Allen West Hired By Fox News

Allen West Hired By Fox News

alan lasts has landed himself a big at
foxnews iight well you know but you’ve been blowing conservatives for
the past uh… i don’t know how many usually done on this earth so will deserve meant well deserved are sold course about one of the head
and look back at some articles found some of allen west’s greatest hits and by greatest hits i mean dumbest fucking things ever said on
planet earth ever but let’s start here joseph journals would be very proud of
of the democrats helen west said uh… i’ll give you no longer quote
quote is joseph goebbels was around to be very proud of the democrat party
alarmed when they say democrat party because they it’s incidents in rat they
think it’s like a acquit put down let you know it’s democratic but you say democrat it’s like me saying republican party e have uh… child is what you or your child all right we talked about still also
violet uh… it also krummel’s was around me
very proud of the democrat party because they have incredible propaganda machine ali irony b_r_t_ uh… quote liberals get hell out of america that was when he was speaking at the
palm beach county g_o_p_ supporting candidate dinner uh… few months ago and uh… he said quote a cure message
of equality and achievement off idaho rubble things equality achievement uh… and you can take it to your if you can’t
take it to the bottom of the sea you can take it to the north pole but get the
hell out of the united states of america are he later tried to walk back the
statement continues or refer to the message not the liberals themselves o
yet sure are liberals are a threat to the gene pool you can make this up it’s like our west is uh… uh… old walking caricature of himself you liken s_n_l_ skit a real life s_n_l_
skit in a july two thousand eleven post on
the website read country west wrote quote i must confess when i see anyone
with a no bomb a two thousand four bumper-sticker i recognize them as a
direct it to the gene pool i love this one i’m going to kill you before running for congress west had a
twenty two-year career in the military the left after he abused in iraqi
detainee quote this is it on going to count to
five again and if you don’t give me what i
want i’m going to kill you in fired a shot afflict over the
detainees that then did things he’s like a lit up are
real life a steven seagal or something or chuck norris real he’s living in a movie hero i’m
always a good job on the side it was spread anyway here let’s go torture some
iraqis by in the modern day harriet tubman stylist speaking with uh… o’reilly factor gastos lorraine grin on
his two thousand eleven he said the democrat party is a twenty-first century plantation they were you trying to make sense of
when they attacked the democrats that you don’t even see like a logical
smooth progression even if it’s wrong right thailand what it’s like slavery really yet but let me just move on before i give myself an aneurysm quote let them get shot at intimate in may two dozen eleven the
house narrowly defeated a proposal which would have required president obama to
submit a timetable for withdrawal from afghanistan all those who voted for the bell west
said i would take these gentlemen over and
let them get it shot at a few times and maybe have a different opinion how is what you’re saying it has i make
any sense so because people want a end the war you
think they should get shot at in ways i think if you take them over
there and they get shot and wouldn’t that make the money in the war more that there’s no logic to what he’s
saying anything approve the opposite point but why would i spent our was to
make sense we also should be censoring the american news agencies they remain on the first amendment this
guy is weak itself this was in response to what was going
on with with the leaks recruitment sensor everybody doesn’t agree with me yet how american review allen west manuel about this doctor tends to be a
patriot he does not ring of what this country
was founded on uh… religious coexistence would giveaway our country another very american thing for him to
say i mean were founded on the principle that the government after not establish a religions resting
neutral in the cause of religion so if your kid newer buddhist or muslim
brag na sticker atheist or christian or whatever but is equal playing field for
you our government is not a religious right he takes that message footer dot
it’s at that of uh… religious coexistence would give
away our country no release goes this is what this
fucking country was founded on you moron and then a look i saved the best for last and i’d been alluded to this earlier democrats support the most insidious form of slavery west accuse democrats of supporting the worst form of slavery known today
quote the democratic appetite for ever increasing redistribution eric handouts is in fact
the most insidious form of slavery i mean by that logic social security is
slavery alan go ask your grandma if you think
she’s not being enslaved by getting a couple a hundred box alkaline allen welcome our entry modernism alive
government does redistribution of some sort to some
degree i mean the police department
redistribution of wealth is that the funded by taxes the fire department
saving the highways the f_d_a_ a the fact that you’re not dying when you
think he did meet yeah the f_d_a_ in regulatory bodies i
think that but i know that’s library did slavery not only does he disagree with
that its later and in the most ironic twist of all
remember quote i’m very concerned about this very divisive rhetoric alan wes said both president opa month in december apparently unaware of the glaring


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