Airbnb Host Tips (How to Write a Headline that gets CLICKED)

Airbnb Host Tips (How to Write a Headline that gets CLICKED)

Heidi Miget: 90% of Airbnb headlines are terrible. Is yours one of them? Watch this video to find out. Hi. I’m Heidi Miget, and I’m a marketing strategist
for vacation rental homeowners. I’m a digital marketer with over 10 years
of experience, I’m a vacation rental homeowner myself with over five, and my agency, Fully
Booked Consulting, helps vacation rental homeowners just like you. For easy marketing tips and advice to follow,
be sure to subscribe this channel and watch for new videos every Tuesday. If you’re wondering why you’re
not getting as many inquiries on your Airbnb or HomeAway listing as you’d like, it could
be that your headline is just not cutting it. In today’s video, I’ll review three common
mistakes that I see vacation rental listings doing all the time, as well as four steps
on how you can improve your headline. As a HomeAway Premier Partner
and an Airbnb Superhost, this is the proven formula that I’ve used to get in the top 1%
of all listings in my area, and it’s the same formula that I use with all of my Fully Booked
clients. The first thing you want to do
is avoid these three common mistakes that I see all the time. Mistake number one. It’s using generic adjectives. You don’t want to use your valuable space
to say things like “beautiful” or “nice” in your headline. Everyone is using generic adjectives like
this, and it’s really not telling the potential guest anything specific about your listing. So, you want to avoid using generic adjectives
altogether. Mistake number two is using really
broad location descriptions. This would be if you have a condo in Orlando,
for example. You don’t need to say in your headline “Orlando
Condo.” Your potential guest already knows that they’re
looking for places in Orlando, so you don’t need to use that valuable real estate to say
the generic location description. Mistake number three is repeating
information that the potential guest will already see in the listing overview. This is repeating things like how many bedrooms,
bathrooms, or how many people it sleeps. Again, when the potential guest is using their
filters, they already know what they’re looking for, and the listing description overview
will already share this information in most listing platforms. So, you don’t need to use that space to repeat
that type of information. Step one. You want to identify your ideal guest. Who is your home perfect for? This is exactly who you want to keep in mind
when you’re writing your headline for the first time. Whether it’s families or couples or a business
traveler, you definitely want to think who your ideal guest is and keep that in mind
when you’re writing the headline. Step two. You want to brainstorm all the amenities that
make your home special. What are guests commenting about in the reviews? What do you hear from your guests as they’re
leaving that they loved about your place? What do you know sets you apart in your market? You want to brainstorm a list of offerings,
amenities, and location benefits that your property has, and then choose about two to
three that are the best of all of your amenities. This is what you’ll want to use when you write
your new headline. You’ll want to take your very best amenity
and put that at the front, and then try to fit in at least one or two other amenities
that will really draw that ideal guest in. Heidi Miget: Step three. Do not be afraid of symbols. People are just under utilizing symbols, and
what this does is it really helps make your title readable and easy to digest. So, you can use vertical bars, commas, tildes,
you can be creative with this and use this to break up the different amenities that you’re
featuring in your headline. Also, for an advanced tip, you can use emojis
in your headlines, so you could use a heart or a star or something that really speaks
to your specific location. Step four. Be succinct. Remember, you only have so much space to utilize
in your headline. So, for Airbnb, you have only 50 characters. For HomeAway or VRBO, you have 80. You want to make sure that when you’re writing
your headline, you are checking the character count on that, and use the max amount. Try to use close to the 50 characters in Airbnb,
and try to use close to the 80 characters in HomeAway or VRBO. I would definitely write two specific headlines
for those platforms. Whether you’re just getting started
with your vacation rental or you’ve been in the game for a few years but need a little
help with the marketing, I’d love to help you on your journey. That’s why I created the vacation rental marketing
roadmap. This is a seven-step guide to help you walk
through all of the essentials that you need to do when setting up an optimized listing. I’ll also cover the most common mistakes I
see vacation rental homeowners making. Go ahead and grab your copy. In the comments below, there will be a link
for it, and it’ll be delivered straight to your inbox. Heidi Miget: If you liked this video, please
let me know by liking it and subscribing to my channel. Also, please share with your fellow vacation
rental friends, and comment below if you’ll be updating your Airbnb or HomeAway headline.


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