31 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper debunks Trump's false claims after Mueller hearing”

  • 2waringring,UKA'IRIS'A says:












  • I love how the main focus of the left has been that the Mueller report didn’t exonerate Trump. The fact of the matter is that no prosecutor has ever sought to exonerate anyone. Ever.

    That’s the polar opposite of their purpose.
    If any prosecutor ever found that their wasn’t enough evidence to charge someone with a crime, then the case would be dropped. Period.

    And that’s exactly what the left needs to do in this case… drop it. Unless they, of course, they want to continue making themselves look like clowns.

  • Mueller: "Ahhh…what was that? Ahhh say that again? Ahhh…I don't know…where am I?" Fact is, Mueller came up with ZERO to indict because there was nothing to indict on. CNN been cooking up this steaming pile of bs for a LONG time now and it's just imploding more and more. Trump said it best in 2016….WINNING….we will all be WINNING so much we will get tired of WINNING! Not tired yet Sir, let's keep this going…it sure is fun! Poor libs…. :'(

  • Conservative Troll says:

    No matter how hard you try to make the testimony sound different, it still doesn't prove he did anything wrong.

  • No evidence for collusion.
    No evidence for obstruction.
    But no exoneration, yes CNN fake news that is the highlight of all this.
    Also no evidence exists that Cooper is a pedophile and also no evidence exists of an investigation into Cooper for pedophelia or that he obstructed an investigation into himself. Yet we are unable to exonerate him at this time as we cannot prove it. Hope it is clear to everybody this is a false claim, a similar CNN fake news claim.

  • That's a lot of dislikes. It means people aren't buying this collusion delusion theory. Never have. Even your own reporter Van Jones called it a nothingburger years ago. Yet here you are still peddling the same bullshit delusional rhetoric. Were you somehow expecting different results at this telling of the same old dead story? You know where I'm leading.

  • At a certain point, you have to see the down vote of this video, Anderson. Seems as though the public believe your opinion is simply YOUR opinion. Well played ma'am

  • Juan Hernandez says:

    Anderson Cooper is a flake. He is only regurgitating the sentiments of his bosses at CNN who are obviously out of touch with reality.

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