Airtel Internet TV setup box Full Review

Airtel Internet TV setup box Full Review

hi friends today we are going to talk about Airtel internet TV this is the latest set of box it's an Android based set of box it also has inbuilt chromecast this is a fantastic upgrade if you are not done so I would request you to do so if you wanna add LD th connection this one can be upgraded for as low as 2500 if you are on the highest plan also the box that I got let's look at the sides so what does it say here so it's manufactured by LG that's a good thing it's marketed by Airtel of course it needs to triple-a batteries as an HDMI cable this set of box and there's a user manual power adapter and other things besides that it needs a power supply of 92 to 70 volts so that makes it pretty Universal and you have some serial numbers on the side your mint they have mentioned some features so let's look at those as well so they mentioned that you have YouTube Google cast wink movies that's an afro metal then why search touch paste remote little games Google Play Store and it's 4k ready and it has android TV an inbuilt Netflix app this is the actual it'll set the box it looks very sleek very beautiful very elegant this is an eye Turner or a head spinner if you make all that and I have attached this a pen drive here this pen drive is an external appendage that I have attached to record my movies that is to the option of the recording that I can record content directly from TV then these are some indicators this one is a Wi-Fi indicator then this power indicator and then you have power button android logo and some dolby data sound it does about that so that is there and there's a beautiful little logo here so which you can see the branding and spin it around and show you some more of the internals so this is what it looks at the back this is some optical s/pdif connection I have never used this my life and this is the Ethernet connection so I didn't need to use that because it supports Wi-Fi connection I am using that this is an HDMI cable and this is the another pendrive slot that I have put this pendrive here i play my HEV see movies which is the smallest format of any HD movie that you will get on the internet and then you can play them from here the cable that is the normal coaxial cable that comes and this is the power cable that is going to the adapter so besides you have some video and audio connections if you want to attach you home theater or anything so that's about it at the side is pretty plain and this is the card this actually subscription card that goes before you use the little center box so one thing I would like to tell you is you cannot use the Android TV features without having an active 8l TV subscription so if you think that you can get rid of Airtel somehow I you know use the features you will not be able to use the set of books at all so that is something to keep in mind let's talk about the remote also so this is a pretty sleek remote that I got through it has a play and pause button the live button this button actually you know if you press this you go to the Android TV section of the all apps and all and here you can do a mute then if you want to record any program you press this red button and it starts recording here this is for voice search so if you press this microphone button it will go ahead and do the voice search besides that the volume rocker minus and plus then you have the left/right up/down Direction keys and okay is you can do that with this button here this is also a touch pad so you the touch is pretty sensitive it's rather too sensitive for my liking so I'd not like that and this is the channel plus and minus so you can do that if you want to switch channels and this menu takes you to the 8al home or the aittle where different menu options will come for handling for a ttle TV which i'll show you in a bit then this is again for more options suppose you are watching a program and you press this then you will get more options to record the schedule or wonder reminder that program and this is a back button this is one two three generally if you press suppose the channel number is three one one and you press that and one go the channel will come to life then this is the audio-visual although it's basically the source button so you can change your sources of TV from this button and this is the keyboard button if you have a keyboard attached so that will work so that's about it it uses triple-a batteries I put Duracell ones or little ones come tough but then also you can there is an option in the menu that I saw where you can also see the battery life left so it's pretty useful that ways so now let's look at at this baby in action I switched off the it will set a box and I will switch it on for you and let's see how much time it takes to put up so I wanted to tell you this see the logo has come it starting up that it will take some time to boot up so if you have any program that you want to watch I would suggest you switch it on beforehand because this takes some time to boot up so you might miss a few minutes of your program if you have not put it on recording so now the Airtel internet TV logo is coming and these four lovely icons will change to something called Android TV that's it I hope you can see that one very good thing is that the remote control is works on bluetooth so you don't need line of sight to operate the set of works you can keep it anywhere if you want more and it will work I have tried it around 10 feet of distance and it works lovely this is the USB Drive connected it is showing the symbol why because I have an external hopin Drive connected so I can quickly go and press the back button here so pressing this it goes away and it shows that one moment please the subscription check is in progress this thing always happens whenever you switch on the Airtel Internet setup box validating USB Drive it will validate the USB Drive that connected so this was the main menu that I was talking about if I press the red button I will come to this setting here so I will show you that in a bit so let's quickly press back and now it's come on the channel the first channel starts is heartless it saying support so okay I don't have a 4k TV otherwise I would have shown you that resolution the maximum I can show you is Full HD resolution so let's switch on to some HD channels putting the volume this is Howard please volume is pretty good of course that depends on your TV as well I'll switch to another channel this time I will go ahead and press the channels number okay switching put star movies HD channel that has come now okay now let's explore the options that we have one by one so let's explore the red button option that's a little home option so I press that now as you can see the first option is home and here I can see all the channels that I have surfed in the recent like Strom who is HD colors infinity HD Zika HD and all those channels now playing is a very good section where in there quickly they are telling you what movies are playing which are interesting to watch so these are the movies that you can watch and top rated movies if you want a reminder or you want to quit and see when they will be coming you can do that from this section then their top movies top sports trending now so all these are the options that I get in the first option of the 8al home then you have a TV Guide here you can go and go to any channel that you want you can see the entire listing for 2 to 3 days of what all is coming in that channel so I will quickly go ahead and go to entertainment and here are all the entertainment channels so if I want to get strapless HD so I have these options here Ishtar Cullotta and all these options so if you want to surf you can go ahead and I am pressing the right button of the direction key and go ahead and look at two three days listening so that is one thing I did not like was my previous 8l HD box allowed me to see up to a week of content or five days of you know content what is coming this one allows only 2 to 3 days that is one thing which I did not like so that is one feature which I wish they can increase to at least seven days of content so that you can put some reminder or recording for those programs that you want to see a tell movies again this is a personalized app that is from ATL so if you want to tightly go ahead and launch the app you can do that from this option then next option is games some of the games are remote control compatible so you can go ahead and play them on your remote as well so here's the all the top games that you have if you buy a Bluetooth game controller or you have one that will work as well bring a lot of Bluetooth devices can be connected to this Airtel chatterbox I tried connecting a Bluetooth speaker and I had connected very well so apps now here some of the apps which are showing are Netflix Airtel games little movies all these apps they are preloaded apps then this is my profile so here this is a default user if you want you can add a user if I look at this option at the bottom it says recording and reminders so here I can go ahead and look at the recorded content that I have scheduled content that I have and I can set the reminder if I want so I will go ahead and look at the recorded I have supergirl recorded that will program I was watching yesterday and I have recorded it so I'll just show you how I can play that I simply go ahead and press the middle button ok button and the content starts playing if now these are the options which you get so if I put the left or right direction keys if I press them then I get this option this is pause this is reminders forward and that is again if you want to word and change the language setting so here I press forward so I press this now it is starting at 2x forward speed now if we want to increase that I press this again 4 X 8 X + 16 X then this 32 X + 64 x so that's pretty fast I don't think this is very easy to control with this remote control that is there the previous remote control that was there from ëtil was much easier to use they had dedicated buttons for forward rewind so that made life easier this one is a little difficult to control so that's what I didn't like about the remote aspect however the forward and the divide works flawlessly now once I press the back button I'll go ahead and exit the program that I have recorded see here it's showing disk space 25gb order 28 gb is available and if i want to look at options i can go ahead and press the three line button that I had shown you before so if I press that I get the options to delete lock this content sort and filter the content so all these options are there so I will quickly press back then I will go back again and this time I'll go ahead and look at other options that we have let us look at settings so in settings you have parental log device resolution so if you select that you can go ahead and I'll usually recommend you put it to auto but you can change the setting if you want aspect ratio is 16 by 9 you can select whatever you want recording options then there are duration audio subtitle Android settings Bluetooth settings Wi-Fi settings you can configure your Wi-Fi from here so advanced settings would be system Diagnostics I never use these so I would recommend you don't use them so this comes with Android 6 so that is one thing you can keep in mind there is no update I have got so far I've been using it for more than four or five months Netflix has a dedicated button here then with app then if you want if you go ahead and look at Android home it's showing as Android home is where again there's a shortcut for that you can press this o button here and go directly to the Android home and that will this is a help option so if I go to Android home now I will get all the options to for my Android TV so these are some of the YouTube videos which are coming by default I watch a lot of YouTube on this so it's coming then the Airtel apps are there with Netflix Android TV apps the app stores so you can go there and select the app you want this is YouTube there's the App Store that you have so if I click here I'll go to the App Store now now it's pretty much same to the one you use in your mobile but the options are pretty limited so you don't get so many apps because of course you have to be compatible with your Android TV so we'll come out of this now and you can load this at your leisure and then you have Google Play Music these are all default apps then we will see video player is what I am installed so I use it to play the movies that I put on the pendrive this is a item with option and Sony live app I have installed so I wanted more apps like watch star and boot and all but there is an option for that in the Play Store I've opened the VLC player for you I am showing some of the movies that I have which I was watching so I can go ahead and directly scroll them I will show you the video quality is pretty good so I can quickly go ahead and jump to the track I want so I say let's suppose go here and increase the volume so there it was now I'll go back here again and you can go ahead and install the apps that you like and there are some games which you can play as well I have mentioned again you have setting the options here this is the name of my Wi-Fi network these are all the options and then you have the search option which is wise and I found that to be 50 percent accurate at times 50 percent doesn't just work at all so let's go ahead and go and press the voice option let's see what we get here so I will go back we'll come to the to go to the main here till home so I'll press Airtel home let's go to eat at home so we are back to Airtel home now again remember that the TV that you're using is not a Bluetooth remote control TV most of the time so you will need to keep that line inside the remote should be in line aside to work the TV then will work so you need to keep that in mind so now I will quickly search some so let's search for NDTV profit so I'll press button that is the mic button here on top it says peak search for channels and programs recordings so let's say NDTV profit prime it caught that so I can go ahead and at least scroll and switch to that channel so if I say Supergirl there is super girl that's my recordings are showing me that and if I say Star Plus so it gave me two options strapless and so are plus HT so this thing works I would say it's a hit and miss so eighty percent of time it works but I would again give 50/50 it's a good feature to have nevertheless so if I look at the scrolling touchpad that I have so this is how I am scrolling it I'm just swiping left to right my fingers and as you can see on the keyboard it's so I can left right and if I go to this option say supposed topless topless HD now if I want to swipe I can swipe right and type left right but it's too sensitive sometimes you will find that it it's a little bothersome so use that and the direction keys work pretty well so that was all the features I wanted to show you sides has this chromecast feature I have to show you that as well so chromecast works I have tied it from laptop it works well main reason I use chromecast was to run Amazon Prime there's no Amazon Prime app on the Play Store basically I have set up a YouTube in my my web browser in the laptop and let's try to cause that to the TV through this a turn Internet setup box so I'll go here and when I press select cost will give me an option to cost to the set of box the name is sh9 60 years 80 select see now the YouTube is coming there on the dB okay the same song that was supposed to play in the web browser is now playing on the TV so let's face some volume and listen to the song see the resolution is pretty good this at HD resolution so exactly caching from YouTube and you can see try to show you the bar itself this is costing that is happening I've also opened another page so let's stop this cussing and let's try casting from Amazon Prime video let's see if this okay see now I'm playing the video from Amazon Prime directly to my TV that was one male you can run Amazon Prime on your TV now you can enjoy that there so that's a very nice way to cause for this feature alone you can go for this setup box I mean this thing if you buy Google chromecast it the device calls around 3,300 rupees this is inbuilt in your rental Internet box so I would suggest that you can go for it wholeheartedly because you are getting so many features you're getting Airtel everything is integrated into it Android TV your chromecast your Airtel TV subscription so everything is integrated I think this is a good bet and you should definitely go for it so these are the features I wanted to show you and do let me know how did you find this review and to let me know in comments if there's anything you would like to know about this TV set-top box thank you for watching my review


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