AG Barr faces Senate in contentious Mueller report hearing


20 thoughts on “AG Barr faces Senate in contentious Mueller report hearing”

  • This whole forum is a disgusting display of mostly right wing anti government crazies. They blame everyone but that compulsive liar in the WH. Did you hear what's in the report? He committed crimes, over 180 contacts beetween Russia and Trump campaign. Idiots.

  • Jeffrey Duffany says:

    AG Barr to Nancy Pelosi: "did you bring the handcuffs?". sounds pretty
    risque' to me…. I didn't know those two had something going on…p.s.
    only kidding…Barr should be more careful about what he says it could
    easily be misinterpreted by SNL writers….

  • This is all well & good, but congress is not trying to protect the American people here. They are dead set on finding evidence of something that didn't happen to get Trump, & are upset they didn't get the outcome they wanted. They are not in the business of pursuing truth like they should be, they are in the business of manipulating to paint a perception. Americans are not blind to this garbage. Smearing Barr makes no sense. It just exposes them for what they are. I wish they would stop wasting time on this, & get to work actually working with the president on policy solutions. Now, let Barr expose every corrupt person involved in this political hit job!!!

  • Roberta Gabor says:

    special counsel should conclude that there was obstruction on the part of the Hillary people. They are the ones guilty of obstruction, collusion, etc.

  • You trump supporters are like passengers on the Titanic heading for that big old ice burg… shouting we are unsinkable..we all know how that story ends

  • The Democrat senators are a joke… when someone like Hirono speaks you just want to close your ears.
    The stupidity is overwhelming.

  • 4:03:00 you can see Barr trying refrain from nodding in agreement.
    I have a feeling his investigation into the FBI actions surrounding the Trump campaign will be very telling indeed.

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