Android Peeks – media in the browser

Android Peeks – media in the browser

>>LELAND: Hi, my name is Leland, I’m one
of the user experiences Androids on Android. And one of the things I like about the Android
browser is it does a lot of things I could do on my desktop browser. I want to show you
some of that. So one of the things I like about the Android browsers is I could play
Youtube videos directly from WebPages. So here I am on Google news, and I’m going
to click on a Youtube video and here we go. It goes right into the Youtube app…
>>[INDISTINCT] it’s full site of a lead care on Wall Street…
>>LELAND: And I could watch my daily news video.
>>At the federal government announced that $85 billion bail out plan for the insurance
giant AIG…>>LELAND: So another cool thing is I could
save photos right to my phone. So here’s a photo that my friend posted. I want to save
it, so I’m just going to long press on the photo, click save image, and it’s going
to download. So, while I wait for it to download, just go, click, open it, and it goes right
into the photo gallery. So in the photo gallery, you could do whatever I want but, you know,
one thing I’d love is that, like right from the photo gallery, I can go and save it right
as a wallpaper. There we go. And there it is, pretty cool. So the last thing I’m going
to show you is downloading mp3s. One of the things I like to do is follow one of my favorite
radio shows, the host posts mp3s. So all I have to do is download them right from his
website. And what happen is, I don’t have to wait and watch it download, I could just
go back and browse the rest of the page.
Now, so I notice that the download’s done because the notification part blinked. So
I’m just going to go to the notification bar and see that download’s complete. Just
click on the file…>>LEHRER: Hi, this is Bryan Lehrer, you’re
listening to WMIC…>>There you go, you could start listening
to my favorite radio show.>>LEHRER: Streaming an mp3 downloads available
when you want to listen in and iTunes.


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