100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenges GOP after impeachment inquiry hearing”

  • these AI faggots sucking the Pope's dick think they can rule the world with their AI vision? they don't even understand a thing about nanophotonics programming, an external and internal OS.

  • So because he is not defensive, he is guilty…If Trump was defensive, then they would be saying "Why is he being so defensive? He must be hiding something!"

  • So who's your mom in India? Shakti consort of Shiva? Find any genius woman in India with the power of nuclear energy if you can find one.

  • What is the other weapon that knocks electricity and internet at the same time? Is it EMF? Push one button and California/Silicon Valley is dead. No internet for the millenials means the suicidal rate will go up.

  • Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    Pete Buttigieg already said that the impeachment hearing isn't really about impeaching Trump and that's it's really about trying to destroy his image for 2020. I don't know why anybody takes this bull crap seriously.

  • Stupid socialists, I can wipe all of you with multi-weapon which is better than the ones owned by MIC. Who are you? How did you get rich?

  • The only sad thing is that FNN is making money off of all these clicks! However, I guess we have to "take one for the team" this time and pick and choose our battles right?

  • ha ha ha ha! All I can say is let Biden-Trump continues on the 2020 election to sideswept the Socialist duo Bernie and Warren.

  • Unfortunately, there is NOTHING the Republican Party can do but just to listen to the Impeachment inquiry that IS factual about our President.

  • Yeah it was extremely devastating for Donald Trump did you see how they had no evidence and no proof of anything and yet all they're doing is tampering with 2020 election cuz they want him gone before the election cuz they cannot beat him

  • When I simulate a fight it's like Krishna ever so fond of games. So let us reserve a wonderdul front row seat on Biden-Trump fight, the battle royale.

  • If you Dem seniors are too stupid to take my cue, I know what's happening in the Dems itself… ha ha ha ha ha! You are all infiltrated by Cortez group and they hold too many information to blackmail all of you. Just kill the bitches… it's easy.

  • I'll call AOC when I need another soda. This impeachment hearing is a total circus. Their star witness says: "Here's what I can do for you today, I can tell tell you what I heard from someone else" Lol. This is sure to get President Trump elected into a 2nd term.

  • My hope is that AOC and her squad reflect on her and her colleagues' irresponsible push early on for impeachment, often embarrassing and undermining Nancy Pelosi in public. Hopefully they will get what she understood would happen even with an ironclad impeachable action by the president which just came with the whistleblower's report. Pelosi knew that the Republicans are so far gone from the more collegial yesteryears that even with all the facts so far uncovered they still will support this president no matter what.

  • I will give free iPad and Samsung Tablet for all students…and you will only have 4 days of school. For workers, you are all paid 30 days per month and 3 days-off every week.

  • So for you Socialist teachers and professors, don't you think 3 paid days-off is so wonderful? If the school is so jampacked, there will be turns in going to school, the other days are for homeschooling with their parents or group study class at home.

  • Frustrated Omegle says:

    All we heard was a game of telephone. Bring someone that was actually in the frying pan forward. Im a former Democrat, not brainwashed trash like the far left is.

  • You don't have to collect papers and grade the students, the computer will certify their modules and collect their grades.

  • Some butthurt losers are bitter, I resigned at my job, I was bitter but I moved on and found another job. That's how it is. But you sour losers are so evil. You are not productive, creative and innovative, you run a cult movement.

  • I have not english so sorry.
    Trump out. All good. but south korea is only usa.
    South Korea is not japan.
    Do you love japan? Then
    only you are suck.
    Gisomia out.

  • I don't brag at facebook that I found another job to make my supervisor and friends talk about me. Nope. It's not an adult style.

  • More war's will be good for the working classes. Leftists are now the endless war party. Completely switching party's. Strange?

  • So Far under Trump:

    – ISIS defeated
    – Record economy
    – 6 million Americans off food stamps
    – Biggest Tax cuts in history
    – Donates presidential salary to charity every month
    – Regulations slashed at record numbers
    – Got out of Iran nuclear deal
    – Unemployment alltime low in 50 years
    – Appointed over 150 federal judges
    – Appointed 2 Supreme Court Justices
    – Got rid of NAFTA
    – Made NATO partners pay up
    – Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
    – Obamacare mandate over
    – USMCA new trade deal
    – Illegal imigration at alltime low
    – Cut 285 million from the U.N.
    – We're Energy independent 4 first time ever
    – Black unemployment lowest ever
    – Mexican unemployment lowest ever
    – Women unemployment lowest ever
    – Passed Criminal justice reform
    – Passed the right to try for the terminally ill
    – First president to stand up against China
    – Made historic trade deal with China
    – Got out of the Paris climate accord

  • Despite I want to take my closest friends at my new place of work with better salary than my previous company, I won't do that unless they approached me.

  • New companies usually offer better fringe benefits to attract people with experience and grow their company. My emphasis with the new company when they asked me what will make me stay is CAREER ADVANCEMENT.

  • I want to be a Whistle Blower and Can take down anyone ….. Anonymously …. Look out AOC.. You will never knew what Hit You….

  • I can't wait to see when a progressive takes presidency in 2020 all this trump whiners are going to cause millions of shootings im sure

  • trump will not be impeached dems will fall flat on they're faces agian like they have for the past 3 years 🤣🤣🤣 you guys need to give up

  • AOC Thank you from NC. Thanks for all those jobs you sent our way. Because you got upset with Amazon for not paying a fair amount of taxes.

  • Look this W.H(Mr Sleazy)is sitting there with the guy from Turkey the same one who just killed all those Kurds,come on man, he might as well(Pissed on the Republican party)in front of the whole party.

  • Eight Ball Talkin' says:


  • Yep, put on another anti- Trump socialist to say how marvelous the Democrat nutcases are making a spectacle of themselves with this.

  • The like dislike ratio on the fake news YouTube uploads tells us how next year will play out. That is, after these shenanigans are over. Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Wolf Turd-"So what do you think about the impeachment hearing?"
    Ocrapio-Cotex – "AAAHHHUUUMMM I UMMM YEAH LIKE AHH I think .. sometimes.. Yeah I think sometimes.. Yeah.. Sometimes.."

  • Trump… when all else fails be a vague as possible so you can backtrack anything. Get him in front of the committee, he will hang himself in about 2-3 minutes of answering questions!!!!!!

  • I wonder who sends who the talking points? Did CNN send them to AOC or did Shiff's office? Good deliver, limited glancing at notes, I am sure the Democrats will be pleased with her performance.

  • Jonathan Dominguez says:

    If trump falls down.
    White people fill that they loose power thats why they are blind to the facts.
    Trump is been so good at selling patriotisim and people are buying it at all cause

  • Still waiting for proof from all these lying Democrats that didnt hear the call – this was a shit show for Demonrats, more embarrassing than 3 years of lies about Russia when it was Democrats hiring Russian operatives to spy, more embarrassing than Blasey Ford and her zero evidence and way more embarrassing then the failed Mueller report which has to date got 49 inaccuracies and lies and the fact that Mueller didn't know what the Steele dossier was. Criminal Democrats losing millions of votes every week while their dirty crime riddled homeless, filthy cities get neglected.

  • mathew shackelford says:

    She used the word "facts" a lot but Democratic representative Mike Quigley said hearsay is better than direct evidence. He said that because he's unintelligent and because they have no facts.

  • Salahadin Mahamed says:

    I thought Russia was a “big deal” they brainwash you into oblivion and now Ukraine 🤦🏾‍♂️ You people take down whole governments behind the scenes but want to cry about what trumps doing in broad daylight at least we can see what he’s doing unlike all other presidents who do really shady shit using the CIA.. I honestly hate Trump but this bs shit show run by Democrats since 2016 is getting out of hand and super unconstitutional!

  • You know AOC in Trumps Pocket… Her Thinking Ny was going to give 3 billion to Amazon to set up shop… and turn down all those Jobs For her District … No one Can be that Stupid not even a Bartender …. Trump 2020 and 2024…



    This impeachment hearing is going nowhere. it almost over already because there is nothing wrong. Give it up. This is ridiculous. And please. Don’t put this mess on the air. She only makes you look worse. She thinks it should be legal to drop the turn styles in New York and sides with the people doing it rather than the police.

    Trump 2020! EASY WIN.

  • Thank you AOC the facts is now clear to the people that the man they elect into Office has been allegedly harrased big time by your party. I believe you should rather alter your way of concern.

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