Affiliate Marketing: BEST Ways To Start For Beginners In 2019!

Affiliate Marketing: BEST Ways To Start For Beginners In 2019!

what's going on guys welcome back to another video in today's video we're going to talk about what is the best way to start affiliate marketing for beginners now working online I get a lot of questions and one of the most common questions actually is what is the best way to make money online now it does depend on your situation how much money you have and things like that but if you have a low budget affiliate marketing really is the best one to start the best method because it's really low overhead cost you literally don't really need much money at all you might need a little bit of money for a website but that'll run you like a couple of dollars per month you don't really need any money for traffic you can start with free traffic I started affiliate marketing with completely free traffic and now I've always upload in case studies of 30,000 50,000 dollars per month with affiliate marketing but I started doing it with free traffic now one of the reasons why I really like affiliate marketing guys is because it's really passive it like you put in the work now and months down the track years down the track you can still be making money and there's really not many businesses online where you can actually do that because most of them require you to run ads and stuff like that and when you stop those ads you stop making money so that's another reason why I tell people that if you want to get started online affiliate marketing probably is the best way to start and then later on you can venture out into other methods if you want to do that so what is the best way to start guys how can you get into affiliate marketing what's the best networks to go on really where do you start like if you're a complete beginner to actually making money online with affiliate marketing then Before we jump into that we kind of talk about how affiliate marketing works just briefly because some people might not really understand basically affiliate marketing is when you find someone else's product and you promote that for a commission it could be thirty percent fifty percent or it goes right to 70 percent sometimes but mainly it's right about thirty to thirty percent and then some of them go as low as ten percent as well it really just depends on what you promote now when someone clicks your affiliate link it basically tracks them with what we call a cookie and then whenever they purchase they might purchase on the day three months later four months later usually you will get that sale even at a later date depending on what affiliate marketing network you use so essentially you send traffic to a link if someone purchases a product via your link you get a commission and what a lot of people don't realize is a flip marketing is all around you literally every single business online offline you've got Walmart Target they Buber they all do a flare mark and they all have some sort of referral program or some sort of commission scheme where people get a commission or some sort of money by referring people to their products or their services so what is the best way to do this guys now we're going to talk about three specific methods products and it works whatever you want to call them and I think these are the best for beginners to start with because these are ones that I've started with tonight extremely well and most of the people that I know who started a fillip marketing started with these three particular methods so the first affiliate program I recommend you use to get started is what we call Amazon Associates now the reason I recommend Amazon Associates is we've been that's been around for a really long time way back in the 90s I think and essentially Amazon is every single product you could think of and you can actually go and promote those products or refer those products to people and you can get up to a 10 percent commission so what I could do is I could go to an article line or you could go to an article online based on these headphones or a book or whatever was on Amazon and you can say hey you can do an article the best or top 5 gaming headphones for Xbox you can do a youtube video top 10 gaming headphones for Xbox you can actually specifically review these particularly headphones you can actually go in your house you can find a household items and you can review them because I guarantee you they're probably getting sold on Amazon right now no the best thing about Amazon for beginners as Amazon is really good at upselling people so if you go to Amazon right now and click on a product down the bottom it will have sponsored posts rickum into posts and things like that so it really starts to add up when people start adding that to the cart so for example if you promote these for say $20 and you get a 10% commission which is like $2 or something like that I think I'm not really sure my math isn't very good right now but this 20 bucks or 40 bucks whatever these sell for could soon turn into 200 300 400 or 500 or thousand because people might add an Xbox they might add Xbox games to the cart and it really starts to add up to a lot of money so that's why I recommend Amazon Associates if you're a beginner so go and research how to do that I have some videos on my channel and learn how to promote Amazon product what I recommend to promote those products guys are two best ways is to do YouTube and review on YouTube there's plenty of channels you can go and look and see how it's done or start a blog based on reviews so top 10 headphones best headphones for 2019 and things like and you'll soon start to get some traffic coming in and you'll soon start to make sales now number two guys is what we call clickbank now Clickbank is really no physical products on there what you're going to be doing is going onto Clickbank signing up and you can promote courses ebooks health products you can even promote a language book you can promote a course on how to surf you can promote a course on how to sing now the best thing about Clickbank because it's a specific affiliate marketing network and you can have a look at all the steps and you can see what products are making what any of these affiliate pages you can check out you can get resources and banners and things like that now this is a great affiliate marketing platform because it's proven to work this has been working for a long time once again this is one of the longest standing till 8 networks online and you can make really really good money with this some products you can get up to $500 per sale some products you can get up to $40 per sale now just a bit of a tip here here's a product that I started with on Clickbank a long time ago and made a significant amount of money and that product was called vert shock this is a basketball training program so it doesn't even have to be in the make money online niche or anything like that and what I did is I went and created a blog based on basketball it was actually called how to shoot a basketball calm I actually solved that website and now it's gone I'm not sure why I think that person might have actually changed the domain name because the domain name that I had was really keyword rich and Google doesn't like that so anyway I sold that to somebody and that website was based on basketball and I talked about basketball I even actually had an article on the best basketball shoes so I combined Amazon with Clickbank and it was a big website so I made money with vert shock I made money with Amazon associate to Amazon affiliate so if you want to call it that on this one particular website so you can combine the two as well but Clickbank is a great affiliate marketing network guys it is one of the best online and it really is the best one that everyone goes to for make money online stuff and anything to do with their health and fitness niche now I will leave some videos below in the description completely free I have lots of videos and hey can actually make money online with clickbank full training full tutorials 100% free and you can go and watch those right now if you want to learn how to actually you know utilize Clickbank and make money with Clickbank affiliate marketing know another great way to start with affiliate marketing and this really is a great way to make money with affiliate marketing and a lot of people don't really understand how it works so let me kind of explain how it works from the start so every single second of the day there is a blog getting started a website getting started this billions of blogs and websites online you can actually take advantage of this because when someone starts their website or a blog they need to host it somewhere so they need what we call a hosting service and those costs are about two three four dollars per month now what you can actually do is a lot of these hosting services like Bluehost GoDaddy I think there's one called page one or something you can go to these websites and scroll to the bottom and they'll have what they call an affiliate link and you click and sign up as an affiliate now the best thing about these platforms guys is they do big payouts so Bluehost start off at $65 per referral and I get actually a hundred and ten dollars per referral with them because I send more traffic so the more people you sin the more money you get you might be thinking why do they pay you $65 per referral when they're only making two or three Allen's per month well it's the same as Amazon they're good at upselling people so when someone goes to start a website with Bluehost Bluehost will sell them the the domain name sometimes if they're not having a free deal on they'll sell them the hosting for two or three dollars a month then they'll upsell them on SEO services they'll upsell them on security that I'd sell them on all sorts of stuff right so that one two dollars a month ends up turning into four five dollars a month and then our Bluehost will say hey if you purchase three years worth then we'll give you a discount so essentially the person goes to Bluehost and spends two three hundred dollars or one hundred dollars or whatever and then Bluehost will give you a percentage of that which is around about $65 in this case that's why they pay a lot of money about how do you actually go and get the traffic well the best way to get traffic to these types of offers is to go into youtube videos and blog posts based on how to create a website how to build a blog how to start a website the best website hosting online and you can go to articles the ten best web hosting services and you can be an affiliate for every single one of those web hosting services so you're actually getting money from different types of web hosting services now how you make that money is very simple and it works like this so when you go and do an article it's let's say how to start a website online fact let's just scratch that let's just say you go and make an alicorn how to make a hunting blog online because it's a more longtail keyword and you have better chances of ranking when someone actually goes and searches how to make a hunting blog online or you can do a fashion blog or a clothing blog your article could show up on the front page of Google and when someone goes and sees your article and they click on the link your affiliate link you're making a commission now an example of that is one of my websites right here where I actually do an article on how to create a blog online if you if you scroll down you'll see that I have links to my Bluehost affiliate links where I get a commission now my website is quite strong so I can rank for these types of keywords how to make a blog online and stuff like that but eventually your website will get stronger and you'll go up in the ranks higher but that's why I mentioned maybe you should do longer tail keywords like how to create a shopping blog or how to create a food blog or how to create a clothing blog online because then you've got more chance at actually going up in the ranks because it's a longer tail keyword but people are still actually searching those terms online and the best thing about organic traffic guys is it's really warm traffic when someone searches how to create a clothing blog or hunting blog or whatever online or how to create a website they're warm they actually already ready to create a website they've been thinking about it and now they're finally pulling the trigger to go and build our website so the chances of them actually going through your affiliate link are really really high and you'll make a commission so Bluehost is really a great way to do it there's all sorts of other ones and like I mentioned you can actually compare hosting platforms as well which is another thing that a lot of people search because there's something like 93% of people's buying decisions or 95% are based off reviews so that means that something like over 90% of people oh I don't know the exact number go and search for reviews online so they don't actually buy the first time they see it from someone else or Amazon or whatever they go and actually search online for reviews and they want to find your review if you have a review on headphones or you might have done it a review on a specific book you are probably going to get the Commission and they're probably not going to buy off Amazon straight away or you know the hosts or Clickbank or whatever platform you use because they want to go and see reviews they want to see what other people actually think of the product that they're purchasing they don't know more about affiliate marketing guys I will leave some videos on the top right I will leave a step-by-step video that you can go watch right now to learn how to do affiliate marketing the videos on the right are completely free also leave some videos in the description or some tutorials based on some of the network's we mentioned inside this video and all of this is free guide you can go watch this right now so tap the videos on the right or tap the videos in the description don't forget to smash that like button and I'll see you in the next video


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