America's Newsroom 7-26-19 | Fox News July 26, 2019

America's Newsroom 7-26-19 | Fox News July 26, 2019

[Applause] thank you so much for being here the show show it's going to be watch on you guys ready for that one [Applause] morning everybody on a Friday at this very moment speaker Pelosi congresswoman Acacio Cortez holding a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill an apparent attempt to clear the air coming after weeks of tension between Speaker Pelosi and four freshman Congress women were keeping an eye on this in case either them speaks in addition we will hear from speaker Pelosi she'll hold a weekly news conference a bit later so stay tuned for all that inside of America's newsroom also new from overnight new this morning rising tensions on two fronts first with North Korea speaking out in his first missile test in about two months calling it a solemn warning to South Korea as we say good morning almost made it on a Friday on Bill Hemmer live here in New York City big welcome to Lisa Kuhne yeah thank you so much Denver Colorado that's right how's the New York Eid feeling it's feeling I like it here though I'm in for Sandra Smith tensions on the peninsula flaring up as the u.s. prepares for joint military exercises with Seoul meanwhile Tehran appears to be rattling sabers a US official tells FOX News that Iran has conducted a missile test of its so Lucas Tomlinson gets us started from the Pentagon busy morning they're already Lucas bill North Korea was not the only rogue nation launching missiles this week Iran was – a US official tells me hours before North Korea's missile launch Iran fired off a medium-range ballistic missile from the south traveling over 650 miles landing east of the capital Tehran the missile known as the shahab-3 based on a North Korean design has been in Iran's arsenal for decades but intelligence officials worried a nuclear warhead could be attached to the nosecone in the future putting US forces in the region and Israel at risk this latest provocation comes one week after Iranian forces seized that British oil tanker and her 23 crew members Iran says it sees the tanker because British forces seized an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar earlier this month Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to Bret Baier about Iran tonight they continue to bail out their missile program they continue to work on their nuclear systems and yet they want to tell the world that no they're just defensive and they're just being a normal nation and we all see differently if Iran tried to seize a US flag vessel in the Strait how should or one US forces in the region respond when American lives are at risk the United States will defend itself wherever that risk takes place today North Korea released these photos showing its launch of two short-range ballistic missiles one flew 430 miles into the Sea of Japan or ICI reaching a height of 30 miles about halfway to space North Korea and launched these missiles from a mobile launcher US officials say this is a new type of missile similar to the launch in May based on a Russian missile design North Korean leader Kim jong-un witnessed the launch in person these new missiles now put all of South Korea and parts of Japan in range officials call this a first strike weapon the North Korean launch took place hours after President Trump's national security adviser John Bolton left South Korea they´ll lot to follow Lucas thank you back to you for developments there from the Pentagon today Thank You Lucas another Alert now president Trump sounding off on Robert Muller's testimony in an exclusive interview with sean hannity last night the president slamming Muller's quote poor performance calling it a disgrace to our country so they create his phony crime and then they say he obstructed they said there was no collusion but he obstructed and there has never been anything like this ever before in our country the crime was committed on the other side and we'll find out about that Ellison barber is live at the White House with more hi Alison hi Alicia president Trump said a lot of things we've heard him say about the Russia probe in the past that the special counsel the entire team was biased that it was a witch-hunt that it should to another president last night he did not mince words or couch his displeasure with the special councils probe telling Sean Hannity it was a disgrace from every standpoint and that he believes it amounts to treason hopefully we're going to be able to find out how a thing like this started definition is you want to come up with Democrats who previously called for impeachment continue to make that case but only four Democrats have joined their calls post Moeller testimony last night representative Katherine Clark the vice chair of the House Democratic caucus called for impeachment inquiry she is the highest-ranking Democrat to do so but for now Democrats seem prepared to stay focused on the ongoing house investigations the hearing as you know there was a caucus meeting it was it was people had their their opinions but as right now the the caucus as a whole we've decided not to move forward on the impeachment we're continuing getting letting the committee's continue their work on the oversight and then we'll take it from there president Trump told Sean Hannity he was not planning on watching much of Muller's testimonies but he says what he saw was so bad he watched a whole lot more than he planned to Alicia couldn't help himself ellison barbara at the White House Thanks so we are hearing that meeting with Speaker Pelosi and a constituent Cortes is now over apparently laughs in about 30 minutes we believe there's some videotape we'll share that a moment David Drucker senior political correspondent Washington Examiner Dave a good morning to you so morning this has been to underscore to understate I should say a tense relationship you have the meeting to accomplish what do you think David well look I I don't know if the meeting accomplished anything we'll have to see what both speaker Pelosi and congresswoman Cortes Cascio Cortes have to say about the meeting but clearly there have been tensions between a lot of the young ambitious House Democratic freshmen and some in the leadership particularly Speaker Pelosi I think Pelosi takes a global view of this she's trying to defend a new House Majority that was built largely on winning over Republican held swing districts districts that voted for President Trump in 20 sixteen and may vote for him again in 2018 as well as some of these suburban districts that have been trending away from the Republican Party and so she has a lot of different members to deal with whereas a lot of the young liberals and I say young meaning they haven't been in Congress that long come from gerrymandered districts that were drawn to elect any Democrat anybody with the D next to their name and this is something they're gonna have to work through in the months ahead I do think that once they crown a Democratic presidential nominee which will happen a little less than a year from now next year in July that could solve a lot of these problems because the party will have a leader at least for a few months and if that leader can unify the party in a race against President Trump then all of the stuff we were talking about right now is not really going to matter okay I guess from the outset if you think one meetings gonna settle all of it you can forget about it you know Kellyanne Conway has made the point repeatedly that these four freshmen women they enjoy the attention they have embraced their position in this new Congress so when we get reaction we're gonna play that for our viewers first though Donald Trump jr. just see a mom with Tucker last night so he's reacting now to the mulher testimony and characterizes at the following way ultimately I think the American public saw that he was put in there as a figurehead because he was the former leader of the FBI he was a decorated marine and that he would do what's right but no one's talking about this guy put in 19 leftist Hillary Clinton donor lawyers the inmates were running the asylum and those inmates were the Democrat Party so part of that reaction was the question from Steve she had a congressman from Ohio that was asking about fusion GPS on this exchange let's go back to Wednesday when you talk about the the firm that produced the steel reporting the name of the firm that produced that was fusion GPS is that correct I'm not so david the nut of this now is that republicans have a new storyline and they're saying muller was not even involved in getting this report done and he did not show clear authority and on Wednesday of this week go ahead well look I think everybody is trying to make the most of what Muller said or didn't say and use it to their advantage I don't think the American public is gonna look at this the same way I think that the public is going to be split along party lines I never expected Muller to make news and I never expected Muller to change minds because the public opinion is so fixed on this if you went into this thinking Trump was a crook you still think he's a crook and if you went into this thinking he was innocent as the driven snow that's what you still think I think what's interesting about the Muller testimony is that he took great pains to not add to the report or to the statement he gave subsequent to that so he didn't fan the flames of impeachment and he didn't have anything more to say that was more damaging to the president than what the report already said that should be a good outcome for Republicans if they don't want Trump to be impeached and I think it made it harder for Democrats who believe the president deserves to be impeached to have more evidence at least in the immediate so they're gonna have to continue through the oversight process to see if they can dig more things up that would create more political support broadly for the idea of impeaching the president so it's interesting to see Democrat Republicans excuse me go after Mahler when really it wasn't necessarily a bad bad day for him I'd say the other person that had a really good day because of the Moller testimony was speaker Pelosi she has been trying to put the brakes on a lot of her members who want impeachment now and that testimony helped her in that regard okay Dave is so much to have you a pleasure having you back David record there in Washington this meeting has wrapped up when we get reaction from speaker Pelosi we'll give it to you there we have our reporters on the hill there she said going into the meeting quote I'm looking forward to it so that's coming up momentarily David thanks about eleven past the hour now I've got some news on the economy Alisa another alert the US economy slowing in the second quarter but growth was stronger than analysts expected the Commerce Department just reporting that GDP grew at two point one percent from April to June personal consumption a leading contributor to that growth which was offset by a growing trade gap the GDP fell from 3.1 percent in the first quarter get some reaction more on that as we move throughout the morning stocks open in 20 minutes meanwhile police make an arrest in a shooting spree that left 4 dead including the suspects father and brother what led to this rampage plus things get heated on Capitol Hill as House Democrats greenlight subpoenas for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's personal emails and texts Tom Dupree weighs in on this latest effort to investigate the Trump administration also in a moment more from the president's exclusive interview his first reaction the Muller hearing we went with Sean Hannity last night we will hear from Sean Spicer he's coming up live next right here it was a disgrace from every standpoint and I would say that most people have never seen anything like it and then on top of it you watch that performance it was it was shocking Hank investigators believe he may have also shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and injured an employee at a North Hollywood gas station police arrested zaragoza after they say he fatally shot another man on a bus there's no word on a possible motive this was a fake witch-hunt and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again this was treason this was high crimes this was everything as bad a definition as you want to come up with it should never be allowed to happen that is some of the first reaction the president was sean handy last night the fallout over the former special counsels testimony Sean Spicer former White House press secretary with me now Sean Nicaea on a Friday especially but where do you think we go next well I think the Democrats are gonna try to figure out how to keep this thing going but that hearing really took the wind out of their sails this was supposed to be the visual manifestation of the report they kind of laid it all out there they thought the American people would be with them after Muller testified I think he clearly fumbled from the testimony looked aloof didn't understand parts of his own report called into question whether he read it whether he wrote it and I think really undermined the case that the Democrats were hoping to make it so it was I think clearly a victory for the president I know Democrats need and want to keep this alive that tearing made it much much more do I do they need to keep it alive is that money or is that a message what is that John well I think it's two things one is they need to keep their base motivated this is something that their base when they lost the last election figured that that you know that this is the way that they would make up for that loss and so they've got a lot of pressure from the left-wing socialist progressive base of their party that's for certain keeps up and the second thing to be honest with you is that the president is actually getting things done they can't run against the economy they can't run against all the other things that the president is doing because by and large the American people supports the president's policies and the accomplishments that he's his cheetah that he's receiving so it makes it hard for them to campaign against him on the economy the number one issue that people care about when you continue to see things move in a very positive direction when more and more people from all sectors of our society are going back to work getting their wages increased it makes it difficult for him to make that policy argument so they're trying to figure out how they can appease their base and do this okay so it's turning off more people here is here's one idea now Tucker's team caught up a Speaker Pelosi yesterday I'm gonna play that for you and listen to the last part of her answer here speaker Pelosi Alex back with Terrell sentai in January wondered what Putin had on Trump after yesterday any close we have the courts right you know you any closer figuring out like what Putin has on Trump that's why we need to have they have to answer our subpoena much you still might have some sort of blackmail on the president I wonder what the politically financially or personal Italy financially personally answer there I mean I don't even have any answer that she seems flustered with the with her own answer they don't know where to go they've had a House hearing a Senate hearing the Muller hearing countless investigations through the committees that they now control in the house and they've turned up nothing this is seriously getting tired and I think the problem is is that they recognize that the American people have said wait a second we gave these folks the majority and look at what they've done they're not fighting for these progressive policies they're not keeping their base happy on the policy front and the American people who are largely looking at what they're doing with this majority investigation after investigation are wondering whether or not they are proper stewards of this majority and the direction and policies that people wanted addressed I was in Memphis Tennessee I saw very few people even watching it back for another day you know it's go ahead I I think that's the problem is they put a lot of eggs in this basket and it's not going to yield anything yeah what about speaker Pelosi an AOC meeting right now you know that meetings wrapped up well what do you think comes in this relationship well I love the fact that the speaker said that she looked forward to that meeting because I'd love to know what the rest of her schedule looks like if that's the meeting she's looking forward to today that doesn't say a lot about the rest of her schedule look this is embarrassing for the Democratic Party say what you will about Nancy Pelosi but she is a shrewd tactician and the idea that you have these four freshmen members of Congress in particular this first term 29 year old leading the Democratic Party making everybody respond to them including their presidential candidates is embarrassing Nancy Pelosi the idea that she made took over you know got this majority and now she is taking all of the cues from a 29 year old freshman is embarrassing frankly Thank You Sean have a good week see you bet guys we'll see what they both have to say very soon we do believe from the hill Thank You Sean you bet Governor of Puerto Rico stepping down but the protests there may not be over yet straight ahead why all those demonstrators may now have a new target live to Puerto Rico next losses from stunning news at a Camp Pendleton 16 US Marines arrested during morning roll call the charges that they are facing now if they are investigating the crackdown happened at Camp Pendleton in California yesterday just north of the border some of the suspects are accused of helping to transport migrants into the country – Marines arrested on similar charges earlier this month the people of Puerto Rico celebrating the resignation of governor Ricardo Rocio after the publication of offensive online messages between Rocio and his top aides but protesters also say they want to root out widespread political corruption Brian Ennis is live in San Juan with more hi Brian good morning Alecia well look governor Ricardo Rose say yo officially submitted his resignation letter yesterday and he'll be out of office on Friday August 2nd but that still has not stopped the protests here the chance of moon de Wanda at our noon SIA Wando resign are still making their way around that is supposed to be the next interim governor take a look at this video this is a protest / celebration yesterday on the gold mile here in San Juan it's the financial district people saying that they want a clean house and go after the other people associated with the RO say yo administration who they believe is completely corrupt and they blame for mismanaging of millions if not billions of dollars now Wanda Vasquez she's the Secretary of Justice here in Puerto Rico I just got off the phone with the office of ethics here in Puerto Rico and their lawyers are now evaluating screenshots of text messages that allegedly show that Wanda Vasquez was really not wanting to investigate allegations of mismanagement of truck full of emergency supplies during Hurricane Maria their lawyers are evaluating whether or not they're going to open an investigation into her she has faced allegations of corruption in the past but has been cleared in a statement today Wanda Vasquez said this quote the desire and agenda of some to try to undermine the credibility of the at this moment of transcendental importance to Puerto Rico and to destabilize the government to order is evident which only attempts to perpetuate instability and restlessness in the country again she is due to become the governor on Friday August 2nd meantime FEMA announcing yesterday that effective immediately the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico must receive approval from the agency to draw down all grant funds for hurricanes Irma and Maria so now FEMA taking extra steps to protect taxpayer money given all that's happening here on the island in a statement FEMA saying quote additionally the drawdown request must be accompanied with supporting documentation to certify the amount being requested for drawdown is eligible allowable reasonable and in alignment with federal procurement regulations Alicia forty two billion dollars appropriate from Congress here for Puerto Rico to recover from Hurricane Maria thirteen billion of that has made its way down the island now FEMA saying they're gonna be adding more controls here to evaluate how that money is being spent the people of Puerto Rico there are already blue tarps on their roofs still it has been a really slow drawdown if you speak to the people here and now because of this administration that money is gonna be coming down potentially slower Alecia and just as we're heading into hurricane season once again brandy anis and were tarik oh thank you right thank you Brian apparently they are not done yet House Democrats pushing forward in their investigations the latest move subpoenas for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner reaction from Tom Dupree is whether or not that goes anywhere in a moment plus police potentially closing in on two teenaged murder suspects accused of killing at least three people including a North Carolina woman the latest on the manhunt straight ahead we can now confirm that there have been two established and corroborated sightings of the suspects in the gilliam area if they are spotted do not approach call 911 sharply unchanged is Smitty would say GDP number is out it reads 2.1 percent second quarter that shows a slowing trend likely influenced the Fed when it makes its decision next week on what to do with interest rates likely a quarter point cut that's what they all believe Amazon Google had numbers out after the close yesterday that's right do the blew it out and Google's flying today so were it's OK for a July right so 932 police in Canada say they're closing in on two teenagers suspected of killing three people including a woman out of North Carolina and her boyfriend that couple found shot dead along a remote highway Jackie Heinrich is watching that from our studio here in New York Jackie O bill police confirmed two sightings of those teenage fugitives in Gillam Manitoba it's about 1,500 miles from the US border in North Dakota and Minnesota and that is where the search is on with checkpoints drones and dogs and an urgent message not to approach if you see them eighteen-year-old Briers miguel ski and 19 year old cam McCloud are wanted for the murder of Leonard dick and suspected in the murders of a North Carolina woman China DS and her Australian boyfriend Lukas Fowler the couple was traveling in British Columbia when they're found shot to death July 15th they were seen here on surveillance video hugging just two days prior to that as police looked into their deaths a search was already underway for the boys some 300 miles away in Dee's Lake they were initially thought to be missing telling their parents they were heading to the Yukon to find work before finding their burned-out camper van turned up on the highway during that search police discovered the body of another man now identified as 64 year-old leonard dick a college botany professor they soon connected all three of the killings and charged the teenagers in Dick's death on Wednesday investigators believe the suspects first went north from Port Alberni British Columbia to liard hot springs and DS Lake where they killed the couple and the professor and have since been heading east they ditched another car and Gilliam earlier this week and police believe they are still nearby local media is reporting that people in that area are terrified sleeping with guns close by and closing their businesses early they're plastering photos of the wanted teens all over town bill Jackie thank you jackie heinrich on that story today 933 bang there are serious questions about this white house's use a personal email if we are going to have to preserve our records we need to preserve them consistently it is clear that this is a fishing expedition and not because it's the daughter of the president where is the probable cause here I mean come on now we don't have you know go around probable cause you talk about the official records House Democrats moving forward with investigations as the Oversight Committee voted to subpoena Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's personal emails and texts used to conduct official business let's bring in Tom Dupree former Deputy Assistant Attorney General under George W Bush thank you so much for joining us today happy Friday Tom happy Friday thank you so much hey I want to start with another statement from Elijah coming so let's put this up here you can read the committee has obtained direct evidence that multiple high-level White House officials have been violating the presidential Records Act what we do not know yet is why these White House officials are attempting to conceal these communications my first question is on that word conceal because according to Republicans Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are actually cooperating with the committee are they trying to conceal anything here well that that's that's what it's all about that's a very loaded word obviously and I think that there certainly could be situations where you violate the Act and a technical sense meaning you send an email from a personal account or something along those lines but without an intent to conceal you just do it inadvertently or for convenience so I think the congressman may be leaping to a bit of a conclusion here that these violations if in fact they occurred were deliberate and intentional is this just convenient timing coming off of Muller's testimony and things not going as well as Democrats would have liked it to have gone are they trying to move on to pointing in another direction and just saying look away look over here yet look this shouldn't surprise anyone the fact that these subpoenas were authorized after molars testimony and the big hearing fizzled out this is all part of the Democrats overall strategy of litigating in the courts filing subpoenas if impeachments not going to work Nancy Pelosi clearly wants to show her base that she's being aggressive with this White House and so I think these subpoenas are the first and are going to be a long string of these they're going to be issuing subpoenas there were multiple committees fighting on multiple fronts trying to drag the administration into court if impeachments not happening this is where the battle is going to occur well Democrats say that what's fair is fair because Republicans and the president went after Hillary Clinton time and again and it still comes up about those emails those 30,000 emails on that private server look that's a fair point and frankly I wish my Democratic friends had been as exercised about Hillary Clinton's use of the personal emails as they are about the Trump administration's use and look the fact is is this particular inquiry actually began under the Republican control of a house of representatives what we're seeing now are the Democrats reigniting this investigation pursuing it in a more aggressive way taking subpoenas probably litigating this in court assuming that they're not able to reach a compromise with the administration but isn't this really all just about 20/20 I think it is I mean I think at the end of the day the Democrats are looking for issues they're looking for legal violations by the administration even if their foot faults that are trying to turn the tables on the whole use of personal emails and as I said a minute ago they're gonna be fighting on multiple fronts we are going to be seeing a lot of these subpoena battles unfold over the months ahead as the Democrats position themselves for 2020 but my question is also on voters do they really care about these texts and emails at this point when it comes to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner it's hard to believe anyone really cares about this you know I think for a lot of people this is just more noise emanating from Washington the fact is the Democrats have not done a good job of choosing their battles if this is a situation where there's just one committee one subpoena they were choosing their targets they're really focusing on things that mattered to Americans it might be a different story but what we're seeing now is just this massive flurry a shotgun approach all these committees all these subpoenas all these issues in hopes of finding something that will stick but does the Trump administration risk looking eternally uncooperative with Congress because they're just not going to give up information as quickly as Congress would like does that can that hurt them in the long run well it could if all of these were fully legitimate investigations where they really are pursuing something tangible as opposing to scoring political points and look the fact is I think a lot of these times in these subpoena battles they ultimately are resolved through compromise we've seen many situations already where the house is demanding the administration do something and they meet halfway historically those are the way these types of disputes are resolved I suspect this particular dispute may well get resolved that way they may say here are some emails here's what went out let's just put this to rest okay battle over the information Tom Dupree thank you so much for your time it's absolutely last night Boston Red Sox kick it off before game series against the Yanks in record setting fashion Boston blew out New York 19 to 3 at home that way Park yeah most runs the Red Sox have scored against their biggest rival Yankees get a chance at redemption later tonight in Game two nineteen three that's like why do we even come out tonight you are are you a Rockies fan in Colorado or what are you I am a Rockies fan in Colorado and my son and sadly is the Rockies fan in Colorado uh-huh sadly okay as he said we can easily get tickets this is true there is a silver lining well the Trump administration resuming executions of federal death row inmates following a 15 year moratorium what went into that decision Fox News contributor Jonathan Morse will weigh in on that and the moral implications as well Plus this these are mysterious explosions in the middle of the night looks spooky does alarming residents in a big city suburb what police say is causing that mm-hmm check it out it does concern you if there's if it's not fireworks and it is gunfire and there is flashes then where's it coming from yes explosions waking people up in the Tempe area near Phoenix the explosions happening between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. on three separate nights this month no one seems to know what's going on and residents are worried it doesn't sound like it's just some kids blowing up fireworks it sounds like it's meant to scare people it's in the middle of the night but I wasn't really sure what it was I thought it could be like fireworks or something but I was like it's really late like who do that so weird police are asking for the public's help as they investigate the blasts AG bill Barr now announcing the federal government will resume capital punishment first time since 2003 Barr directing prison officials to schedule the executions of five death row inmates this is not common especially the federal level Jonathan Morris boxers can prove it it nice to see Thank You Belle looking good that's alright huh big changes in my life but all good I know that let's get back to that Imam here what do you think about this decision you look at well given the laws at the cup just to be very clear this is as you mentioned this not very common and I believe as of last week there were 63 inmates on death row and so we're not talking about huge numbers and so the question is why is this being done I think what the Democrats are going to do here very simply is try to win the moral high ground and every single issue on this issue they're gonna say that is evil I think the Republicans have responsibility to step up and say give reasons why from also from a moral perspective not just a political perspective why they think this is important for the country maybe maybe they can say these 63 people on death row right now present an imminent threat to our country explain it I might not leave it but explain it about the family's two of the victims 2003 was the last one going back 13 years bill Barr said this under administration's of both parties the Department of Justice's South the death penalty against the worst criminals the Justice Department upholds the rule of law and we owe it to the victims and their families to carry forward the sentence imposed by our justice system yeah I would I would agree that it's absolutely ridiculous to have a law in this case death penalty and then not enforce it another question is whether the law should be there in the first place but the idea that we're going to spend so much money on these prisoners to keep them on death row which is more expensive than other forms of imprisonment and then never carry it out I think the system is are you talking about the moral high ground yes what what do you mean by that bottoms of characterizing in a political yeah watch watch the debates coming coming up and the ones that we've just saw a few weeks ago all of these presidential candidates are saying yes the economy is good Donald Trump they don't like to talk about it but they recognize the economy is good they recognize that the people in the United States of America are happy about that also happy about the safety of the country but they're gonna say we are going in such a bad direction this is the Democrats what they're doing what they're saying is in every one of these big issues for our countries the Republicans are evil and we are good well things are not that simple yeah and what one when it comes to the border we've got this new poll treatment of migrants detained at the border you know 60 percent of Americans are concerned about and you can understand why we are a compassionate nation yeah we would like to take care of as many people as possible yeah but there are restrictions within this suit yeah then let me give you an example of the moral high ground that the Democrats are taking that I don't think is true basically they're saying we are for the illegal immigrants we are for immigrants but they're refusing to make changes in the system that would actually get rid of the second-class citizenship which is basically where it is in the United States right now we're saying you cannot come into this country but we're going to leave a porous border once you get in here you can't get a job but we're gonna give you a job it's just not going to be as well-paid as others it is a hypocritical system it's bad for the United States of America and it's bad also for these good people who are trying to come and just make a living no I think about your past life or former lives just fiume you were pastor of a church in the Bronx Harris you had immigrants from all over the world that you serve there yeah how did they feel about the way this it's it's incredible how they recognize how dangerous the system is right now also for them dangerous for their families so they know that they can get over across the border but they know that that once they get over here they're going to have to live as second-class citizens forever that is not good that is not the moral high ground the moral high ground would be something like Ellis Island where people they didn't they weren't legal when they arrived to Ellis Island but there was a system in place where they could be vetted and through a legal system of immigration these people could find a good life the idea that they can come over and the Democrats are doing them a great service that's wrong how is your life now other things about a change but I feel such freedom for those who don't know about six months ago I asked for a leave of absence from the priesthood and then I made my final decision and requested from Pope Francis to dispensation from those duties and I want to say are you adjusting and my guess is yes we should talk about that over a beer the other thing is that you're so you're living in New York for two weeks and you're also living in Akron Ohio for ten weeks and your perspective when you're in Middle America is so much different than it all my gosh city just describe that going out to coffee with my brother and his friends and here I've lived in New York for a long time in New York affects you you know I take out my phone and I'm showing them the tweets from Donald Trump you know I'm like oh my gosh can you believe he said that and all these guys are saying yeah it doesn't matter we don't care the fact is what we want is what he's doing and it's been it's been an eye-opener for me for me just to see our country is big it's diverse it's it's beautiful and there's so much goodness out there but among Democrats and Republicans alike but people want the same thing they want freedom from the chaos that our political class has created over these years well from one Buckeye to another we don't hear enough from middle America that's right nice to see you Jonathan thank you Bill all right Jonathan Morris all right at least hear what's coming up a community searching for answers after the shocking murder of a 21 year old college student this as we learn disturbing new details about the suspect Plus this ignition tonight rocketed the Dragon spacecraft never gets old systems all go SpaceX where this ship is headed towards what it's carrying on boards to the International Space Station


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