Annoying Orange HFA – Bad News Pears

Annoying Orange HFA – Bad News Pears

♪ He’s orange. He has a lot of friends ♪ ♪ They live together on a fruit stand ♪ ♪ They have adventures all across the land ♪ ♪ And even play in a rock and roll band ♪ ♪ He’s orange ♪ ♪ Annoying orange. He’s orange ♪ ♪ Annoying orange. He’s orange. ♪ (laughter) Fruit Fruitale here. It’s league night at the grocery store. All the spectators and spec-tater-tots have come out to cheer on the best food bowlers around. As expected, the undefeated kingpins are putting on an absolute clinic against perennial losers the Bad News Pears. Let’s go, Grapefruit. We’re one strike away from yet another perfect game. No sweat, fellas. I got this. (laughing) (sighs) League night is the worst. (yelling) (cheering) Yes! Yes! Who wants to touch me? See you guys next week. Can’t wait to see who we lose to then. Hey, where you guys going? We still have one frame left. (groans) Come on, Orange. Even Marshmallow’s had enough. Yay-ay-oh… We’re too small to knock down any bottles. I’m not round enough to roll straight. What’s the point? Hey, we’re not losers. Um, yeah, we actually kind of are. (giggles) Watch me peel out. (tires squealing) Time out. Whoa, what are you doing? Oh, you just left a grapefruit seed in the lane. You got to roll as it lies, pipsqueak. Isn’t that right, Fruit “Fruitaley”? It’s pronounced “Froo-tal,” and that is technically the rule. Hear that? “It’s technically the rule.” So, how about you go ahead and roll, so we can technically put another Kingpin win in the books. (growls) (tires squealing) Whoa! He’s out of control! Everybody clear out! (crashing) Ha! Check it out, fellas. Orange finally managed to knock down a bottle after all. Coast is clear, folks. You can come on out. He just bumped a soda bottle. Aah! Guys, I’m feeling gassy. Oh, come on. Nice one, Orange. Man, can you imagine? How embarrassing is that? (groans) Let’s just go home and forget this ever happened. Nah, I’ll catch up with you guys later. Aw, shake it off, buddy. Everybody has a bad game once in a while. Oh, man. GRAPEFRUIT: You got to roll as it lies, pipsqueak. How embarrassing is that? (laughter) Stupid seed. You guys mind sticking around? I kind of feel like practicing. We don’t have feet. Where else are we gonna go? Out lives are terrible. We get no thanks. Brace yourselves, fellas. This is gonna hurt. Wait. That didn’t hurt at all. It actually kind of tickled. (laughs) It’s kind of nice when a really bad bowler hits you. It’s like getting a free massage. (laughs) Shiatsu. Bless you. (laughs) (growls) (tires squealing) – Oh, that one hurt.
– Really? Nope. (laughs) MAN: You’re rolling with your eyes closed. Keep both eyes open when you roll. Huh, well, I guess it’s worth a shot. Hey, can I get a massage, too? (tires squealing) This should be good. Ooh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, that one didn’t tickle so much. Wow, thanks, mysterious voice. MAN: You’re welcome. You’ve got some talent, kiddo. Grandpa Lemon? What do you know about food bowling? More than you think. (all shouting) Okay, this is officially the worst day of my life. (groans) I used to be a champion food bowler. Yeah. You? But that was a long time ago. Sadly, nowadays, I’m just too old to bowl more than a couple frames without pausing to take a… (snores) To take a what? Hmm, where am I? What was it you were gonna say? Eh, I guess we’ll never know. Come, roll with me, Orange. I can teach you what I know if you’re up to the task, but it will require hard work, discipline. You will know you’re ready when you can pluck this pebble from my hand. But you don’t have any hands. Very good, grasshopper. You’ve passed the first test. Your training begins in the morning. Your first training session is also the most important. Today we’re gonna learn how to scrape my calluses. Huh? Here’s a brush. It might not be gritty enough for some of the older calluses, so be prepared to really get in there. Um, all right. Oh, that’s it. Oh, a little to the left. Ooh, that’s the spot. (moans) All right, 16 hours should be enough of that. Day one of training is complete. See you tomorrow, bright and early. (snoring) Um… All right, second day of training. What are we doing today? We didn’t get all the calluses yesterday. Still got some left in my most nether of regions. (chuckles) Couldn’t we just take you to a dermatologist? Please don’t tell me it’s more calluses today. Nope. Today, you get to eat ice cream. And by ice cream, I actually mean calluses. And by eat, I mean scrape. All right, that does it for training. Good work, you’re, uh, you’re an expert. Huh? Shouldn’t I have practiced some, you know, bowling? Wait a minute, you were interested in getting better at bowling? Yeah, that’s what this all supposedly was about. Oh, I must have mistaken the word “bowling” for “calluses.” Yeah, we should definitely practice some bowling. (groans) (groaning) (snoring) (cheering and applause) Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Now that’s what I call a montage. (cheering) This is it, folks. The championship game. The Bad News Pears, who entered the playoffs in last place, have surged this post-season and now are on the cusp of winning the coveted championship trophy. Do they have it in them to pull off one last miraculous win? We’ll find out right now. (cheering and applause) (laughing) Grapefruit! Grapefruit! Boo! Go back to Muscle Beach. Yes, yes, your boos feed me, propelling me to a higher plane of excellence. (yelling) (cheering and applause) Yay! Way to go, Midget Apple. That was one for the little guys. (laughs) (groans) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (booing) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Incredible! Yay! (crowd gasps) Excuse me, could you please fall down? Please? Aw. Well, uh, okay. Come on, guys. Yay! Whoa, good job, Marshmallow. FRUITALE: It’s all tied up as we enter the last frame. Hey, Passion, I’m rolling for you. Hmm, okay. I don’t really want you to roll for me, but… You’re welcome. Boo-yah! Hello? Huh? Oh, come on! (applause) Orange, this is your chance to win it all. Orange is the last bowler of the game. The Bad News Pears need a strike to win. You got this in the bag, Orange. Thanks, guys. (farts) (laughs) Oops. Guess I accidentally left another seed out there. Too bad you have to roll as it lies, huh? (booing) (laughs) Boo all you want. It won’t change the rule book. You can do it, Orange. I don’t think I can, guys. Come on, Orange, you can do it. (chanting): Orange, Orange, Orange, Orange. (snores) Wait, I can do this. (laughs) Yeah right. (groans) (giggles) (tires squealing) What the…? (cheering and applause) Whoo, all right! (groans, farts) No, oh, come on, man. I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed. It’s a miracle. Orange, you did it! Thanks for the support, everyone. I’m really bowled over. (laughs) Come on, brothers, let’s go congratulate him. You coming, Grapefruit? No, I’m so angry… Whoa! – Um, Grapefruit?
– What? Knives! Huh? (screams) Gee, Grandpa Lemon, how can I ever thank you? (laughs) Oh… Oh, that’s it. A little to the left. (sobbing) These things are alive. A little to the left. You already said that. Ew. Ooh, that’s the spot. – Make it stop.
– Yeah! (snores) Let me put some more zest into it. Oh, never mind. I got nothing.


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