America's Newsroom 7/30/19 [ 11AM ] | Breaking Fox News News July 30, 2019

America's Newsroom 7/30/19 [ 11AM ] | Breaking Fox News News July 30, 2019

police is stay inside and locked the doors that was the warning Canadian police gave as they search for two teenage murder suspects accused of killing three people this is way up in Manitoba corporal Chris Manzo is with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police he joins us now and sir you were looking in a remote area that has since been ended what's your best clue how sir where do you go well we have the evidence to us we have to go on our last-known tips working North York in last couple of days because we had we thought was a credible speciality we haven't been able to substantiate that so we're still working hard there we're still working in the gilliam area which was the last confirmed sighting that we knew so we're back up in that area we never wanted to put all of our eggs into one basket so contrary to what people said we never did a fault followkim and what the second town in North York there so we have to go where the evidence leads us and we're just gonna keep working hard at it get these two suspects these two suspects teenagers are suspected of killing three people corporal what is your warning to residents of this rural area that is now the target of your search what is what should they do oh we're asking people to take it any precaution to think and thing inside if you feel unsafe call the police if you see anything if you do anything if there's anything that just doesn't feel right I give the police a call also we're telling people that I share information with the police don't share it on social media a lot of misinformation is out there and active members into dangerous situations that were could lead us astray London could be a there are three people you're trying to solve three people who had murdered the three hundred miles apart there was a burned-out camper that was found with a decomposed body why do you believe that is connected to the two the other couple oh you know very rollin to have to be listening to find a body and then have I don't know almost like 300 miles away although those are two parallel in those investigators spoke with each other and the details they haven't released yet on what led them to believe that these two are connected but we know that these suspects are the wanted back people that we want corporal final thoughts what is that what are the biggest challenges you face in this type of investigation and this type of search well this time move investigation it's gonna be time and distance we're about 2,500 miles from our crime scene we'll relax all of these people and we're looking at just over a week since a confirmed sighting so we're again reaching out to the public if you have any tips please give us a PC anything please give us the code you say are you getting enough tips are you getting too many in a case like this I think in the case like this you can't get too many tips of obviously we're gonna have well over 200 small gilliam town itself so it's a fair amount for a town that had 1,000 we get a lot of attention corporal thank you for your time Chris men so best of luck to you okay thank you sir thank you I've seen the president he's live in Virginia marking the 400th anniversary of American democracy going back to 1619 this is some Virginia Democrats intend to boycott his remarks we'll explain why and have that for you when we continue top of the hour coming up the president's remarks in Jamestown Virginia as his feud with congressman Elijah Cummings heats up with charges of racism coming from both sides this morning welcome back to America's newsroom I'm Sandra Smith how you doing spinning I'm Bill Hemmer good morning nice to see again the president will speak at an event marking the 400th anniversary of American democracy but some Virginia Democrats will boycott the speech and before he left the White House the president addressed that issue you may have a couple of politicians boycott but it's all affect it's all affects the fact is African American people love the job I'm doing is that working for them I'm not working for the politicians straight away at a White House correspondent John Roberts from the North Lawn to begin a brand new era hey John good morning to you Bill good morning to you the president not backing down one bit and his feud with Elijah Cummings the president this morning on his way to Jamestown blaming Cummings at least in large part for what he says is the decline of Baltimore saying that the city has been beset by corruption here's what the president said congressman Cummings has been there for a long time he's had a very iron hand on it the corrupt city there's no question about it all you have to do is look at the fact the government is pumped in over the years billions and billions of dollars to no avail to absolutely no avail Baltimore is a is an example of what corrupt government leads to there are continued charges of racism regarding the tweets that the president sent over the weekend about Elijah Cummings mark Meadows who is the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus is a very good friend of both President Trump and Elijah Cummings he said this in a statement yesterday quote I am friends with both men President Trump and chairman Cummings I know both men well neither man is a racist period both love America I think if we put aside partisanship with investigations we can find bipartisan solutions that will benefit not only chairman Cummings district but the country as a whole the president claimed today that he has been contacted by many African Americans here at the White House thanking him for finally shining a spotlight on Baltimore the president tweeting quote Baltimore's numbers are the worst in the United States on crime in the economy billions of dollars have been pumped in over the years but to no avail the money was stolen or wasted ask Elijah Cummings where when he should investigate himself with his Oversight Committee there is no evidence that any money was stolen that's a suggestion on the president's part but the president also saying well maybe the federal government will investigate listen here those people are living in hell in Baltimore they're largely African American you have a large african-american population and they really appreciate what I'm doing and they've let me know it they really appreciate it the president will be speaking in just a short time at that ceremony in Jamestown he may or may not mention this we don't know you mentioned at the top bill that some black Virginia lawmakers say they will boycott today's event because of what the president said over the weekend and continues to say the president seems unfazed by it tweeting a short time ago heading to Jamestown Virginia word is the Democrats will make it as uncomfortable as possible but that's okay because today is not about them and speaking about what things are about keep in mind bill this is not about Baltimore it's become a little bit about Baltimore but it's not about Baltimore bill thank you John John Roberts from the North Lawn thanks Sandra for more on all this let's bring in Joy Murdoch Fox News contributor syndicated columnist and contributing editor at natural Review Online as we await the president first your thoughts as this this feud it continues to grow this morning too right it goes on and on I guess I mean this must be day four I think something like this and what's very interesting is how when Donald J Trump says something negative about Baltimore it's racist but they're so and so many other people who've criticized that city which has been run by Democrats for for decades and decades for example have this comment residents of Baltimore's poorest boroughs have lifespans shorter than people living under dictatorships in North Korea that wasn't Donald J Trump that was Bernie Sanders so as Bernie Sanders a racist then we've got this other comment I've watched little girls grow up from babies and they're selling their bodies for five dollars at fourteen years old that wasn't Donald J Trump that was Elijah Cummings and race is coming I know you also mentioned the former Democratic mayor of Baltimore who was caught on on camera and microphone touring the city and she had some such things to say this is mixed in with former President Obama and Bernie Sanders saying things about the city back when listen anyone who took the walk that we talked we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you were in a third world country some of the same organizers now going back into these communities to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protests and full of criminals and thugs who who tore up the place what the hell just take all this brats you can smell the rats it's the former Democratic mayor of the city Obama back in 2015 talking about thugs in the city bernie sanders talking about a third-world country absolutely right and nobody's could accuse that any of them of racism I mean Trump said there are rats the Democratic mayor of Baltimore said you can smell the rats she said oh my god he could smell the dead animals so there many people on the left of criticized conditions in Baltimore that they're not accused of racism but Trump is it's all part of the Democrats effort to paint him as a racist in hopes of defeating him in 2020 so no matter what he says what is this feud about I think this is essentially again Democrats trying to demonize Trump the worst thing can be in America these days is racist and so if he said gee what a lovely day it is in Baltimore they'd find some way of turning that into a racist attack which is what they do with almost everything that comes out of his mouth fairly or unfairly largely unfairly we've been talking about the unemployment rates of poverty rates in the city of Baltimore higher than the national average here are the murder rates the top five murder rates in the United States Baltimore tops the list fifty five point eight Detroit thirty nine point eight this is per a hundred thousand in the population it tops that list we know how bad it is in some areas of Detroit Memphis Chicago Philadelphia Baltimore is worse it looks like it's about two and half times worse than Philadelphia I think it's 20 times worse homicide rate than we have here in New York City so why is nobody talking about solutions this morning we should talk about solutions and what I'd love to see the president do is go to Baltimore I'm sure there's a charter school there that's doing better than the other public schools which are failing and go there and say look this is what's going right in Baltimore I want to see more to be fair – right he he addressed then President Obama back in 2015 and said hey the city's a mess send me in there I'll fix it he said then he could fix it so why not the president why isn't this why is it shouldn't he take leadership on this look you could do a great job in talking talking about his opportunity's own program I don't know if they're opportunity's own program programs in Baltimore I imagine there are but this is a essentially a program that D regulates and provides funds and other resources to build up low-income neighborhoods if there are opportunities owns and Baltimore should go there and talk about they're doing the visit charter schools talk to the parents who are on wait lists again of these charter schools I think that would be able to it would allow them to put a positive spin on this I asked that in the context of the debate over whether or not there should be local leadership should tackle this problem head-on or if it should come at the national level which donna Brazile was on this program yesterday and said that the president should take more ownership of the problems in that city Tori Murdoch always great to talk to you very much though 7:00 pass now nether alert we're waiting a news conference in Mississippi at the top of the hour a shooting at a Walmart south of Memphis Tennessee police confirmed several people were injured including the suspect story developing Jonathan Serrie as the latest he's live in Atlanta on this Jonathan hi Bill were waiting for more information in that news conference in the meantime police have yet to confirm reports that two people have died those reports coming from local media in addition local media are reporting that at least two people were injured including a police officer and the suspected shooter Memphis TV station WREG reports the suspect is a Walmart employee who was suspended yesterday after allegedly pulling a knife on a customer he allegedly returned to the 24-hour Walmart store early this morning witnesses say gunfire erupted just after 6:30 this morning and it started in the parking lot before moving into the store got but halfway to the truck and my wife said is that a gunshot we looked back to the store and saw this guy running into the store and I'm thinking why is he running into the store you know and just about 30 seconds later we see two people run out of the store and then just a flood of people leaving the suspects condition is unknown however Fox 13 Memphis reports the injured officer was wearing a protective vest which apparently stopped the bullet again bill in about an hour police will be holding a news conference to update the public on the violence that unfolded this morning back to you Jonathan Serrie Jonathan Serrie on that story in Atlanta thank you well any moment now President Trump is set to speak at an event in Jamestown Virginia you're looking live at the picture they're commemorating 400 years of American democracy this speech coming as his war of words continues with congressman Elijah Cummings we will bring you the president's remarks live when he'd be winched also another leading Democrat joins the impeachment push against the president Michael Goodwin weighs in on that his new op addicts playing explaining why he argues impeaching will not help Democrats defeats President Trump at 2020 Plus round two of the Democratic debates kicking off tonight with heavy hitters like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren so who else could stand out a former debate coach for several Republican candidates including President George W Bush will be joining us next with his take well it is do or die for some 2020 candidates tonight round two of the Democratic debates ten candidates taking the stage including senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren tomorrow night it will be former VP and frontrunner Joe Biden versus senator senator Kamala Harris as well as eight others including a highly anticipated rematch Bret O'Donnell's president of O Donnell and associates he is also also was a debate coach for president george w bush thank uh Verner Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain great to have you on America's newsroom this morning welcome great to be with you Sandra so first up what would you tell those candidates taken to stage tonight well if they're in the lower tier they've got to have a breakout moment they have got to change the narrative if you're polling at 2/3 1% you've got to have a moment that dominates the press coverage tonight and tomorrow because otherwise you are not going to be in the next set of debates so for them there is no tomorrow it is all about tonight for the candidates that are in the top tier and and those would be tonight just Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren those candidates have to figure out a way to drive message and have a moment that keeps the narrative going past the next set of debates tomorrow night and so the challenge for tonight's debate is is monumental for everyone who's participating in them the first rule is you can't win an election in one debate but you can certainly lose it so you have to be careful not to swing for the fences and do damage to your candidacy but at the same time you've got to have message and you've got to have a moment so that you can dominate the other nine people on the stage fair to say Kamala Harris had the breakout moment of the last round of debates absolutely her moment wiped away what happened in the previous night and it dominated the media coverage for about three days after the debate and that's what caused her poll numbers to go up caused her her donor numbers to go up so she definitely had the big moment but I think Joe Biden will be ready for that so the question mark for her is can she go past the front line can she go past the canned line that she practiced through debate prep and actually execute the argument when it comes to Joe Biden there were some who thought that he was ill-prepared for the last round of debates how does he prepare for this big night he's got to be an effective counter puncher he's got to know that he's going to be the punching bag for everyone across the debates he's the king of the hill and people are looking for their champion and they have to knock him off if they're gonna fulfill that role and so he's got to figure out how to effectively counterpunch in the debates so that he can turn what people are trying to do to have a moment at his expense into something that's positive for him well Joe Biden apparently said he's not going to be as polite this time around something that stuck out to me here in your preparation for this you said you can't win the election in one debate but you could lose it so who has the most to lose in the next couple of nights well I mean obviously Joe Biden does the front-runner is going to be the target so he's got the most to lose he could lose his frontrunner status through having a big mistake in a debate and you know he's been prone to those in Prior debates if you take a look at his debating performances when he ran for president the prior two times he was not overwhelmingly fantastic and so you know I think he's got the most to lose but then the others who are in the lower tier the have the ultimate most to lose because they could be out of the race after these debates if they don't do something to change their momentum and meet the requirements for the next set of debates finally I want to ask about Pete Buddha jej reportedly he is hoping for a second chance and is hunkered down in Detroit with his top communications and policy aides or at least he had been leading up the debate night what can he do to make his move well he's got to show a message and he's got to show a warrant for his candidacy he's a great fundraiser he's exciting he's a young man but he hasn't demonstrated that he's got a real discernable message and he hasn't just he hasn't kind of carved out his niche in the debate he was very underwhelming in his last performance capped off by you know admitting fault for his job in as mayor so if he can't turn that around and turn it into some discernable message and have a moment that captures the imagination of the press I think as donor dollars will start to drive up a final thing I know you how important you tell those that you're working with how important is to listen on that stage because you're always preparing for your next your next response or line of attack but you have to be able to seize on a moment when it presents itself on that stage we will be watching the next couple of nights bright great to have you on this morning thank you good to be with you 19 past Fox News Alert Capital One hit one of the largest data breaches in history how a single hacker gained access to personal information on about a hundred million Americans tensions heating up by the day with Iran should US military action be on the table some brand new Fox polling to tell you how Americans feel on that coming up many here in Washington said that American sanctions alone won't work well they've worked so we have we have managed but to protect the economic growth that the world needs while doing our best to deny resources to the Islamic Republic of Iran Russia be now saying the pop star illegally copied that 2013 tune from a Christian rap song take a listen to this songwriter Marcus gray sued peri for taking that riff from his 2009 song joyful noise the jury ruling that parry committed copyright infringement and they will now decide how much she owes gray Dark Horse earned her a Grammy nomination cursing star would stop hammer if you like move into the music over there all the time jury says what do you agree with it was similar others yes I can't make that call what do you think jury decides you don't think we'll see how much money they get will be a dollar would be million could be a lot we got this now to capital one urgent warning – about a hundred million customers about a data breach affecting more than a hundred million Americans in some cases Social Security and bank account numbers were stolen Robert Gray has more from La watching this in our newsroom on the west coast Robert what's up hey Bill you know if you're one of the folks affected by the hack Capital One says it will contact you and offer you free credit monitoring and identity protection now other steps you can take check your statement report any suspicious activity to your bank or card issuer you can put a hold on your card and even your credit reports and yes you may need to change all of your passwords again don't give your information out over the phone or respond to emails asking you to log in make sure you initiate the contact through the official website or phone number now the fifth largest credit card issuer says most of the exposed data contain information submitted by customers and small businesses that apply it for Capital One credit cards all the way back to 2005 through early this year it includes addresses dates of birth and self-reported income Capital One CEO Richard Fairbanks said in a statement while I'm grateful the perpetrator has been caught I am deeply sorry for what has happened I sincerely apologize for the understandable worry this it must be causing those affected and I am committed to making it right authorities have arrested a Seattle software engineer for stealing the data and charged her with one count of computer fraud and abuse they say 33 year-old Paige Thompson allegedly asset access the bank's data Bay back in March through a faulty firewall the former Amazon Web Services employee was called after bragging online about the hack an FBI complaint says the hacker got information including Social Security numbers and credit scores of about 140,000 people Capital One data is hosted by Amazon's cloud service which said in a statement it was not compromised and New York's Attorney General says her office is investigating the breach obviously a story will continue to follow for you right now amazing story Robert all right thank you Robert gray there in Los Angeles thanks the city of Gilroy California rallying together in the wake of that deadly mass shooting at a Food Festival on Sunday now there are new details about the young victims involved as police try to learn what set off that gunman first another Democratic lawmaker calling for the president's impeachment how far will that get them in the race for 2020 New York colonists New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin says it is losing on the issues he would join us on that coming up next that's with the impeachment nonsense these people and clowns the Democrats are clowns they're being laughed at all over the world Herman what motivated a 19 year old he's alert now two days after a man shot and killed three people at a California Food Festival Sunday authorities are still looking for answers trying to determine what motivated a 19 year old suspect who was killed ultimately by police and whether he had any help as we learn more about the victims with the community coming together to remember them Claudia Cowan is live in Gilroy California with the latest Claudia and Sandra what we are learning about the victims is that they were all young two were children six year old Steven Romero and 13 year old kela Salazar both from San Jose 25 year old Trevor Irby was a recent college grad who was at the Garlic Festival with his fiancee she was not hurt hundreds gathered at Gilroy City Hall last night to remember the victims and honor the police officers who responded in less than a minute killing the shooter and quickly ending his murderous rampage residents vowed to band together and stand gilroy strong while echoing the crowds feelings of sadness and disbelief at the magnitude of the violence the mayor said this tragedy will not define their community not let the bastard that did this tear us down now the person that did this took something from us they took a small town festival that has generated millions of dollars over the last 41 years they took that from us he took that from us investigators say it's too early to know for sure whether the gunmen acted alone or if he specifically targeted anyone Sunday afternoon agents with the FBI have collected evidence from the suspects car as well as from several homes associated with the gunmen they're also looking into his ideological leanings and trying to determine if he was affiliated with anyone or any group in a now-deleted Instagram account he referenced anti-semitic writings popular among neo-nazis on extremist sites police are also asking for the public's help to share videos and photos of the suspect as they zero in on a motive sandra claudia Cowen thank you Fox News Alert now more Democrats supporting an impeachment effort this time from the Senate debbie Stabenow the fourth ranking Democrat now backing the inquiry in the house Michael Goodwin says that's a mistake in the New York Post Goodwin writes Dems are obsessed with two things impeachment and race it won't help them win Michael Goodwin's with me now in studio nice to see you if you're playing yourself well look I think both of these things impeachment and race are great talking points they energize parts of the democratic party's base and many of the senior members such as Stabenow Jerry Nadler Elijah Cummings Adam Schiff they're safe in this election they have safe districts but I think for the swing districts and for the house as a whole that's what Nancy Pelosi is worried about and that's why she has been very cautious on this issue of impeachment I also believe that these two things are just words they're their emotional trigger words but what about the historically low unemployment rate among African Americans and Latinos what what about the issues and with Iran and North Korea these words don't dress anything that really gets to the heart of prosperity and security which is the job of the president that's why I think these things are really just going to feel-good nystrom's and you know anger words do you think Michael that dominates debates one and two in Detroit this week or do you think some of these Democratic candidates would much rather talk about health care right look I think because of what the the Baltimore situation between the president Elijah Cummings I think race will be topic number one I think what we're going to see is a Democrat segue from Russia Russia Russia to a racist racist racist I think that they are going to be stuck on these kinds of things and I hope some candidates will say let's talk about the things that affect people in their daily lives whether it's health care whether it's the economy whether it's education whether it's national security but so far I see that it really is it's all about Donald Trump it's all about hating Donald Trump it's not about fixing so I mentioned Stabenow is the number four ranking Democrat in the Senate patty Murray's number three and she supports exactly what Stabenow says they both came out over the weekend together here's the quote from Stabenow the Democrat from Michigan the mother report is extremely serious obstruction of justice is extremely serious and it's worthy of an inquiry nobody is above the law the president's not above the law in quote Michael weld Imola report was the inquiry I mean that was the whole point for two years robert muller was gonna have the keys to the kingdom not only was the report good for the president but the hearing was a train wreck for the democrats the way muller could not articulate would not articulate and so you have democrats stuck with the report that does not bring or suggest any criminal charges it's hard for me to say how this isn't just a politically motivated opportunity to try to keep investigating to find something that Muller doesn't that Muller couldn't or wouldn't I mean that doesn't make any sense Muller was the guy you just said Russia Russia Russia to race his racist racist and in that sense is the president drawing them into this well conversation it's a very good suggestion I think that the Pres one of his skills maybe his best skill is making his opponents so crazy that they do really stupid things and I think bringing Bob Muller to testify was a stupid thing it backfired if you go down this road of racist racist racist I think most people in the country are going to say but what about those unemployment rates what about the opportunities being created for generations of African Americans who have not prospered what and by the way what is Elijah Cummings doing in in Baltimore what what are the mayors have done in Chicago with uh you know the murder rates there and the murder rates in many of these cities so I think the president has not I think he's made a good argument I don't think he's followed through but I think that's also true because the Democrats will not work with him last point on this because you wrote about a hundred and eight Democrats of 235 support impeachments you're up to 12 Democrats out of 47 in the Senate right look the numbers nationally for the Democrats are good on impeachment roughly two out of three Democrats nationally support impeachment so as your honors as voters but within the party I think you're still around 40 to 45 percent in the house you're not even a majority of Democrats in the house so I think that that that is going to be telling I mean is the needle going to significantly move it really hasn't moved it it's inching up but this is still a far cry and then don't forget of course it's not going to get through the Senate it's it's impossible at this point with 53 Republican senators there and you need 67 votes the math doesn't come close what again Nancy Pelosi knows that thank you Michael good to see you Michael Goodwin for New York Post Fox thank you like Sandra Senate Democrats will soon propose a constitutional amendment to effectively overturn the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court that 2010 ruling loosening of regulations on campaign funding mark Meredith is live at the Supreme Court with that mark good morning and good morning to you Sandra we're expecting a handful of Senate Senate Democrats to be here at the Supreme Court within the next 45 minutes or so as you were talking about they'll be here to unveil what they're calling a constitutional amendment democracy for all basically to overturn parts of the Citizens United case that date back to 2010 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is expected to be among those joining Senate Democrats here today backers of the amendment say they're trying to get big money out of politics and if passed and ratified the amendment would become the 28th amendment to the Constitution the Supreme Court in 2010 as you mentioned ruled in the Citizens United case that laws that limit corporations and unions from using their cash for political ads violated the First Amendment Democrats argue it's harming democracy by allowing unlimited corporate spending in u.s. elections we have too much of a problem with corporate power growing we see that with everything from citizens united and the way they're trying to influence Washington is about time that we have a president that fights for the people in this country we've also heard back from citizens united a we're gonna bring that story a part of the story a little bit later on today but we're expecting those Democrats here at the Supreme Court within the next few minutes or so Sandra mark Meredith at the Supreme Court thank you let's go a couple miles south of there Jamestown Island Jamestown Virginia via Stewart coun hello there we are and here's the president right now coming to the podium today marks the 400th anniversary of the first representative legislative assembly in Jamestown that was 1619 which really represents the first legislative weaken and say in the modern democratic era period so the presidents they're given the Marxist drop on acts it's a true privilege to be back in the great Commonwealth of Virginia and it's a tremendous honor to stand on these historic grounds as the first president to address a joint session of the oldest lawmaking body in all of the Western Hemisphere the Virginia General Assembly congratulations [Applause] on this day 400 years ago here on the shores of the James River the first representative legislative assembly in the new world convened by the devotion of generations of Patriots and has flourished throughout the ages and now that proud tradition continues with all of you to every Virginian and every legislator with us today congratulations on four incredible centuries of history heritage and commitment to the righteous cause of American self-government this is truly a momentous occasion I want to thank the governor of Virginia for inviting me to speak at this very important event and with us this morning our many distinguished guests and officials from across the Commonwealth including lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax speaker Kirk Cox thank you cut [Applause] Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment okay and members of the host and other federal state local and tribal leaders all with us today thank you very much we're also very thankful as well to have with US Secretary ben Carson Ben thank you very much wherever you may be thank you an acting director person that you know very well acting director Ken Cuccinelli but a lot of time with you folks and has a lot of respect for you and the terrific people at the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service I want to thank you all for being here with us it's great honor I also want to recognize everyone at American evolution and the Jamestown Settlement the Jamestown Yorktown foundation the Jamestown rediscovery project and preservation Virginia thank you very much what a great job you do thank you the fact is that each of you has helped protect and preserve our national treasures here at Jamestown and to great debt we owe you a great great debt thank you what a job on this day in 1619 just a mile south of where we are gathered now 22 newly elected members of the House of Burgesses assembled in a small wooden church they were adventures and explorers farmers and planters soldiers scholars and clergymen all had struggled all had suffered and all had sacrificed in pursuit of one wild and very improbable dream they called that dream Virginia it had been only 13 years since three small ships the Susan constant the Godspeed and the discovery set sail across a vast ocean they carried 104 settlers to carve out a home on the edge of this uncharted continent they came from God and country they came in search of opportunity and fortune and they journeyed into the unknown with only meager supplies long odds and the power of their Christian faith upon reaching Cape Henry at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in 1607 a long time ago the first men of the Virginia Company erected a cross upon the shore they gave thanks to God and asked his blessing for their great undertaking in the months and years ahead they would dearly need it the dangers were unparalleled the jamestown settlers arrived in america mid one of the worst droughts in over seven centuries of 104 original colonists 66 died by the year's end during the third winter known as the starving time a population of up to 500 settlers was reduced to 16 by spring those who remained were in search of whatever they could get to survive and they were in dire trouble they left jamestown deserted they just sailed away never to come back but they had not gone far down the James River when they encountered the answer to their prayers ships bearing a year's worth of supplies and more than 300 new settlers as we can see today on this great anniversary it would not be the last time that God looked out for Virginia together the settlers boards what would become the timeless traits of the American character they worked hard they had courage and abundance and a wealth of self-reliance they strive mightily to turn a profit they experimented with producing silk corn tobacco and the very first Virginia wines at a prior settlement at Roanoke there had been no survivors none at all but where others had typically perished the Virginians were determined to succeed they endured by the sweat of their labor the aid of the poet on Indians and the leadership of Captain John Smith as the years passed ships bearing supplies and settlers from England also brought a culture and a way of life that would define the new world it all began here in time dozens of brave strong women made the journey and joined the colony and in 1618 the Great Charter and other reforms established a system based on English common law for the first time Virginia allowed private land ownership it created a basic judicial system finally it gave the colonists a say in their own future the right to elect representatives by popular vote with us today in tribute to that English legal inheritance is the former clerk of the British House of Commons Sir David bachelor thank you David so David we're thrilled to have you with us thank you very much for being here thank you very much David at that first american assembly in 1619 the weather was so hot that one legislator actually died mercifully the session was cut very short but before returning the Assembly passed laws on taxation agriculture and trade with the Indians with true American optimism the assembly even endorsed a plan to build a world-class university in the still rugged wilderness it was a vision that would one day be fulfilled just miles from here at one of America's earliest educational institutions the esteemed College of William and Mary great place great clothes as we mark the first representative legislature at Jamestown our nation also reflects upon an anniversary from that same summer four centuries ago in August 1619 the first enslaved Africans in the English colonists arrived in Virginia it was the beginning of a barbaric trade in human lives today in honor we remember every sacred soul who suffered the horrors of slavery and the anguish of bondage more than 150 years later at America's founding our Declaration of Independence recognized the immortal truth that all men are created equal yet it would ultimately take a civil war 85 years after that document was signed to abolish the evil of slavery it would take more than another century for our nation in the words of Reverend Martin Luther King jr. to live out the true meaning of its Creed and extend the blessings of freedom to all Americans in the face of grave oppression and grave injustice african-americans have built strengthened inspired uplifted protected defended and sustained our nation from its very earliest days last year I was privileged to sign the law establishing a commission to commemorate the arrival of the first Africans to the English colonies and the 400 years of african-american history that have followed that was an incredible day that was an incredible event today we are grateful to be joined by that commissions chairman dr. Joseph green thank you dr. green please thank you thank you very much dr. green in the decades that followed that first legislative assembly the democratic tradition established here laid deep roots all across Virginia it spread up and down the Atlantic coast one fact was quickly established for all time in America we are not ruled from afar Americans govern ourselves and so help us God we always will right here in Virginia your predecessors [Applause]


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    6. Libby Schaaf needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    7. Sam Licardo needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    8. Ted Lieu needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    9. Xavier Becerra needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    10. Maxine Waters needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    11. Chuck Schumer needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    12. Andrew Cuomo needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    13. Rahm Israel Emanuel needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    14. Ralph Northam needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    15. Bil DeBlasio needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    16. Jim Kenney needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    17. Kamala Harris needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    18. Patty Murray needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    19. Corey Booker needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    20. Elizabeth Warren needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    21. Kirsten Gillibrand needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    22. Mazie K. Hirono needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and breach of national security.

    23. Richard Blumenthal needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and breach in national security.

    24. Joe Biden needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    25. Bernie Sanders needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    26. Sherrod Brown needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    27. Jeanne Shaheen needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    28. Dick Durbin needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    29. Tim Kaine needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    30. Eric Mar needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    31. Scott Weiner needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    32. David Campos needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    33. John Avalos needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    34. Bob Menendez needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    35. Sheldon Whitehouse needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    36. Sheila Lee Jackson needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    37. Hank Johnson needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    38. Amy Klobuchar needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    39. David Chiu needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    40. Jane Kim needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

    41. London Breed needs to be placed under arrest for violating US Constitutional Republic laws and national security breach.

  • Trump thrives on chaos, racism, hatred, abuse, petty name calling, and division. These are his stock trades, his go to points, his comfort zones, his calling cards, the things he loves.
    Without this overt nastiness, Trump would not be able to function. He wouldn’t be able to speak. He has nothing other that abuse and offensive behaviour to offer.
    Trump is a one trick pony of vile bile! He is well supported by Murdoch and the Fox team.

  • The African Americans are hard working people and would would welcome transformation in Baltimore in the light of how matters are unfolding . The President in his comments is very disappointed with rep Cummings making racial remarks.

  • William Morris says:

    Cummings all mouth answer the questions about the trash and rats you ignore, and tell us where the billions went.

  • Baltimore annual homicide rates reviewed:

  • Trump has no credibility. Trump lies, and his lies is his brand. People that know him said, Trump has lied, and cheated ppl all his life. Now we get to see it.

  • Charles Abbott says:

    John Roberts when a city is given millions by the previous administration and no one can acount for it, what do you think happened to it? It damn sure didn't walk off by itself!

  • Nate Dogg the 1ST says:

    Minorities of Baltimore should thank Trump for bringing light to their situation because the Democrats don't give a shit

  • Lou Cozzolino says:

    "We the People" do not give a flying f*ck about Cummings or his corrupt, unethical ilk.

    I have visited Baltimore more times than I can count.

    President Trump is telling the truth about Baltimore and the truth is not a form of racism.

    God Bless America.

    God Bless American Citizens.

    God Bless President Trump.

    Piss on the Democrats and their lapdog, "The Lamestream Media".

    TRUMP 2020

  • I hope Biden blast Harris. Joy Reid and the Democates party said if Biden goes after Harris accusing him of being racist Biden will be a true racist that's what AM Joy Reid said

  • Roman Siumbeli says:

    Thank you God for our president Mr.Trump without him stupid Democrats would destroy Beautiful country of United States of America as we know it, my God bless our President and his entire family.

    Mr.Trump we thank you for your hard work.

    Trump 2020

  • My daughter is developmently delayed she couldn't read went to public schools then I put her in charter school and she began reading everyday

  • Many Democrats are still using Saul Alinsky’s rules: “13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.” Pelosi stated “smear an individual” is an effective strategy to use and once it becomes popular use the “follow up smear” to solidify your narrative, she never states that the smear was based on evidence and truth in the initial smear, classic Alinsky. Socialists, Democrats, rhino-Republicans, never-Trumpers have attacked President Trump constantly with labels but none of the attacks provide a clear objective foundation for the label. Wake up; start questioning the narrative.

  • Outbackbuildingsplus Outbackbuildingsplus says:

    Not allowed to criticize the left or they attack you with accusations of racism. They keep doing it because it has successfully stifled free speech and just actions consistently. As long as society weakens and buckles every time they’re called racist the left will continue to say it.

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