29 thoughts on “"All Marketers are Liars" – Seth Godin speaks at Google”

  • 5:56 – Growth comes from the fact that people tyell their friends. — Seth Godin

  • 5:33 – "First one is, look at the chart it's only two years. That growth is spectacular. That is organic growth. No Super Bowl commercials. No TV commercials. No billboards outside of the valley. Where did it come from. It came from the fact that people told their friends." — Seth Godin

  • Clark Magnuson says:

    30 years ago my title was "proposal manager".
    Someday you will realize that 95% of what is said is false. When you can tell what is true, you will then get rich.

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  • Carlos Bravo says:

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  • The Wall Street Journal says:

    At 44:00 hey Google, Bing maps is better for professional drivers like me because: i can link more than location together. I can ask how do I get from A to B to C to D.

     My sister is what turned me on to Bing maps. In her former job, it turns out she the entire Meals On Wheel database was handled with Bing maps. Something Google maps would not deliver.    

    Your Google maps software is perfect,  it has all the data needed for navigation. But… it's only designed for a narrow range of use cases.

  • 2006 talk by Seth Godin.  He correctly predicts Google Now at 45:18;

    "If I'm looking at Google ten years from now, Google wins because 50 million or 500 million people around the world have said, "Watch me search, watch my life; make it better." And if that was happening, then all of a sudden, you know that I'm staying at the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas, I don't have to go to Google Maps and type it in, it just shows up in my RSS feed, ready to go, directions from the airport to my hotel."

  • martin shervington says:

    "All Marketers are Liars" – Seth Godin speaks at Google
    This was from 7 years ago and was recommended by YouTube. Very interesting to watch now…

  • yes his words 100% right total moving lairs market defi ; to public service but prsnt defi ; marketers public property they were getting benefit how lie liars they were  take up Seth Godin sir take up  

  • Remote BPO Outsourcing says:

    We don't see marketers as liars. It's just that they have to be creative when promoting campaign advertisements.

  • The best (and not always the most profitable) marketers will only sell what they believe in. Like what I do. Adopt a puppy. It's good for the soul.

  • Samira Ariyadasa says:

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  • Digital Ad Agency / Adwords Consultants NYC LA San Francisco LONDON says:

    Jake, Yep… Another Seth Gem! …
    I'm going to have to upload the 25 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist on my Channel. Inspired! Thanks~!

  • Jenny Tokumei says:

    The reason I switched to Google was that back in mid 2000, a friend of mine linked me to Google and told me to search for "stupid idiotic moron". When the search results came back, it asked at the top "Did you mean George W Bush?"

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