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  • Thanks to this guide I started playing Eve on 1/07/17 and today on 1/22 my Character has paid for PLEX and still has a net worth of 1.07B isk. There was some investment by others in the game but I would not have shown the promise for them to do so if I had not learned what I learned here. Many thanks

  • Alpha clone life says:

    A great video. Making good ISK as an Alpha is not easy, I mine to get materials to make things for sale as well as market trade, I seem to do ok in Dodixie.

  • I make it a point to not buy from anyone that cuts their sell orders  to one cent lower than the cheapest person. I just pay that extra cent because fuck that.

  • TheHockeyKeeper says:

    Cool video! I started as a complete noob a week ago, and got fed up with the low payouts from the regular missions, so i did the Epic Arc missions, which ended up with 15m ISK. All nice and well, but i didnt make money after, so i tried mining, which took forever. Then i tried High buy vs low sell between systems. Too much risk, too slow. Then i started exploring, and that is the way to go for a noob like me. 360m ISK in 3 days, roaming null sec and wh. Scary shit, because they find me a lot, but heck its awesome when you hack a 15m ISK for the first time.
    Maybe that would be a great point in time to start doing what you do…

  • Very Helpful! I'm a newer player myself and was looking for a better way to make ISK. With the guide of some older players I've been doing extensive wormhole exploration, but due to the hit and miss nature of wormholes I wanted another way to make ISK and found this video. Excited to try this out. Will update this comment on results. Great and Clear Explanation!

  • Not sure if this is in the comments already – I always use copy and paste to set up and modify orders, no need to type every digit of the prices by hand.
    For a buy order – make a fake buy order on the top item, the price is already in the field and can be modified by the mouse wheel or the arrow keys
    For a sell order make a fake buy order on the top item and select "Advanced" to get a copyable price field.

  • And most importantly, don't forget guys: If you don't enjoy it, DO NOT do it. It' EvE, there are tons of things even alpaca clones can do to earn money: Exploration (relic sites), gas harvesting in wormholes, scanning down with combat probes ppl doing missions in Battleships/Marauders in Osmon or other popular mission hubs, warping to them and salvaging the wrecks (10-30 mil per hour easy for a noob). Google around or ask in Eve's help chat channels, there are tons of things to do. Or rather stop being cheap and buy a subscription.


    im trying to calculate how you do the margins but i cant find out how you do it could anyone help me with that please.

  • "Monitoring phase"…"active trading mode"?
    Just say "now we watch prices". Hate this addition of bs jargon to simple station trading.

  • Station trading is the easiest way to make a fortune. However, it is going to consume your soul. It's super time consuming, and extremely boring..

  • Can you sent money from one acc to another acc? Because if you do it with for chars you need to have Another account

  • I have been station trading since 2013 and I recently hit 500b isk. Watching this reminds me of my earlier days on the markets lol

  • Is it just me or does this guy sound like Brad Pitt doing his best Matthew Mcconaughey impression? If I could buy a bed made of Morgan Freeman's voice, I would likely seek a blanket made of this dude's voice…obligatory nohomo

  • Hello, i recently started to trade but i really have troubles making money with it… I get 0.01 ISKd all the time, even on orders where nearly no sell orders are… I dont even trade in Jita… Do you have a suggestion to this?

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