41 thoughts on “Apple's 'show time' event was really weird – here's why”

  • Ugh when Americans use seasons to tell time… like don't you want to use the stars to tell me how to get to Starbucks while we're at it then

  • Pratik Madrecha says:

    I'm so glad there's someone that talks about all of this in it's broadest sense! Being the influential company that they are, it is important we acknowledge and try to understand how things are going to change culturally.

  • I’ll stick to Netflix…unless they have an app that combines Hulu, Netflix, HBO etc. All in one place with one payment fee (which is IK impossible) kinda like a TV where you can sort through different channels.

  • I think it's about showing all these ideas so people can expect them. Then Apples going to release everything and see what does best and then roll with that

  • I was really disappointed that it's not all is movies and series that will be included… This is a bummer! And not price is very disappointing. I was thinking about cancelling Netflix cause Apple movie is way better. But I feel that Apple is only running after the competitors and try to do it all!!! They're really losing their focus.

  • Lack of innovations in hardware, always playing catch up in phone features. now this ?, Apple is completely lost.

  • Mitch Johnson says:

    I lord this video, but this guys seems pretentious. Also, I don’t see why defining the terms you’ll be using is indicative of shallow thinking.

  • but has Apple delivered anything groundbreaking since Steve departed? its seems more like they're stumbling around and bumping into walls. there's no vision or even consistency of execution. it would be nice to see them with some fresh leadership and ideas.

  • Casual Retro Collector says:

    Remember when Steve jobs said "Apple forgot who Apple was" when he returned to apple? I see the exact same thing right now

  • Apple are scared. Just like they announced the wireless pad but it wasn't ready. Well they abandoned that project now. Apple are trying to promise something but if it doesn't look like it works out later, they will throw it away. All just to grab attention from people as everyone is moving away from apple products.

  • A Random Guy On The Internet says:

    Apple really has changed a lot. If it was the old apple, they wouldn't have shown anything they were going to make, they would show it at that keynote ready for sale. They wouldn't get all bog name people, and instead look at young upcoming artist. And most of all it would be cheap.

  • Harshul Narang says:

    Well I’m going to be the outlier here and say that I was genuinely excited by the direction Apple is taking now!
    The future is about quality digital life! Granted, you can buy gadgets with similar specs from almost any company BUT what’s the experience you’re gonna have on it?
    I think if Apple can work its magic of making the user experience seamlessly great and effortless; while keeping the prices reasonable; I think they might just have the recipe for success!
    To everyone talking about subscription fatigue: you always have an option to not subscribe but here’s the thing; unless you’re loaded, and prepared for a hassle of switching thought 50 different accounts, you can’t buy every movie or song or magazine. Even if you do but it fork individual companies, you won’t have any privacy.
    So if Apple can really balance it all, and I hope they do; it’s going to make everyone’s life a lot easier and fun!
    P.S: Yes I think privacy is worth the premium!

  • photovincent says:

    Fine analysis – it wás about Apple and what it wants to be perceived as. For the next few years the “we’re the privacy company” will work for me, but few of the services are very appealing to me as they’re heavily region dependent (EU here). Willing to wait it out a little but…. no pricing? Device pricing has def put me off some otherwise almost automatic upgrades so far

  • Ryan Villanueva says:

    I miss the old exciting hardware presentations of the Steve Jobs era. I miss Apple the great hardware company vs Apple the mediocre services company.

  • Axel Fischer says:

    Apple feels creepy lately. Like liberal Silicon Valley mind control. They’re paying celebrities to try to desperately manipulate small minded peeps.

    Apple, can you try to improve your products and worry less about which politicians we vote for. 🙄

  • packson jollock says:

    they should really think about getting someone else to do their keynotes. that slow southern drawl is enough to put an insomniac to sleep

  • The verge “Apples even is weird because they didn’t make anything available straight away which is not like Apple”

    Reality “Apple News available straight away + Apple always announces products before releasing them….that’s why they have keynotes”

  • 6 minutes and he never mentions the fact that the share price has dropped because Investors want to see recurring revenue/subscriptions/services thus that was the entire reason for the event. How that isn't as clear as day is beyond me.

  • IMHO these "events" aren't for the customers. They are for the shareholders, investors etc. Their stock is down so what do they do: Diversify. And that's the reason this event happened at this time. It's a message to the business people saying: We know our main horse the iphone isn't selling as well, but fear not. We will go into other markets.

    It's a reactionary move. And that's what is weird to me. Apple had so much success in the past decades because they were the first (or one of the firsts) to bring new products to the market AND they did things better than most! That made people spend more money without thinking twice.
    But now Apple is just reacting to what others do and increasing prices even more. Big turn off. It's time to leave the sinking ship if you ask me.

  • Setya Budi Rahmawanto says:

    I think you need start your own channel, dude. You're doing great on reviewing products and analyse something. The Verge don't deserve you.

  • Brad Davister says:

    So, Apple is about privacy and doesn’t “track” its customers yet its diving heavy into services that are designed to track people? If you think Apple isn’t tracking you, you are a fool.

  • Kerrie Redgate says:

    Yes, I felt the weirdness, too—but on many levels. I was struggling to sit through it. Plus one thing Australians, like myself, tend to hate is yet ANOTHER American subscription service. We pay around 30% more due to our dreadful exchange rate. And we have subscriptions coming out of our ears now. It’s an epidemic in the USA. Young people are going to have to be careful about how many subscription commitments they’ve taken on every month. It’s too easy to avoid the maths!

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