An Indian’s Questions For Western Mainstream Media Over Pakistan’s “FULL SUPPORT” To Turkey


100 thoughts on “An Indian’s Questions For Western Mainstream Media Over Pakistan’s “FULL SUPPORT” To Turkey”


  • Mian Abdurehman says:

    Sham sharma just Come to pok and see just peace environment in pok. Then go to your IOK which was blackout still 60 days has been pass. No Food, No Medicare facilities available. Dont sit here and question just vist both pok and iok and see the difference.

  • Biondi Subbaiah says:

    U know who will b the ultimate winner if this media bullshit carries on, China! The only country getting away with anything they do to against Islam! Mark my words, " Islam cannot will against the Chinese" unlike most of the world the Chinese lack certain ethics, war is hell.

  • 100 likes for using English language and neutral accent here in West it will make a huge impact among masses only captured by leftiest MSM thanks📶

  • Kishore Singh Rajput says:

    Unemployed people in India – Try again , search for other options , move abroad , run father's business.
    Unemployment people in Pakistan – 0:01

  • justin De' souza says:

    Sun lo jihadi terrorist abb hum har ek Indian army ki saheedi ka badla lenge…..#Bharat mata ki Jay…..Jai Hind…….
    1- Pakistan banege India the great India.
    2 – abb Lahore v humara ur Karachi v hamare…
    3 – kitna maja ayega jab Lahore ki gate pe me pork( pig meat) 🐖 ki kabab khaunga…
    4 – Pakistan ko fate karn nee kebad hum pure bhuke nange Pakistan ko humare latrin saff karne kiliye rakhenge…
    5- abb humayun tomb ur islamad ki tower pe india ki flag lahrahega….
    6-kitna maja ayega jab hum pakisthanio ko onion ur tomato free me daan karenge…
    7- kitna maja ayega jab hum Pakistan ki army ko nanga karke gannd me laat marenge….
    8 – kitna maja ayega jab hum Karachi me ek flat buy karunga…
    9- kitna maja ayega jab me summer ki vacation pe muri pe jaunga…..

  • this type of education pakistan and bangladeash are seperated
    3:44 this is the reason balochistan are demand to seperate from pakistan

  • Pradyumna Hebbar says:

    Oh shit! Lahore's cricket stadium named after Maumar Gaddafi. I thought this is a different person. All I would like to say is, "LAHORE"-vila-kuwat!

  • Balaji Prasad Panda says:

    From the video it is seen that the kids who are the participants in playing fheir role looks from high family. But the tragedy is that instead of inspiring them for better education to become intellectuals or professional like Scientists, Doctors and Engineers, their country inspires and encourages them to become JIHADIS. Wah, what a country, shame on these pakistanis.

  • All these gandwe mullas should know that messing with India would be a big mistake on their part. Itna chodegein inko ki mooh se sorry sorry bhi nahi nikal payega inke

  • Is this video for real? Really??? These children don't even have beard and they are already jihadis in the making..And such questions are not questioned. This world is upside down. The oppressor is treated as a victim and vice versa. The mainstream media gas no conscience or their reasoning has abandoned them

  • Make Ind eco and defence powerful ,what western media say nothing matter,nyt,and western media even not believed by their own nationalist countrymen example American not believe in CNN,msnbc,if eco doing good and our defence is strong no country messing with us

  • इसलिए मुझे कटुए की मौत और लिन्चिग पर दया नहीं आती । म्यानमार ने जो किया बहुत ही सानदार और अच्छा किया ।

  • Vवेक Soni says:

    📖कुरान मानव ko दानव👹 बनाती है 🐷
    आतंकवाद को सब खत्म करना चाहते हैं लेकिन कोई ये नहीं जान पा रहा है
    कौन सा किताब पढ कर आतंकी bante हैं जब तब ये कुरान📖 बैन नहीं होगा चाइना, जापान की तरह आतंकवाद खत्म नहीं hoga
    आतंकी मदरसा से कुरान 📖की शिक्षा लेके जिहादी atankwadi bante हैं इसका 100% सर्टीफिकेट सैतानी📖 पुस्तक से
    ये कुरान की कुछ आयते जिसे पढ़ कर👲 इंसान से जिहादी आतंकवादी👹 bante हैं
    2:9 मुस्लिम – अल्लाह गैर मुस्लिमों का शत्रु है।
    3: 85 – इस्लाम के अलावा कोई अन्य धर्म स्वीकार नहीं किया गया है।
    8: 12 – इस्लाम को इंकार करने वालों के दिलों में अल्लाह खौफ भर देगा और🐷 मुसलमानों को आप उनकी गर्दन पर वार करके उनका अंग – अंग काट दो।
    8: 39 – अवैध मुस्लिमों से तब तक युद्ध करना जब तक की अल्लाह का दीन पूरी तरह कायम न हो जाए।
    22: 30 – मूर्तियां गंदगी हैं।
    9: 5 – मूर्तीपूजकों को जहां पाओ वहाँ मार दो। 3: 62, 27: 61 और
    35: 3 – अल्लाहके अलावा कोई अन्य प्रभू पूज्य नहीं है।
    9: 23 – अवैध मुस्लिमों को दोस्त न बनाओ। 9: 28 – मूर्तीपूजक नापाक हैं।
    4: 101 – काफिर तुम्हारे खुले दुश्मन हैं।
    9: 123 – काफिरों पर जुल्म करो ।
    66: 9 – काफिरों और मुनाफाफिकों से जिहाद करो। ।
    4: 56 – आयतों को इंकार करने वाले की खाल पकाएंगे
    8: 69 – लूट का सब माल (महिलाओं💃 सहित)) हलाल है
    9: 14 – अल्लाह🐷 मोमिनों के हाथों काफिरों को या यातना देगा।
    21: 98 – अल्लाह🐷 के सिवाय किसी और को पूजने वाले जहन्नुम का ईंधन हैं।
    32: 22 – इस्लाम छोड़ने वालों से बदला लो।

  • The Western media has lost its way. They're self absorbed, gloating, fatuous, shits who dont really care about facts or truth just proving their agenda. Any criticism of them is considered railing against the freedom of the press, and any criticism by them is their patriotic duty

  • Well said sir. The western main stream media are supporters of countries that harbour and support terrorists. Because they get a lot of petrol dollars from the network of terroristic organisations.

  • Jid din aisa koi video india ne release kar diya
    ye bache raat mei nekkar mei hah denge and inke mai baap allah hu akbar bol ke khud ko kaat denge

  • What about when buddhist jain hindus and sikhs in indian subcontinent and southeast asia were massacred for 600 years. And now hindu and buddhist are punching back damnn hard in their own defence then it is nazism and fascism.
    This fucking asshole commusnist leftist and congress motherfucker asshole.

  • Bruh, Gaddafi was far from an "Islamist". He even went as far as saying to rule Lybia by Muslim standards would be unfair to non-Muslim Lybians. Read the Green Book or something before making such a claim. You're criticizing western propaganda media, but believing some anyway? C'mon, bhai, I'm a big fan but you've slipped up a few times lately.

  • Bro leave about Pakistan thats not a big deal.. We can completely destroy the terrorism… But the big problem is in side the India whats going bro.. India ranked so bad.. Girls are not safe.. No rule against rape.. People are dieing without food.. Why our government is not taking action on it??? Why?? I request you please send this message to our government bro this is not fare we need to take action now please.. You are a powerful social man please help us bro please

  • Well made video with facts and logic…I do agree with you on your opinion on pakistan and that four letter word with beeps describes them well…

  • Pakistan is not Islamic country it is a lazy begger for begging money and will support anybody and kill it's own people for money

  • Please aao na madarchod Dilli. Behanchod kaat k Indus River mein phek dunga. Kebab tumhare pahuchenge tumhari Ummi k paas. Pehchaan nhi payegi, suwar k kabaab kha rahi hai ya apne napunsak bete ke. Chutia bhosdika

  • Question.
    Do you want America to be the policeman of the world or go back to our own borders?
    As far as Trump's decision on Turkey I can only speculate but there is an American idiom " giving somebody enough rope to hang themself." It means backing off and letting them screw themselves through their own poor decisions. Trump allowed Turkey in so that Turkey could show its own true intentions. Turkey screws it up, it's out of the EU, it's out of NATO.

  • Bhosri ka suwar hindu! Gaoo mutter pena wali galeez badbudar meli nasal ! Brwa ja ka apna rss aur india media ka ads dekh waha jo tm hindu apni maa chudwa raha ho ! Wo bi dekha daina lisi video ma apni sala jhant ka bal ! Ganja kharboza

  • Western press is all about "White" entitlement and this bias is pretty obvious. They will be anti Non-White in general but specifically India. Western press use to do the same to Chinese 10 years ago, not so much anymore. You can see what happened w/ NBA/ Blizzard/ Apple/ South-Park pro-Hong Kong comments.

  • Rosemary Trujillo says:

    I don't work for the media but media is leftwing so nothing Trump does is going to be good enough. I'm going to give you an American view which is the whole America first view. Is Turkey wrong, one hundred percent, should Trump trusted Erdogan, one hundred percent NO. Erdogan own recorded shows he is not trustworthy and goes back on his word. So why leave, the Kurds did help with ISIS but they also turn on us. The troops would train them and they shoot them after training. I guess it was their gift to us. No one talks about that. Kurds are killing Kurds, no way to know the good one vs who is the bad one. Turkey is part of NATO which makes them are partners in a crazy way. Trump tryed to get out of NATO but the other 2/3 of government would not go for it. Turkey has 50 nuclear bombs, this allow us to get them back from are base. Hopefully to destroy them, I know it will not happen but can pray for it. Erdogan has been told it was America who try to overthrow him by other countries like Venezuelan. If you are a person who doesn't keep your word you thing the same of others. Having are troops being killed for others who will not fight for their own country is not what are man sign-up for. We will remember the image of young Syrian men who fleeing to Europe, leaving women and children trying to get to a save place or die trying. We are in the wrong of we due and we are in the wrong of we don't and no one is going to help us, other countries have shown their true colors. Europe want to starting there own EU Armey, against Russia, China and yes America. EU can not backtrack it now, it been recording for the would to hear. Be blamed for all the world's problems, each new group who make it to America wants us to die fighting the counties they escaped but never want their children to sign-up to fight. I guess only American lives is worthless even to its own government. As far as my own view: my babies come in all colors, religion, backgrounds, and economics, their lives do matter and I don't want them to die for your believes. I can go on and on and sent info to back it up but it would not change a thing.

  • Turkey: we will wipe out the Kurds, but don't what to do with the ISIS terrorists
    Pakistan: ok we will support u at least we can train ISIS and sell weapons like b4 and finally earn some money for the country…

  • Bhupendra Prajapati says:

    लोगों की आंखें खोलने के लिए आपका धन्यवाद भैया, ऐसे ही वीडियो बनाते रहें । 👍🏼🇮🇳 – जय हिन्द जय भारत जय मातृभूमि !!!

  • india is a 3rd world shit hole stop killing dalits for pooping on the street nobody gives a FUCK what hindu ass worshipers think

  • Soundarya Rangaraj says:

    India's pseudo-liberals and so-called intellectuals are eager to sell their country (& conscience) to anyone, including jihadis. They write a lot of articles in western media. We Hindus lack unity, are not the ones with petrodollars, nor are we the majority religion. Yes we have people who care, but they are supposedly "right wing". Pakistan's support is also needed to pull US troops out of Afghanistan.

  • is deewali bhot patake phodna h ,
    or Jo patake fodne ka mana bole uski gaand me bhi ek sutli bom jalaakar fek dena

  • It's simple the mainstream media generally freaks out when the status quo gets changed. They tend talk niceties, and use inclusive language but go on the attack when someone rocks the boat too much right wing or left. For example healthcare is bad in the united states with costs increasing while coverage decreases. You can be thrown off a plan when you get sick, with most medical bankruptcies occurring to those with insurance. At the same time Medicare a public insurance for the elderly has funding issues. However if someone proposes to expand public insurance to all the media attacks that as a pipe dream or worst a pathway to Russian gulags. If the other side proposes to privatize Medicare they will be compared to Nazis for their lack of compassion. In this particular case I support Medicare for all but the media bias isn't a left vs right thing. They defend the status quo because that is the condition under which they have power.

  • Colourful Universe says:

    Pakistan needs alms (which they call loan😁), to fill the stomach of their people….And they dream of conquering India. This may the first time the world is seeing a Beggar with Nukes…😂

  • The western white world is so selfish and self centred. Turkey is geographically very close to their countries. So problems can spill over into their territories. That is why they are so worried. Whereas J&K is in no way geographically connected with europe. So as far as they are concerned to hell with India and Kashmir.

  • Western media is ignorant…
    Problems India faces with islamists, will be faced by the West in few decades… That's when the tide will turn…
    If you remember history, same thing happened with Terrorism…
    Most Western countries ignored India's appeal to notice n call out Pakistan's Terror activities, it's after 9/11 n other major attacks they understood…
    West takes time to educate itself… The problems we face are the future problems of the West…

  • This will sound hilarious but it's doesn't matter if it is the Main Stream Media or social media they are very very cheap and at the same time very powerful and people buy their horse shit every hour of their life it's today's reality, The reason why any paksitani can afford them and not just paksitan but lots of countries are building their own state-owned media houses who don't criticize their own government, There are some media houses claim to be free press but people who write article under the shadow of big influential media houses they just copy-paste the false narrative of state-owned media groups, and of course money is involved, India just need to start spending on people who can literally destroy false narrative's against India and I mean by victims who had taken shelter in India and spend less on building statues…They say criticism from the govt is their badge of honor well it's up to the govt if they don't want to reward them then start focusing on building the country…

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