American Reaction To President Trump's Comments On Kashmir

American Reaction To President Trump's Comments On Kashmir

well a super bot very very early it is 202 a.m. the professors of bags under eyes drinking coffee getting ready for the work day pondering if he should bunk work pondering it hey listen I did a video about congratulations for the moon landing and there were a ton of Donald Trump cussed comments and there at uh Noble and it was like I don't did I say something booked Trump but I'm trying to think like they say something about him and in because I have a new route a new sales area I really haven't been paying attention to the news you know I've fallen behind on my Indian film viewing my Arnab watching my American news watching because I've been meeting new customers and and introducing myself as spending a lot of time to kind of fix things and get it the way I want them right so so I went and I found a clip on YouTube where it was Donald Trump sitting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he brought up Kashmir and he said that he was asked by Modi to maybe negotiate some kind of peace deal in between you know Pakistan and India and you know the Kashmir area and I'm guessing that's what the comments are about and people have asked me to weigh in and what what do I think about it well again let me start off by saying I think Donald Trump has done a great job for America underneath Barack Obama our economy lost close to six trillion dollars and he's gotten that back in a few years and then some so things for America and Americans are on the upswing compared to what they were for the last ten years and and I understand that doesn't always necessarily excite the world or help other countries or whatnot so that's my point of view I think there's one of two things going on here with Donald Trump watching this this clip of him number one is he's a little bit on the egomaniac side and well let me I'm gonna tell you the story about Eric Holland honor he was a friend of mine in junior high high school freshman sophomore year and Eric was a smart kid but he always had to be the hero of the story always whether it was football practice whether it was a weekend out partying whether it was you know a college trip to visit some friends he always had to be the hero of his own stories and in it and he there was never a moment where he would not say something or embellish something to make himself look good or sound good and they and I think the president suffers from that a little bit I think the president if you put him in any situation would begin to tell you how great he is out of ego and it's he's not a politician he's a businessman and a lot of rich businessmen are like that because they're the ones who've made these millions and billions and trillions of dollars and so they tend to think because their way work they must be right so it's now their their mindset their view is no a blueprint for how do you run business right how do you run business and and I think unfortunately they can come back and harm you so I don't think Modi asked him to help because the this isn't like an Israeli issue we were your and I think it Israel should probably go India this is not trilateral talks or quadrilateral talks this is by that real talk this isn't even bilateral talks let me rephrase that Pakistan is not just you know I'm sorry Kashmir is not disputed territory it is owned by I mean it is India Kashmir is India right it is not Pakistan and so there is no legal claim that Pakistan has towards this all Pakistan wants is just to acquire more land you know either by hook or by crook as we say in America so this this would be like I think from my American friends watching Mexico trying to take Texas and then Mexico saying you know what we need the president of China to come over and negotiate this peace offering between us what the hell are you talking about Texas is part of America dummy what are you talking about no there's no talk there's get out or die I mean that's where you get out or die those are your choices so I think that's what we're looking at that's number one or Donald Trump is doing something else because he wants to negotiate and I think he may want something from India that India is not giving him whether it is a trade deal whether it's tariffs whether it's you know buy more military aid right I don't know what he's trying to do I don't but my guess is there something that he wants from the Modi government some kind of deal and he's not getting it and so what he's doing now is he's then going over to the competition like a businessman wouldn't put his arm around Pakistan and be like hey what's up man do you kind of a cute girl what's up are you doing you won't go to the dance with me trying to get India jealous or to make a a decision a business decision based on emotion and I think what he doesn't understand in this scenario is that's not gonna work with India he is operating from a Western mindset right a you know this is Occidental meets oriental right this is a completely different way of life dude you're dealing with somebody who's a devout Hindu this is this is not going to work this is not this is not going to sway him off the thing now I know that he really likes Modi I've seen him talk in America about excuse me the great president Prime Minister excuse me of India a Modi and how much respect he has for him so to answer all the questions that are going on in the comments from my last video he is either you know open mouth insert foot and he just can't stop talking about himself or interjecting himself to whatever or there's something that he wants from India and he's trying to get a deal in place because I'm gonna tell you right now he just he does not care about Pakistan he does not care about Pakistan Pakistan can go down the tubes and I don't mean YouTube he just don't care like there's there's he he is pulled more money from Pakistan more aid more military more resources away from them that that they're on the brink of collapse and so my guess is is he just I'm you know the gummy right because I know you have friends like that who can't stop talking they're the hero of all their stories it's either that or he thinks she's got some kind of business play and he's trying to make an emotional appeal for India to say oh okay okay okay okay okay well I don't let's do this deal just get rid of these Pakistani fools and we'll do this deal that's my take on it so again it doesn't represent my views I don't see Kashmir disputed territory I see it as part of India and you know I just want you guys to know that I love you all right I'll catch you guys later peace and much love


44 thoughts on “American Reaction To President Trump's Comments On Kashmir”

  • President Donald Trump messed up, Professor. He got flattered by the Pakistani Prime Minister and got carried away. Nevertheless, India and USA will only come more closer going into the future!

  • Your Nightmare says:

    President Donald Trump just had a slip of tongue. It was nothing serious, happens with everyone. Clarification has come from both sides. Let's end this matter here. Indian right wingers still support him and our leaders have also said that his intentions were not bad. Its only indian pseudoseculars and pseudoliberals making buzz about it. They want to prevent US-INDIA-ISREAL Nexus to be formed. Pakistan ex army chief Musharraf once exposed himself in an interview that he has prevented the formation of this india-us-isreal Nexus in early 2000. He did this via his spies in Indian national Congress and now he isdoing it again. Don't pay attention to them. India and America will become allies against all odds

  • neha shri neha says:

    Trump or US attitude is causing problems for India .He cannot play with India when it comes to Pakistan.Its way too serious issue for us .


    Even china has muvh better relationship with india because they don't fare in these types of matter,, us is just a rascel


    First of all , us don't care about anything reality,, they care only from where the money will come in their pocket,, rascles,,

  • Trump is blackmailing on trade taxes with kashmir blackmail simple nd stupid.
    Indians like russia more than US its upto US to be friends with india

  • Abhishek Harshvardhan says:

    We are not really happy what president trump has done by lying. It's not good for bilateral relations

  • do you even know what is Indias policy on kashmir…why the fuck would this moron Trump lie in such a prime minister of india let alone NAMO would say such a thing..this moron trump will fuck up Americas relationship with India

  • I think he did that as a punishment for India for buying S-400 from Russia and he got a trade deal with Pakistan so he is also bucking Pakistan up to do something for US in Afghanistan so giving encougement to them how ever he has not given them anything.

  • Dr.Sachi dulal Chanda says:

    Entire Jammu and Kashmir including Pakistan and China occupied Kashmir are Integral part of Republic of India since ancient Indian Civilization. Kashmir was hub of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism since ancient times, until Semitic barbaric Abrahamic Invaders land on our Paradise during 14th Century and started Ethnic Cleansing, Mass Genocide, Destruction of our Religious Temples and spread Terrorism during late 1980s onward. Thousands of Indian People and Armed Forces have made their sacrifice for the protection of Kashmir and we won't allow anyone to poke their nose or shall never compromise in our Sovereignty and National Security. How Americans will feel if Alaska is given back to Russia and Texas and Miami become part of Mexico. Will any American gonna compromise on their Sovereignty ? US Government should stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, otherwise they gonna loose many trusted allies and friendly countries. International Terrorism, Global Warming/Climate Change, Poverty Eradication, Disaster Management, Drug, Human and Child Trafficking and Imperial Attitude of Communist Government of China are major challenges of Today's World and on these issues, all countries of the World should focus and create solution rather than meddling in Internal affairs of friendly countries.

  • foreverbatman says:

    He is not a diplomatic or a career politician. If people are so offended with just that why are we ( Indians) playing cricket with Pakistan or watch both teams play.

  • Devendra Singh says:

    You are 100% correct. President Trump is trying to push India from Russia towards USA as he wants India to not buy Russia's S-400 but instead buy USA's F-35 and F-18 fighter jets and USA's missile defense systems.
    President Trump also needs Pakistan due to its geolocation to access landlocked Afghanistan which is surrounded by Pakistan from the west, by Iran from the south and east and bordered by Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan to the north and China in the north-east. Pakistan is accessible from the sea on the south.USA is not on agreeable terms with China and Iran so it needs Pakistan to gain access to Afghanistan.

  • Devendra Singh says:

    You have hit this 100% on the head of the nail.
    PS… Pakistan MUST withdraw from Kashmir. All of Kashmir legally belongs to India. Pakistan is illegally occupying Kashmir.

  • कोंकण कला संस्कृती Konkan Kala Sanskruti says:

    India never get help from any third country at any cost no matter who is president of India…. because our Govt and we trust our Army 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Nagraj Shelke says:

    I think you are totally in and out Indian now….. because U have understanding of theses complex issues very well…love and respect for your honesty

  • Trump said the same thing in 2016 with diff vocabulary…..Indian RW love trump coz he roasts liberals big time……

  • Professor you are sadly mistaken about Trump and the economy. The deficit will only rise and taxes will rise as well.

  • Siddharth Mitra says:

    yeah trump wants us to stop the S400 deal and purchase their patriot system and F-21 planes which is not going to happen. Hes trying to do whats best for USA and we are doing whats best for us.

  • Shripad Krishna says:

    Professor Indians have always negotiated with every country in the World. We are, in a sense, mini USA. We do trade deals and we are very fierce in it. We think of pro-India just like Americans think of pro-USA and rightly so. However, Trump should realise that business (trade deals) and politics are two separate issues. Using one for the other causes great distress to relationships that have been built over the years with so much care. It is not easy to build a trustworthy relationship but it is very easy to break it. We don't mind having sanctions imposed on us because we did not do a trade deal that would have favoured USA. We have had sanctions imposed on us in the past. We'll deal with it. But we don't want anything to happen to the friendship that is being nurtured between USA and India because of political misunderstandings. Trade differences is a normal thing. It won't affect our friendship. But political differences might. Because we are anti-Islamic Terrorism through and through. We can compromise on anything but not that.

    Now coming to the issue at hand: Pakistan and India's land dispute is nothing compared to India and Bangladesh land dispute. You should read up on Indo-Bangladeshi Enclaves and see how complicated that issue was. We solved it without firing a single bullet on either side of the border. How is it that we could solve such a complex land dispute with Bangladesh peacefully but can't solve the dispute with Pakistan? On the other hand, let us look at Pakistan. It hasn't solved a single land dispute with any of its neighbours till date. So why then should anyone believe Pakistan? Why should the USA think "Oh this time it will be different"?

    Sorry to say but Trump is doing a disservice to America by engaging Pakistan. He thinks by being nice to Imran Khan he'll get some favourable deal with Taliban. It is impossible. They will backstab him. It is in their nature. They are snakes. They have always backstabbed even in the past. They harboured Osama Bin Laden while pretending to be an Ally to USA. It is high time Trump realises this. Else, they'll keep taking him for a ride. One can't reason with snakes. They will always want to bite the hand that feeds. Learn from India's mistakes. Do not repeat the same mistakes we did and suffer needlessly. Saying this as a concerned Citizen of India and a well wisher of America.

  • Siddhant Wavre says:

    I am scared to say this but…If Mr. Trump was serious….trust me he will be the cause for world war 3…were america will be backing up pak…and russia and some others will back up India…so plz let Kashmir be were it belongs to be…INDIA….😂

  • Nitish Thakur says:

    Who the hell is pakistan to discuss about pakistan with other irresponsible country…Everyone knows only pakistan is responsible for kashmir problem they send terrorists in India by brainwashing them religiously and we r handling pakistan pakistan has very bad condition and we will continues untill they stop spreading terrorism…also its an advise to america that don't make this globle issue otherwise trump will be responsible for bad India America relations in future


    Not only Kashmir Pakistan was also part of India…. We provide to them…. If Pakistan try to talk about Kashmir… We will take all over Pakistan….. 💪

  • Nitish Thakur says:

    Sir please read….
    We love americans but ur politics is double face…Trump turned his lovers(Indians) into haters…even american media and congress leaders are trolling him becoz everyone in america says thay India is our major partner and friend country but his one statement about Kashmir makes India america relations so critical…check Indian media everyone abusing him and we r in doubt that is america really our friend or enemy(as it was before 2000) so its hard to trust on america…also american media specially "New york times" also work on Anti India propagenda thats why we prefer Russia always becoz we can't trust america Russia was our friend and also at present but america is double faced…I know India america has good relations but we don't like american policies toward other countries He said very wrong statement about afghanistan too yesterday….At present almost 70% world hates america or confused about relations(like India) so Live and let other live peacefully

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