America's Newsroom [10AM] 7/29/2019 - FOX NEWS TODAY July 29,2019

America's Newsroom [10AM] 7/29/2019 – FOX NEWS TODAY July 29,2019

so if that suspect was engaged in any shooting or whether they may have been in some sort of a support role 6:00 a.m. in California the sun's coming up on a new day there and a tough one that is quite a Callum live in Gilroy for the latest from there Claudia a good morning bill police are searching for a motive as well as for a possible second suspect after a day of fun and food turned into an afternoon of panic and bloodshed thousands of people including many many families with kids were enjoying the last few hours of the famous garlic festival here when the happy scene turned into absolute chaos witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire stop to reload and then fired again some say they heard as many as 50 shots and thought at first it was fireworks people took cover under music stages and behind food tents others ran for their lives and say it was like a stampede witnesses say the shooter was a tall young man who wore camouflage and fired into the crowd at random the police chief says the suspect managed to get around the security screeners and metal detectors at the entrance by breaking through a perimeter fence and sneaking in that way Gilroy police are always a heavy presence at this annual three-day event and when the gunman opened fire officers engaged him in less than a minute fatally shooting him the crime scene has remained active overnight as investigators followed up on reports that the shooter had someone with him but that person's role is unclear and there has been no description as for the gunman's weapon police will only say it was some kind of rifle the head of the Garlic Festival expressed his heartbreak at seeing such a beloved and family-friendly event become the site of the nation's latest mass shooting to have seen this event in this way this day is just one of the most tragic inside things that I've ever had to see and we all feel so upset for those that are impacted friends families neighbors it's just a horrible thing to experience and we couldn't feel worse he and city leaders will now have to take a really hard look at security surrounding this annual three-day event no doubt there will be questions about whether more could have been done to prevent this tragedy but bill the priority right now this morning finding that second possible suspect and we hope to get more information from police at a briefing in just about four hours so we will bring it to you when we get it thanks Claudia Cowan on that Gilroy caliber meanwhile Canadian authorities could be closing in on two teenagers wanted in the murders of an American woman her Australian boyfriend and another man police zeroing in on a remote area after a possible sighting of the suspects Dan Springer is live with the latest details on all of this dan good morning good morning Sandra this manhunt started more than a week ago in the trail had gone fairly cold the last confirmed sighting was in Gillam Manitoba seven days ago but then yesterday two men matching the description of the suspects were seen rummaging through a dump site in York Lanny Manitoba that's about 120 miles west of Gilliam where the suspects burned a car they had stolen Canadian police and the military are looking for 19 year-old Ken MacLeod and 18 year-old Breyer Miguel ski both of Vancouver Island they're accused of murdering a botanist from the University of British Columbia and a couple traveling across Canada in two separate killings 24-year old China DS of Charlotte North Carolina was with her Australian boyfriend they were last seen at a gas station in northern BC the suspects were caught on camera in a store in the remote town of Gillam Manitoba but that was seven days ago the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian military converged on Gilliam and it's been an all-out search for the pair ever since with police going door-to-door canvassing 250 homes and scouring the area using military aircraft they are searching in some of the most unforgiving terrain in canada the thought was they were still around Gilliam because there had been no more vehicles reported stolen but then came the sighting Sunday in York Landing the father of one of the suspects says his son was fascinated by Nazi memorabilia and is likely on a suicide mission mounties we're gonna shoot first and ask questions later basically he's gonna be dead today or tomorrow so far the search for the teens has spanned more than 3,000 miles Sandra Dan Springer in Seattle covering that for us Thanks look I was in Congress for six years if I had poverty in my district like they have in Baltimore if I had crime in my district like they have in Chicago if I have homelessness in my district like they have in San Francisco and I spent all of my time in Washington DC chasing down this Muller investigation that's bizarre impeachment crusade I'd get fired and I think if the president is right to raise that it has absolutely zero to do with race well now to the heat on this the White House defending the criticism of Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings Democrats calling the president racist after he said Cummings district which includes more than half a city of Baltimore was an infested mess the president firing back in part on Twitter here's one of them there's nothing racist and stating plainly what most people already know that Elijah Cummings has done a terrible job for the people of this district and of Baltimore itself Dems always play the race card when they are unable to win with facts shame that was just one of the tweets Byron York has analysis Byron how you doing good morning to you there's been so much back and forth over the weekend started in the beginning with the heavy criticism of conditions is that the border from the congressman Byron well a common feature of all of the president's feuds is they usually begin with somebody criticizing the president and that's certainly what representative Cummings is done not only on the issue of Russia but on the issue of the border he did a very very strong criticism of conditions that the border blame the president for them and it really wasn't a surprise the president then said well hey hey representative Cummings maybe you should pay more attention to your own district saying that Baltimore was a quote disgusting rat and rodent infested mess that immediately set off the firestorm a number of Democrats and people in the press saying that the president was a racist for saying this it is a fact that the Baltimore does have a terrible violence problem it's a homicide rate is the highest of the three largest 3:09 largest American cities here's your exactly level two thousand seventeen twenty two percent national levels around twelve percent so now people are going back to the record right now Byron and part of that record reflects on Bernie Sanders comments and he has offered over the past couple of years here's one of them some Sanders anyone who talked to walk that we talk we talk around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation you would think that you are in a third world country what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs that was 2015 I think we did later on that just one more comment on this Byron as to where you think it's going to get a few more things for you well an article in The New York Times in March of this year noted a number of things about Baltimore very similar to what the president said so that this argument is dug in now the defenders are going to defend the attackers are gonna attack and it's not going in okay John Radcliffe is a Republican from Texas got a pretty good record on the law he will be the next head of DNI National Intelligence it makes sense when you think about how he has been at the leading edge of investigating the investigators Byron ya Radcliffe is a former US Attorney from and there very few members of the House who have actually read all of the secret and classified documents that have to do with the Trump Russia investigation that have been made available to Congress and Ratcliffe is one of them he's widely considered to be kind of the expert on a lot of these issues and clearly that's the direction the president wants to go in choosing a next head of national intelligence okay more to come on that I believe the 15th of August is Dan coats his last job a day on the job there quickly on the Democrats this week it's a big week two prime-time debates in the meantime you've got more than a hundred House Democrats are now favored impeachment who's got the most on the line do you think this week well well those the Democrats with the least support they're gonna be 20 people in this two-part debate just like where there were in the first one but the next debate is in September in Houston gonna have different standards to get in you've got to have two percent support in a number of polls right now if you take the RealClearPolitics national average of polls only six democrats are at two percent or higher there's gonna be a ton of Democrats who are making their last appearance in a debate this week question is will there be kind of Hail Mary strategies is a number of candidates in the lower part of the field try to somehow moulten to look I think and some of them go for it then absolutely and they go after Joe Biden or maybe just the 11th candidate will go after the tenth candidate I know I don't know but it's likely to be pretty contentious Thank You Byron nice to see you in a Monday hey make it a great week okay talk to you later Tuesday and Wednesday night of the debates a lot of them on stage Sandra a lot of them who worked to shot right here I mean they could put hammer and Smith up there what do you but so far these debates have shown to change the course of the race for Democrats that this could be a game-changing week we'll see alright meanwhile the conservative Journal is brutally beaten by Tifa activists now speaking out on a push to label the group a terrorist organization this will provide a framework for local authorities and especially federal authorities to start investigating this criminal cartel for the street thugs that they are and he knows sounding off just moments ago as President Trump calls out the radical group dr. bill Bennett is on deck bottom of the hour on that and more also big day at the White House you're gonna see it live next hour president Trump about to give 9/11 first responders lifetime help Kenney SPECT is one of those responders he worked at the World Trade Center site he'll be at the White House today his message for the president in a moment live next you cry we're going to exhale but we can help tens of thousands of people Fox News Alert now as several reported tornadoes tore through central Minnesota yesterday leaving a trail of downed trees power lines even some structural damage heavy winds also causing damage in western Wisconsin fortunately no injuries were reported we can never repay all that the 9/11 community has done for our country but we can stop penalizing them these families deserve better and I'm really I'm hopeful that today begins the process of being able to heal without the burden of having to advocate there's gonna be a lot more in this next hour Jon Stewart they're reacting after the Senate approve that 9/11 victim compensation fund did it overwhelmingly so after the house did prior moments from now that bill hits the desk of the president he will sign it approving billions of dollars in health care for ailing first responders he'll be surrounded by a number of them today one of them is the New York City firefighter can't expect and Kennedy good morning to you and thank you for long ago stopping by our program before you had no died what does today mean for you Kenny well it's a culmination of a lot of a lot of years of a very difficult battle as we wrap this up I want to go on the record and thank my team the feel-good foundation the team leaders we took on this battle fifteen years ago and after today a lot of us won't see each other anymore some of us will keep in touch and others of us we're going to move on with our lives we had a solid team and I appreciate you having me on today so that I could just publicly thank them for all the work that they did to get this done I was made whole years ago I received my compensation but it was important for me to stay in this battle to make sure that the members of the New York City Fire Department and other first responders who were penalized for being diagnosed later in life that they received they received their payments as well and they were made whole you have this thread that will keep you together though whether or not you're together physically connected with each other you'll always be connected because of the events of 18 years ago how is your health Kenny I'm all right and you know Billy I I really don't want to make this about me today I think that we saw the testimony of Lou Alvarez and how that really moved the ball forward Lou's not with us anymore I'm gonna go to the White House today for ray Pfeiffer I'm gonna go to the White House today for Louie Alvarez for captain Vinny Ungaro for so many so many other people that are too numerous to name that war on our team really early on bill and they're no longer with us anymore they decided to work with us to help us get this done and I'm just going to show up on their behalf today what are you gonna tell the president if you get the opportunity Kenny what were you what will be your message to him that I appreciate his support for first responders throughout the nation I hope that we could use today as a stepping-stone perhaps to see to it that our nation's warriors the soldiers who were put in harm's way maybe we can do something now now that we've seen that we can assist September 11th first responders we can move this forward now you know we have a big homeless problem in this country with veterans we have the burn pit where Forward Operating areas these veterans are are coming back with cancers sustained by their proximity to the burn pit and I would just like to let him know that we appreciate his support and we look forward to possibly making this something that leads us in to a direction where we could really move the ball forward as it relates to now we're yeah we'll be looking for your next hour just one more comment here could you imagine 18 years ago that we would still be fighting this war today Kenny probably not I mean honestly no I guess on September 11th I died I didn't look past 18 minutes to be honest with you I didn't know what the next 18 minutes held in store for me 18 years later I'm proud of what we've done I'll always look back on it and and maybe even kindly to be honest with you it was a tough battle I've made great friends and and I've met some great people so in the end I'm real happy with the way things went listen today is for you and all the others will be looking for you next hour okay thanks for thanks I'm sure in your story Kenny Kenny Thank You Sandra two American teenagers accused of brutally murdering a police officer overseas now this shocking photo of their rest is sparking an internal investigation a live report from Italy coming up also 22 years behind bars Matthew Charles now getting a second chance to thank the president and the first step act he's poaching for business leaders to step up – and he's in explain what his new mission is coming up next the first person released from prison under President Trump's first step act now calling on business leaders to give him and other released prisoners a second chance Matthew Charles writing about this in his New York Post op-ed published Saturday how America needs to follow up on the first step act and Matthew joins us now Matthew good morning and welcome back to America's newsroom it's always great to followup with you good morning I'm glad to be here 22 years you spent behind bars you were released in January how is your life been since then since then has been a rollercoaster for good I've been able to have some people support me up Neil with some of the barriers that I in fact face myself as far as re-entry but otherwise it's gone okay now you want to make sure others get that second chance that you've been able to have how can we do that and and how do we follow up on the first step back that that you benefited from I would say we benefit from it by fully implementing first step back as well as taking some logical effective steps now that people are being released because once you come out and get back into society that shouldn't be a barrier to housing or employment but yet they are so I know that you're calling on business leaders you're calling on members of Congress to act and and further do good to get those that are those that are in prison some for years and if not decades out of prison so how do you do that what are you asking them to do Matthew well the fair chance Act is the bill that's actually being proposed that will allow federal agencies as well as contractors to be able to not deny a person because of their criminal history but as far as being able to get others out just to implement the implementation of the first step back it allows people to receive goodtime credits and erm goodtime credits and the goodtime credits is just the 54 days as opposed to four to seven days per year which actually was from my perspective was a incorrect analysis on the Bureau of Prisons they were actually computing it but now that the 54 days is being given and a person is able to get that additional seven days that they thought they were automatically getting any 85 percent so just simple common-sense legislation like that gotcha and in some of those numbers that have shown up since the first step back went into place since these are number since July as of July 19th 3100 federal inmates have been released as a result of the first step act nearly 1,700 have had their prison sentences reduced under this act a thousand inmates have been released that were drug offenders also weapons related charges some were sex offenders but once they get out what happens then we know that housing is an issue and finding employment can be an issue how do you tackle that challenge Matthew I would say by society welcoming them back because 95% of the people that are incarcerated will be released and the fact that you've stated over 3100 people have been released since the signing of the passage of the first step back it just shows that these people are coming back out into society and we want them to be productive members of society and in order to do that and reduce recidivism they had to have essence to employment and housing and what the fair chance Act does it allows them not only to help I wouldn't necessarily call it a level playing field or just as the bill states a fair chance at getting employed based on the qualifications that they hold to perform whatever job of Duty it is very important aspect to all of this and it affected you personally Matthew when you were released from prison after 22 years in January you were turned down for housing yes I was I was turned down for housing as well as denied employment at the job that I had held for the 2-year period that I was out so it just goes to show that the barriers exists that shouldn't exists because one thing that I think anybody should have a right to and that is to work so that they can feed themselves and their families I think another important aspect to your piece Matthew to wrap this up you say I'm not a politician I'm not a Republican I'm not a Democrat or anything in between what I am is a believer in second chances I know however you've given a lot of credit to the President Trump for his leadership on all of this great to have you here this morning Matthew Charles we'd love to follow up with you thanks for coming back to America's newsroom okay thanks for having our brand-new video into our newsroom out of Iran's rogue regime showing their version of events when Iran captured that British ship we'll get a live report on the status of that coming up plus conservative journalist Andy no speaking out after he was brutally attacked at that and Tifa rally as president Trump now considers branding the anti-fascists Network a terror organization dr. bill Bennett is on deck on deck and he will join us straight ahead on that Plus this oh well I don't know I'll tell you one thing I know what this skipper is not happy with that that's one way to do it I mean that ball is out of here did you see what happened there straight out the center field will tell you why in a moment for Trevor Bauer and his manager our nuclear activities that a heavy water reactor as global powers work to try and salvage a nuclear deal now this is new video now public on the confrontation you're seeing here between a British warship and Iran in the street of Hormuz that threat continues Ellison Barbara she's watching it all live in Jerusalem and joins us now Ellison hey Bill yeah that video released by Iran's Revolutionary Guard includes drone images and audio of radio conversations purportedly between Revolutionary Guard forces and a British warship that was escorting the British flag to oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz in the radio conversations you can hear someone identified themselves as the Iranian Navy patrol vessel they tell the British ship that the oil tanker is now under their control and warned do not interfere in my operation the British ship insists they're in international waters but that does not deter the Iranians what's in here the oil tanker and its crew members remain in Iranian custody they've been there for a little more than a week now some say the Revolutionary Guard seized the British tanker in retaliation for the British Navy's role in the seizure of an Iranian tanker off the coast of Gibraltar the grace one is accused of violating EU sanctions related to Syria britain's Foreign Secretary shot down the idea of releasing that tanker in exchange for the British one he says this is not a barter this is about international law and they believe they expect Iran to release that British tanker Thank You Alison a lot to cover there Ellison Barbour from our Middle East Bureau thank you in addition to the speak the Ligon ism like we see over and over on the streets of America this movement also has a political ideology that is agitating for a violent political revolution it's been four weeks since my beating and robbery outside the Justice Center on eclis there's not been a single arrest I don't know I don't want to be cynical about the police investigation but this has been a pattern of incidents of antipholus in this city that never results in arrests or charges that was conservative journalists and II know this morning calling for more police action one month now after he was violently attacked while covering an end Chifa protest in Portland Oregon this coming as president Trump threatens the anti-fascist group in a tweet saying this quote consideration is being given to declaring an Tifa the gutless radical left whack-jobs who go around hitting only non fighters people over the heads with baseball bats a major organization of terror along with ms-13 and others would make it easier for police to do their job and dr. bill bennett joins us now former Secretary of Education a Fox News contributor and host of wise guys on Fox Nation good morning to you dr. Bennett so the president says he supports late antifa a terror organization conservatives we have already seen have applauded that potential move is this the next step in what the president as you just saw referencing as a major organization of terror is this is this how he should proceed yeah maybe certainly let the Justice Department look at it some of the hallmarks are there but you know these despicable hoodlums need to be arrested and there are a number of ways under which they could be arrested my only difficulty is that an objection to this I think it may be right to call them a terrorist group is that this doesn't give any more courage or backbone and the local authorities problem with the mayor there in Portland Oregon and maybe in the police I look at the police situation New York you know which is I think on mayor de Blasio's record and and hook so it's good to act at the federal level but you got to act at the local level to these despicable hoodlums should have been arrested on the spot and there was authority there to do that yeah dr. Bennett Wall Street Journal editorial board pen to this piece Portland's and Tifa impunity no one's been charged in the assault on journalist and II know and of course that's what we're talking about right now and it starts out by saying they think of themselves as a tolerant progressive City it ends the piece by saying Portland's got to do something to deter this political violence or they're just going to get more of it are they going to get that message yeah I hope they do but see this is where progressivism doesn't know quite what to do with anarchists and anarchy because they're somewhat sympathetic to arguments that this government is illegitimate and so on but they better get that message I spent time in Portland when I was drug czar and they had the same issues their people were going up Interstate five drug dealers and happily settling in Portland Oregon and they were oblivious to it because they weren't quite sure what the problem was so you've got to get this thing done locally with local law enforcement as well as the action of the feds it's frustration I'm sure on the part of the president with this situation is we're all frustrated that has him looking at the terrorist angle and well he should we will see how the president plans to proceed with that meanwhile when I asked you about the so-called squad and the president's attack on these four democratic congresswoman the New York Times has a piece published over the weekend Pelosi Clinton Obama now the squad is the new target for the right in that it writes while it's not unusual for partisans to move on to fresh targets these four women have less power fewer achievements and lower national profiles than pass Republican targets like mr. Obama or mrs. Clinton none are seeking the presidency or even a leadership position in the house so why is the president spending so much time targeting these four freshmen members of Congress well I agree with the president by sort of agree with the New York Times as well they are on the fringe of the Democrat Party and they deserve criticism they deserve censure for the things they're saying but you know look at the major candidates for president on the Democrat side look at the positions they're taking whether you're talking about Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden for the most part Campbell Harris not for penalizing people to enter the country that raise your hand if you think that should be take it away that's not illegal anymore they raise their hands about unlimited benefits for all those people yep Murray's there and again how about getting rid of private health insurance yep you don't need to go to the fringe in order to make the point about the Democratic Party going off the cliff a number of liberal journalists have written about this even Tom Friedman the New York Times wrote a lot of my friends are saying Trump's going to get reelected because our major candidates are taking these very crazy left-wing positions so all I'm saying is an additional talking about the squad talk about the people who are likely to be running against you mr. president because they hold some of the same wacky positions very interesting before I let you go Baltimore and this growing feud Elijah Cummings the president doubling down on more tweets this morning where's this go yeah well it should go into an investigation of Baltimore I hope we seize that topic and get there when I was education secretary there was a school in Baltimore we found where not one child was reading at grade level I went up there as drug czar because that was the place they were giving up the clean needles the place is a mess in many ways in many neighborhoods as again the new York Times G third time I've coded the New York Times today that's a record saying that you know the called the tragedy in Baltimore that was written in May there are places in Baltimore where it is indeed worse than the third world Bernie Sanders said so I've been there I can vouch for that let's focus attention don't lose this conversation let's take a close look at Baltimore at the ownership of these big cities by these liberal mayors and let's see what they've done got it we'll see you where it all goes dr. bill Bennett always a pleasure thank you thank you nice to see Sarah in case you missed it over the weekend here's something you won't see every day Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer apologizing for that right there he threw the ball over the wall in center field supposed to do that tough day well he wouldn't win as competitive guys you know their receipts he passed himself on the chest there's it's not bad on that Indians lose to Kansas City after the game Bauer said his action was childish and was unprofessional one of the brands don't see that very often there are years ago there's a guy named Rob Dibble Cincinnati Reds you know everything goes back to Ohio and of course he did the same thing he chucked it over the centerfield wall hit a woman in the arm that did not go over well now that's not good not advisable right the Trump administration looking to crack down on a food stamp loophole that caused a rampant misuse of resources money man Charles Payne is tracking it all down he'll be here next time look forward to seeing him an impeachment talk gaining steam over the weekend yet again some Democrats however are concerned this will set the wrong precedent Tom Dupree on what to watch for next we'll see that and Nadler and Schiff are starting to look more like Laurel and Hardy it's time to move on we have impeachment resolutions before the committee we are considering those resolutions after we get more evidence as to the president's crimes that we had from the motor report but also as to other things his failure to defend the to defend the Constitution against continuing Russian attacks so Jerry Nadler not given up now on the push for impeachment gaining steam over the weekend half of the House Democrats now know now back in inquiry following Robert Muller's testimony Tom Dupree former Deputy Assistant age under president george w bush how you doing tom and good morning to you good morning velop in mine now during this conversation impeachment is a political question now it is a potent and if you got the votes you can do it if you've got if you want to go there you're at 107 118 is your simple majority in the house what's going on tom yeah bill I gotta tell you I am just mystified that there are some Democrats who just don't want to seem to let this go I can't imagine that anyone who watched the Moller hearings would have come out of there thinking that impeachment was more likely as we all know and seemed to be widely understood by most Americans it really deflated a lot of the pro-impeachment forces in the house and I think that was reflected in Adams chef's comments in the afternoon hearing where he kind of started taking the focus a little off impeachment and basically saying look let's just kick this around in the context of the political debate we've got an election coming up let the Americans speak ill people speak through their votes okay all right you meant to go to Adam Schiff guys on NBC Meet the Press from Sunday I think you're right you get a sense of disappointment in this answer right here I wish that he had testified in more narrative fashion that we had the words didn't need to be coaxed from him as much as they did the words didn't need to be coaxed from him as much as they did Tom yeah you know I think Bill Maher bought Muller's testimony really surprised a lot of us he was strangely disconnected from his rapport as congressman Schiff acknowledges it wasn't as though Muller was there to tell a story so much as on occasion he would allow the Democrats to try to pry bits and pieces of his report out from him it certainly was not the avenging angel that I think so many on the Left hoped they would see we saw someone rather who was reluctant who was hesitant who didn't quite seem to be in command of the facts and the conclusions of the report that bears his eye I know you look at this from a standpoint of law but I started this conversation by saying impeachment is a political decision and now you're starting to hear some Republicans suggest that Jerry Nadler is facing a strong primary challenge a woman from New York Lindsay Boylan age 35 apparently is gaining steam in his district and people like Mick Mulvaney with Chris Wallace on Sunday say that the Boylan wants to the next aoc from that district and Nadler wants to make sure that does not happen how much do you believe that is at work here in the continued Isis I suspect that is a strong force I mean if you're a Jerry Nadler you've got to be thinking it is exceedingly unlikely that I would get unseated by a Republican challenger the only political threat that he faces is from the left exactly what happened with Alexandria Cassio Cortes and so he wants to make sure he Shores up his left flank I think that is going to make him far more receptive to the voices within his party who are saying to take a hard line on impeachment we'll see how it plays out but I think the fact that this is all unfolding as we enter the election year I think can't be lost on the mind some of that's at work then that's that's what I take from that I sure do absolute Nancy Pelosi wants to get the grand jury evidence go to court and get it I don't know that's the highly secret stuff would a judge ever grant it do you think you know she might get little bits and pieces of it I can't imagine that they're gonna get a wholesale unredacted version of the Moller report because as you know it it's well in green in the law that grand jury material tends to stay secret I suspect that this is more of the same in the sense that this is Nancy Pelosi looking to shore up the left flank by showing that the Democrats are doing something obviously we know Nancy Pelosi is not gung ho on impeachment but she can't seem to be amodal she has to show her base that she is doing something and as she said it's through this litigation in the court trying to get things unsealed issuing subpoenas that she's trying to show her base that the Democrats are actually doing something against Donald Trump now watch these primary battles they can tell us a lot Thank You Thomas we should see a time to pre my question thank you Fox News Alert now president Trump about to sign the 911 victim Compensation Fund bill into law any moment now he'll be surrounded by the men and women some of them who risk their lives that day and beyond we'll bring you that event as soon as it begins and President Obama's promise that you can keep your doctor now a key issue in the 2020 presidential race but should Democratic couples follow in his footsteps wrong the caller had called police to ask for help retrieving a bag the teens stole and that is when Churchill Arrigo was murdered when he went to the scene and had a confrontation allegedly with the two American teens Bill back to you Amy Kellogg on that story Amy thank you Milan Italy the president is not a racist he didn't say anything racist this is classic pushback people elected Trump this is exactly why pushback against conventional wisdom what he's saying here is the absolute truth but it's not supposed to be said about any place where the Democrats are in charge well that was rush limbaugh pushing back against claims that President Trump is a racist as the president takes aim at Maryland congressman Elijah Cummings firing off a steady stream of attacks on the state of his Baltimore district let's bring in our headliner Donna Brazile is a former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee and a Fox News contributor is not a good morning to you welcome so let's get your good to hear you let's get your take on this back and forth first well first of all I'm not gonna get into a name-calling and all this other craziness as you all know the the president United States who we just witnessed sign a major piece of legislation to help first responders he's the president of the entire United States whether you voted for him or not he's the president of people of Baltimore my beloved hometown of New Orleans he's a president of everyone I think we need to stop a major in the minors and and taking these tweets to our public discourse it is Harmon you know our our country it's poisonous and it has no place in American politics I don't get it I don't understand it there are people who disagree with the President on issues on policy but to to take two personal attacks and to demonize an entire American city simply because you've just wanted to chairman let's lean on the stats then because the president said and I'm quoting I'm Elijah Cummings has done a very poor job for his district and for the city of Baltimore here's some of the latest statistics as showing the situation there Donna those below poverty level near it's over 22 the homeless population nearly 3,000 people on a given night homicides 309 last year alone Donna Santa Rosa statistics that we all find reprehensible but let me ask you a question and the country has a fluent as the United States of America is it right to morally pin this on the person whose represent in that city or should we all take responsibility to make this country better for every living megazor point but don't you think your people of Baltimore deserve better don't you think the United States of America deserve better as well with a president who will not lift up a finger that help those who are in poverty let's focus on what we can do as a country we're now making a larger Commons the subject of a conversation that started with shouldn't we treat migrant children better this is where the conversation started now we ending it by saying a lot of the Commons is not doing its job he's waking up every day I know a lot of comments but also no cities like Baltimore and and Baltimore like Chicago Louise New Orleans where I'm from Washington DC where I'm today these cities along with our rural communities deserve to have leadership that looks after them not attacked them for them for the problems that they are experiencing push the conversation forward Michael Goodwin Fox's comment no problem number eight guys on screen here's the headline Dems are assessed with two things impeachment and racy rights it won't help them win Michael Goodwin there today is that what this campaign is shaping up to be about Donna you know back in the early 2000 when President Trump and others began to push this Berthe conversation we had to endure that conversation we knew that it's represented the facts no Democrats are more than just the subjects that the president and others desire us to have we're about making sure that every American has a healthy start and a head start in their life making sure that this prosperity that we're enjoying it to be sure about all that's what Democrats are about and if Republicans disagree with what our approach is fine you'll be checked the ballad of knowing that you're almost halfway there with half the number of House Democrats favoring impeachment is the is that the right winning track for this campaign you know there are many Americans who support impeach and I open up an impeachment inquiry and many who believe that it's it's it's not going to give us what we desire which is you the end of the present presidency no I'm not a member of Congress and my member does not have a vote but let me tell you what I would say to her let's hold this administration as you've held other administration's accountable this is about accountability no one is above the law and we should make sure that everyone is a held accountable how do you think the debates change things this week Donna well here's what I believe I think they all should bring their a-game not just for the vice president former vice president others every last one of those candidates should bring their a-game this is we're now in a period of time when the American people are looking for real leadership real change they don't want the you know the the okey-doke they want real issue real solutions to issues that still confront this country I think we're going to see a lot of fireworks and it won't just be directed at former vice president but the fireworks will come from those who are struggling to to have a breakthrough and they need this this conversation right now to go at a higher level and to bring us into a future we'll see how much okie-doke we get this week thank you down in a moment here at Trump administration reportedly trying to crack down on fraud and abuse in the food stamp program tell you about the big change they're looking to make in a moment plus 20 20 Democrats pushing ramping up their push I should say for Medicare for all senator Bernie Sanders says more taxes now will be better for you later money man Charles Payne as a response to that he'll join us next people are not going to pay any premium they're not gonna pay any deductibles they're not gonna pay any co-payments so if you call a premium what tax we're getting rid of that to the Trump administration reportedly proposing a rule change the food stamp program to close loopholes that lead to the misuse of public money Charles Payne with its now host to making money Charles Bain Fox Business Network hello sir to you good morning good morning morning well there's a loophole there's they're a couple of program we actually have a lot of programs actually to help us we've been talking about this for a long we have we have been you have and there's this one the one area where you know if you're eligible for benefits on there this temporary assistance program then you could you automatically also be are enrolled into the nutritional program snap which is the food stamp program and apparently it's been enough abuse that the the Trump administration is kind of worried about this and so they're saying hey let's make sure that people who are getting this temporary assistance you know for Needy Families program that they're on it for a certain amount of time to get in a certain amount of money before they qualify for for the full food stamp program it's a little confusing the idea initially was hey let's just cut the paperwork if you if you qualify from when you're probably qualify for the other as it turns out there have been some mistakes you know some of you some just accidents you know the reports of millionaires getting food stamps that kind of thing so I would just say you know obviously whenever it comes to something like this we want to be very very careful to make sure that families who didn't the assistance get it and by the same token oh it's not cheap it's a sixty five billion dollar program so you can see the need to also make sure that there's not any waste fraud or abuse it can't work well it should work it should work again we just have to make sure that it when it's implemented that families that truly need need this assistance them don't accidentally get cut off here's the average enrollment 2016 forty four million forty two million 2017 it so is dropping now from 2016 to mm it's dropped precipitously especially over the last couple years but the amount paid out has not dropped as much as the enrollment which has a lot that's what that's one of the things that actually raise the red flags on this thing all right Bernie Sanders on Medicare for all listen we're gonna do way with hundreds of billions of dollars of administrative waste way to do away with the incredible profiteering of the insurance companies in the in the drawer companies so people will be paying in in some cases more in taxes but the overall because they're not going to pay premiums deductibles co-payments they'll be paying less for the health care we for 20 20 Democrats you think we're gonna hear more of that I think so I gotta borrow a line from the prior yes and prove you for me Donna the old okey doke okay it's listened but you're right center a lot of most of the candidates on that stage will have some form of this now they're all trying to you know make the little nuances to make theirs different than the other person's but for the most part essentially it's the government running the health care system private industry either completely out of the picture are only limited to selling Medicare like products and Medicare like products and it's it's it's a worrisome thing people are obviously concerned it's it's it's not just the money which by the way is astronomical but it's the outcome the health care outcomes do we really want to put our lives in the hands of government but he's making the case if you listen to interview that if you pay more in taxes for health care you will get more out of it right he's making the case but he also saying that the bulk of this would be paid for by in a billionaires and millionaires and and that's at least he admitted that he did say that middle class everybody's gonna pay more right the question is in 2019 is America okay with that I don't think they are particularly when they have to lose their doctors and and people are very happy for the most part with their private insurance particularly where the employer is paying the bulk of that people love that particular system they like the fact that they have their own doctors right now what we've taken is a problem for a swath of our population and it's too many like 30 million people or so and we've brought it out to fit an entire problem you know it's like if you have a leaky front tire you don't take your car to the demolition you know have them dismantle the whole thing you just fix the leaky tire but it's an excuse to revamp the entire system by the way big week for the markets interest rates the jobs day Friday markets up 50 points right now yeah Shanghai meeting between it to US and China Tory representatives it's a huge week for the stock market our eight week well then you better be back tomorrow all right a manhunt in Canada intensifying after a possible sighting of the suspected Canada Highway killer's police warning locals to stay inside as they conduct a massive search operation in hopes of bringing this all to a peaceful end we'll have that next yeah the community is freaking out because we're not used to this it's a very safe community where you know everybody is just nobody locks their door and you know so everybody's worried it's it's definitely an experience people in the Canadian province of Manitoba have been told to stay inside and lock their doors this has police swarmed the community after the possible sighting of two teens suspected in the killing of three people joining us now with the latest on this investigation is former police detective Steve Rogers also a former member of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Steve good morning to you we spoke to the mother we spoke to the brother of the killed girl of the boyfriend-girlfriend couple they're obviously devastated but they want to find this killer and this this killers going to be found I would say that the best hope the police have at this point is going to be human intelligence somebody's gonna see them I understand they may have changed their identity people do that but the fact that I matter is they we're gonna have to depend on the people out there we always say if you see something say something well here's the reality of why did these two pop up these these two yes these two individuals the motive who knows a tell what unfortunately there are a lot of mentally ill people out there for some reason they go out and commit these acts with Bill that's a good question what in the world is the motive here now the police being that they have their identity there's no doubt they did a forensic analysis on all their computer equipment cell phones who are their friends any groups that they were associated with that would promote violent acts against innocent people all this is being investigated and looked at but sure enough you're not gonna find out for the motive until they catch them and catch them alive well one of the suspects fathers has since spoken out and said that his sons a deeply troubled individual and also stated that his son would probably want to go down quote in a blaze of glory so you do have a trouble individual then I understand they were worshipping to some port Adolf Hitler they had some attraction to him we're dealing with two sick individuals but hopefully they're gonna be caught alive because that will bring the business area of Canada it can be wild there was a message that went out from local police saying the terrain is immense and varied with lakes and ponds etc this this could be wilderness area where they're looking now which tells us that they need food they need water they need to survive out in the wild which leads me to the believe that if they're out there they're not gonna be out there very long they're gonna have to surface in some neighborhood on some streets somewhere or have some interaction with somebody and hopefully they're not gonna be killing any more considering these are reports of sightings and this is an incredibly remote area how do you even conduct that part of the investigation well the police are obligated to follow every lead you're talking about hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over the country they're probably some US law enforcement agencies helping you've got drones you've got a lot of technology out there but you have to follow these leads up because the one lead that comes to you that you don't follow up that may be the lead you should have followed that would lead you to the arrest last question about this landfill about a possible sighting and I just refer to a moment ago have they had any luck finding anything around that area none at all at this point doesn't mean that they're gonna they're gonna stop looking because they might find some evidence as small as it is they may find some evidence that will lead them on the trail of these individuals the mother of one was with you about a week ago right sander and she was clearly heartbroken she said she could not even imagine what it would be like to look in the face of the killer the person responsible for killing her daughter and her boyfriend it's impacted a lot of people around the world a loving couple we saw the video it's just two nice people out there having a good time so one can only imagine travel yes yes Steve thank you the mystery there continues yes Steve Rogers here in New York thank you I remember you were covering this story late last night horrific scene as gunfire breaks out in a California Food Festival three are dead 12 others injured what we're learning about the gunman and the death of a six-year-old child in this melee


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