Alice In Wonderland – Part 1 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art –  Base Colour, Designing & Outlining

Alice In Wonderland – Part 1 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Base Colour, Designing & Outlining

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this series of videos I’m going to show you how to create a mixed media boxed art piece. And basically we do this in competitions, there’s loads of different skills involved that’s why it’s called mixed media, cos’ there’s lots of different things going on. So we’ve got hand painted designs, we’ve got 3D designs, we’ve got loads going on. So this will show you how to do the full ten nails and create that mixed media look. So I’ve prepped the tips, basically by buffing them all, re-sizing them so I’ve gone down in size. So you can see we’ve gone shorter, we’ve got the widest two nails in the center and then they slightly reduce on the way out. Just put them on with some blue tac. I’ve put them underneath a little basket or you can use a board, something that’s sturdy enough, but this basket i can also use this as a bit of a pallet as well. I want something that it’s going to be on that can either be thrown away after or can be cleaned after. Because it will get a lot of paint on it. So before we paint on anything I’m going to use the gel residue wipe off solution just to wipe over those nails to make sure they’re all nice and clean. The reason that I’ve buffed them is so the paint sticks really well to them. With the paints I’m just gonna use a wide brush, to apply the dark blue at the top, like this. It doesn’t need to be thin, it just needs to be like a blob of paint. Rinse that brush off. Dark purple. Lilac. White. And pink at the bottom. Then using a fan brush, Prepare the brush first, so I’ve gone into some water, wiped it off, just so it’s slightly damp, then we’re going to go over the top. Keep going backwards and forwards. And then we’re going to come down onto the purple. Backwards and forwards, make sure you go right in-between. Can you see what we’re doing? So we’re fading those two colours, so you can move slightly up onto that colour, so it fades and we’re going to keep going down onto the lilac. Make sure you go in-between. And then move up slightly so that blends that together. Just going to clean that brush out because i don’t want nothing dark now. And we’re going to go from the middle out with the white. Bring that down onto the pink. Make sure you’re catching all the nail. Just going to rinse that brush off. Going back over that white again. Making sure that all the sides are blended as well, this is purely a background. Just keep dragging that across until you’re happy with how it’s fading. So it looks like it’s been airbrushed, you get that airbrushed effect purely with the paints. Once that’s dry we’re going to use a little bit of gel polish. So we’re going to use grape expectations. On the top here. It’s got that little bit of shimmer that i want. It’s going to deepen the colour slightly as well. You’re just brushing it down gently, you’re not, just so it fades, your not creating a hard line. So we’ll do that on all ten nails at the top. With a gel brush i just want you to dry brush and pat where that joins, just so it fades a little bit better. So you’ve got a soft edge. Going to use a little bit of bambino at the bottom. So just on the tips there. Then we’re going to get barbie girl from the urban graffiti range, gel polish and do a little bit, just here, just above where we put bambino. Adding the gel polish is going to smooth the colour. So again with your gel brush, tap that edge, until you get a nice fade. With a dry brush. And where these two colours join i want you to gently stroke the gel, make them blend a little bit. No we’re going to put that into the lamp and cure that. We’re going to use an LED lamp Then using the mega gloss sealer, we’re going to seal all this. Don’t worry about going over the edges because we will be going over this again. So don’t worry if you overlap, we will have gel on the blue tac. But don’t worry about that, we will neaten that up as we go. Just want to make sure we’ve got a good coverage of gel, i go in the middle first and then i go up to the top and then i just start to run out of gel, when i come down I’m going onto the fresh gel and it gives me enough to finish the nail. Now we can cure those. Now I’m going to take each individual nail off, and tidy up these edges, so I’ve got my file and straighten up those edges, get rid of that excess gel. And also we need to buff over this shiny nail, remove the shine. That’s going to help us paint on the rest of the design. With each nail, once you have buffed it and removed the shine, we need to wipe over with the gel residue wipe off solution to make sure that’s nice and clean. You can then place that down and you know exactly where that’s bean because you’ve got these little markers here. So you’re going to do that on all ten nails. So now we’ve neatened those up, we’ve filed them and buffed over them, cleaned them up, we’re ready to move on to the next stage. In the next stage we’re going to start to map out the design, if you want to watch that video just continue to watch, the next video will come straight after this one.


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