‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim’s Magic Tricks Wow Max Greenfield And Kelly Clarkson

‘AGT’ Winner Shin Lim’s Magic Tricks Wow Max Greenfield And Kelly Clarkson

– Do you play cards, do you gamble? – No, I do Wheel of Fortune slot machines. – All right well,
– I love them. – Hopefully you know at least-
– Like an old lady. – The aces are obviously a
good card to have as you know? – Yes – Okay so watch, I’m gonna
grab the aces like this. Okay, ready? One, two, three. – [Kelly] Uh, I’m sorry. – All four aces just come out like that. But tell you what, I don’t wanna use the aces.
– Okay. – You know why? – It was just too easy
to fly out anywhere? – No, it’s not that. It’s just it’s too cliche and everyone thinks about the aces. – Yeah. – Okay so tell you
what, not just the aces. Okay, focus on the back design as well. I’ll tell you, we’ll get rid of the aces. So Kelly, hand out like this. Okay great, okay you’re
gonna hold on to the aces. – [Kelly] I have really
dry hands I’m sorry. – Make sure I don’t go
anywhere near those cards – [Kelly] Okay. – Keep it really closed and tight. – [Kelly] Okay. – Now, Max, I wanna use you. Big fan by the way. – Oh god, thank you, but I’m also nervous. – All the cards here are different. Do you have a thought
of card in your head? Do you have one? – All these cards.
– Sure, yes. – Cause I have no idea, these guys, no one in the house knows. So just go ahead and say out the card. What was the card that you’re thinking of? – Three of diamonds. – Three of diamonds, okay watch. – No way.
– All right, well watch. Nothings happened yet. – I’m just saying no way. – Okay. (laughing) All right, watch the seven, okay? – [Kelly] Okay. – You’ll actually see this happen. You’ll see me actually take
out the three of diamonds inside the middle of the deck, and place it right over here. (audience applauding) – What?! – Look but that’s not the crazy part. – How is that not the crazy part? – That’s not the crazy part, the crazy part is, I cannot just make one card, okay watch. I cannot just make one card, I’ll make every single card- – How did that just happen, you were sitting right here. (audience applauding) Every single card turned
into the three of diamonds. But wait, Kelly, you should feel those aces
slowly melting together, into a single card. Can you rub it? It’s a single card right now. – How the hell did you do that? – Max, three of diamonds right? – I see a three of diamonds. – Open up your hand.
– No way. – Open up your hand. – I don’t want to. Oh god, oh my god! (audience applauding) – But now, I know what
you guys are thinking. You’re thinking okay, Shin, see now all the cards are the same right and before they were all different when I first started, right? – That’s what I’m thinking, dude. – Yeah yeah, but that’s not the case. See even though it’s all
the same on the face, they’re still very very
different on the backs. Every single card in Las Vegas is different from the back. (audience applauding) And now that these cards
are different, right? Tell you what, Kelly just say stop as I do this, okay go ahead. – What, just do this?
– No no no, say stop as I do this.
– Oh. – You’re like me – Okay, stop. – Right there, okay. Guy over there in the back, I’m gonna just say the
random hotels, okay? The Rio, Golden Nugget, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Excalibur, go ahead, just say one. – [Man] MGM. – MGM, okay great, right we’ll grab the MGM Grand. Watch the MGM. I can take the actual hotel… (dramatic music) – What?! – Kelly, I didn’t go anywhere
near that card did I? – No, I don’t think so. – It slightly got just
a little bit thicker. Tear the card right in the middle. – I don’t like this. – Just gently tear it in the middle. No, no, no, tear it midway through like you’re tearing an envelope. – Tear it?
– Yeah, go ahead. Do you see one card? Here, I’ll help you. (screaming) No, no, no!
– What just happened? – Careful, it’s a delicate card, I’ll show you. – Oh my god, oh my god, wait what? – Can you see this? It looks a lot like the
MGM Grand to me I think. Let me just see. – My mind is blown, dude. (audience applauding) – Thank you so much! That was the trick. – I don’t even know what to do right now. – Ah that’s okay,
– I’m so impressed with you. – You don’t have to do
anything, that’s fine. – Does he magically get a room there?


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