ALERT! Dossier LINKER Reporter Deep Connections With F… – Mueller Is Crumbling!

REPORT: Dossier LINKER Reporter Deep Connections
With FBI! – Mueller Is Crumbling! These days we are witnessing more and more
false claims and blatant lies by the FBI against President Trump. This kind of behavior has
brought the FBI to its knees and was the base of huge official shifts in the organization. And now, after everything they’ve done,
they decided to release fake, unproven dossier to the liberal media in order to make Trump
look bad. “The man who broke the story, Mother Jones
reporter David Corn has strong connections to FBI general counsel James Baker.” (h/t) The thing is, the Corn-Baker connections are
so obvious that when Corn denied these facts it looked so funny and ironical that the whole
America went crazy. “He’s a fellow I know. He’s a social
acquaintance, and I do have contact with him,” he admitted. “I gave a statement to Politico, and I said
James Baker was not my source for this,” he added. “And even so, Politico puts out this story.
And now the Republicans are trying to investigate this link between Baker and me to sort of
indicate that the FBI was playing games with the memo rather than looking at it… as a
piece of information that deserved evaluation,” said Corn. “They’re trying to show that the FBI was
out there to basically get Trump and by circulating these memos to reporters such as myself, and
they focused on Jim Baker who was the general counsel of the FBI,” Corn finished. What the FBI did in the past and does in the
now towards POTUS will be paid times ten. It is morally and politically correct to accuse
the President so many times and think of so many hoaxes in order to get him resigned.
All of which came out to be faked, and every time something is proved to be faked, they
are doing their best to ignore it and focus on the next thing. Tell us, what do you think about this? Comment
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