Appearing on television was his protest – Paul, Londoner #310

Appearing on television was his protest – Paul, Londoner #310

I was nicknamed the news raider. I
just basically, I appeared on, just on every live news broadcast.
So every time a reporter had something to report. There I was in the background just standing there. I think I made possibly over a hundred broadcasts. It all started when I was campaigning, I attended a lot of protests at the time
and I would notice that the reporters would always you know avoid talking to
me in particular. What I would see is that the microphone was always passed and I was standing there, till somebody who looked obviously a lot more pleasant than I did. The reporters would avoid talking to me,
I think it’s because I’m overweight, I am heading for middle-age so it was a
protest really. Well, it was the Russell Howard show that started it. There were so many viewers on that programme and he kept showing me on this programme, he started
the introduction as saying that “there is this one fat guy who wants to be on
television”. And people then assumed that it was a comedic thing, because the way I looked, people assume that overweight people are quite funny. I just don’t feel
that way actually inside. It was frightening, that 15 minutes of fame took approximately two days and it was
suddenly from just doing a quiet shopping, going off to the shops quietly,
suddenly people would just come up to you and take a selfie or…
And I felt very, a bit intimidated, the sudden attention to me. I’m grateful that it’s sort of fizzled out now. I’m hoping that
the message did something at that time, people were actually writing in support
of what I was trying to say you know. Being known as the news raider hasn’t really brought anything for me. But I’m hoping that at least I brought a message across, across the world really, to be honest
with you, just basically treat everybody as equal really.


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