America's Newsroom 7/30/19 [9AM] | Breaking Fox News News July 30, 2019

America's Newsroom 7/30/19 [9AM] | Breaking Fox News News July 30, 2019

confirming the suspect has been shot that person's condition is not known police also confirming there are multiple injuries it is not clear if there are fatalities so we're watching this now it's the latest we have apparently occurring about 30 minutes ago so stay tuned for more on that in the meantime when I get through this battle over Baltimore could be shifting to Virginia today president Trump getting ready to leave for Jamestown to attend a historic event there some Democrats say they will boycott it and that is where we begin today as we say good morning from New York City I'm bill hemmer we got a big show for you today hope you're great at home how you doing Smitty it's a big show for you let's get going I'm Sandra Smith any moment now the president will be departing for Jamestown Virginia to mark the 400th anniversary of American democracy but in the backdrop the Trump comings feud is growing by the minute the president doubling down on his attacks on the top Democrat and his district saying his administration has given Baltimore 16 billion dollars in aid in one year alone so while Democrats continue to hammer the president on race some allies are coming to his defense on that score president is concerned about the whole nation we have a president who is listening and I was glad to pray with him today when we told him the things that he could do we need this country needs healing he's right sometimes he's never given credit for doing anything he's brought more attention to Baltimore in the last 72 hours and Elijah Cummings has brought to Baltimore in a very long time if he calls out anybody other than a white male he's immediately racist he's immediately sexist he's immediately xenophobic or homophobic or you know whatever they want to you know that's what the Democrats do and people are tired mark Meredith live at the White House with more on all this hey mark good morning and good morning to you Sandra we do expect the president be making his way to Virginia here within the next couple of minutes we're expecting him to maybe make some comments as he leaves the White House possibly weighing in on this back and forth between him and Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings the president has repeatedly criticized both Cummings and his Baltimore district the president accusing Cummings of ignoring the needs of his constituents and instead focusing on the oversight of the Trump administration President Trump is called Baltimore disgusting rat and rodent infested mess he did tweet again about Cummings late last night this is what the president had to say quote Baltimore's numbers are the worst in the US on crime and the economy billions of dollars been pumped in over the years but to no avail the money was stolen or wasted ask Elijah Cummings where it went he should investigate himself with his Oversight Committee Democrats have blasted the president's tweets as racist some Maryland Republicans including the state's governor have also called the comments outrageous civil rights activists Reverend Al Sharpton blasted the president over his use of language but he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color he doesn't refer to any of his other opponents or critics as infested he does not attack their districts the president later labeled Sharpton as a con man Republicans up on Capitol Hill they've been forced to weigh in on this controversy that's really engulfed Washington the last couple of days I don't think either congressman Cummings or president Trump a racist I think that they they disagree but you can disagree with someone's ideas but not disagree with their color I don't blame President Trump for for being upset the president's comments have outraged some state lawmakers though in Virginia the state's legislative black caucus says it's going to be boycotting the event that's happening in just a couple of hours from now in Jamestown over what they say are repeated attacks on minority leaders Sandra mark Meredith at the White House where we await the president's departure any moment thank you mark I was called unpatriotic on American and essentially treasonous by a couple of left wing pundits I was accused of aiding and abetting the very man I've singled out as an adversary this is the state mr. president of left-wing politics in 2019 they have nothing left but the most unhinged smears welcome to modern day McCarthyism McCarthy liked tactics out in the open for everyone to see that went on for about 20 minutes and that is about as livid as you will find the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rally against media outlets accusing him of being a Russian ass said this after McConnell block two election security measures that have passed in the house Stephen Hayes Fox News contributor is in from the cold back with us today great to see you my friend how you been beer bill welcome back thank you did you miss this I bet I miss you I did go ahead and frame the McConnell argued about those who were going after him as a Russian asset well I think I think you framed it up exactly right i mean that is Mitch McConnell as angry as you're gonna see Mitch McConnell I think what he did was give a 20 25 minute sort of thorough dispassionate debunking of the claims that he's somehow a Russian asset that he's somehow doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin both by walking through his history on Russia and before it the Soviet Union and also taking on the the people who are making those kind of attacks and calling into question the things that they've said previously about civility and about not making ad hominem arguments for me he said the smear that I'm a Russian asset ran independent page of Washington Post he specifically cited the colonist state of Milbank he says he rarely does that but he did it yesterday the accusation I'm an American was broadcast on MSNBC Chuck Schumer then went after McConnell watch I still don't have a really clear idea why leader McConnell is so adamantly opposed to doing anything on election security maybe it's because President Trump in his childlike way resents the fact that people point out that Russia interfered he thinks it D legitimizes his president shal election but that's not a good enough reason if that's the case so I will point out that Bill had one Republican supported in the house and I think that was the the Republican from Michigan is now leaving the party Steve yeah look at me to think this this was trumped-up outraged by the Democrats they tried to make a big deal out of what was a rather routine proceeding in the US Senate and they got called on it I think Mitch McConnell called him out now I do think Chuck Schumer has appointed me the president has sent mixed messages you remember his performance with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki where he seemed to take the side of Vladimir Putin over the US intelligence agencies and he's repeatedly refused to embrace in the way that most elected officials have embraced the findings of the US intelligence community so I think Chuck Schumer's it's fair for him to make that mistake it's it's something altogether different though to suggest that Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset it's just silly and it's the kind of language that I think people are getting increasingly tired of the thing I just I don't know what you observed from the far you've been in Europe for what about a year year and a half year yeah and you observed now and when Trump hits back he hits back and you wonder if politicians are learning the same technique now yeah I mean I think that's right and to a certain extent this is something I think Republicans are long overdue in doing I'm adding there there has a long time in which Republicans didn't hit back now I would make distinctions in the way that the president sometimes hits back in the way that is is more effective to hit back I would say it's better to hit back with arguments with facts with data than with ad hominem attacks and name-calling but that is something I mean I do think you know having been away for your having watched what's been transpiring here in the US that's something that's sort of striking you see a lot of heat you see a lot of accusations you see a lot of back-and-forth and you don't see much light and at least to my read you don't see much progress on some of the huge problems that we're facing as well with regard to election security I think they've spent upwards of 400 million dollars it's a primarily a state responsibility to but correct you're gonna be hearing a lot about this over the next 15 minutes welcome home son thanks Mel Stephen hey is there in Washington DC nice to see another big story that we're watching today as the second round of democratic debates kicks off just hours from now this stage is set in Detroit where senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are expected to battle it out along with eight other rivals the state of Michigan one of the hottest contests in 2020 a state you'll remember President Trump narrowly won in 2016 Kristin fishers live from Detroit at the site of tonight's big debate at least the first one as well Kristin good morning to you good morning Sandra yet tonight will be the first time that the two leading progressives in this race will be side by side on the same debate stage right now senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are really competing for that same far left lane in the Democratic primary but yesterday Senator Warren insisted that tonight things are not going to get ugly but I want to do is talk about my vision this isn't about Democrats firing at other Democrats burn-up and friends forever what I want to do is talk about my vision and that vision is similar to the one proposed by Bernie Sanders free college eliminating student debt Medicare for all Sanders campaign has been very critical of another 2020 contenders new health care proposal senator Kamala Harris who announced yesterday that her plan would allow people to keep their private insurance even though she raised her hand in support of getting rid of it during the last debate in Miami Sanders campaign manager said quote call it anything you want but you can't call this plan Medicare for all so health care is going to be a huge focus tonight along with the economy for the more moderate candidates like senator Amy Klobuchar tonight's a chance to contrast her more down the middle agenda with those on the far left better will work he needs to have a really big night or else he risks losing even more momentum and money after that poor performance in the first debate and you may notice a new face in this lineup Montana Governor Steve bollock will be on the debate stage for the very first time this cycle one other change to watch for in tonight's debate tonight the moderator the moderators will not be asking the candidates any questions where they have to raise their hands and that is really going to deprive President Trump of one of his favorite moments from the first debate because those moments will he show in an instant just how far the field has moved the left on some critical issues like health care and immigration Sandra really sets it up for us Kristen Fisher in Detroit where everything begins tonight thank you and and likely the economy is gonna be big and Bernie Sanders expected attack on Carla Harris's health plan nice we'll see we'll have a desk top goes on Thursday right Thursday morning Fox News Alert back to what we're hearing now the shooting inside a Walmart in Mississippi Southaven Mississippi south of Memphis about 13 minutes suspect has been shot that person's condition is not known we're hearing about multiple injuries not clear if there are fatalities you said we're watching this and we'll get you more word in a moment when we get word from the police there in Mississippi the mean time 11 past the hour got some more breaking news too coming in three other big stories we're watching now one of the largest data breaches in US history targeting the personal information more than 100 million Americans one hacker one hacker managed to crack the system of a major banks and the quest you Somali refugees have been arrested for trying to join Isis one of these suspects already had legal permanent resident status we'll have the details on that straight ahead also possible citing Canadian authorities say two teenagers accused of murdering three people still at large where does the search go today a lot of bugs swamps big lakes big animals the members who are up there they also have to battle these same the our the president departing the White House he has now walked outside he's talking to reporters and he's leaving for this historic event in Jamestown Virginia where they will be marking the 400th anniversary of American democracy he stopped he's talking to reporters we're gonna play this back for you when we get it he is already commenting on the ongoing feud with Elijah Cummings and his district which includes Baltimore in the ongoing feud there the president has just made some comments on his departure I'm trying to get an update for you on that but we are told he is talking Baltimore we're gonna have that news for you any minute we're gonna play back the president's comments when we get them people will be paying in taxes but the overall because they're not gonna pay premiums deductibles co-payments that we paint less for the health care people don't want government or anyone to take away their choices my medicare-for-all plan will allow private insurers to be a part of our plan if they play by the rules so this can be a big issue , Harris splitting with Bernie Sanders on Medicare for all despite co-sponsoring the plan along with other several several other Democratic hopefuls Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services the administrators seem averman welcome to our program and good morning to you I know you can't comment a lot on the candidates well let's keep away from candidates stay on the issue Medicare for all is that a reality for American 2020 well I think the discussion is about the future of the American healthcare system and who do we want making decisions about our health care do we want Washington making decisions about our health care or do we want Americans and American patients making decisions that are gonna work best for them okay so here is Sanders and Kamala Harris side but they're just generically okay Hey premiums on household incomes he's at 29,000 she's at a hundred grand transition period he's four years she's at ten years according to her plan released yesterday private insurance Medicare Advantage and Medicare certified sources that's what you get down I can't comment on candidates but these are these two senators are going to get a lot of attention for the issue and you and you wonder if health care is the one issue that defines the primary season for the left well I think what we're seeing is just versions of government-run health care whether it's public option or Medicare for all it's all about the government being in control making decisions about our healthcare you yet that service in Louisiana for a hundred and forty-one dollars but in California that same service cost forty seven thousand dollars and so there's so much variation we want to put patients in charge making decisions and giving them the information that they need to figure out what's going to work best for them as we know they america do you soon we're going to shop around how does that help the consumer how does that make their life better well i think it lets them it gives them the ability to shop around for services and lets them shop around for the best deal there is so much variation and they don't have this information if you think about it in every other sector of the economy you know prices before you're going to buy them buying a car you're getting an airline ticket you have that information on the front end and what president Trump is trying to do is tackle some of America's most pressing health care challenges and price transparency has been out there for a long time and American patients have been in the dark and we're trying to turn the page on that make sure that they have that information on the front end now Seema Verma thank you for your time it's just a proposal we'll see how much we'll see how far you get with it thank you for your time today from CMS my pleasure thank you thanks as we mentioned the president's talking to reporters right now on his way to Virginia he's taking lots of questions as you can imagine especially on this battle for Baltimore on that specifically the president has just said Cummings has been there for a long time it's corrupt you just have to look at the facts spending so much money Baltimore is an example of a corrupt government I feel so sorry for the people of Baltimore the president says millions have been given to Baltimore and so much has been stolen the president pointing out all this money going to Baltimore and he wants to know how that is being spent talking about an investigation into that the president also is taking on China and talking Mitch McConnell right now so that is the latest on that he's also talking the economy and the stock market at an all-time high when we have the president's words and that video will play that back for you we'll be right back this guy's the new this morning stunning video of chaos at a California festival after a gunman opens fire when the shooting was over three people are dead including a six-year-old boy plus the shooter police searching for a possible second suspect tough story to begin the week hope you had a good weekend I'm Bill Hemmer live here in New York City as we begin anew and Sandra good morning to you good morning pal good morning everyone I'm Sandra Smith gunshots ringing out at the Gilroy Garlic Festival an event known to draw more than a hundred thousand people to the city police say the gunmen got around security by cutting through a fence and began firing at random it just started popping off like fireworks it sounded like firecrackers then there was a point of silence and then there was another reload to seem like a reload and we heard thirty more rounds officers were in that area and engaged the suspect in less than a minute we have one suspect we know that is down we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a second suspect but we don't know if that suspect was engaged in any shooting or whether they may have been in some sort of a support role 6:00 a.m. in California the sun's coming up on a new day there and a tough one that is Claudia Callan live in Gilroy for the latest from there Claudia oh good morning bill police are searching for a motive as well as for a possible second suspect after a day of fun and food turned into an afternoon of panic and bloodshed thousands of people including many many families with kids were enjoying the last few hours of the famous garlic festival here when the happy scene turned into absolute chaos witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire stop to reload and then fired again some say they heard as many as 50 shots and thought at first it was fireworks people took cover under music stages and behind food tents others ran for their lives and say it was like a stampede witnesses say the shooter was a tall young man or camouflage and fired into the crowd at random the police chief says the suspects managed to get around the security screeners and metal detectors at the entrance by breaking through a perimeter fence and sneaking in that way Gilroy police are always a heavy presence at this annual three-day event and when the gunman opened fire officers engaged him in less than a minute fatally shooting him the crime scene has remained active overnight as investigators followed up on reports that the shooter had someone with him but that person's role is unclear and there has been no description as for the gunman's weapon police will only say it was some kind of rifle the head of the Garlic Festival expressed his heartbreak at seeing such a beloved and family-friendly event become the site of the nation's latest mass shooting we have seen this event in this way this day is just one of the most tragic and sad things that I've ever had to see and we all feel so upset for those that are impacted friends families neighbors it's just a horrible thing to experience and we couldn't feel worse he and city leaders will now have to take a really hard look at security surrounding this annual three-day event no doubt there will be questions about whether more could have been done to prevent this tragedy but bill the priority right now this morning finding that second possible suspect and we hope to get more information from police at a briefing in just about four hours so we will bring it to you when we get it thanks Claudia Cowan on that Gilroy caliber meanwhile Canadian authorities could be closing in on two teenagers wanted in the murders of an American woman her Australian boyfriend and another man police zeroing in on a remote area after a possible sighting of the suspects Dan Springer is live with the latest details on all of this dan good morning good morning Sandra this manhunt started more than a week ago in the trail had gone fairly cold the last confirmed sighting was in Gillam Manitoba seven days ago but then yesterday two men matching the description of the suspects were seen rummaging through a dump site in York Lanny Manitoba that's about 120 miles west of Gilliam where the suspects burned a car they had stolen Canadian police and the military are looking for 19 year-old Ken MacLeod and 18 year-old Breyer schmuck kelskiy both of Vancouver Island they're accused of murdering a botanist from the University of British Columbia and a couple traveling across Canada in two separate killings 24-year old China DS of Charlotte North Carolina was with her Australian boyfriend they were last seen at a gas station in northern BC the suspects were caught on camera in a store in the remote town of Gillam Manitoba but that was seven days ago the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian military converged on Gilliam and it's been an all-out search for the pair ever since with police going door-to-door canvassing 250 homes and scouring the area using military aircraft they are searching in some of the most unforgiving terrain in canada the thought was they were still around Gilliam because there had been no more vehicles reported stolen but then came the sighting Sunday in York Landing the father of one of the suspects says his son was fascinated by Nazi memorabilia and is likely on a suicide mission Mounties are gonna shoot first and ask questions later basically he's gonna be dead today or tomorrow so far the search for the teens has spanned more than 3,000 miles Sandra Dan Springer in Seattle covering that for us Thanks look I was in Congress for six years if I had poverty in my district like they have in Baltimore if I had crime in my district like they have in Chicago if I have homelessness in my district like they have in San Francisco and I spent all of my time in Washington DC chasing down this mother investigation that's bizarre impeachment crusade I'd get fired and I think if the president is right to raise that it has absolutely zero to do with race well now to the heat on this the White House defending the criticism of Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings Democrats calling the president racist after he said Cummings district which includes more than half the city of Baltimore was an infested mess the president firing back in part on Twitter here's one of them there's nothing racist and stating plainly what most people already know that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and of Baltimore itself games always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts shame that was just one of the tweets Byron York has analysis Byron how you doing good morning to you there's been so much back and forth over the weekend started in the beginning with the heavy criticism of conditions at the border from the congressman Byron well a common feature of all of the president's feuds is they usually begin with somebody criticizing the president and that's certainly what representative Cummings has done not only on the issue of Russia but on the issue of the border he did a very very strong criticism of conditions that the border blame the president for them and it really wasn't a surprise the president then said well hey hey representative Cummings maybe you should pay more attention to your own district saying that Baltimore was a quote disgusting rat and rodent infested mess that immediately set off the firestorm a number of Democrats and people in the press saying that the president was a racist for saying this it is a fact that the Baltimore does have a terrible violence problem it's a homicide rate is the highest of Briony largest 3:09 largest American cities here's your poverty level 2017 22 percent national levels around 12 percent so now people are going back to the record right now Byron and part of that record reflects on Bernie Sanders comments and he has offered of the past couple of years here's one of them from Sanders anyone who took the walk that we taught we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you were in a third world country what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs that are uninhabitable that was 2015 I think he tweeted later on that just one more comment on this Byron as to where you think it's going to get a few more things for you well an article in The New York Times in March of this year noted a number of things about Baltimore very similar to what the president said so that this argument is dug in now the defenders are going to defend the attackers are gonna attack and it's not going in okay John Radcliffe is a Republican from Texas got a pretty good record on the law he will be the next head of DNI National Intelligence it makes sense when you think about how he has been at the leading edge of investigating the investigators Larry yeah Ratcliffe is a former US Attorney from Texas and there very few members of the House who have actually read all of the secret and classified documents that have to do with the Trump Russia investigation that have been made available to Congress and Ratcliffe is one of them he's widely considered to be kind of the expert on a lot of these issues and clearly that's the direction the president wants to go in choosing a next head of national intelligence okay more to come on that I believe the 15th of August is Dan coats his last job a day on the job they're quickly on the Democrats this week it's a big week two prime-time debates in the meantime you've got more than a hundred House Democrats are now favored impeachment who's got the most on the line do you think this week well well those the Democrats with the least support they're going to be twenty people in this two-part debate like where there were in the first one but the next debate is in September in Houston gonna have different standards to get in you've got to have two percent support in a number of polls right now if you take the RealClearPolitics national average of polls only six democrats are at two percent or higher there's going to be a ton of Democrats who are making their last appearance in a debate this week question is will there be kind of Hail Mary strategies is a number of candidates in the lower part of the field try to somehow moulton to the top think and some of them go for it then absolutely and they go after Joe Biden or maybe just the 11th candidate will go after the tenth candidate I know I don't know but it's likely to be pretty contentious Thank You Byron nice to see you in a Monday make it a great week okay talk to it later Tuesday and Wednesday in other debates a lot of them on stage Sandra a lot of them who weren't too shot right here I mean they could put hammer and Smith up there what are you room but so far these debates have shown to change the course of the race for Democrats that this could be a game-changing week we'll see all right meanwhile the conservative Journal is brutally beaten by antifa activists now speaking out on a push to label the group a terrorist organization this will provide a framework for local authorities and especially federal authorities to start investigating this criminal cartel for the street thugs that they are andino sounding off just moments ago as President Trump calls out the radical group dr. bill bennett is on deck bottom of the hour on that more also big day at the White House you're gonna see it live next to our president Trump avowed to give 9/11 first responders lifetime help Kenny SPECT is one of those responders he worked at the World Trade Center site he'll be at the White House today his message for the president in a moment live next you cry we're gonna wake sale but we can help tens of thousands of people ever reported tornadoes tore through central Minnesota yesterday leaving a trail of downed trees power lines even some structural damage heavy winds also causing damage in western Wisconsin fortunately no injuries were reported you can never repay all that the 911 community has done for our country but we can stop penalizing them these families deserve better and I'm really I'm hopeful that today begins the process of being able to heal without the burden of having to advocate there's gonna be a lot more in this next hour Jon Stewart they're reacting after the Senate approved that 9/11 victim compensation fund did it overwhelmingly so after the house did prior moments from now that bill hits the desk of the president he will sign it approving billions of dollars in health care for ailing first responders he'll be surrounded by a number of them today one of them is the New York City firefighter can expect and Kenny good morning to you and thank you for you wanna go stopping by our program before you had no died what does today mean for you Kenny well it's a culmination of a lot of a lot of years of a very difficult battle as we wrap this up I want to go on the record and thank my team the feel good foundation the team leaders we took on this battle 15 years ago and after today a lot of us won't see each other anymore some of us will keep in touch and others of us we're going to move on with our lives we had a solid team and I appreciate you having me on today so that I could just publicly thank them for all the work that they did to get this done I was made whole years ago I received my compensation but it was important for me to stay in this battle to make sure that the members of the New York City Fire Department and other first responders who were penalized for being diagnosed later in life that they received they received their payments as well and they were made whole you have this thread that will keep you together though whether or not you're together physically connected with each other you'll always be connected because of the events of 18 years ago how is your health Kenny all right and you know Billy I I really don't want to make this about me today I think that we saw the testimony of Lou Alvarez and how that really moved the ball forward Lou's not with us anymore I'm going to go to the White House today for ray Pfeiffer I'm going to go to the White House today for Louie Alvarez for captain Vinny Ungaro for so many so many other people that are too numerous to name that war on our team really early on bill and they're no longer with us anymore they decided to work with us to help us get this done and I'm just going to show up on their behalf today what are you going to tell the president if you get the opportunity Kenny what were you what will be your message to him that I appreciate his support for first responders throughout the nation I hope that we could use today as a stepping stone perhaps to seeing to it that our nation's warriors the soldiers who were put in harm's way maybe we can do something now now that we've seen that we can assist September 11th first responders we can move this forward now you know we have a big homeless problem in this country with veterans we have the burn pit where forward-operating areas these veterans are are coming back with cancers sustained by their proximity to the burn pit and I would just like to let him know that we appreciate his support and we look forward to possibly making this something that leads us into a direction where we could really move the ball forward as it relates to now we're yeah we'll be looking for you next hour just one more comment here could you imagine 18 years ago that we would still be fighting this war today Kenny probably not I mean honestly no I guess on September 11th I died I didn't look past 18 minutes to be honest with you I didn't know what the eight next 18 minutes held in store for me 18 years later I'm proud of what we've done I'll always look back on it and and maybe even kindly to be honest with you it was a tough battle I've made great friends and and I've met some great people so in the end I'm real happy with the way things went listen today is for you and all the others will be looking for you next hour okay thanks for thanks I'm sharing your story Kenny Kenny Thank You Sandra two American teenagers accused of brutally murdering a police officer overseas now this shocking photo of their rest is sparking an internal investigation a live report from Italy coming up also 22 years behind bars Matthew Charles now getting a second chance to thank the president and the first step act he's pushing for business leaders to step up – and he's in explain what his new mission is coming up next


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    As our President says .. “There are winners and there are losers. I like WINNING”. ??ing for you SH .. that you may yet come around. I would ? that.

  • Also Mc connell ‘s not a Russian asset . He’s a Chinese asset . As his father in law is a very rich Chinese shipping magnate

  • Al Sharpton has always been a race baiting waste of oxygen and guilty of tax evasion. The nation will be better off when he's dead.

  • President Trump Keep the pressure on the crooked old bastard Cummings. And you Rinos need to get instep an stop making excuses for the President

  • sherry shewey says:

    I say all leaders of states that are badly ran with homeless, drugs, rat infested, feces all over, broken down neighborhoods should be investigated, thier bank accounts, tax returns to see where all the billions of dollars appropriated to help these states and cities.
    Then watch and see how many of these are demonrats running and ruining them.
    Who's with me on this.
    Corruption must be exposed!

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