Affiliate Marketing - How I Went From ZERO to 6 FIGURES in less than 10 months!

Affiliate Marketing – How I Went From ZERO to 6 FIGURES in less than 10 months!

in this video I'm going to show you how I managed to go from zero to earning over six figures in less than 12 months with affiliate marketing and I'm going to show you some proof as well hi guys welcome back to child if you new here my name is Liam James K and I'm currently on a mission to become a millionaire before the age of 30 and I'm using this YouTube channel to document my progress but also share some tips and value along the way so if you not subscribe please hit the subscribe button and turn on the bail notifications so you don't miss out on future content yeah in this video I'm going to explain how I've managed to go from 0 to enormous six figures from perfect marketing in less than twelve months but if you don't want video marketing is it's basically when you promote someone's product with your affiliate link so you get an Ellen you promote that product if someone signs up with your link you earn a commission so that's what it is and if you follow my channel you'll know that just over a year ago I didn't even know what a feeling' marketing was I didn't even have a clue how much what you could earn from it started this journey I said I wanted to become a millionaire I didn't know how I was gonna do it and I was just trying out different ways to make money online one of those ways was affiliate marketing and a little did I know just over a year later I would be earning six figures and from affiliate marketing and that's one of my main sources of income so yeah in this video I'm going to explain kind of how I've done that and will show you some proof as well proof of my earnings by looking into my PayPal account but I just want to say if I've managed to go from the CEO to earning over six figures we've sort of been which I didn't even know what it was over a year ago it means that you can do the same so you just need to take action just make sure you're learning every single day and that's what I've done over the last 12 months hopefully you'll learn some stuff in this video today but first of all I'm gonna jump onto my laptop I'm gonna show you some proof of earnings so let's get into it I see just on my computer now I'm just gonna go on date and time com2 so you can see that we're in 2018 and it's Friday the 2nd of November so we've still got two months left of the air and to go but I'm just going to log into my PayPal account show you how much I've earned for 2018 but computers a little bit slow and I'm screen recording but hopefully it shouldn't freeze or anything so PayPal as my email address logging in proceed to account and then I'm just going to go to an activity or pair just so we can see how much I've earned it alone some pre-order charts and graphs and then I'm gonna change it to US dollars because the majority of my money I earn is from US dollars so oh yeah so that's the past 30 days I've burned over $21,000 but I'm actually doing more but that's how much has actually hit my PayPal account but I'm just going to change this to the whole of 2018 just so you can see a lump sum you can see next over six figures that I've burned so one hundred and six thousand six hundred ninety-eight dollars I've earned in 2018 and we've still got a bit of time to go today it's absolutely crazy considering I was on 0 from affiliate marketing this time last year and just so you know I've actually got more money coming in than this as I said I mean in different currencies but that's just clearer to show it like that but I also have a lot of money stealing so my affiliate accounts up not withdraw I've got money yet I've basically got over base still money I actually won the Builder on affiliate competition where I end over $32,000 which hasn't actually been sent out to me yet which I'm waiting for so all in all I think by the end of the year it's going to be closer to $200,000 that I'm learning from affiliate marketing and and also I do spend some money on that verse but not that much in the grand scheme of things if you watch my previous youtube videos you'll know are you part of my team on my training you'll know that the majority of my earnings are from free traffic methods so just using social media and YouTube and things like that but some of it has gone to advertise him but even still I still would have earned always six figures from from affiliate marketing profit which what made that clear so how have I managed to go from zero to over six figures in less than 12 months with affiliate marketing the secret to it is in the bit of a value that I'll share with you today is you need to promote membership based products so membership based affiliate product now we so many things that you can promote when you're doing affiliate marketing you could promote this glass and you could earn a commission every time you sold the glass like you can sign in to Amazon affiliate and you can just sell random things and earn a commission every time you make a sale you can sell high ticket products where you can sell like thousands of dollars worth of trainings and things like that and you can earn like 50% Commission's off that and there is a lot of people making money in all of these different areas but the thing I found most successful and the best way to leverage your time is with membership based products and now if you watch my channel you'll know that I'm all about passive income and promoting this passive income and tell it I always want to try known as much passive income as possible and I don't want anyone to get confused because I'm not trying to earn passive income so I can go and sit on a beach I am earning passive income so I can get one stream of passive income coming in and then I can start working on another stream and then I can add those both together and then another stream and another stream and that's our planning to get to this million to become a millionaire before the age of 30 I gave multiple passive income streams and one of those passive income streams is membership based product and they are the best way to leverage your time honestly because if you think about it if you're promoting a product and you just get commissioned like off the sale or the one-time fee so you can promote Clickbank products I've mentioned them on my channel before and I've done videos about that I've talked about max bounty products max bounty offers and you can make money from these offers that I've made money from them as well a lot of money as well but the the key to getting to six figures is using membership based products because if you promote a product so say you're selling this glass and you get it say this bus costs $100 just for the sake of this one hundred dollars you promote that and you get 50 percent commission every time say you sell ten of those glasses this month you're gonna get ten times fifty five hundred dollars which is great and then next month you put in the same amount of work you sell ten of these glasses you're also going to earn $500 which is great next month you do the same amount of work and you're in the same arm on it so if you're selling products that aren't membership-based and they're just one-time fees you can own good money from them and you can upscale it with traffic and things but if you're pointing that they say my effort and time even to promote this product you're never really going to grow your income isn't going to grow as quickly but the real magic happens with membership based products so you think about this way if you're promoting a membership based product you earn commission every single month that that person stays signed up so if you sell 10 account one month you're going to earn along some honor and if you do the exact same amount of work next month you're going to earn the same amount Monnett pause all the people that stayed side dog so you're gonna have 20 people signed up bringing in income letting mumphrey doing the exact same of my work you wanna get ten people signed up that's 30 people that are pegging you every single mom obviously it drops off and people cancel and things like that but on average it starts to grow and compound and then like me we build Rob by the end of the year you've got over 500 people signed up and you're doing the same amount of work so that's why I've managed to go from zero to over six figures because I'm leveraging my time by my membership base products because you only have to promote want and those people stay signed up please a constant stream of income now I'm going to show you double products which I promote just to show you just to make clear how this works and why it's so good so I'm just gonna see if I'm still up into this oh yeah I need to log in here so if you watch my channel as well you'll know that I promote something called profit humor later it doesn't matter what it is it's in a uk-based thing it's like a bad thing where people can sign to its membership base and it gives you an you can make money from betting without risking your money everybody based in the UK but doesn't matter what it is it's a membership based product that's all you need to know and so I created a YouTube video right back when I first status because I was using this service and I made a lot of money from it so I thought I'm going to share this with my subscribers I'm going to tell people about it so I create a YouTube video vibe with my Finny link underneath now I'm just going to go so over the last 30 days I've been one thousand three hundred fifty seven pounds just from that one YouTube video with that link underneath athomie have a pointer that way who's gonna go to payment history here just to show you how clear is and that way it's so important to do membership based product so I'm as you can see it when I first psych mo in this membership based product I got 236 pounds right and then I'm not gonna any more work the next month but they're next month we've got 351 pounds because the people are originally signed up a lot of them have stayed sandal in the next month but then I've still got new people to sign up and what does he just compound the compounds and compounds and then you go all the way to the top and like the last month I've earned over 1,000 1155 pounds and that is because it's compounding so some of these original people that signed up in the first month I've been paying every single month and that is how you leverage your time so you don't have to put any more time or any more effort into upscaling are putting more hours into it because it's a membership based product and that's why it works so well so that's the piece of advice that I'm gonna give you and that's the secret so I've gone from zero to six figures but another good kind of product to promote is so another thing which I promote I don't read it from all that much is called udemy's traffic sauce it's sold as where people can buy adverse basically and so I use myself I recommend it on one of my youtube videos and I've also recommended it to people who have signed up on the main um builder all but not great deal from this $2,500 a burn from this since I started promoting so this isn't a membership based product where you still got the same concepts and this is another thing that I think you should focus on is is so it's if someone signs up and they purchase traffic they purchase something from this website I earn Commission bought because they say that will it's got something Wednesday which is called hard-coded so they're hard-coded to meet for life so I earn 15% of any time they purchase something for like so he's not recurring income but every time they want to buy traffic I'm gonna get Commission's from that so I've got hundred and seventy four people signed up I'm getting people sign up every single month certain was only ever gonna grow so that in a few months time or years am am i five hundred people buying traffic from that oh wait they always stay signed up and that is the key so yeah the tips that I'll give you if you want to get into a Finnick marketing is Primeau membership based products that are low ticket so they're not too expensive to get involved with and because actually people promote high ticket products where they're gonna get like a five hundred dollar commission straightaway that's very hard to get someone to sign up and obviously you can do that and not not doing that at all but if you've got someone to sign up to something for a whole year or two years you're going to earn more money than that five hundred dollars anyway because you're getting their commissions every one so you wanna promote low ticket offers you want to promote membership based products and also it's really good if they've got a free trial on as well because once you get them in and they're signed up most people don't cancel because it's just it comes out they're banned automatically so that's the advice that I'll give you from gain from zero to over six figures and some of a little bits of advice is the majority of my traffic is just from my personal brand and if you watch my channel didn't have a personal brand just over a year ago I started this YouTube channel you can go back back to the staff and I first died and see some my earlier videos get have a clue how to do him but I just put time and effort into putting out content on YouTube and putting out content on Facebook and on Instagram and I think if you're starting out you should focus on those free things just try and provide value even if he's just motivation if you go on my Instagram at the moment that's time to grow and all I'm doing is providing motivation motivation motivation and sharing tips so I'll learn something new like I've learned membership products are really good I just share that with people like I'm doing in this video and then you can then start adding links when you recommend products which is what I do with builder all in this traffic sauce and that profit accumulator and some of the other products that I promote so that's the best way to do it provide value focus on membership based products and just start to build your personal brand and yeah that's the secret to and that's how I managed to get to this level hope you enjoyed watching this video if you did please give it a thumbs up let me know your thoughts in the comments box below and if you not subscribe hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out on future content thanks for watching cheers guys


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