Apple September 2010 Music Event-The All New Apple TV Media Streamer

Apple September 2010 Music Event-The All New Apple TV Media Streamer

but we've got one more thing actually it's one more hobby so first we're talking about Apple TV now we introduced Apple TV four years ago and we've sold a lot of them but it's never been a huge hit and nor is any other competitive product nothing's really hit in the living room yet but we talked to people to use Apple TVs and they love them they absolutely love them and use them a lot so what if we learned in the last four years what have we learned from our users well we've learned a lot the first thing is the number one two and three thing they want is they want Hollywood movies and TV shows whenever they want them it's that simple it's not really complicated they want Hollywood movies and TV shows they don't want amateur hour they want professional content and they want everything in HD the HD revolution is over it happened HD one everybody wants HD they'd like to pay lower prices for content right morp the lower the prices the more they're gonna watch they don't want a computer on their TV they have computers they go to their widescreen TVs for entertainment not to have another computer this is a hard one for people in the computer industry to understand but it's really easy for consumers to understand they get it they don't want to manage storage when you buy a bunch of movies and TV shows you have to manage them because you don't throw them away you just bought them and so you have storage management problems your heart just starts to fill up what are you gonna do people don't want to think about managing storage they just want to watch movies and TV shows and they don't want to sink to a computer most of them having figured out what that is they want to pull some content off their computer but they don't want this sinking stuff it's too complicated and they want whatever hardware we have to be silent cool and small right not too hard to understand so this is what we've learned then it's it's really quite a bit different than a lot of other companies think and either we're right or were wrong but this is what we've heard from our customers and so we've made something new for them this is the current Apple TV we are introducing the second generation of Apple TV today and this is what it looks like [Applause] it's 1/4 the size you can hold it in the palm of your hand I have one here actually I mean look at this that's it it's this little tiny box around the back it's really simple it's got the power supply built in it there's no power brick and all you need to do is plug in a power cord one HDMI connector to go to your TV which brings digital video and 5.1 surround sound and if you have a terrestrial Ethernet you can plug it in most of us don't so we built in Wi-Fi 802 a leaven n so you don't even need a hard network connection it's really simple and you plug in these two cables usually the power and the HDMI and it's on your Wi-Fi network and that's all you have to worry about it's got a great remote with it really beautiful aluminum remote and it's real easy it's about music TV shows and a lot of people like to stream their music from their computer to it as well it's all HD when the contents available we've gone to the rental model for this there's no purchases on Apple TV anymore you rent everything the prices are more affordable and guess what there's no storage problem because you don't store things anymore you just rent them and the rental prices are so inexpensive then you can afford to watch something several times and it's still cheaper than if you would have bought it you stream content from your computer if you want it photos videos music there's no syncing required it's super easy to just stream stuff right up from your computer and when you stream photos in or get photos from somewhere else stunning photo slideshows and it's silent cool and tiny so what about content iTunes has the largest online library of movies to rent in the world the largest library of HD movies in the world so you can rent first-run HD movies for $4.99 the day and date when they come out on DVD and the library is great the movies are great and they get even cheaper as time goes on but for first-run movies the day they come out on DVD $4.99 now to rent to buy TV shows used to be $2.99 for HD TV shows people said that was a little too expensive to rent HD TV shows they're gonna be $0.99 now and remember these are commercial-free as well which is nice now this is a big step for some of the studios to make and not all of them wanted to take the step with us so we've got ABC and Fox taking this step with us gonna be offering their shows for 99 cents we think the rest of the studios will see the light and get onboard pretty fast with us so we're very excited to offer ABC and Fox shows for just 99 cent rentals in addition in addition to renting in addition to renting Hollywood first-run movies and TV shows you can also if you're a Netflix subscriber stream content from Netflix of streaming library right on they have a large collection of movies you can stream for free if you're a Netflix subscriber you can also watch anything you want on YouTube including all the HD stuff that they have now it's really exciting you can get photos off of Flickr and you can get video and photos off of MobileMe and again you can stream content off your computer mac or pc music which is very popular photos and videos we have content we have content on iTunes in six countries US Canada UK France Germany and Australia and we've got more countries coming later on this year the price of Apple TV was two hundred and twenty nine dollars one of the some feedback we got from our users was they'd like to see that more affordable two to three hundred dollar price range was just not something that a lot with when they didn't quite know what this new age of digital television was gonna be all about and so we're gonna lower the price from $2.99 for the old Apple TV to just $99 so the new Apple TV's available later this month in about four weeks and you can pre-order today so that is the new Apple TV


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