Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on 'Avengers: Endgame,' time travel and 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on 'Avengers: Endgame,' time travel and 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

how weird or creepy is that to watch yourselves disintegrate on screen is that like one of the more surreal experiences you've had as an actor think we've seen worse you've seen worse we've done much worse you've done much more yes yeah but what was the experience of watching yourselves disintegrate like uh you know it's funny because I didn't know what was happening in game like I didn't know if I was coming back or not so I was very sad to think that my Marvel Universe occupational this occupation was over yeah did you film so did you film like different versions of the same scene because I think that happened a lot worried people didn't know if they lived or survived no no no we all fell because we were there that same yeah we all we all film that see yes yeah but we just didn't know that's what we were filming yeah Ryden yeah and you guys filmed Infinity Ward endgame back to back yeah but were you always were you always aware of what scenes were for which movie er no no not at all no Marvin oh they don't they don't know yeah we didn't we didn't see a script yeah yeah the Russos come in there like this what happens okay yeah this blows up this person's here you're coming back from here you're going to that actually that's how it happens yeah yeah the Russo brothers said on a panel yesterday you tied with Ruffalo I don't know if you heard this for most blown takes do you do what is your take on this to you do you own up to that is a problem the problem with my character is I have wings so I have to do stuff to make my wings look realistic sometimes that takes two times sometimes that take 12 times but you know sometimes is it's just an issue yeah so you're blaming you on the way it's the whole dog it's the whole cinematic process of making my work and you know it's a hundred degrees in that land in the summer and you have on all that you gotta find a way to have a good time but I don't know what Ruffalo's excuses no Ruffalo is a nightmare like yeah he's a nice I mean he doesn't wings I know that no no wait it's the dots yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what point did you find out that you would be passed the torch or passed the shield and be the next cat like a day or two well no it was maybe oh yeah like a day or two before we shot it we were watching yeah we had a football watching the football game over at Chris's play ah and he pulled out the script and showed it to me mm-hmm how'd you react it was it was crazy I didn't I was blown away I was blown away Sebastian how did you react because I mean it could have gone either way could have gone it could I don't know about Thunder Bucky no actually not no not really though if you think about it no because we haven't seen it makes no sense for him to like why would you get give it to the guy that's been like trying to have a whole new history outside of the the right he's been trapped by you know like it didn't I mean I I was I remember on the day I found out when we were shooting I was like oh this is the scene we're having like this is the deal but like but it makes sense I mean later you know he's actually been his right-hand man for a long time at this point you think about the movies in the time true yeah and we're only one movie away from him trying to kill everybody also also a great point it's just yeah it's like yeah I think we were more looking at wondering about Chris's old man because it was it was strong yeah it wasn't present yeah yeah yes I was shooting that that sequence obviously it's a huge moment it was a it was fun I mean the hardest part with Ruffalo again was on yeah controlling him like cuz all the stuff they took out like he's trying to get it make it work and that's why I turned my back to the camera when I said bring him back cuz I was – laughing at him he's throwing he's doing oh I mean it's just just making a whole scene out of the scene that's not really bad yeah they had to cut away from us because what was seen on the other side of the camera was a minor disaster Sebastian it's it's been pointed out because they reference Hot Tub Time Machine in this movie right you were in you played the ball in that oh that Sebastian Stan also must exist in the MCU in addition to Winter Soldier that's true but that's the plan for me next and in the in these movies your is to be myself yeah it's like second but you know you can't talk to anybody you you can't talk you can't run into yourself no your chain you'll change the core yeah yeah but I think you're two different people though Indians I would be too jerky your Sebastian standing so so you could you could run into yourself yeah if they wanted to go I'm not gonna tell them more than I do yeah I would definitely tell myself to buy Apple stock no it would be like Back to the Future Part two yeah I know where he's like let me go and bet on all these things that win yeah what would you tell yourself if you could go back what would you tell yourself don't root for the next no no I would this is exactly what I would do I would I would invest probably in something that you know like apple or yeah what would you tell yourself I take take that one internship you passed up on the on the set of Super Troopers your career could have gone an entirely different direction see I can't tell you being seriously I know yeah yeah not starship super trooper is that you ever see Starship Troopers yeah thank you was I had a better grandma started just say I Super Troopers is a cult classic they had like large likes like rabbit roast spiders yeah that they were trying to shoot with machine guns I'm like did you technology up for me woody what are you doing you got a pistol shooting our scripts for yeah it's nuts I love that finally an Independence Day Independence Day was the also as I saw that movie at least four times oh I watch it every time it's on TV and I'm always surprised how your girl mad at you when you fight now wait what you want me to do there's a spaceship outside I mean it when I feel ladies I feel like there needs to be a new Siskel and Ebert here cuz I would watch this show right now yeah Mackey and Stan Oh on the movies Oh Jackie and Stan take you to snacky stachy that's what I've heard that stack yet really finally this is a no this is that this is like one of the most hotly debated things coming out of this movie what is your take on what happens when cap goes back does that mean they're like does that mean there are two there's Steve and there's aging the Sahara question yeah do you what do you think I mean he there could be two of them I bet you honestly that would be probably the more the movie that I would maybe want to see would be the two of them right like that would be kind of crazy but yeah you're saying a whole lot of stuff would have had to have been influenced if he goes back me and he has were both in the same dimension because they are they are other argument is that there was a different a pocket dimension different pocket dimension created the old cap lived in you know it's really confusing yeah that's time travel yeah I think every time travel movie I've seen has been very confused yet yeah but that's but that's sliding doors that's the yeah you're good know that the classic I love that maybe because it is true like there is a version where you and I decided to stay here and we don't get on our flights tonight and then that plays out and then there's version that were we leave right so like if you decided that now technically that would have happened in a parent right yeah so that mean Peggy had two boyfriends maybe she has she has to do who's right no well the ruse the russo say she he was in a different dimension which would explain that yeah there's multiple dimensions oh yeah that's good yeah that's good they thought about this yeah yeah I mean we're talking about a world where dr. strange turns back time


39 thoughts on “Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on 'Avengers: Endgame,' time travel and 'Hot Tub Time Machine'”

  • They gave captain America to the most boring actor on the set. Oh my god. And the character wasn’t even developed remotely.

  • AnotherSixthGun says:

    They definitely did this interview the same day as the thirsty buzzfeed vid and its funny just thinking about which one comes first

  • Daniella Cordova says:

    Guys imagine if they had a talk show, I would definitely sit there and watch them talk about random shit. I doesn't even need to have a concept, as long as their there I'm good.😎👌

  • To all the people who are complaining about the fact that Bucky didn't get the shield and that it made no sense for Sam to get it instead listen to Sebastian

  • I feel like you have to have some seriously good acting chops in order to pull off a seen where you don’t actually get a script

  • nessagirl1911 says:

    When Anthony started talking about Peggy having two boyfriends I realized something didn't she get married to one of the Howling Commandos? Or did I mix that up with fanfiction?

  • Wouldn't the past captain america be frozen when the future Cap goes back for the date he missed with peggy? And then that future cap lives his life unfrozen like a normal dude and hence grows old. And they prolly wouldn't have unfrozen the frozen Cap when they already had a cap, that cap being the one who had come from the future and grown old, also the one who had his own history having been frozen in his own timeline at one point. I think in this time travel thing, only the present is important, and your 'own' past still remains the same even if doesn't telly with the 'present' surrounding situation of the year you are in compared to what it was when you first lived it.

  • Paige -Low Key- says:

    Anthony is legit the audience I love it like he hears stuff and reacts like how I would like hearing about another dimension and being like oooohhh thats good thats a good idea like such a me thing or hes like TIME TRAVEL IS CONFUSING he isn't wrong

  • Hannah Goldberg says:

    endgame is not the last avengers movie. Lol I love when chris evans scares scarlett, I love them both together. And love chris hemsworth and love chris evans. And scarlett should make a black widow movie and have bucky, thor, and captain america in it. And Chris Evans is not going to die. And Were not going to have to say goodbye to Captain America because Chris evans confirmed on GMA that he wants to renew his contract and he confirmed on a recent comic con that he's not done yet with captain america and that what he said on his twitter about the last day of end game was not meant for people to think that he was done with captain america. Also Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, and MCU also confirmed that he's not done playing captain america and that we will see more of captain america after endgame. So this is not the end of the captain america. And were certainly not going to say good bye to iron man, thor or black widow because the actors like Chris Hemsworth who played those characters like thor confirmed that were going to see more of them after endgame as well and that they're going to renew their contract. so this isn't the end for any of them and bucky and other characters are going to be coming back so cap and bucky can be in a lot of movies together in the mcu after endgame. Anyone who doesn't believe me I have proof

  • Honestly it doesn’t make sense that Captain America lived out his live
    And got back to the same 2023…it would have been completely different

  • Paul T Sjordal says:

    DC has a Captain America rip-off character named Guardian.

    For both Guardian and Captain America, the most interesting incarnation of the character is the African-American with no superpowers.

  • Why do I feel like Sebastian 'definitely' saw the fics written about him at least once. He seems like he knows a lot.

  • I like how the interviewer goes to the Russos(directors) take on time travel in the movie and not the ACTUAL WRITERS of the movie Marcus & McFeely(M&M).

  • Stéphane Wawrzyniak says:

    Mackie is notoriously hard to interview, there have been cases of him wrecking some journalists because they were asking personal questions he didn't want to be asked, but even here in a really chill interview that goes well he can be really surprising, like holy shit at that moment at 5:40 when he decides out of knowhere to be the interviewer and ask the journalist a question lol, I fucking love watching interviews of these two but I would not be confident enough to dare to interview Mackie. Dude is wild lmao

  • No Seb, no …🙁 Bucky and Steve were each other's right hand men all their lives. Don't go that far for reasoning why the sheild was given to Falcon…

  • Lol Seb saying he's heard of stackie sounds like someone who have seen a great deal of stuff on the internet 😆

  • Betzabe Telez says:

    Ok so in min 7:19 mackie and seb where synchronized and in min 7:25 mackie looks like he is judging hard Sebastian
    I love them

  • “I’ve heard that before…” glances away dramatically as he relives just what stackie entails “…online”

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