Anonymous - Events That are Shocking The World... (2018-2019)

Anonymous – Events That are Shocking The World… (2018-2019)

but I think we live in such a highly dynamic environment where change no longer comes in generational terms I mean when when probably when I grew up a generation was supposed to last 30 years I mean today you can say every five years you have a pretty different environment but their missile program and technologies keeps moving forward when you add to it the other geopolitical tensions out there what's going on North Korea what the Chinese are doing in the South China Sea it's really trending pretty significantly in the wrong direction things crossed borders with a tremendous speed and tremendous volume and we simply in the question is how is the world going to contend with it how is the world going to deal with various threats to either peace between countries or stability within them especially in the last 40 years urbanization has been on such an unprecedented scale that scholars are now talking about planetary urbanism or ecological urbanism of course there's the agenda 2030 which is a whole other program of which protes open borders and redistribution of wealth it's a whole program that they're trying to initiate working not with States or governments not working with States working with cities this means that the very nature if you like of the rural is also being urbanized in very complex and multifaceted ways this is part of the agenda that the UN understands that if we're going to take control the world we're not gonna be able to take co-op nations we're not gonna be able to take control States we have to take control cities so the pace of urbanization is picking up enormous Lee and Africa and absolutely unprecedented but also in other regions and just last week they completed a major meeting of almost all the major cities around the world gathering together part of putting together this agenda to bring together what they call habitat 3 an urban agenda as the world continues to urbanized sustainable development challenges will increasingly concentrate in cities and establishing a regime that will control resources will basically the idea of zoning and controlling beginning people to concentrate into high-rise apartments instead of taking up the beautiful forest lands the big problem with the global governance today is really in the sort of normative or or the the purposeful desire to create a particular type of World War II could you just explain to what the liberal order is if the liberal order is basically a set of a principles and rules and norms and standards it basically are based on the principle of openness the agreement to live under a certain set of rules of the everyone abides by when you were in the White House with George HW Bush in the first Gulf War he talked about a new world order on phrase that sounds in felicitous now George Herbert Bush you know the first George Bush president made this statement he says we have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order this is the first time embryo like structures have been developed in laboratories using two types of stem cells now this next level of genetic science is giving rise to so-called designer babies maybe scaffold they were able to grow a structure capable of assembling itself into an artificial embryo see it's no longer science fiction it's serious business it's the tools the powers are coming into our hands artificial embryos may sound like a plot in a sci-fi novel and last but not least that in this new era the UN needs to absolutely change its game its way of operating not as if one but definitely as one and I think this is this is a crucial part and as zoomy was saying this is certainly going to be a very important test and challenge for the new Secretary General coming in because all of these agendas now call for the UN to work differently there's no question that in certain areas efforts in International Cooperation have borne fruit we have had over in recent years successes with respect to the Paris climate deal for instance we have had successes with respect to the sustainable development agenda at the United Nations it's interesting because in the Paris agreement doing they spent hours arguing over one word and the word was shall we say shall or should because in legal parlance they mean very different things if it says these nations these 193 nations should well then it's voluntary if they say they shall then it's a legal agreement well John Kerry and Barack Obama knew that they couldn't if they put shell there they'd have to bring it to Congress chromosome have to ratify because shall mean to the treaty and Congress has to approve all treaties so what they did is they changed it they put should on the opening statement but every other single item in that agreement uses a word shout so it's a hidden language of treaty Iran has gone ahead and successfully test-fired a sophisticated Russian made air defense system Iran and Russia have recently increased that military cooperation they are two of the most important players on the global stage so there's certainly more overlap to be Turkey and Russia than there was a few years ago what does this mean for the future of the Middle East and especially Israel the headline around violence is that on current trends it will be a more violent world in 2030 so the number of cases of human bird flu infection is rising rapidly in China and they're reporting a sudden increase in the number of human cases Dixie's previous flu seasons really the rate of emergence of these viruses is more rapid than the rate of urbanization or changes in poultry farming practices so there's something else something else so 70 years ago Aldous Huxley anticipating the transformation of human life through advances in biology as the final and most searching revolution asserted this really revolutionary revolution is to be achieved not in the external world but in the souls and flesh of human beings this holds great promise for advances in agriculture and animal studies and basic biomedical research and therapy but opens fundamental questions about our role within the natural order and the use of these technologies in shaping the human future opportunities of these new gene editing technologies are perhaps the most profound and difficult matters are our species as ever encountered together with advances in psychology systems biology bioengineering and the great advances in computer sciences that are making all this kind of stuff possible these together open unprecedented powers for exploring and constructively deploying the fundamental forces of living nature in the service of human life in service of the good of the planet in a recent article just last week organisms created with synthetic DNA pathways for entirely new forms of life this is where we're going this is amazing stuff well recently some have raised the disturbing but strangely logical suggestion that since embryos left over from IVF are being used to obtain embryonic stem cells why not use them for projects and include their genetic alteration implantation and later extraction of their cells tissues and organs this is just an extension of the argument that says they were going to die anyway so why not gain something good from their life well it's a strange moment in human civilization there is wide recognition that our new gene editing tools are a threshold technology an opportunity for us to re-envision and reorder our place in purpose within the natural world the issues involved go beyond biology it's exciting stuff when you begin to realize that we are reading tomorrow's headlines today and assures us in our hearts that god you are controlling the flow of history it's not just something that is coming because of happenstance or circumstance god you are directing the world towards a point of destiny you


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  • Anonymous Official says:

    Events That are Shocking The World…

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    We do not forgive.
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    Expect us.

  • Jane Guarnera says:

    I figure at best I've 20 yrs…my times were challenge enough, my parents in some ways more so….I don't envy the choices to be made in my children's, grandchildren''s times; the human consciousness hasn't risen at the same rate as our knowledge…until the two are integrated we will fail to evolve as a species.

  • Michael Figueiredo says:

    I don't know why but I am scared, even My twin sister woke up last night from Her sleep and She said for some reason She woke up shaking and could not go back to sleep, I dunno but I have a bad feeling maybe I'm just paranoid but I'm just waiting for something to happen

  • “Redistribution of wealth”=Stealing income from the people who do not require government support and using that income to provide the support.

    There is a way to invest corporate taxes to create opportunities for the financially disadvantaged so they can become self-sufficient…but without dependence on the government, the government becomes less powerful. In a true, free republic…the government is only there to provide a structure for resource management. What we have today is a plutocracy that advertises itself as a democracy…but the United States has never been a democracy, just read the DOI and the COTUS and see if you can find the word.

  • These events are so terribly frightening. This redistribution of wealth will never happen. The rich will NEVER let go of their money. They will kill us all to keep it. Thus FEMA camps.

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  • bendy the plush 127 says:

    Generals gathered in there masses, just like witches at black masses ,evil minds that plot distruction , sorser of death contruction … War ? ?

  • Hack Hackers 143 says:

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  • Michael Schmidt says:

    Who is the old guy with the glasses that speaks in front of the blue background at the podium throughout this video? Please someone. Thanks

  • Shit we been living in crazy times since day one it's just going to get crazier enjoy the ride cause it's going to get rough and long

  • Americans BEWARE! If you have stainless steel cookware made in China, chances are the screws/washers aren't stainless steel; they rust; when moisture runs into your pan from the lid, it has rust in it!

  • I wonder, is agenda 21 going to happen in 2021? That simple. Dude mentions Agenda 23 in Video. The sick fucks pulling the strings like to dangle the obvious in front of our faces.

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