Alice In Wonderland – Part 15  – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Alice In Wonderland – Part 15 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art

Me again, it’s Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails.
In this particular video I am going to continue my 3D work on
my gorgeous Alice in Wonderland creation. On this one we are going to do a little cup cake. So we want a similar shape that we did the cups with so more like a triangle shape flat bottomed, it has got a flat bottom. Going to pull some lines through because this is the little case that the cake is in. Then I’ve used the Soft Pastel Lemon for the cake. We just literally pull
through to create a bit of movement in the butter cream so it looks like butter cream at the top. Dead quick, easy. You can do that on nails on the everyday nail. Going to do a cup cake on here as well creating a swirl. Going to do the Queen of Hearts,
her own individual cup. So round fat cup going to be on a saucer, pressing out to create
the saucer and then neatly at the bottom just lifting it ever so slightly. Just opening
that up, build that front. Going to do a tea in there I’m going to do a handle, I’ll
make it off and then put it on so it looks like an ear shape. Bit of acrylic on the side so I can stick it on. And do around the back end of it as well. Going to paint some detail on there now. So I am putting the suits on there, so this is just
her cup. Just adding a bit of shading to the handle and onto the saucer. I am just going to seal all the cups that I’ve done that have got some artwork on them. Just having
a look at this now to see what can go where and what needs more. So as I look at that
I want something here, I am going to put a little mark there so you can see, here, here and here and here and here. I am going to do a tea cup here And do another cupcake here. So then the cake. On a form I am going to make some cutlery. So we’re going to do a spoon. Open this a little bit, a spoon. This is going to be a knife. Got some of the Liquid Aluminium I am just going to brush that all over it. I am just going to put that in the lamp to
just dry that off. So what I am going to do with the knife and forks and spoons is literally glue them straight on. I am just going to do
the last bits of 3D now which are the suits so the card suits. they are not dead small, they are not
really small so they are easy peasy to do. I am doing a love heart now. I have just got
two beads, put them together, pull them into a point Top part. Do another one, a white diamond. Just giving the sides a slight curve on them I am going to do Spades and Clubs as well. I am going to peel some of these off the ones that are dry. What I am going
to do is attach all these together so that they can go on there.


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