All Men's 100m Dash Races! Fousey TUMBLES and Logan LIMPS! | Challenger Games Highlights

All Men's 100m Dash Races! Fousey TUMBLES and Logan LIMPS! | Challenger Games Highlights

you'd everyone for tuning in yo what we're here to do today is raise money for charity the Special Olympics hit that donate button and please donate to us Jake Paul do you think you're ready for this cuz I'm the fastest man on the planet I said it on live television and today I'm about to back it up we got King badge we got destroying I understand I'm not scared we have your biggest favorite and most hated internet personalities here today at Long Beach City College Veterans Memorial Stadium the Challenger games first ever thank you guys for watching hit that donate button how about the Special Olympics what he got to say Jake hey yo how's that hamstring no how's the hamstring though cuz you ain't been training ok look I'm the underdog here today but y'all gonna root for the chant you guys want the chance to win come on we like underdogs here LA what's good fam let's get this bread the Challenger games like 27 come on I'm coming for you ball ladies and gentlemen your 2019 challenger game athletes here we go and this is what you want to see this is what everyone came out here to witness and as they're in the blocks interesting starting position from lane 3 that's Cole and Brett Nana see false start so everyone gets one or there's one false start attributed it to the group and the next one to do it is disqualified so as they get back set the crowd goes quiet but the hearts start racing at this point I can barely contain myself Thomas and fast out the gate looks like Logan oh we have a tumblr but looks like it's neck-and-neck it's between funny Mike [Applause] and unclear that is but it looks like funny Mike's gonna take it brennentaylor also there nope not funny Mike we've all eyes on Logan Paul right now it looked like he got up limping as he crosses the finish line and in bad shape he carried by phousi ladies and gentlemen this is not good as we look at that looks like right out the block and phousi takes a dive there with him phousi takes a dive Logan turns directly into a robot it looked like there yep he's a robot do we have a official winner I do believe brennentaylor takes a killer takes the first seat yup that's Brennan with a 12 second point for three hundred meter dash which is pretty good George Janko in second : for it in third but we're gonna go down to Shannon right now guys my name is Brenna Taylor I tell you visit all Bros television Oh something that we are let's go let's go how are you doing what just happened I'm so disappointed that my leg couldn't hold up I do like a pan down I have like chicken legs sorry I got skip leg day I'm kind of just focused on boxing now like que si your bitch we know but no it's it's fine but I think I'm just gonna focus on ricing of course rest ice cover recover hell of a where so where are you gonna be the rest of this this day I mean your relay team like you said but just just watching rooting for Jake now I hate to say but I think so alright well we are going to Shannon Briggs now who is right here with me I'm disappointed I know you are very disappointed I heard you say you folks in our boxing now that's the next step but a box of fans around the world looking forward to you there's big talks with all the networks and everybody with you taking that step in the boxing the staple center of the forum be there be ready I promise I will be healthy when that happens next year challenger games I mean at least I have something to be so grateful what you do today and hopefully be back sewing in the rain knocking them out let's go champ thank you thank you – here as the competitors take their marks Jake ball the block so all eyes on Jake Paul it's unfortunate that his his night might come to an end s get off right now and it looks like a close race down to the wire it's gonna be late for OHS – a little slip-up there take anisette Jake Paul finish in it it was a neck and neck between three guys looks like purple drink let's get the final two it's pulling up with an injury and we're gonna go to the official scores table to see what the Jake Paul holding up the one-finger he believes he's got it and it looked like he got it down the stretch a huge burst of speed come out of nowhere it was terrible off the start yeah turn those boosters on about midway through he starts to get his speed that right there it's leaning back it looks like he's in a recliner while running this is incredible wouldn't it city it looks like Jake Paul the official stats are in he ran a 12.25 second hundred this is how close was taupe gisle Jake Paul's the winner told gisle and second twelve point two six and we have Shannon with the winner Shannon let's go I'm sorry this is just the first heat I move on to the final now I got a bad start terrible start by the way I came back pulled through because I am the fastest youtuber on the planet athletes and I really want you guys to hit that donate buying to charity right now this is her good cause great quality guys I'm coming in for the final vs. whoever wins these next heats let me get a good start this time I'm gonna take home this W and Logan's gonna give me a 300k thank you guys and it married tomorrow let's go – Wow and you can you can see Logan Logan's face right now he is not happy this is the last thing he wanted to see was a little brother jakey take the heat and he is he's smiling but I know that he's really hurting on the inside after that uh torn ligament I believe were working on getting him a peg leg so lance210 is out there Vitali is out there can match the favorite destroying this is a big heat guys and their and they are off and it's a great one oh that I believe that's destroy and destroy just running away with it out of his mind oh and batch is slowing out east remain within impress factory fast out of the gates fast down the stretch the man is fast that was that was incredible matches her manager Jeff is telling me right now that King batches actually hurt but at this point doesn't matter destroying is the fastest man on the planet Hussein bolt you've got nothing on this guy oh and really quick out of the blocks that's so important for the hundred meter dash in the maintain of speed throughout impressive and he didn't look back impressive by destroying I mean what's that is there any reason to look back at that point that guy's about to have a gold medal around his neck unless Ryan Garcia or maybe Jake Paul if he's able to get some sort of mechanical device installed in his legs before or out the next heat well again if you're just joining us Jake Paul took the heat number two let's go chat okay okay I'm here with the winner guys look at him y'all he broke with his fingers together what does that mean crazy I mean how you feel I could have done a little better I'm always hard on myself but hey we got the job don't know let's go chat Eddie give me whatever you want to shout out cuz you did a hell of a job let's go chat back to the booth so I think we found our favorite going ahead for the hundred meter dash destroying with an 11-second hundred meter dash that's impressive for anybody shout for guaranteed if you're in Vegas right now put your money on Charlie Jordan it's a guarantee there's a Charlie Jordan is in lane for ourselves watch the middle lane summer-rae and Charlie Jordan the starts gonna be the utmost importance and here we go Charlie George it's Charlie George I think she's a running in the wrong heat we need to put my god Charlie Jordan Michael Jordan Wow that girl is a freaking lightning bolt Ashleigh way too easy right there I mean let's be honest who's gonna compete with that today and she ran a 12.94 on the hundred


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