America's Newsroom [10AM] 7/19/19 | FOX News Today July 19, 2019

America's Newsroom [10AM] 7/19/19 | FOX News Today July 19, 2019

is the Lord they are back at it already the battle of wills between the president the new members of Congress as we welcome you to a brand new hour and a Friday I'm bill hemmer live here in New York how you doing right a I'm Heather Childers in for Sandra Smith a representative of Mar promising to continue being the president's quote nightmare even as he disavows the chance at the campaign rally I started speaking very quickly I disagree with her by the way but it was quite a chant and I felt a little bit badly about it but I will say this I did and I started speaking very quickly everybody's got an opinion about this right to the 18 Juan Williams Fox News political analyst co-hosts the five how you doing good morning James Freeman assistant editor of Wall Street Journal editorial page Fox News contributor hello sir did beer Janis Ellis Reeves Trump 2020 advisory board member and hello and welcome back thank you as an advisory board member what he thinks is going yeah well you know I agree with the president's comments of course he's gonna disavow this and the dissent itself but I think that this is a group of Patriots that are sincerely expressing an objection to everything that Ilhan Omar stands for and when the progressive leftist squad and I think that we have to focus on why these particular individuals are going so far progressive left I mean you have a congresswoman who is introducing legislation on BDS that is so anti-semitic she's never reversed her comments and yet we're sitting here talking about what a trump rally is is chanting I mean they chanted lock her up and yet we still see that Hillary Clinton it's completely fine and it's out walking on the streets right and so I think we have to focus here on what is behind that sentiment and what is let's get everybody to weigh in go ahead yeah I think it was good the president disavowed the the nasty chan I think he made some nasty comments over the last week congresswoman Omar makes a lot of nasty comments about the United States but I don't think she ought to be a sent away I think maybe the voters of Minneapolis might want to reconsider their choice well they'll have that option eventually and we'll have a choice in November 2020 but to me this has been a very unsettling week I thought the president's tweets about Senator Holm was unfortunate and you know you could say nativist which is what I think James they said in the Wall Street Journal and others might say racist but then when you see these chants at the North Carolina rally it was scary because I think that you see people get incensed and get a sense of anger especially at immigrants but at political opponents in a way that could lead to violence and I think that's why I think you've seen Republicans take a lead here a Republican saying to the president mr. president I think we've gone a little too far this is not the party we want to be and I think that's why the president then stepped back so let me go ahead and frame this in somewhat of a different way the next rally is August first in Cincinnati my guess is we don't hear this I think the message has gone out that you don't do it I think if you watch a lot of the media coverage you would have thought 15,000 people walked in the other night with swastikas on their arms which certainly is not the case Limbaugh framed it the following way but earlier today here on Fox people are fed up I think hearing how rotten their country is they're fed and they're fed up hearing the media give those people an additional platform to broadcast their hate and their disgust with the country so I think what happened at that rally is a combination of people having fun there were the president they loved it's a take off one locker up some of the same sentiments we had here yeah I would like the president to set a different tone but I think it should be pointed out here that one of the reasons there is this focus on congresswoman Omar is the the comments from her about the United States about our troops Washington Post quoting her recently talking about being in rooms with people who have served who say the most horrendous things with complete disregard for life she's talking about US military veterans there she quoted throwing home Minnesota Public Radio she's saying that President Trump is threatened because we are inspiring people to dream about a country that recognizes our dignity and our humanity this is the country that recognizes dignity and humanity above all others in history so so I think that is the root of this this controversy but obviously it it should be addressed in different ways than we heard at that rally in that that the president has been experiencing with him oh no I think that you can say that she's made controversial statements but by the way thank God for America you can make controversial statements you can have different political views without being castigated demonized and making it legitimate for acts of vicious behavior exclusion potentially violent FairPoint with a reflection on the country Jenna where else but in America can you be a Somali refugee and be elected to Congress and have this much attention and influence ultimately in your life absolutely is remarkable and and I think that that's the contrast that the American people are seeing when you have someone who has really taken advantage of truly the American dream and who yet in her capacity as a congresswoman is speaking out on policies and on issues that are so fundamentally anti-american that we're seeing this contrast and I think that Rush Limbaugh is right that the American people are so tired of this because we love our country we love what it stands for and we love the fact that our government is there to preserve and protect our god-given rights rather than having someone who is taken advantage of the American dream and then just completely spits all over it yeah but at the same time after all of this has happened she's now saying to the president wand you know she's going to continue to be his nightmare listen to this his nightmare is being a Somali immigrant refugees are going to continue to be a nightmare to this president policies are a nightmare to us we are not deterred we are not frightened and then we have this tweet from President Trump that we can bring up for you where he says it is amazing how the fake news media became crazed over the chants send her back by app actor by a packed arena a record crowd in the great state of North Carolina but is totally calm and accepting of the most vile and disgusting mainstream media which has lost all credibility has either officially or unofficially become a part of the radical left Democratic Party it is a sick partnership one well I think this is the president going back to you know well-worn enemies the media the left-wing the radical left I mean this is who he's run wants to run against you know he would lose the 20/20 if it was a referendum on him you can just look at the numbers but he wants to make the other side less acceptable Heather and I think that's what he's after to me what I mean the whole idea that that was a fake rally that was staged that's ridiculous of course some people welcomed her back they felt that she had some people in London early and argued the number of people who were that I don't even want to argue that I just think it was real Rubio's making the point that all this is a double standard Democrats try to pass a condemnation of Omar's comment about the Benjamins for three months but could not get that done here's Rubio in his own words on that one of their members of Congress from their party says that support for Israel is all about the Benjamins and they couldn't even pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism by itself but it took them less than 72 hours to pass a resolution condemning the President of the United States tweet as racist the hypocrisy the self-righteousness outrageous people – okay and they said the outrage machine has been overdrive this yeah you'd like the president to set a higher tone than the most radical member of Congress but I think a big issue related to this 2020 question is is how much do other members of that party stand with Omar on issues and I think for that that whole squad that this is the real question because you could say they're just fringe rat but you see so many people sharing the bringing New Deal for example a really fundamental change in the US economy so it's it's not clear exactly who's standing with Omar and who's not and I think that's gonna be well Grove is arguing is that they're controlling the Democratic Party certainly at least in the house and in the Senate every Democrat senator running for president backed the green New Deal authored by aoc part of the so-called squad wait a second hold on I I don't think you want to send me home because I backed the some environmental policy that you think is a little too far to the left I think that what you see here is you can these four people are better known among Republicans than they are among Democrats why is that yes because what the poll numbers show so what you see here is that they are being used as foils by the right wing and you talk about the these for controlling the Democrats as I recall these four voted against the money for the border the overwhelming majority every other Democrat in the House voted for vote against the money yes and they let they let them have it yes in that here in general yeah but the Democrats are going through an identity crisis and they're going to have to decide are they going to let this these four become the new faces of their party are they going to stand with them anything that was the brilliance of where President Trump is pointing out the fact that the this squad and their progressive leftist policies are really genuinely driving the leftist party and for the leaders like a Nancy Pelosi to rally around them rather than calling out everything that they're doing is progressive left in saying this isn't part of our party that's not gonna bode well for 2020 and I also want to say something quickly about the media as well I mean we're talking kind of out of both sides of our mouths here one when you're saying that you know this is American this is great and we can say anything we want and yet we have only the criticism in the mainstream media of Republicans and President Trump rather than focusing on people like Alan Omar who are making all of these anti-semitic comments making all these anti-american comments where is the media rallying against that where's the media consistently in the new cycle calling that I think we all know about her I don't think it's any secret but I do think that he's the President of the United States she's a congresswoman has the bully pulpit he's the leader and when he says things that are nativist if not racist it's damaging to us as an area they are not racist at all 60% of the American people including a plurality of Republicans said that was a racist no because the new cycle is driving that and we know when you have for people who based on the fact that they're female or they are non-white individuals when you focus on that rather than the content of what they're talking about then you're claiming racism that's absolutely not a James yeah I think it is the the content of the message that is drawn all this fire and I that your comment about God Bless America we have these freedoms you'd love to to hear that appreciation for our freedoms here what you hear from congresswoman Omar is essentially why America is the bad guy in in foreign policy and during a continued I've really appreciate the conversation thank you want see at 5 o'clock 5 o'clock gray told me was up to you thanks for coming back weekend news alert though for you right now a president Trump saying a u.s. warship shot down an Iranian drone but Tehran is claiming that it never happened as a deputy foreign minister of Iran tweeting this we have not lost any drone in the Strait of Hormuz nor anywhere else I'm worried that USS boxer has shot down their own unmanned aerial system by mistake a Richardson is following this from the State Department for us and has more hi rich hey good morning Heather and Iranian officials claim all of their drones arrived safely at their bases this is just the latest incident involving drones between the United States and Iran over the Persian Gulf a US officials say Marines use this new anti drone jamming device yesterday to disable and destroy an Iranian drone the Pentagon says the drone closed within what officials described as a threatening range of the USS boxer while the ship was in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz this is about a month after Iran shot down an American drone over the same waterway this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran against vessels operating in international waters the United States reserves the right to defend our personnel our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn Iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce Iran has also acknowledged it seized a small tanker that Iranian officials claimed was smuggling fuel the State Department has demanded Iran immediately released the ship and its crew the US has previously accused Iran of attacking tankers in the region to disrupt the global oil market nearly one-fifth of the world's oil traverses the Strait of Hormuz with that dozens of diplomats are soon arriving here at the State Department to discuss maritime security in that region in the Strait of Hormuz the State Department says an international effort is needed to make sure that ships can pass through that region so they say they've invited diplomats from countries that have shipping interests importing and exporting in the Persian Gulf Heather all right thank you very much rich House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry now they're demanding former White House aide hope Hicks return for a new round of questioning this afternoon a released court documents in the michael cohen matter went into detail over what she may have known about alleged money payments hope Hicks is currently the executive vice president chief communications officer for our parent company the Fox Corporation chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge live today Aspen Colorado the Aspen Security Forum Catherine good morning these new Cowan records give us a lot of detail and insight into a critical period October 2016 and the days leading up to the presidential election a lead FBI investigating agent rights in the documents based on the timing of these calls in the content of the text messages and emails I believe at least some of these communications concerned the need to prevent Clifford a reference to stormy Daniels from going public particularly in the wake of the Access Hollywood story according to the newly unsealed court records these communications included then-candidate trump hope hicks who at that time was leading communications for the campaign Michael Cohen mr. Trump's personal attorney as well as David pecker the head of American media that controlled the National Enquirer and Clifford's attorney it's important to know that the president and his team has consistently denied the allegations of an affair with Clifford what's important is that these newly unsealed records have prompted the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler to in effect recall hope Hicks after her testimony in June Nadler is saying that there are now conflicts apparent discrepancies between what Hicks told the committee in June and what is revealed in these new court records about the communications and her apparent knowledge of these payments and all of this comes bill just days before the special counsel is set to publicly testify and Republicans are signaling a warning Muller does not have to show up so he's doing this on his own free will that tells me the last time he operated on his own free will everybody forgets Barr came out where the memo was very clear about the decision that he had made and then a few days later Moeller decided on his own to go out and hold a nine-minute press conference so I am very concerned and I think we should expect the work this is one of these cases where the timing really matters the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has asked Hicks to deconflict her testimony by mid-august so that means he wants to get that clarified even when there during that August recess bill Thank You Catherine Catherine Harridge beautiful Aspen Colorado enjoy that campaign one week since 69 year-old Barbara Thomas was last seen in a California desert why authorities reportedly are looking into her husband as a potential suspect also in a moment here Democratic controlled house blocking consideration of an impeachment resolution against the president that leading The Wall Street Journal called Democrats impeachment phonies what do they mean by that we'll put that the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer he is our headliner he joins us next and they want to try and impeach it's a disgrace the husband of a missing hiker says that he's innocent after his 69 year-old wife Barbara Thomas vanished during a hike in the California desert this happened one week ago Robert gray is following this story for us from our West Coast newsroom hi Robert hi Heather that's right now in a media interview Robert Thomas saying that police consider him the prime suspect because he and his wife Barbara were alone when she disappeared last Friday in the Mojave Desert Thomas also says he failed a polygraph test please consider me the prime suspect because it was just the two of us now I know that polygraphs aren't 100% and I had not had any sleep well Thomas says he had nothing to do with her disappearance and that he last saw his wife walking ahead of him as he stopped to take a photo by the time I took the pictures she was continuing on because she wanted to use the RV and she rounded the corner and I lost sight of it my feeling is that she was picked up because she had to cross a highway she was wearing a bikini and she had a beer in her hand the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office tells Fox News they are not releasing any information about the missing person investigation and interviews with family members authorities also tell us they have no evidence suggesting the woman was abducted nor have they found any trace of her rescue workers resumed the search at daybreak they're using off-road vehicles k-9 unit's hikers and they'll have aerial support throughout the day Barbra Thomas has been missing since last Friday keep in mind she disappeared with no supplies or even a cell phone and temperatures are once again forecast in triple digits in the area they're searching about a hundred miles south of Las Vegas authorities also tell us they're unaware of how long the couple was separated before Barbara Thomas disappeared nor do they know how far she was from their RV at the time officials also say they don't know of any medical conditions that may have led the woman to become disoriented or lost Heather will continue to follow the story right now back to you let's hope they find her thank you some amazing history coming up this weekend one small step for man the country celebrates 50 years since the historic Apollo 11 moon landing we're going to talk to astronaut Mike Massimino who's about as fascinating as you will find when it comes to space great enthusiasm for it what the milestone means to him and more coming up Golden Age you have to wait for that plus we'll have a rallying cry of the far-left going down in the house is it time for Democrats to put the impeachment effort to rest Sean Spicer is our headliner and he takes that up and some other things up next attention time Sheriff the United States House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project I've ever been involved in the resolution how stupid is that on impeachment its that from the other night president Trump sounding off in the house vote to table an impeachment resolution against him 137 Democrats joined Republicans blocking the effort from going forward Wall Street Journal editorial page had this headline impeachment phonies Democrats get a moment of truth on Trump and they blink and close here's our headliner Sean Spicer former White House press secretary senior adviser and spokesman for America first action shot good day to you and the hello and welcome back thanks Bill thanks Heather what is your take on the vote that happened initially you had a number of Democrats but there's each time and now they were just short of what that 100 the other day what do you think chef well it went down 332 to 95 Al Green the congressman that did it puts us in introduce it on January 21st I mean this is not a serious effort this was done the day Trump was sworn into office it's clearly politically motivated the Democrats are trapped they know it's a good talking point for their base but at the end of the day they recognize Nancy Pelosi more than anyone recognizes that they will clearly lose the House of Representatives and probably guarantee the president's re-election if they continue to move forward with this I think the American people who are with them on this is a plurality of Democrats this is the far left this is their basis the people that the Democrats running for president are are appealing to and cowing to but this is not the majority of Americans by any stretch of the imagination and I would fathom it's not the majority of Democrats so that they're really walking this fine line of trying to appease the far left base of their party and recognize their prospects of maintaining a majority are very very slim if they continue to go too much more forward Shawn you mention congressman Al Green this is in fact what the store time since President Trump took office that he has pressed the house to go forward with these impeachment hearings and things like that he definitely says he's not backing down listen to this I still think we'll take some time and if appropriate we will bring additional articles of impeachment I believe that the Judiciary Committee at some point has to do something with the investigation I don't believe in paralysis by analysis so at some point if the Judiciary Committee doesn't act I will I have no desire to do this myself but I do believe that the Constitution ought to be honored well you talked about what Democrats will do moving forward that's at least what he's going to do right I mean so so again I think we got to peel the onion back for a second and make sure everyone understands what's going on even if for some far-out reason they got to a majority of Democrats that wanted to support this in the house and it could pass it's not going anywhere in the Senate where it would have to go therefore this is a this is truly and 100% a political exercise that being said I think as I as I said a moment ago the the Democrats have to recognize they lost the last election were two and a half years out from it they lost Hillary Clinton ran a horrible campaign Donald Trump in the RNC ran a great campaign he won with 306 electoral votes he won states that they took for granted and he's going to win them again if they really care about moving forward as a party they would be better spent putting their time and effort into the next election instead of trying to replay the last one now I'm the last one to try to help them out so in a weird way I actually don't mind what they're doing now because it's a wasted political exercise it shows that throws the American people that this is what they do with the majority this is what they do with power they don't advance ideas and and policies they go after the President of the United States and their opponents for two and a half years ad nauseam okay let's turn to the back and forth throughout there we just want to get your take on what we've been reporting on for the last several days your what a lot of rallies during the campaign of 2016 president was asked about what happened the other night in Greenville North Carolina at the White House I was not happy with it I disagree with it but again I didn't say I didn't say that they did but I disagree this is multi-layered you know it's the squad versus the president's the president versus members of the squad yet cries of racism this past week from the crowd in North Carolina how do you view this now after what we went through this well first yeah first and foremost I think the president was absolutely right to call this out these four women are American citizens and we should be disagreeing with their policies and what they're putting forward not not by any means disparaging their origins their ethnicity or anything else that our people trying to make this into so I think the President did the right thing by calling out the chant that was said at that rally that being said you talked about you know the squad versus the president this is what this really comes down to is socialism versus freedom this comes down to prosperity versus more socialism and I think that the more we can frame this about that choice and what the what has happened over the last week is there has been a crystallization of the choice that is coming up the next election it is about these women leading the Democratic Party further and further to the left a march toward socialism and embrace towards socialism and what the president and the Republican Party are offering which is more freedom more prosperity capitalism free enterprise all the things that I think have made this country great that have made it a magnet for people around the world to want to come and prosper this is why this is the argument that we need to be putting forward in this election and let the Democratic Party rally around the squad and their socialistic socialism principles and policies I'm Sean can I want to ask you something about what goes on behind the scenes because it's so rare for president Trump to he didn't go back on what happened but he did disavow the chant and what happened we can say that how rare is that and what type of pressure do you think he got to do that look I've been around the guy for a couple years I don't think I've ever seen him you know when it when people talk about the pressure he was under he at the end of the day has good excellent gut instincts right he understands the mood of the electorate understands messaging and and he might have gotten a lot of input is probably how I'd rather put it and he made a decision and I again I think in this case it was the right decision but it's his gut that is always guiding him more than anything else he solicits opinions and ideas but it is it is he who ultimately makes that decision and knows exactly which way what the right thing to do is and what the right argument is that's where I look at this I just want to squeeze in one more topic here on the Democratic side there seems to be an open and public argument now about what the best course is for healthcare within the Democratic primary here's the headline Bernie Biden clash over Medicare for all Bernie slams Biden says he sounds like Trump on Medicare here is Joe Biden responding to Bernie's claim here I'm not criticizing Bernie it's just everybody should know the Medicare plan that's will replace existing Medicare it's not the same plan it doesn't mean it's not good or bad it's a different plan everyone will get off the plan that exists now and get on another plan under the proposal I have you'd be able to keep your insurance with your employer if your employer still is prepared to pay for the insurance so that still buying Bernie Sanders said I'm disappointed I have to say in Joe who's a friend of mine really distorting what Medicare for all is about unfortunately he's sounding like Donald Trump he is sounding like the health care industry in that regard how much deeper does this run 15 months away well first there is a bit of irony in Joe Biden wrapping himself around the idea if you like your plan if you like your doctor you can keep it that might not be the smartest political move but I've seen in a while that being said this is a fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party Joe Biden's wrapping himself around the Obama legacy Obama care and Bernie Sanders continues to embrace the socialistic tendencies and policies of Medicare for all and undermining the the nuts and bolts of our current health care system and what people enjoy mark my word though this is where I think people may be reading the system wrong Bernie Sanders does unbelievably well in caucus states he did very well last cycle versus Hillary Clinton one on one you've got Iowa right off the bat I think that's where Sanders has a big chance despite the polls it's a small state he just needs people to come out he goes into New Hampshire he's a favorite son South Carolina he'll have problems and then he goes back to Nevada which is a caucus state big culinary union there I think that people are under estimating for Bernie Sanders at this point in the in the race and it's now becoming a fight for what I would call the traditional heart and soul the Democratic Party in the direction that Bernie Sanders wants to go in unfortunately for the Democrats Bernie Sanders supporters are that far left hard-core nut group of people that come out over and over again especially in caucuses yeah I mean he at least he's talking about how to pay for it though because he also went after Kamala Harris and you know Hickenlooper saying that neither one of them are talking about how you would pay for it well yeah but with all due respect Heather he's talking about pay for as if like somehow that this these trillions of dollars are gonna grow on trees I mean just because he's putting on a number doesn't mean he's given a realistic description of how it can be paid for he is telling you how much it costs which is an insane amount of money he's saying that somehow these people who don't exist in this country have all of this wealth that you can attacks at an abundance level that's going to come in it's just it's built on a house of bad cards okay Sean thanks for coming on today good luck tonight you thrown out the first pitch about tucking your nervous tuck at Red Sox here I come get over there man thanks pal thank you sir well Fox News Alert for you now a deadly day in Afghanistan at least eight people killed dozens more wounded after a powerful bomb explodes outside the gates of Kabul University in the nation's capital Benjamin Hall is in London with more Benjamin yeah hi Heather at a time when the u.s. is trying its best to get out of Afghanistan this just serves as another reminder of the terrible security conditions in that country we have seen numerous attacks there now over the past few months there has been no claim yet of responsibility for today's attack but both the Taliban and Isis often carry out large-scale attacks like this in the city the powerful bomb exploded outside the gates of Kabul University killing at least eight people wounding 33 it's unclear if it was a suicide attack or remote device the attack also comes as the US are engaged in peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar last week the seventh round of talks ended led by US ambassador Khalilzad and it is believed now that significant progress has been made the Taliban though still controlled roughly half of Afghanistan and are at their strongest since the 2001 invasion it's believed that Taliban representatives are now willing to sit down with officials of the Afghan government presumably to begin talks on power sharing between both sides once the u.s. withdraws at the same time though Isis have also stepped up their attacks and influence across the country recently trying to recruit students from cobbles universities and two professors at the same University that was attacked today had links to the terror group certainly Isis will hope to gain influence once the u.s. finally leave now and there has now been a September the first date set to find some kind of a roadmap to peace talks it's believed that they would involve some kind of deal whereby the US would pull troops out and in exchange the Taliban would accept that the country wouldn't be used by terror groups from which to launch attacks against the West and perhaps also try and enshrine some of the women's rights that have been put in place since the US have been there Heather Benjamin thank you Thank You Ben there are new efforts now to try and make the Dominican Republic safer for tourists amid concerns over recent deaths of Americans on vacation there so what is changing tell you about that a live report coming up and another 20 20 Democrat making a familiar healthcare pledge you can keep your doctor so how will this go over with voters money man Charles Payne is on deck up next the vast majority of doctors will be in that system and you can keep your doctor under that system president Trump announcing he will nominate Jean Scalia son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as his New Labour Secretariat if confirmed he would succeed outgoing secretary Alex Acosta a Charles Payne is here with he's of course the host of making money over on the Fox Business Network hello what do you think I mean familiar name it's a familiar name with an incredible track record so right in fact the track work is so good a lot of folks on you know the higher minimum wage folks and labor activists are concerned that he may not you know he may take decide if you will a big business a Chamber of Commerce and that kind of thing I don't I don't think that's gonna be the case obviously I think he's extraordinary professional and and he will apply things to the job but he has the insight you know it's the thing that's really interesting about it he's someone who has the insight to make the labor department really work a lot of the cases as an attorney that he's dealt with have to do with regulations which goes into line with what the president thinks about absolutely and you know you would expect a Republican president to put someone in who may be more business-friendly a business oriented but that doesn't mean he's going to be unfriendly unfriendly or unfair when it comes to two parts labor so I think we'll have with some some people who are be upset but ultimately I think this is a great great all right more on that coming up here in the meantime the markets are up on a Friday and the Fed well the president was tweeting about the Fed in a significant way today it's just a little bit here's one of them talking about the New York Fed president John Williams his first statement is a hundred percent correct and that the Fed raised far too fast and too early had they not acted so fast and so much we would be doing even better than we are doing right now your witness now here's the thing I've been saying this over and over and over again on my show and my writings and everything that the Fed I think the PAL Fed has had an epiphany I think they understand that they not only raised too much but that the dynamics of the economy with low unemployment and higher wages it's not equal inflation if President Trump looks at what Williams said yesterday he will be thrilled because Williams is acknowledging when I've been saying and even what the president is saying that the Fed has to act they have to be swift about it and you know people argue well they don't have a lot of bullets they know the only Sony tuna hat they need to save it he said the exact opposite don't save them use them I really believe the PAL fed is determined not to let it slip into recession not even to see the warning lights of recession so I think what this will the Federal Reserve has done since yesterday and early this morning is trying to temper expectations for a massive rate cut later this month but I think this new Fed will start to cut rates and I think the president meaning have quarter-point not a half point exactly month yet July 31st unless something major happens to change their mind right right but the Fed is understanding now historically recessions have been caused by the Federal Reserve in fact in December between the Federal Reserve and Armenia they almost plunged our nation into recession all right Camilla Harrison late-night shows talking about health care her idea of Medicare for all you can keep your doctor watch 91% of the doctors in America are in Medicare and those that are not are mostly pediatricians and the nine percent and you know why they're not in Medicare because Medicare doesn't cover children mm-hmm but when we have Medicare for all that will not be any longer the case which means that the vast majority of doctors will be in that system and you can keep your doctor under that system I really hate to say it but it's that's a very simplistic and and and and not necessary sort of disingenuous yeah ninety-one percent there in this system doesn't mean that they really want Medicare patients 94 percent are private insurance here's the thing people must realize Medicare pays on average 80 percent less than private insurance right it's hard to get paid when you go through Medicare it could take a month it could take two months particularly if there are any questions on the paperwork Medicare payments have not kept up with inflation so she's talking about taking a system that pays doctors more than it devised them more paying them less maybe you know 20% less doctors in our country also have the highest rate of suicides of any profession because of the workload because of the stress because of the burnout she's talking about really overburdening the medical system right now as it stands and I think it's gonna backfire miserable yeah I don't think you can keep your doctor I don't know that you will keep your doctor but I know your doctors gonna have a whole lot more patients paying a whole lot less money and and I don't think that equals the other side suggesting a political ad using that quote we'll see thank you great weekend YouTube thank you in a moment the Dominican Republic taking new steps after the mysterious deaths of about a dozen American tourists is that enough to keep people safe we will take you there live coming up Mike Spears


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