America's Newsroom 7/29/19 [ 11AM FULL ] | Breaking Fox News News July 29, 2019

America's Newsroom 7/29/19 [ 11AM FULL ] | Breaking Fox News News July 29, 2019

all their computer equipment cell phones who are their friends any groups that they were associated with that would promote violent acts against innocent people all that that's sure enough you're not going to find out – the motive until they catch them and catch them alive well one of the you Gate of the follow every lead you're talking about you exciting police are obligated to follow every lead you're talking about hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over the country they're probably some US law enforcement agencies helping you've got drones you've got a lot of technology out there but you have to follow these leads up because the one lead that comes to you that you don't follow well that may be the lead you should have followed that would lead you to the arrest last question about this landfill about a possible sighting tonight is referred to a moment ago have they had any luck finding anything around that area none at all at this point doesn't mean that they're going to stop looking because they about a week ago right now as we await a news conference on the deadly shooting at a crowd and festival in California over the weekend police are searching for a second possible suspect now welcome back to America's newsroom I'm Sandra I'm bill hemmer good morning Sandra morning at home the AP now identifying the gunman as Santino William legen his motive is unknown police say he found his way into the popular Gilroy Garlic Festival by cutting his way through a fence and opened fire at random killing three including this six year old boy is also wounding a dozen others before police shot and killed him President Trump last hour had this reaction from the Rose Garden while families were spending time together at a local festival a wicked murderer opened fire and killed three innocent citizens including a young child we grieve for their families that we ask that God will comfort them with his overflowing mercy and grace we're praying for those who are recovering right now in the hospital Jeff Paul is live for us in Gilroy this morning Jeff yes Andrea this is still a very active scene as investigators work to search for and confirm a second possible person who was involved in the shooting most of the police activity happening further down the road from where we are just beyond this police tape where police officers are still trying to wrap their heads around the biggest unknown right now which is why investigators say the shots began shortly after 5:30 p.m. they say the gunman somehow snuck into the festival with a gun by cutting through a fence that surrounds the parking lot witnesses say it appeared the shooter was randomly targeting any person he could get his sights on very quiet you know all I heard is a hit you know one shot then we looked over and thinking what the heck and he was so close and he just put in the thing and then walked to the left of us and just you know so if we would have said a word or got scared and he would have shot us you know no doubt police say they responded to the shooting within a minute and killed the suspect but again there are some witnesses who told investigators about a second possible government and police are working to confirm that we know three victims died and several others were injured the youngest person killed was just six years old he was here with his family now it's worth noting this is a huge Food Festival with upwards of 100,000 people attending reportedly the people who attend go through a metal detector their bags are searched but police saying that it looks like this gunman somehow cut through a fence to gain access to this festival we're hoping to learn more information during a police update in less than two hours Sandra Jeff Paul thank you defending himself yet again accusing Democrats are playing the race card after they denounce his tweets attacking congressman Elijah Cummings in his district in Baltimore as racist kevin court from the White House in the North Lawn begins this hour why is the president doubling down Kevin let's start there good morning good morning bill White House sources tell me the thinking is actually sort of twofold on the one hand he really wants to push back against this notion that any criticism of a person of color is inherently racist or any criticism of a woman is inherently sexist neither of which is true and there's also this they say the president is pushing back against Elijah Cummings because the feeling is here he has abused his power as chair of the Oversight Committee now to be fair Cummings has been a fierce critic of the President as well so while some people argue bill this is little more than political pugilism others are accusing the president of injecting race into the debate despite the fact that nowhere did he mention race in his tweets he said this yesterday there is nothing racist in stating plainly what most people already know that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and a Baltimore itself dims always play the race card when they're unable to win with facts shame he added this on Twitter today Baltimore under the leadership of Elijah Cummings as the crime statistics in the nation 25 years of all talk no action so tired of listening to the same old bull next reven al will show up to complain in protest nothing will get done for the people in need sad and indeed Reverend Al Sharpton is protesting today longtime former friend and now a frequent critic of the president is calling him out for those tweets I know Donald Trump he's not mature enough to take criticism we can't help it he's like a child somebody say something he reacts he's thin-skinned and not really matured that well but he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color al Sharpton today as mentioned the president also tweeting about that he called mr. Sharpton a con man bill meantime the big day for the families of those affected by 9/11 we watched it last week too last hour should say tell us more about the Victims Compensation Fund the President signed into law today Kevin yeah as you know of course bill he is a New Yorker he's spent countless hours down at the site where the towers once stood and so this obviously means a great deal to him he said as much in fact as he signed that bill to fund the Compensation Fund for the families and those impacted by the attacks over the last two decades you have endured hardship with amazing grace an incredible grit through it all you care and you work and you love and you will always remember all of those great families a powerful reminder indeed of the service and sacrifice by so many on that fateful day bill thank you kevin court from the White House today thank you Kevin for more on all this let's bring in White House chief of staff oh sorry this is from yesterday White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney talking to her own Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday calling out Democrats for their hypocrisy they tax the squad last week he gets accused of being a racist when Nancy Pelosi does it a few days later the left and many members of the media not you in particular I don't make that clear come to Nancy's defense how it couldn't possibly be racist that she was simply attacking there ideas the president is doing the same the president is attacking mr. Cummings for saying things that are not true about the border Brittany and James Freeman assistant editor for The Wall Street Journal editorial page in a Fox News contributor James good morning to you some Akmal vania making the point that the president's criticism here is not about race is this politics is there something else there well I think his criticism of the failure of policies in Baltimore is right on target you've had the stats you can go through whether it's measurements of crime or poverty Public Health by any standard this city has been failing for a long time and it's been failing under democratic governance since Nancy Pelosi's brother was the mayor in the late 60s it's been all Democratic mayor's – in the last ten years resigned amid corruption scandals they had both been endorsed by Elijah Cummings when they ran for mayor of Baltimore not to mention here's Bernie Sanders talking about Baltimore back in 2015 America is the wealthiest country in the history of the world but anyone who took the walk that we talked we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you were in a third world country today what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs we're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable so some are looking at that as hypocrisy saying why was it okay for him to say that then and he today is calling President Trump a racist for his remarks on Baltimore I think a lot of good can come of this if it focuses attention on cities like Baltimore why have they been failing why do we see all of these problems I think it for mr. Cummings he he might be tempted to say not my purview I represent Maryland in the US House working on national issues but of course he has presented himself for many years as a champion of constituents and he is focused on all of the issues talked a lot about them that still plagued Baltimore why is why has nothing improved why have has it we've continued to see these problems under one Democratic administration in Baltimore after another I think this is a good question and then it's a it's a policy question it's it's not an issue Donna Brazile joined us last hour made a similar point here she is the country has a floor as the United States of America is it right to morally pin this on the person who's representing that city or should we all take responsibility to make this country better for every living soul in this country let's focus on what we can do as a country all right so she wants to take it out to the national level and she does say the president is part of all of this to some say this is at the local level with Democratic leadership well I would say that certainly we can argue about policies I would say national policies that mr. Cummings have has advocated are not helping Baltimore but you still have the problem of how do you explain Baltimore Elijah Cummings representing West Baltimore for more than two decades in the Congress as we discussed his allies have been running the city government there for a very long time why does Baltimore rank so far below other cities on various measures of health and safety and and I think you know they can trade charges on Twitter but let's hope that part of the what comes out of this is a focus on solutions fair enough more than 22% of the population they're living under the poverty level right James Freeman thank you very much for this morning well thank you guys ten minutes past new this morning Mulla harris is out with a new health care plan how her version of medicare-for-all differs from the others and can it win Karl Rove will break that down he joins us momentarily plus powerful House Democrat acknowledging problems with Robert molars testimony as more members of his party get on the impeachment bandwagon we're gonna talk to former governor John Sununu about that next the Democrats and Muller and all of these people working with him have done more to destroy the integrity of our electoral process than anything the Russians are Putin could have ever dreamed about doing for 15 years Humera targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage Humera can lower your ability to fight infections serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis and cancers including lymphoma have happened as have blood liver and nervous system problems serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections one report is not the evidence it's a summary of the evidence and maybe I'm just an old prosecutor but I'd like to see the evidence I'd like to hear from the witnesses before we make a decision about charging the president was there any part of director mother's testimony you found unsatisfying you know look I I wish that he had testified in more narrative fashion that we had the words didn't need to be coaxed from him as much as they did House Intelligence chair Adam Schiff they're admitting he was not entirely pleased with Robert Mueller's testimony while defending the decision to hold those hearings in the first place so many Democrats are pushing for impeachment joining us now is governor John Sununu a former White House chief of staff to President George HW Bush we know Democrats wanted that hearing to happen or those hearings I should say judiciary and Intel now they wish that it hadn't what they wish is that they're delusional dishonest version of collusion and obstruction were true but it's not and so now they're trying to make up for what was clearly a disaster for them at the hearings and they're being they continue to be dishonest not only about what was involved in the process but their their dishonest to their own constituency about impeachment because the squad and Talib and and Schiff and and Nadler are making it sound as if impeachment by the house is going to remove the president it's not it takes a two-thirds vote of the Senate Republicans control the Senate it's not even going to come close they if they even if they go Richmond this this dishonesty has become the hallmark of the Democratic Party and particularly of Schiff and Ned look we'll see what they do and well here I'll play a bit from Mick Mulvaney talking about Jerry Nadler and and that challenge that he faces in just a second but I want to dig further into atom shifts words there you know look I wish that he had testified in a more narrative fashion referencing back to Robert molars testimony what do you think he meant there well shift was just wishing for miracles go back and read the report shift if he had narrated the report to you you wouldn't be happy with it this is the reports molar was asked to read from the report throughout the day several Democrats tried to get him to do that and he said no he wouldn't and have them read it so that didn't exactly happen but he said that the molar report atom chef is not the evidence it's the summary of the evidence so all right we'll digest that for a second meanwhile here's Mick Mulvaney on Nadler and that push for impeachment over the weekend let's not lose sight of the fact that Jerry Nadler is facing a primary from his left in New York he is falling over himself to become more and more progressive in order to try and keep his job and not lose to the next AOC now though this is not over in their minds which was just bizarre given what happened this week not over yet he says I think that's what we just heard from you as well governor yeah it's not over yet except that that it is over because Nancy Pelosi is not going to let this go any further all you have to do is look at the clock they're not back till September they start a process which will go nowhere and do nothing but reinforce the president's re-election chances in 2020 nettle is not bright enough to see that ship is not bright enough to see that but Nancy Pelosi sees that that's the question Tom Dupree joined us in the nine o'clock hour Eastern Time this morning and had this to say I am just mystified that there are some Democrats who just don't want to seem to let this go I can't imagine that anyone who watched the Moller hearings would have come out of there thinking that impeachment was more likely as we all know and seemed to be widely understood by most Americans it really deflated a lot of the pro-impeachment forces in the house because that was the question right governor was Nancy Pelosi going to be any more persuaded to move forward with impeachment than she was before those hearings took place during the day while those hearings were going on she was stopped and asked are you watching and she said just a little bit yeah but she knows exactly what went on and I am sure she gagged at what was going on there and it just reinforced her perception of Nadler and shift going the wrong way she knows how dumb those two guys are she's not gonna let them run her caucus well out there members of Congress they hold a lot of power and nobody really knows what's gonna happen next but governor good to talk to you about it thank you very much for your time thanks morning have a great day San Direct bombing in Afghanistan the capital city of Kabul leaving 20 people dead the target in a moment of that horrific attack as the country's presidential campaign just gets underway also the latest on this manhunt for two teenagers said to be accused of killing three people in northern Canada why this massive search is now getting stronger by the day you're talking about quite a large country with a lot of remote areas where these guys could hide for a long time clearly what is it seven days in now looking for them something's going on Canada on this manhunt for two teenagers accused of killing a North Carolina woman her boyfriend and another man police are going door-to-door in a small town in Manitoba to try and find them Dan Springer is live in Seattle watching this big area here dan good morning what do we know yeah good morning bill we just got word there's gonna be a media briefing at the bottom of the hour and Winnipeg's we may learn more meantime this manhunt shifted Sunday as what appears to be a solid sighting was called in by a First Nations officer on patrol two men who matched the description of the wanted teens were seen rummaging through a dump site in York Landing Manitoba that's about 55 miles west of Gilliam where there has been a massive search for nearly a week that's where 19 year old cama Cloud and 18 year old Briar schmegle ski were last seen on surveillance camera in a store last Monday police also found a car they had allegedly stolen and set on fire believing that the suspects were still in the area the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian military converged on Gilliam going door-to-door in town and searching this surrounding Bush country with aircraft it is a rough and remote area with lots of places to hide but also extremely dangerous Mounties spotted polar bears but not their suspects among their alleged victims in North Carolina woman who was traveling northern British Columbia with her Australian boyfriend shortly after getting gassed their van broke down they were found later shot to death next to the van 300 miles away from that murder scene the body of Leonard Dyke was found he was a botanist at the University of British Columbia McLeod and Miguel ski are friends from high school on Vancouver Island they work together and recently told family that they were headed on a road trip to find work in Alberta Canada they're described as being fascinated by Nazi memorabilia now people across northern Canada are on edge I think everyone is shocked is no one would expect this kind of thing a lot of people are invested in and it seems you know it's kind of hard to let it go I find out checking the news every hour to just look for updates everyone wants it to come York Landing is extremely small has a population of 443 people and all of those people are being asked to remain indoors in Springer developments when we get them thank you Dan from Seattle Hong Kong as protesters clashed with riot police there now the Chinese government is finally speaking out we'll have a live report on that plus Kamala Harris has taken a shot at Bernie Sanders as she unveils her medicare-for-all plan right before the big debates this week so what exactly did she say Karl Rove will weigh in and respond next all of us stand before you and proudly proclaim our belief that health care in America must be a right not a privilege then you photograph now surfacing showing one of them continue to launch attacks like this every single day and though there hasn't been claimed responsibility from them they are the most likely culprits for this as you say this latest attack left 20 people dead 50 wounded and it lasted several hours including a major gun battle between security forces and the attackers the attack started when a suicide car bombing went off just outside the compound after which they flooded inside entered the building and began shooting at security forces several gunmen were killed the attackers potential target was vice presidential candidate and former intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh he was in his office at the time but evacuated from the building and moved to a safe location Saleh is an uncompromising opponent of the Taliban and he had launched his own presidential campaign just earlier in the day the Taliban now effectively control about half of Afghanistan and they have continued to carry out attacks like this regularly on Afghan civilians as well as the security forces the insurgents however refused at this point to directly negotiate with the government and they consider it a u.s. and the attack also comes as intra Afghan peace talks now get underway in Qatar they come on the heels of several rounds of talks between the u.s. and the Taliban in a bid to try and end the u.s. as longest war the two sides appear to be closing in on some kind of an agreement in which the US would withdraw its forces in return for a pledge from the Taliban to keep the country from being used as a launch pad for global attacks and the deadline set by the administration is believed to be September the first to come up with some kind of an agreement so not long to go now 18 years after the Afghan war began Sandra Benjamin Hall thank you twenty20 presidential candidate Kamala Harris now unveiling her medicare-for-all plan it preserves a role for private insurance Harris writing at the end of the ten year transition every American will be a part of this new Medicare system they will get insurance either through the new public Medicare plan or a Medicare Plan offered by a private insurer within that system got that Karl Rove interprets from a White House deputy chief of staff President George Bush Fox's could rip it I hate doing Carl good morning to you sir morning let's go to the whiteboard all right you dice out of the whiteboard what's you got well look this this is the difference between immediate and to employers provided insurance coverage as under Bernie Sanders and and Elizabeth Warren or a nearly immediate end to employer provided insurance under Kamala Harris within ten years she phases out employer provided insurance you get a new quote Medicare plan there's auto enrollment of if you're uninsured there's your auto it automatically enrolled in the Medicare plan so what does that mean that means dump and run companies would know that within ten years their employer provided insurance coverage is going to be phased out so if they dump it within year one or year two or year three they remove that expense off of their books and everybody is automatically enrolled into the new Medicare so a lot of companies are going to say you know what if we're if we're going to be dead within ten years of we can't we can't provide this coverage within ten years why not get rid of it now and everybody will be in Medicare so what's the role of private insurance you can augment what you get from Medicare with private insurance paid for out of your own pocket so this is this is a face-saving gesture she wants to say to people you're not going to lose your employer-provided coverage because you're going to be able to buy your own additional coverage but the fact of the matter is your policy under this is going away the question is does it go away in year one two or three or does it take as many as ten years for your employer finally to toss it in the cards because at the end of ten years employer-provided coverage as we know it today is go okay now that's your white board here here's the graphic in New York Bernie Sanders versus Camilla Harris he hits a premium on household income at twenty nine thousand she's at a hundred grand transition period Bernie Sanders for years as you described she's ten years private insurance Sanders is Medicare Advantage she is Medicare certified above all this with Sanders said over the weekend is that everybody's going to pay into the system middle-class people rich people everybody's going to pay more taxes is America ready for that or is a democratic party ready for that knowing that you're in the thick of a primary season look there are three bad things with for the perspective of a lot of Americans with these Medicare for all procedures and Harris and Sanders both of their plans have the same problems first of all it's the end of employer-provided health and coverage you lose your policy second of all there will be lots of wait times and delays and getting both to see a doctor and then having a procedure that's the experience of every other country that has an essence government-run single-payer health care and finally we got to pay for it and rather than it now being paid for by businesses it's now going to be paid for by our general tax system which is heavily loaded on the personal income tax there's no way to pay for this simply by tackling billionaires and millionaires the Bernie Sanders is right if you're going to have this kind of a system you're gonna have a big middle-class tax increase and none of those three things are attractive tomorrow we have a second whiteboard here I think the count earlier today was 107 she had per Graham says it's 108 among Democrats who favor going forward on impeachment another whiteboard show us what you got well first of all 108 of 235 Democrats have now supported impeachment now that's they need to get to 218 if they going to operate in the normal way the normal way is that the House of Representatives votes an impeachment resolution authorizing the Judiciary Committee to proceed now that's not going to happen if at all soon you've got 108 Democrats and one one Republican who are in favor of impeachment but and here's where the whiteboard is on the House Judiciary Committee Democrats 15 of 24 have come out explicitly in favor of proceeding on impeachment 16 if you include the chairman Jerry Nadler who I think is very clear that he wants to proceed with impeachment proceedings so what's going to happen is they're not going to go the normal route there the House Judiciary Committee is not going to say we've been authorized by a vote of a majority of the members of the House of Representatives they're simply going to proceed on an impeachment inquiry an impeachment investigation on their own and hope that by doing so they will cause another 100 Democrats and Republicans to combine to join in providing 218 votes to pass an impeachment resolution which means that Nancy Pelosi is not going to have total control over this there's constantly going to be stuff coming out of the Judiciary Committee on quote impeachment that's going to drown out the message of the rest of the Democrat in the house and drown out to some degree the message of Democrats running for president this is not good for the vision of the Democratic House Majority that Nancy Pelosi okay re John with John Ratcliffe will be the next head of DNI he was with Maria on Sunday before all the news broke here's how he's framing the the Muller hearing that we all went through and to your question on this watch here the same folks that promised that there was going to be impeachment by collusion you know that died when the Muller report came out and said there was no collusion or conspiracy then they shifted to it was going to be impeachment by obstruction of justice that Robert Muller was going to breathe life into the report instead he sucked the life out of it it's becoming a joke I think people see that and Nadler and Schiff are starting to look more like Laurel and Hardy it's time to move on okay so maybe easier said than done based on you know your analysis there Carl well no it's it's going to continue to happen let's let's you know the the chairman of the Democratic majority on the House Judiciary Committee is going to ensure that it happens and so will a lot of people on the left of the Democratic Party but its chances of succeeding are as I think as congressman Radcliffe suggested slim and none and it doesn't embolden and I mean it doesn't heighten and raise up the prospects of Nadler and shift in the public mind but the public is against this the latest Washington post/abc poll found that 63% of Americans oppose an impeachment investigation 33 percent supported last year August of last year it was 49 47 so there's been a the Mulla report basically killed the chances of the Democrats on Fox News Sunday there in the studio watch it do you see the point he made about Nadler being primary din a deep deep blue district and they her name is Lindsay Boylan apparently she's doing well I don't know how to characterize that but just seeing some of the reports but he's making the point that now there's afraid of being the next AOC in Congress and all these districts around New York are starting to see this how do you view it Carl well I think it's not just New York take the Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee who is being primary from the left as well because he in the interview of some so-called Justice Democrats the followers of AOC has not moved aggressively enough to on the question of getting Donald Trump's tax returns so look we that we we don't need to sort of you know prognosticate about this all we need to do is go to look at the words of a OCS chief of staff who says we're going to primary the we Justice Democrats are going to find challengers to a lot of these establishment centrist Liberal Democrats who's an ad lers thinking to tell me if you agree with this or not that he's gotta go this way otherwise otherwise he is under a true challenge or a true threat in his home district well I think I think I'd have a slightly more nuanced view of it I think Nadler supports impeachment and and yes does he understand that if he were to oppose impeachment it would hurt him in his in his Manhattan district absolutely but I think he actually believes in it the question is going to be do people think that he's moving as fast and as aggressively as he should we have Tom Styer out there who's now running for president but spending tens of millions of dollars to push Democrats on this impeachment question and he has cadres of supporters all across the country who are being heard from by Democrats back home who say you know I'm not necessarily in favor of impeachment I live in a a purple district that could swing either way but I got a left-wing flank that's beat me up pretty badly that if I don't come out for impeachment they're likely to challenge me how successful they are we don't know they won't be necessarily very successful but all it takes is a little bit of a chance of being successful to cause a lot of Democrats to say I better fall in line I will say on whether or not this plays a role during these debates this week as well thank you sir nice to see you Carl in Austin Texas thanks tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Hong Kong for a second straight night as the crowds call for full democracy in the Chinese territory kitty Logan is live in London with more on that kitty hi Sandra well it's interesting to see today Chinese officials reacting to those latest protests voicing their support not surprisingly for the leadership in Hong Kong and for the police there these officials are blaming unspecified Western countries for the unrest they accused these countries of interfering for trying to cause problems in Hong Kong and they say this current situation should not be tolerated and these comments follow as you say another weekend of clashes between police and protesters police firing tear gas and rubber bullets to try and force back those crowds which are blocking the streets with street signs and umbrellas now these protests started back in early June and they've happened at least once a week since then the protesters initially were calling for an extradition bill to be withdrawn the government in Hong Kong did then suspend that legislation but now the protesters demands have grown to demand greater democracy overall Hong Kong of course was once under British rule until China took back control in 1997 under a one country two systems' arrangement essentially that means people in Hong Kong should enjoy more freedom than in mainland China and of course these protesters want things to stay that way what they're afraid of is some of these freedoms might be eroded and also one of the fears the protesters has is that China may eventually crack down a lot harder on these demonstrations than they've already done Sondra kitty Logan thank you there is new trouble with Iran have a look at this video so that audio has been released by the Iranian government so too has this video after its seizure of a British warship in the Strait of Hormuz how top US officials are working to ease the rising tensions but working with the British to find the solution to both a right that injustice and second prevent it from happening again so to establish deterrence that's the mission set


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