Al Sharpton holds news conference in Baltimore after President Trump's comments | USA TODAY

Al Sharpton holds news conference in Baltimore after President Trump's comments | USA TODAY

good morning welcome let me first begin by thanking the pastor for allowing us to use this wonderful facility just to give you a little bit of backdrop we started this discussion back in January actually many of this many of us started this discussion many years ago my good friend Jimmy Kemp and I we worked on the Trump transition talking about housing issues shortly thereafter and January of this year Michael still released an op-ed that appeared in the hill as it relates to housing issues shortly thereafter a congressman former congressman ed towns wrote another affair about housing and economic development issues as we continued to build support we reached out to Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Al Sharpton was so kind to send a letter to the president CEO of Bank of America we began having several discussions with Bank of America and Bank of America has been gracious with their time and with their leadership team to begin to dialogue with us about working to engage housing issues across the nation we decided maybe 30 or 60 days ago to host our first Economic Forum here in Baltimore so we're excited to be here today to begin the discussion about housing policies the 2008 scars that we encounter are still here today and I'm going to close and let other folks begin to talk but I'll close by saying a favorite verse of mine commit your work to the Lord and your plans will succeed and that's what we've done we've tried to commit our work to the Lord so our plans will succeed my name is Elroy sailor sailor assistant Sam ail Oh our first name is Elroy il roi well thank you Elroy as he stated we had been talking the last several months and I confirmed a month ago to be here today to talk about how we must deal with the decrease in black homeownership and to come with ways to deal with it we thought that it was a way to show a bipartisan way of economic empowerment that we could work together as Americans when mr. Kemp who works with Elroy on this came forward I remembered his father who worked as a Republican across the aisle with many programs in our urban community and I remember when President Barack Obama was in office he asked me to tour this country with Newt Gingrich who we were diametrically opposed to politically but went on a five-city tour to talk about education so I reached out to our leadership and Larry Young who led National Action network's chapt here for a couple of decades and who is the voice of black ready on this city the head of NACP and others but as importantly the former chair of the Republican Party Michael Steele because I wanted people to understand this was not a partisan effort this was not a dump anybody effort this was about empowerment and all of us have an investment in that little did I know that mr. Trump was going to on the eve of this attack the congressman from this city and not only the congressman but the people of this city in the most bigoted and racist way he attacks everybody I know Donald Trump he's not mature enough to take criticism we can't help it he's like a child somebody say something he reacts he's thin-skinned and not really mature that well but he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color he doesn't refer to any of his other opponents of critics as infested he does not attack their districts he attacks Nancy Pelosi attacks Chuck Schumer he attacks other whites but he never said that their districts or their states are places that no human being wants to live the fact of the matter is Elijah Cummings district is the most well-educated and middle class aspiring district of blacks in this country and he doesn't even know what he's talking about Elijah Cummings is a respected and well regarded member of Congress and for him to be angry at mr. Cummings because mr. Cummings has the moral standing to question how migrant children are being treated at the border is an abomination to me I am also going to be stepping in the meeting that the Baptist ministers conference have and this conference this conference deals with the fart would be whole question of that's right Thank You mr. Trump's agent now as we as we deal with these questions and we were told that we were told there's a group of Trump folks that we know they are there was a supposed deal as we deal with the 100 and we deal with the Baptist ministers who have tomorrow authority to deal with migrant workers so we've got to deal with this issue and we're going to take it on and we're gonna take on all of those that oppose but I think we can't lose vision as for his attacks on me personally Donald Trump and I've known each other 25 years I've marched on him with Central Park five I've dealt with him on the birther issue he can say what he wants call him your troublemaker yes I make trouble for bigots I made trouble for him with Central Park I made trouble with him for birth arisen I'm gonna keep making trouble for bigots as far as me being a con man if he really thought I was a con man he'd be nominating me for his cabin so he doesn't believe that because if you remember right after he was elected he called me president asked me to come meet with her and he said I'm a roaster to come and meet with me so he doesn't believe that but he's playing a race divisive car we are here to talk about how we build together and get something done in that spirit let me bring the former chair of the Republican National Committee when Republicans were Republicans in the spirit of Jack Kemp and others Michael Steele hello everybody thank you very much Reverend Al it is it is really great to be back in in this wonderful city called Baltimore I've got basically three messages that I'd like to put on the street today I had the the extreme honor and pleasure of serving not just the Stape of working directly with the people of the city as its as lieutenant governor of Maryland during the Ehrlich Steele administration and what I found and understood most was how concerned and engaged the people of this community and communities like this all across the state have been so I have basically three messages in the wake of as Elroy noted at the beginning in the wake of what is a continuing housing crisis a continuing crisis to finance those who are looking for home to hold their home that we find the resources the time and the efforts to partner with this community as opposed to talking about this community we find the time the resources the energy and the effort to work with this community as opposed to disparaging this community so the first message I have is to the president United States mr. president you're reprehensible comments are like water off a duck's back when it comes to this community it just washes over them it doesn't stick to them it does not stain them so my ask to you sir is to join me to join join Jimmy Kemp to join others in this community here in this space on this ground let's walk this community sir let's talk to these folks face to face and you'll begin to realize and appreciate the hard work and the commitment that they have made this resort the resources that they need you can help with the energy they have you will benefit from and begin to understand why this is such a vibrant and important community this is a place where people raise their families this is a place where kids go to school this is the place where businesses thrive strive struggle find success just as they do anywhere else across the state of Maryland across the United States we are no different we are not defined by the color of our skin we're not defined by 400 years of slavery that is a part of who we are it is what animates us but it doesn't define us it doesn't limit us so mr. president come on down the streets are ready for you the neighborhoods are ready for you folks want to talk to you so just show up put the tweet down brother and show up that's all you have to do is not complicated to to the people of Baltimore you are resilient you are strong and you are so much better than anything that anyone ever has to say negative about you you know that you don't have to worry about that so work with us help us help you put out there what you need make the leadership accountable to you tell them what is lacking put in place the leadership you need to help you get the resources and do the things to build all of this district and districts across the city and the state this is our folks you know we can sit back and we can complain and moan about what someone said or what hasn't been done at some point we have to get up and walk into that moment too at some point we have to look at the black owned businesses in this community and decide how we help them how we support them how we grow them at some point we need to look at our housing and our public school system and ask ourselves how do we make it better elected officials only have a limited bandwidth you broaden and lengthen that bandwidth when you get engaged when you get involved so do the people of Baltimore and the people of this congressional district this is your moment just show Baltimore and to show America your resilience and what you're made of and what you're prepared to do as well the third message I have is more broadly speaking there is still a bubble that will pop when it comes to our housing crisis in this country three million people 3 million people lost their homes in that 2008 crisis 1 million people were evicted from their homes and yet how easy is it today to get alone our communities still being redlined that's why partnerships with Bank of America and other financial institutions are so important and I applaud and support their efforts to come to the table and want to begin to work with this community to resolve that's what this was originally about that's why we were originally called here that's what we've been planning for 30 days to come here and have the next step in the conversation with this community to put together the action items that we will need to act on when this moment is over when we leave this building we got sidetracked but we should not be distracted because the work that needs to be done to improve housing for this community the work that needs to be done that will then benefit and flow out in education in business and else and other things it matters it is the time now to do this that's why we were gathered here that's why we wanted to have this conversation so I appreciate the shiloh family for opening up their heart in their home for us to be here today to have this conversation folks don't get distracted by the tweet don't get blinded by the noise don't get don't get all caught up in the ratchet it crazy because that you do that then all of this gets lost I want to bring up Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy has been doing some incredible work and I've had the pleasure of working with his dad back in the day and it's even more of a pleasure down to work with him and what he's doing in housing and education community activism Awakening and bringing resources real resources to real people every day so Jimmy I'll give you a moment thank you very much for what you're doing about it hmm thank you it's a privilege to be back at new Shiloh Baptist Church and pastor Carter thank you for hosting this before all the media attention was coming as everybody said this was this was going to happen and part of the reason why the Jack Kemp Foundation is involved is because a were based in DC Baltimore's close we've been here with events with Joe Jones from the Center for Urban families who's right across the street we've been up here with Munir Behar with Derrick chase in Baltimore we did a Kemp Forum on police community relations a few years ago at Coppin State equality of opportunity is what we're shooting for and when I was driving here from DC there's not equality of opportunity in this country we've got a lot of political division unbelievably or maybe unfortunately believably we still have incredible racial division in this country and it takes all of us to address it and in the political dysfunction we find ourselves whatever you say about President Trump he is disrupting the way things that have been happening and so in every challenge there's an opportunity and I appreciate this opportunity to have this attention to focus on issues of housing and what you know there are many on the in the political atmosphere who think that all corporations are bad and evil well everybody wants a good job everybody wants there to be real investment and it takes the community to help identify where those good investment opportunities are and I drove through a bunch of row houses on Monroe Street half of them are vacant half of them are occupied those people who have stuck in there those are the people who we need to learn from and policymakers need to hear from and that's a part of what this effort is and and that's what the Jack Kemp Foundation wants to highlight and bring to bear and I appreciate the attention and opportunity in time to be with all of you and god Bless America god bless Baltimore and let's get to work well thank you all again Lord works in mysterious ways we wanted to have a small discussion with about ten people our friends from Bank of America our friends from the academic and thought leadership community but there was a different plan of course and you know actually I'm gonna thank everyone again for coming out we're gonna go inside and begin our discussions about housing we're going to begin our


49 thoughts on “Al Sharpton holds news conference in Baltimore after President Trump's comments | USA TODAY”

  • A sign your complaint has no merit – Rev. Al Sharpton and/or Rev Jesse Jackson are brought out before the cameras for a press conference to scream Racism to keep the public's eyes off the real issue Democrats misappropriating monies to make any improvements in their inner city districts. Follow the money not the "hype" people!

  • Michael LeFlore says:

    They doing something that Ben Carson is not doing n he is over HUD. Trump supposed to be a leader but he does not only act like a child everyday. When things don't go your way you call people names like a bully.

  • Gold Elephant says:

    This type of behavior is pissing me off, they're keeping the ppl of baltimore asleep. Please stop lying to the people. Baltimore is screwed up period, the people are screwed up, the crime is out of control , the children are not graduating etc Elijah cummings needs to be chased out of town. STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC DAMN YOU!!!!!!!

  • Black Conservative Ogee says:

    The Democrat Party,the Leftist establishment and Al Sharpton uses racism to control black people for their vote yet doing NOTHING for them.I question the IQ and common sense of black Democrats to fall for this nonsense.

  • Yeah, middle class aspiring….. I knew then this was gonne be 100% propaganda. I didnt really expect anything else ofc, but thats the kind of shit that should awaken even the mindless sheeps.

  • old school american says:

    If you want more black home owners tell your youth to pull there pants up and get a job and stop having kidds with everything they see

  • It really sad when you use the racist card to cover up lies your beating a dead horse cameras don't lie it the same story across America …Your lies isn't taken care of the problem.Rats are disease..

  • Nothing but a bunch of white collar jerk off's trying to look good on camera pretending they care about the public.


  • So saying the truth about Baltimore's problems and crime is now racist ? Guess who's suffering – the poor inhabitants many of whom are black. Al Sharpton and that incompetent Elijah Cummings have lived off the race card for decades – shame on them.

  • Instead of having Bank of America come to Baltimore to discuss housing policies, (aka to have them collaborate with the government to give subprime loans to people that have unsustainable income) you should bring in actual companies that generate jobs and increase people's income.

    Of course, that would require policies that result in a friendlier business environment (less taxes), and of course reforms that increase transparency and reduce corruption.

    These guys have no real solutions. They either want to enslave poor people to banks or keep them unemployed and dependent on government aid.

  • This guy just one of many criminals we gave power to. Al got caught in a FBI drug sting became a informant to save his own ass.

  • It's time to end identity politics, corruption and the assault on law and order. It's time to start electing Black pro American Conservatives to run all our major our cities. It's time to hold leftist hack politicians accountable for their failures!

  • This is definitely nothing to do with race… so all of you Democrats including non-politicians stop with the bullshit turning your problems into race issues because it's obviously getting nothing done for this country. Of course there are problems those problems existed before the new Administration come into office and shook things up… President Trump expect results and when you can't produce don't like your job than you but move on if you're a quitter and you don't deserve to be in Vegas better for you to quit

  • You can't try something you have to do and your plans will put together but this is why they know Baltimore is corrupt city because everybody tries to steal their money and some succeed in a big way but listen to these people speak and you'll understand why Baltimore is corrupt in wreck the way it is

  • gladiator legs says:

    Al….go away, you are no longer relevant but are trying to stay so like Alissa Milano. You have done zero to improve the situation of your “people” as long as the dems are giving you $$$$

  • Just another display of Baltimore's corruptness by allowing this race baiting no income tax paying crook to speak on their behalf. He's probably getting payed under the table to even show up, Sharpton doesn't do anything for free.


  • Al sharpton is standing in front of a camera giving the same old wore out con,he is pathetic what have you built al? What have you done?

  • Yea let me use some of the money we stole from you to make you a new project so you can continue down your road to killing eachother again instead of addressing how crooked you have been and sorry for all the years i stole from you but its ok cause ill remake your projects so you can go right back to your old life again right?

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