internet Connection Error

April Fools – Math Class Internet Connection Error

Video: What was the original pre-tax price… [Error Sounds] Teacher: Sorry about this Video: "Internet Connection Error" – What is that? Video: Hey you! Teacher: You talking to me? Video: Yeah, I'm talking to you. I want you to get all of these out of here. Teacher: Alright, hold on… Video: Okay, so… Hey! You forgot one. Here, take this one, too. Alright, so what we need to do is make a variable for the original price of the item and the write that… Teacher: You know what? I'm going to have to fix this my self. Hold on. [Error Sounds] What is wrong with this? I'm going to get rid of these. Turn this off… [Projector Off Sound] Okay, let's take a look and see… This is what a YouTube video looks like, I guess. This is the problem right here. What if I just get rid of this? I think that will work. Video: So then you take the variable,
which represents the price. Rep-rep-represents the price So then you take the variable… [Audio repeats] Hey, what is this place? Teacher: You're outside of the computer! Video: Is this real life? Teacher: No, not quite Video: I don't know what's going on here. Teacher: Okay, you be quiet. I'm going to do the problem instead. I think you… Video: No, I can finish. Teacher: No. No, you can't. Video: I was the one telling them how to do this problem, and I want to finish this problem. Teacher: No, you be quiet. Let's get rid of him… That's the back side of a video. Oh, "Wrong Side" it says. Okay, so where was I? Basically, you take an X as the price, and… you can set that to be… Video: So, if we let X become… Hey! Where is everybody? Oh! There you are! Teacher: I want you to be quiet Video: What are you trying to do? I was trying to teach… Hey! What is that thing!? Hey, put that away! No! Stop! Put that away! Teacher: There we go. Alright, finally got rid of him. Actually, to make sure he doesn't come back, Let me just switch to a different video Here, how about about this one right there? President Corey: Oh, there you are! Hey, I got rid of all these for you. Teacher: Thank you. President Corey: No quiz today! Have a great Easter Vacation. You are dismissed. Get out of here. Teacher: Alright, you heard the man. No quiz. Have a great Easter Vacation. You guys are dismissed!


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