Aha Na Pellanta – Episode 1 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Aha Na Pellanta – Episode 1 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

If life is a beautiful lie in between our inevitable birth and death, Then Marriage is the most beautiful thing we can celebrate on our own. Look at those flowers, they are falling off. What work are you doing? Shekhar, there is a shortage of chairs. Get 50 extra chairs. Yes ok brother Why are you in a hurry? Come here Hey listen, bring two tables extra too Okay done. I wonder what he will do. Always in a hurry. Hello Brother! Did you have breakfast? Yes I did. You want to have too? What is there to eat? People thought that’s papad and not puri. Don’t worry. I will take care of it. Take care of what? We are from the groom’s side! You better take care Nothing will go wrong. You come with me. Come Hi Hey What’s up? I already have mehindi, so wondering if I should reapply it or not Where is my mother? Yeah, where is aunty? Where did she go now? Hey kids, go side somewhere else. Come let’s go! Jahnavi, where are you going? You stay! Why don’t you’ll come? Please sit What is this Janu, you haven’t gotten ready yet? Go and get dressed Yes aunty I’m going. I’ll get ready Wear the dress we bought in the shopping mall on discount Discount? Okay aunty. Oh btw! These are my relatives They just arrived! What hi, fall at their feet It’s okay. Why are you repeatedly saying aunty? Say “Attha”. It sounds better This generation kids are very fast All of this won’t work after you get married It’s ok now since she is at home I’ll go change and come aunty Madam please pose! Awesome! This has come out really well One more from the side Are you blind? Oh! You! Did you eat? No! The lipstick will fade Do one thing Remove the lipstick, eat and then wear lipstick again She’s doing comedy with me? Let’s continue Ma’am What is this pimple dear? Oh what’s with the pimple? By the way, where is my mom? All these days, she tortured me to get married. Now where is she? Are the blouses done for these? I thought blouse won’t be done for this one Where is the tailor? Hello. Yes darling. Tell me Mom where are you? I’m in the bedroom upstairs seeing sarees Looks like I have a pimple That’s why I said we’ll hire a beautician You were the one who said it’s expensive Mom. We have to give 1 lac to her for a week. It’s not needed That’s why I asked you not to have oily food Do you ever listen to me? You gave the measurements a month ago. Now I wonder if you would even fit into those wedding clothes Ma, please! Will you start dieting today? Did you wear Mehndi or not? Ya I’m getting it done You carry on. I’ll join. Bye Hi Natasha Hey Jaanu You look pretty old-fashioned. Nice dress. It looks nice You actually look like the bride. Nice! I need to post pictures on Facebook. My fans are waiting Ya ya. Photographer is there We need to put up a hoarding outside. Or else people would think she is the bride Next year, by this time you should have a baby Did they teach you how to cook at least now? We need to do everything by ourselves in America. You won’t even get Maggi it seems I guess she thinks I know to make only Maggi How much gold did you give? We gave 72 sovereigns for my daughter Why 72? We wanted to give it equal to her weight. But she gained 3 kilos a month before wedding Did you stitch that blouse? Ask them to leave it loose. She’ll gain weight after wedding You won’t have this freedom.If you want to do something, do it now Why is Kishore calling me now? Jahnavi, I need to talk to you Hii! Is it nice? Yeah, it’s very nice Tell me, what’s up? Actually I said I’d buy the tickets. Why did you buy? You said you wanted to go there right? So I thought I’ll surprise you I would buy it right? Why did you spend unnecessarily? Big deal. I am also earning no? So it doesn’t matter. I should have said this earlier I don’t want my wife to work But I love my profession Kishore I never did it for earning money You think for yourself It’s not about the profession Whom are you going to save for by earning? I’m earning enough. I can take care. That’s not the point Kishore You just relax Yo Kishore. Hi Sooraj Our friends are here man! Let’s go I am coming. You go! We need to talk Look! Don’t even think about it! Okay? See you! Take care. What is this? Why is he acting so dominating? So annoying I know. What’s annoying you? Do you even know what each one is talking? You have no idea You don’t know what they are telling me Come let’s go out Coming! What happened? You’re getting married! And all the single people here are getting jacked! What did they say? When is your marriage? Did you love someone? Tell me, I’ll speak to your parents You shouldn’t do all that. You know about your father right? Next it’s your marriage. There is a guy in my relatives. Should I speak to them? There are certain things that needs to be done at a certain age. Go for an arranged marriage. These love marriages and all won’t suit us Look for someone in this wedding itself. It will reduce your father’s work. I need a smoke Put that inside. Hi Subbu Hi! When did you come? Just now. What’s the matter? Why is your face like this? Nothing Who’s that guy? Where? Come here Oh me? Yea! Coming You… Whose side are you? Uh.. KCR’s side I voted for him. Hey ask him to go Leave Okay. I bought a gift. So? what do I say? Kishore just… He said something which is completely weird. I don’t want my wife to work Don’t even think about it! What! Is he mad? What is this? Did he say that? That’s your choice! What is his problem if you work? They say like that now. You need to let it go. Why to take it seriously? Is this marriage right for me?


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