16 thoughts on “America's Newsroom 10AM 5/20/19 | America's Newsroom Fox News Today May 20, 2019”

  • Another terrorist republican going to start a war for the terrorist regime of Israel. Trump the criminal is a bumbling idiot and trumptards will believe anything. Trump is guilty of collusion conspiracy obstruction and being a bumbling idiot and now maybe a terrorist.

  • Jefrey Ptchersr says:

    The only ones that are impeachable are all the Democrats we must vote out all Democrats in 2020 because if one Democrat wins the presidency you miles kiss United States of America goodbye

  • Larry Williams says:

    Buttigieg is an odd character in his talk and demeanor so I can't imagine him being hard line enough to handle rogue nations or criminals nor be one I would want to have in control of nukes.

  • Joe Biden will not unify deployables, he had his one and only chance to distroy American values. He is a failure and needs to be put in jail right behind Obummer and his treasonous cult!

  • Edrick Ruckes says:

    And also Joe Biden is the biggest racist of all he said among black so-called leaders which doesn't represent me they going to put y'all back in Chains , and they was over there smiling they can go to hell 2 with him they deserve what they get , wake up Black America stand with the Republican Party , the racist Jim Crow party Democrats wake up …

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