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Ravi! What for are you yelling?
– Why did you use my brush? I wanted to brush teeth and I spotted yours.
– Didn’t you spot your brush? – I don’t have one. Screw my fate!
– Fate? Sorry, I didn’t use it. – What! Idiot! Oh, my bad.
I thought fate was some product. Ravi, my friend will be here today.
– Just one friend? Why? You want to exploit them too?
Only one friend is coming. No one can exploit a person like the way I do.
– There is nothing left to exploit a person after you’ve. Hi, bro!
What’s up! Is he your friend?
– Yeah. – Hi! Bro, leave him atleast, please. Is he your roommate?
– Sadly, yes. Get in. That’s my new shirt. I saved it to wear it for the festival.
– You can’t even give your friend a new shirt who is going on a date?
– Even I go on dates. Now why are you telling me that?
– Because I need this shirt for those dates. I’ll return it back to you after my date.
– What an idiot you are! Hi! – Hi!
– Your dress looks good. – So does yours. It is a branded shirt. I only wear branded stuff.
– Seems like he is rich. Even I’m a brand freak. I like people who are brand freaks.
– I guess she fell for me already. I may survive without booze,
but not without branded clothing. You booze too?
– I drink only imported brands of alcohol. – Nice. Screw this guy! Well, there is somewhere else I need to be.
So, let’s meet again sometime. – Sure, bye! Why do you keep bombarding me with calls?
– You are wearing the owner’s footwear? That guy is pretty pissed.
– These are the owner’s? I thought they were yours. You’ve started to exploit the owner too?
– Well, if you see, I’ve no biases. I exploit all. Here you go! Your brand new branded shirt.
– Why is this shirt stinking? Why won’t it given that I wore it without bathing?
– You went to a date without bathing? Who cares?
– I’ve to wash this now. Where is my underwear
that I put on the wire to dry? What are you looking for?
– My underwear that I hanged here to dry. You hanged it here? – Yeah.
– Don’t worry, it’ll be there again tomorrow. And how is that?
– Ravi must’ve taken it. – Even underwears? Shirts, watches etc are understandable. But underwears?
– That is Ravi for you. Bro, can you lend me your bike?
– Damn! Ravi took my bike. Why do you even buy stuff
if you let Ravi use them all the time? He is my friend, afterall.
– Keep calling him that until he makes you broke oneday. Everything said and done, he is a nice guy.
But, yeah, I’ll make him realise he is being a parasite. Good luck with that. Where is my watch? This is an antique piece.
I bought it for you. Don’t lose it. Ravi! Who is this chica? Hi!
– Do I know you? – No, you don’t. Then why did you say?
– Because I bought a new watch. You want to know the time? No, thank you, I’m good.
– It is a branded watch. Good for you.
– My shirt is branded. Even my shoes are.. Branded? – Yes. How did you know?
– Because you look like a very rich person. Shall we go have a coffee?
– Sorry. I’m waiting for my boyfriend. You’ve a boyfriend?
I wasted my time on you. Anyways, bye, sister. Phone!
Wow! This looks good. It is his phone? I thought I was Chaitanya’s.
– Hey, you! You look pissed.
– You back stabber! You use all my stuff and now you want my girlfriend too?
– Your girlfriend? I don’t even know how she looks like. Didn’t you ask a girl for coffee?
– She is your girlfriend? Bro, trust me, I didn’t know she was your girlfriend.
I wouldn’t have asked her out had I known she was. She bought me that watch which you boasted about.
– Right! I did show off a little. She must’ve felt bad. How did she know, by the way?
– It is an antique watch. She was upset as she thought I sold it to you.
– Oh, now I get it. I’ll be careful the next time. Hello, babe!
– Who the duck is your babe? You wanted to cheat me
by wearing your friends’ branded clothes? No, babe! I’m a genuine guy.
– Don’t you dare call me babe, asshole. Who told Priya about me?
– My girlfriend did. Why? Just because I asked her out for coffee?
– No, because they are friends. – What! We should never trust these women. Who cares if Priya left?
There are plenty of fish in the sea. Where did it go?
– What are you looking for, bro? I left some booze last night. Where did it go?
– I know where. I was thirsty last night and I thought it was water.
– Why do lie? Just say you drank it up. Why do you ask when you know I’d lie?
– Screw you, asshole! Bro, look there.
Let’s go. You know, I only use branded stuff.
– Branded stuff bought by your friends? Bros! How come you’re here.
– The shirt and the perfume he is wearing are mine. And the underwear he is wearing is mine.
– These guys are just pranking. Who is pranking whom?
He wears our stuff and lies like it were his. Is it, Ravi?
– Hell, no. These all are mine. Oh, is it? Aren’t you wearing our owner’s footwear?
– Hell, no! These are our neighbour owner’s footwear. See, I told you.
– You wanted to fool me? I hate you. Are you even friends?
I’m a fool to be living with cheats like you. I can’t stay with you guys anymore.
– Neither can we. Ravi! Hi, all! I’m sure you too must be knowing
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