Affiliate Marketing Amazon In 2019 | Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Amazon In 2019 | Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

welcome to the latest end very easy to apply Amazon marketing video training designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of making some good money with Amazon I'm very excited to have you here and I know this will be very helpful for you this exclusive video training will show you step by step topic by topic and two of my tool what you need to know to dominate Amazon in the easiest way possible using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever this video training is comprised of 20 HD training videos organized into five sections this is exactly what you are going to learn section one Amazon basics in videos one through three we'll talk about what's Amazon all about why you should care about Amazon and how you can make money with Amazon section two the hottest ways to make money with Amazon in videos 4 through 8 will talk about selling your products selling your services self-publishing selling with FBA and becoming an affiliate section 3 the Amazon Associates program in videos 9 through 12 will talk about setting up an Amazon affiliate website setting up your Amazon Associates account finding the best affiliate offers to promote and writing content for your Amazon affiliate website section for advanced Amazon affiliate tricks in videos 13 through 16 we'll talk about the hottest traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites using Amazon native shopping ads advanced FBA strategies and embedding an amazon astore into a Facebook page section 5 additional tips to consider in video 17 through 20 we'll talk about do's to apply don't to avoid premium tools and services to consider and shocking case studies well it's time for you to start making some good money from Amazon I know you'll love this training welcome to section 1 of our Amazon marketing video training in this section we'll talk about what's Amazon all about why you should care about Amazon and how you can make money with Amazon we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section what's Amazon all about if you have used Amazon you already have a good idea of what the company is all about it's all about making things easier with humble origins rooted in the online bookstore niche it has grown to be the world's biggest and most successful online retailer Amazon functions on the principle of delivering to anyone anywhere in the world and deliver it does it just doesn't deliver goods it also delivers great service and opportunities to everyone with up to 280,000 estimated new job openings for the coming year support for new profit organizations around the world and enterprising options to people from all walks of life what are some of the key elements that make Amazon such an important organization it has the potential to impact your life in ways you might not be aware of Amazon proudly highlights the following transformations Amazon refers to transformation as the act of empowering others to help them transform their lives it has achieved this by letting people unleash their creativity and fuel their passion through the Amazon platform authors developers small businesses and nonprofits have used the Amazon platform and marketplace to achieve success and transform their lives as well as the lives of those around them opportunities while transformation is the goal the opportunity will drive you to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams amazon offers people an opportunity that was not possible in the past unless you were favored by a privileged background whatever creation you have in mind is now possible without limitations thanks to Amazon the Amazon platform is the right place for you whether you have adventurous aspirations such as publishing a book or getting a movie or series made or if you have more industrious aspirations such as selling products making money online or starting a career economic impact the fact that Amazon is giving people the opportunity to easily do what they love and transform their lives has had a positive economic impact on the people living the dream and on their communities and the world at large besides Amazon directly employs three hundred thousand people fostering a culture of economic growth through job openings and entrepreneurship in the community Amazon gives back to the world that helped it grow by contributing to the communities where its employees and customers live these contributions come in a wide variety of ways including computer skills education for kids financial help for nonprofits and need legal assistance for communities healthy food stops environmental action and disaster relief efforts innovation Amazon prides itself on being a true technological pioneer it wants to improve commerce customer service consumer goods and alternative energy sources some innovations introduced by Amazon in the afer mentioned fields include the Amazon Marketplace itself drone delivery one-click ordering at home and it's wind and solar farms working and Amazon Amazon is a place where builders inventors and innovators can perform their best and be like customers with compelling products and services through operational excellence and focused execution it is a working environment that fosters diversity curiosity and community building sustainability Amazon is not only about the profits it wants you to know that by putting its inventive culture to work on sustainability and by protecting the environment starting with environmentally friendly packaging Amazon is making great efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy for its global infrastructure footprint stay tuned to discover what all this means for you and how you can change your life the Amazon way why you should care about Amazon is as gigantic as gigantic can be it started with a man in his garage with a strong desire to change the way we buy our stuff now Amazon is the undisputed leader of the online retail market with many overseas enterprises copying their business model making life easier for everyone in many ways the first thing that people think about when they picture Amazon is shopping you're more than likely to make a purchase on seeing as how people can even buy foods and fresh produce there it is like a giant global supermarket that has it all over ninety five million people visit and buy stuff on Amazon on a monthly basis which means that there is a lot of money exchanging hands in the amazon marketplace have you ever wondered how much money Amazon merchants make per month more importantly should you care about how much money they make absolutely yes not only can you become an Amazon merchant but you can also live the high life by doing so it is a possibility and we are going to teach you how right now we want you to open your eyes and see why you should care about Amazon and why you should start making money with it awesome benefits Amazon is a godsend for online vendors anyone with a passing interest in making money online should try Amazon because basically any type of method for making money online can be exploited in the platform let's take a look at some of its most hyped benefits it is the largest online marketplace Amazon is an international marketplace where anyone with an internet connection can make a purchase hundreds of millions of customers navigate Amazon in search of all kinds of products and services so there's no limit when it comes to whom you want to sell to you you can sell all types of goods including electronics beauty products sporting goods music apps games books foods collectibles and so on whatever it is there is someone looking for it in the Amazon Marketplace it can take care of your inventory fulfillment by Amazon most commonly known as FBA is an inventory management service offered by Amazon to sellers FBA is all about sending your inventory to Amazon's warehouses and having them take care of it they will not only store it they will also package and ship it to your customers they will even take care of customer service for you no listing fees go to any online marketplace and check their policies to see how long you have to read to find their listing fees Amazon frees you up from this limitation by allowing you to list your products without paying a cent you only pay when you sell your stuff it is a digital friendly environment when you sell on Amazon you have to pay attention to everything you can do in the marketplace because it is a pioneer when it comes to technology for starters Amazon has an entire platform dedicated to helping self publishers get their work out there writers musicians and developers have had nothing short of success once they employ Amazon to launch their creations it is not that Amazon allows you to simply upload a digital edition of your work of art to their marketplace but it empowers you with tools to self publish without the limitations and financial costs inherent to the publishing industry it is innovative the future is bright for Amazon and its merchants the company is boldly introducing technology such as one-click buying – buttons web services and sci-fi worthy stuff such as delivery by drones innovation like this can only bring in more customers so that means more sales for you it is helping people and communities every time you sell something on Amazon you are inadvertently contributing to the improvement of communities and many people's lives Amazon gives back to the world by dedicating a good portion of its revenue to nonprofit organizations educational programs environmental action charities and disaster relief efforts to name a few it can change your life for the better making money on Amazon is not a mere get-rich-quick online type of endeavor it is a serious undertaking that will drastically improve your life if you put in the effort think of Amazon as the best business partner you can get shocking facts started out as an online book store Amazon the name of the company was Merilee chosen to represent the vision of scale held by its founder as the Amazon River is the largest river in the world it was also because back in the 90s websites were listed alphabetically is one of the most valuable brands in the world currently worth 250 billion dollars Amazon's net revenue hit 107 billion dollars in sales in 2015 currently commands 10% of the e-commerce market in North America if that does not sound like much consider that another 10% is held by the rest of the big players such as Walmart and Office Depot with the remaining 80% alternating between the rest of the e-commerce retailers is home to 310 million active user accounts worldwide as of 2014 37% of sales in the Amazon Marketplace came from overseas markets Amazon made 3 billion dollars in one day during the 2015 Cyber Monday sale to give you an idea of how large the distribution chain is that the company manages it has been estimated that the combined size of all of Amazon's warehouses can hold as much water as 10,000 Olympic pools and some more the logo is designed to symbolize a smile that goes from A to Z showcasing the willingness of the company to deliver to anyone anywhere in the world how you can make money with Amazon making money off the internet has been everybody's aspiration ever since the internet was invented and with good reason making money online has been a successful income stream for those who have mastered it and you can bet that making money with Amazon is not an exception in fact making money with Amazon is one of the safest and best ways to make money online because it offers a complete infrastructure where it only matters what you have to offer and how much people end up liking him Amazon will take care of the rest whether you offer a professional service or an innovative product Amazon has a way to monetize it here are some of the many ways in which you can make money with Amazon sell on Amazon with over ninety five million unique monthly visitors it is safe to assume that you have used Amazon before mostly to buy something what if we tell you that you can become the one that sells something to those ninety five million people that's right Amazon is a goldmine and you might not have realized it until now that is precisely why you are watching this and we have good news for you if you have a product there are millions of people willing to buy it on Amazon no matter if you want to sell some of your old collectibles or if you want to try selling your art whatever it is you can sell it on Amazon sell your services on Amazon we are aware that the vast majority of people know that Amazon is the place to go when you want to buy goods online but did you know that it will also allow you to sell your services yes finally a fail safe alternative to posting your services on those online classified ads that only bring headaches selling services on Amazon allows professionals to offer their services in an organized manner in their area of residence making it easier to arrange schedules and payments while also making it easier to reach a wider audience helping skilled pros go from salesman to businessman sell on Amazon business Amazon is a platform that is tailored for both individual and corporate merchants it offers a seller a central location for their business to operate once you grow as a seller and start your own business you'll find out that you will require more resources and a more refined system to and that's exactly when Amazon business enters the picture Amazon business provides merchants with automation systems workflow systems payment approval systems and other features that help businesses greatly simplify and streamline the purchasing process for companies in a given business supply chain what wants to companies a trip to a factory can now be done from a smartphone and to get it ready in an afternoon sell your apps on Amazon these days it is easier than ever to create apps and games what used to take several software engineers and years of production now only takes months often weeks and can be done without coding skills it only takes a great idea and creative driven people to create and sell amazing apps and games what is often omitted is that once an app or game is released you have to figure out where and how to sell it Amazon has an awesome solution for that in the form of the Amazon Appstore the Amazon Appstore allows developers to reach app hungry customers in 236 countries around the world and unrestricted access to tools to further improve market and monetize their creations become an affiliate are you good at recommending stuff to people do you like to review video games and movies on the internet maybe you are a computer buff and love to write extensively about what you like and don't like about new technology maybe you like talking about geeky stuff like comics memorabilia and other cool stuff it might surprise you to learn that you can become an Amazon associate create a niche website to talk about product recommendations and get paid for every customer that purchases on Amazon through your site everybody loves Amazon so you're more than guaranteed a steady affiliate income advertise your products Amazon being the unquestionable leader of the online retail world knows a thing or two about advertising hence it offers a platform to advertise your products advertising products on Amazon is mainly targeted at merchants who want to boost sales of the products they have listed in the Amazon Marketplace but there are other advertising objectives available as well Amazon is one of the most revered platforms by ebook self-published around the world because Amazon offers them advertising tools to help them reach new audiences in specific genres and promote backless titles alongside new releases if you sell something that does not fit the amazon marketplace or if you simply wish to use your own sales channel you can still advertise your products or services to the millions of ready to buy Amazon customers on a global scale you can also market your apps with a few clicks of your mouse self-published with Amazon if you want to self publish a book or if you want to create something that you think major publishing houses are likely to pass on Amazon is the place for you Amazon has three different platforms for all self-publishing flavors create space for print books Kindle direct publishing for digital books and ACX for audiobooks each platform will allow you to retain a degree of control over your work not possible any other way with a global audience ready to get its hands on your masterpieces become an Amazon vendor Amazon gives the opportunity to those with a supply chain to become an Amazon vendor not by simply listing in Amazon but by selling their products to Amazon itself that's right if you plan to sell goods such as electronics or beauty products you can sell them directly to Amazon you just have to supply and get paid they'll take care of everything else welcome to section 2 of our Amazon marketing video training in this section we'll talk about selling your products selling your services self-publishing selling with FBA and becoming an affiliate we hope you enjoying it the most out of this training section selling your products statistically speaking it's safe to assume that basically anyone watching this has at some point but something on the Amazon Marketplace whenever you're looking for you'll find it there from clothing to computer parts and from fresh produce to video games and books you can buy anything with a few clicks of your mouse a fundamental part of the Amazon experience is customer service and how easy it is to use and navigate the site to find what you're looking for stuff such as wish lists daily deals and notifications about upcoming products are what allowed Amazon to become the largest most successful e-commerce website on the planet that is precisely what a lot of people wanting to get their arms around ecommerce struggle with it's not only that building up an e-commerce platform is a complex task but also because of competition it is very very likely that hundreds if not thousands of sites are already offering what you want to sell and people often stick to what they know on top of that you also have to introduce Amazon into the picture the good news is that Amazon doesn't see you as a competitor it sees you as a business partner because you can sell your stuff on Amazon selling on Amazon is an Amazon service that allows people to become Amazon merchants with the privilege of selling their products in the amazon marketplace by sewing in the amazon marketplace you'll reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world through their ninety five million visitors a month in the US alone you can also take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment services leaving the heavy lifting to them while you manage your business that means Amazon will take care of your inventory by storing it packing it and shipping it once your sales are made they will even take care of customer service for you you can also use tools provided by the platform to market your products in the marketplace it works simple enough first you decide what you want to sell in the marketplace there are 20 starting categories for individual sellers and 10 more categories open to professional sellers individual and professional are different selling plans and you'll have to pick one depending on your selling requirements once you settle on a selling plan you can register to start listing your products after you register the process is simple and straightforward first you'll have to list your products to have them added to customers in the amazon marketplace one at a time there are two ways to list products on Amazon one is by listing products that are already in the Amazon Marketplace you'll simply have to sort through Amazon's existing catalog and then specify quantity condition of your products and shipping options the second way is by adding products to the catalog to do that you'll have to identify them by their Universal product codes UPC and enter their attributes such as title and description secondly you sell your products there is an already established audience to whom you will sell to that counts in the millions so you'll just have to wait for someone to search for your products and make a purchase which might happen sooner than you think once your sales go through the system you'll have to get your orders packed and shipped thankfully you can use Amazon's own order fulfillment service so you can save time and resources we will be guiding you through this in a following video finally you get paid it is as simple as adding your bank account Amazon will send you funds and notify you once they are deposited one advantage of selling in the Amazon Marketplace is that there are no entry fees for listing your products for a limited amount of time you actually only pay a final fee that is determined by your products category and its final sale price you can list for free in the marketplace if you opt to sell as an individual but you'll be limited to only selling up to 40 articles on a monthly basis if you estimate your sales will surpass the 40 product mark you can sell as a professional and so in the ten additional categories you can visit the fee schedule page to get a more detailed overview of fees per article there are over thirty product categories under which to list items in the marketplace with more than 20 of those open to any type of seller and requiring approval from books to business products there is something for everyone there signing up you have to create a seller account to start selling on go to and scroll down until you see them make money with us title in the footer click on sell on Amazon then click on the solutions tab and then on sell on Amazon scroll down to find a registration button for each selling plan your needs and requirements will determine on which one you'll choose to start selling in the marketplace as a merchant for the purposes of this video we will register as individual sellers so let's start by clicking on sell as an individual enter your email address in the first field and check the create new account box then click on continue on the following page enter your first and last name reenter your email address then create a password and a password confirmation for your account then hit continue on the next page enter your legal name and check the service solutions agreement box then again click on continue on the next page you'll be asked to enter your credit card information this is for Amazon to handle your selling expenses and fees once you enter all the required info click on next you can also click on skip step and enter your billing info later on the next page you'll have to enter a display name for your marketplace storefront and your physical address info again you can skip this step if you want to enter this information later by clicking on skip step on the following page you'll need to enter a phone number to receive a pin code through a voice call to verify your authenticity choose the language in which you want to process the step and click on call me now once you complete this step click on next you can select send me a text message above if you want to receive your PIN code through text you can skip this step too but we strongly suggest you enter all your info and complete the verification the first time so you can start selling right after you create your seller central account if you want to register as a professional seller you'll be asked to provide actual information about your business as well as a valid credit card bank account and tax information for billing that's it once you have your seller account you can start listing your products in the marketplace and can upgrade your selling plan anytime the need arises you selling your services a lot of skilled professionals face a harsh reality when they start offering their services to people it's not as easy as it looks from the outside much like any small business opening its doors for the first time skilled professionals find themselves facing competitors lower prices from less qualified people big chains and the fact that they are the new face in town the old-fashioned way of offering services has not changed that much over time people still post ads on printed publications yellow pages and business directories to reach a mostly local audience the more specialized they are the more people contact them for their services now the Internet has made this a bit easier for simplifying the process while also offering more cost-effective alternatives the problem is that online business directories tend to be unregulated they make the management of a service-oriented business a bit of a headache with all the record-keeping on paper and oftentimes unfriendly customers what if I told you that Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell your services in its marketplace and manages your service-oriented business through its platform that's right you can make your job ten times easier by selling your services on Amazon let's take a look at what it has in store for you amazon offers you the opportunity to sit back while you wait for your customers to order your services online it is an amazing opportunity for professionals such as assemblers home cleaners handy men and electricians to offer their services to local customers by only listing their services in the marketplace one really cool thing about selling services on Amazon is that you can manage your job postings directly from the online platform or from a smart device and only choose those jobs that neatly fit your schedule this is a way more organized way to manage your business because you can easily fill up your schedule at your own convenience without having to accept orders you can schedule them for later something that often leads to an overcrowded schedule and rush jobs the benefits no upfront costs so what are some of the benefits of this Amazon program let's start by saying there are no upfront costs to sell your services in the Amazon Marc place unlike traditional job posting channels that require you to pay in advance for posting paying for advertising costs or risk working in an unregulated environment Amazon does not require you to pay startup fees monthly subscription fees or advertising fees all you have to do is apply which we will talk about in a minute real jobs another benefit is that you will be getting real jobs from real people long pasture the days of catching whatever call or visit that could potentially lead you to a job it is invite only one cool benefit of the selling services on Amazon platform is that the company handpicks its service providers so you only share space with the best no more dealing with sketchy experts leverage the trust of Amazon lastly you have the benefit of working nowhere else other than the Amazon platform which is a trusting environment full of pre-existing loyal Amazon customers that help your business to continue growing that will in turn help you to fine-tune your professional skills how does it work it's pretty simple indeed after entering the marketplace you get discovered by customers interested in the type of service that you offer Amazon facilitates this because your customers don't need to be looking for your services in order to find you they just need to be shopping on Amazon for products related to your service to stumble upon your offer people looking for tools to make home repairs on their own can stumble upon your job ad and decide if they would rather have the repair done by a professional boom you get an order does that sound good yes indeed Amazon will also send you jobs when customers place an order for certain prepackaged services sometimes said customers will need a custom service so you'll have to give them an estimate finally you get paid for every completed job and every satisfied customer all under Amazon's wing what are the costs as we said there are no upfront costs to join the platform and sell your services there are fees in the form of shared revenue for every completed job these fees are a percentage of the final price paid by customers for your service that will be deducted from your final payment depend how you offer your services these services and they're tied fees are as follows prepackaged services these are services that have a defined scope and results such as TV wall mounting moving services and housecleaning for services costing up to one thousand dollars there's a twenty percent fee and for services costing from fifteen hundred dollars upwards there is a 15% fee custom services custom services are those that require detailed input from the customer these are projects that do not have a defined scope such as electrical wiring and weed control for services costing up to $1,000 there is a 15% fee and for services costing from $1500 upwards there is a 10% fee recurring services these are services that are set for a recurring schedule such as standard lawn maintenance and regular pool cleaning services fees for recurring services are fixed at 10 percent over the final price getting started getting started is easy enough you first need to apply with an application which needs to be approved by Amazon you'll be sent an activation link to activate your service account once your account is approved and registered Amazon will run a background check on your business and on your track record as a technician this is because Amazon only wants the best and most dependable professionals offering their services in the marketplace so you're off to a good start after your background check is complete you'll have to complete your account setup by specifying your coverage locations and the type of services that you offer then you'll start getting jobs to apply just head to the make money with us section on the Amazon home page and click on sell your services on Amazon then click on the apply Now button once there scroll all the way down to reach the apply to selling services on Amazon form when you click on the select a service category you can see the many categories under which you can list your services then you get to select your primary profession and a secondary profession related to your services then select a business type and a service type lastly you'll have to enter your business name as well as your personal info click on submit and wait for approval now you're ready to start your service-oriented business journey self-publishing how the woes of being a struggling writer it is not easy to break into the publishing industry when you are an aspiring writer let alone break even and make a living out of it sometimes it doesn't really matter how good or relevant your work is because the next big thing can be forgotten if no publisher is willing to give it a try plus the more rejections you get the more you convince yourself of how your work is not good enough which can shy you away from trying to sell yourself then you just give up to work on anything that will hand you a paycheck at the end of the month leaving your real talents to be undiscovered now that's a thing of the past because Amazon is the way to help Amazon has devised a system that allows riders and narrators to let their creativity flow Amazon's self-publishing service is the way to go if you want to reach millions of readers and audiobook lovers on a worldwide scale while also maintaining full control over your work this system is designed to help you easily and independently publish your physical book your ebooks and your audiobooks you'll just need to go to the Amazon homepage once there scroll all the way down to the make money with us section and click on self publish with us there you'll see three options to self publish publish to Kindle publish to print and publish to audio let's take a look at each option and see what they offer publish to Kindle as you may know the Kindle is a tablet like device designed by Amazon which is primarily used by e-book lovers around the world with its own dedicated marketplace and publishing platform amazon offers you the Kindle direct publishing platform so you can publish your books for free and reach millions of readers it will allow you to earn royalties of up to 70 percent when your book sells in the US UK and other major markets you can publish your book quickly in a matter of minutes and your book will appear within two days in the marketplace one of the greatest benefits of self-publishing your book with Amazon is that you'll be able to distribute it digitally on the global market which is awesome if you plan to publish your book in different languages finally your book will be available in the Kindle ecosystem which means that anyone with a Kindle device or a Kindle reading app installed in their smart device will be able to buy and enjoy your book to start using this service simply click on the get started button in the publish to Kindle box on your right you'll find a sign up box inviting you to join the service with your existing Amazon account if you are not currently an Amazon customer you'll have to create an Amazon account in order to use the service below it you can see a list of popular book genre is published by Kindle direct publishing if you want to familiarize yourself with the self-publishing process before creating your account we recommend you check the Help section there you can get a detailed walkthrough of the process involved and of all that you'll encounter once you sign up for self-publishing stuff such as entering your book details your cover design and how to upload your book is outlined here publish to print publishing your book in digital format has advantages and is great you'll certainly not run out of copies to sell meaning that everyone wanting a copy will be able to get it easily what if your dream is publishing and printing a book amazon's CreateSpace is the answer because this service will allow you to create publish and distribute your book in printed format around the world benefits of publishing to print with create space include earning royalties that go up to 80 percent using three professional tools to quickly publish your book using professional printing services made available to you exclusively through the platform and distributing your book to a worldwide audience all while keeping total creative control of your work through a non-exclusive agreement to start using this service click on the get started button in the publish to print box you'll be greeted with some testimonials of authors who have had success using create space the service to get their work published and on your right you'll see a sign-up form simply enter your personal information to create your create space account select your country of residence and select the type of media that you are considering publishing be a book audio video or a combination of those media if you are still debating over which media best fits your work simply select I'm not sure yet and then click on create my account now you are ready to leverage the power of create space to publish your work in a way that was unthinkable before published you audio a lot of people love audiobooks because they add depth and emotion to the written contents of books Amazon gives you the opportunity to explore this innovative way to enjoy written word with a CX or the audiobook exchanged creation platform benefits of using a CX include high royalties paid for your work and ample access to top distribution channels online including and iTunes by signing up for the audio book exchange creation platform to create your audiobooks you'll also get easy access to narrators and studio professionals that can aid you in the audiobook creation process to start using this service click on the get started button in the publish to audio box here you'll see all the options available to you this is not only a platform for those looking to publish an audio book if you happen to have a talent for voiceovers or narration you can sign up as an actor or producer to upload your samples and find projects that you would like to produce if you already have an audiobook version of your book you only need to upload it to the ACX platform to have it distributed on top retail channels if you want more details about all the opportunities open to you in the ACX platform just to scroll down find out how it works and how you can promote yourself selling with FBA the e-commerce market is one of the biggest trends when it comes to ways of making money on the internet it stands for electronic commerce and you can see it popping up everywhere retail giants such as Walmart and Costco offer their stock online and startups are selling their products using a simple Buy Now button on Facebook and of course Amazon ecommerce still represents a huge amount of work especially if you are selling tangible goods that need to be handled and shipped because you have to keep track of inventory storage handling shipping and customer service it can look easy because you are managing your storefront online but the process is this complex as ever the other problem is customer reach because your business is only as successful as the number of people keeping it afloat we talked before about how Amazon has revolutionized the e-commerce world by offering sellers everywhere the opportunity to use its platform to sell on its marketplace and we would love to introduce you to a way to make that easier for you what is FBA fulfillment by Amazon simply known as FBA is a service for its marketplace merchants that consists of Amazon picking packing and shipping all your orders with one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world you can bet that Amazon has the expertise to take care of all your orders and provide customer service in your favour the benefits when you let Amazon take care of your orders you are saving time and growing your business when you send your products to Amazon for fulfillment they become eligible for free shipping and Amazon Prime free two-day shipping which makes them a better deal for your customers all of your Amazon Marketplace listings will show the Prime logo which will let customers know that your products are being handled by Amazon take care of customer service and returns for your order when needed there will be no limit to the number of units and products that you send Amazon for fulfillment or other inventory details whatsoever you'll only have to send your stock to Amazon and concentrate on your business Amazon will help you grow you'll also be able to manage your orders from multiple sales channels if you sell your stock on the website other than Amazon it will manage your inventory for you and you'll only need to redirect your sales to for fulfillment lastly it is a cost effective service considering that you'll be able to save a lot of time and logistic resources you'll only pay for storage and order fulfillment fees how does it work simplifying fulfillment with Amazon is easy enough first you'll need an Amazon sellers account after you create an Amazon sellers account it is as simple as adding fulfillment by Amazon to your account you can add FBA to your account if you choose a professional selling plan where the simple check mark when you are creating your account then you'll have to create your product listings you can do this your way be it one by one in bulk or by integrating a catalog system once you create your listings prepare your products to be sent to an amazon fulfillment center you have to make your products ecommerce ready which means that you need to get them properly packed and identified when your products are ready to go ship them to Amazon once they arrive at a fulfillment center they'll be ready to be shipped to customers ordering them finally it is good to remember that Amazon takes care of customer service its customer service team will manage enquiries refunds and returns related to your products listed in the marketplace 24 hours a day seven days a week try to beat that pricing pricing for fulfillment is determined by several factors including the type of product storage packing and whether your orders are being processed in an Amazon Marketplace or on a different sales channel getting started go to the home page and head to the make money with us section click on sell on Amazon then place your pointer over the solutions tab and click on fulfillment by Amazon click on the get started button from there you'll simply need to add FBA to your account by logging in try it out becoming an affiliate affiliate marketing has been around ever since making money online was a thing now it is becoming a growing trend thanks to how easy it is for people to create content make it available for the world to see and click through it for those not in the know affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that merchants and product creators use to leverage the crowdsourcing power of Internet inhabitants it works like this a merchant offers to pay a fee to someone that is able to get other people to buy something from the merchant this means a lot of players in the retail space are using people to advertise their products it works great for merchants sales by affiliates give them a better image because it is an individual who is recommending a product and not an ad guess what Amazon is doing that too you can become an Amazon affiliate to start earning money for promoting items in its marketplace Amazon Associates affiliates in the Amazon Marketplace are called Amazon Associates you could find that out by going to the Amazon homepage and heading to the make money with us section then by clicking on become an affiliate the Amazon affiliate program offers you earnings of up to 10% for every sale that you help happen in the Amazon Marketplace it is easy and free to join the program you'll just need to register and wait for approval from Amazon you'll earn money by advertising products in the marketplace with over a million products to choose from you'll be hard-pressed to not find something that you already liked and that you would be more willing to talk about Amazon will hand you easy to use linking tools to refer customers from your site to the marketplace you'll be able to advertise from websites and social media updates to any Amazon page your ads can be placed as images text and banners you'll also be able to create an online store from scratch with a stores to feature and sell products from the Amazon Marketplace advanced users and developers will have access to the Amazon API in order to seamlessly integrate products from the Amazon catalog into any website you'll earn advertising fees as low as 4% and as high as 10% for every customer that you send from your site to make a purchase on Amazon that's right you'll not only make money from the products you are advertising on your site you'll make money for every purchase made by someone that goes from your site to the Amazon Marketplace you'll earn even if that someone does not buy what you are advertising and buy something different we consider becoming an Amazon associate one of the best ways to make money with Amazon considering how big of a marketplace it is and the number of sales made there every day stay tuned because we are going to teach you how to become one in the following section welcome to section 3 of our Amazon marketing video training in this section we'll talk about setting up an Amazon affiliate website setting up your Amazon Associates account finding the best affiliate offers to promote and writing content for your amazon affiliate website we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section setting up an Amazon affiliate website becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the best strategies to work on when you want to make money online as an Amazon affiliate you'll earn money by simply advertising their products there are several ways to do it such as promoting through blogs and social media profiles all of them can be successful when done right what we have found is that the most successful way to earn money as an Amazon affiliate is by creating an Amazon affiliate website an Amazon affiliate website is a website that is designed to market products on the Amazon Marketplace to earn money from referral commissions the only catch is that you have to showcase said products in an organic way some of the most common practices include product reviews comparisons and top-rated product lists that way you can easily get people interested in the products on your site place an Amazon associate link to redirect them to make a purchase and then cash in the benefits of an Amazon affiliate website Amazon affiliate websites are one of the easiest ways to start making money online they are easy to set up and are pretty cost effective they offer you a streamlined affiliate earnings method unlike traditional affiliate marketing schemes where you have to heavily promote low-paying offers often with your own money Amazon affiliate websites are organically founded by people searching the products that you market which means that they are ready to buy the Amazon tracking cookie will register any purchase made by a customer coming to the marketplace from your site and pay you a fee for the full amount spent by the buyer and not only for the product they were referred to the fact that Amazon is a trusted place to shop online makes Amazon affiliate websites already valuable and easy to monetize if you pick a good niche and fill your site with compelling content you can easily take home earnings as high as $3,000 a month sometimes more setting up an Amazon affiliate website creating an Amazon affiliate website is now easier than it has ever been let's take a look at everything that you will need in order to set up your first Amazon affiliate website one step at a time picking a niche you may have been hearing this word being thrown around a lot now that you are getting into online marketing but what does it mean a niche is that specific segment of the market that you decide to target for example if you decide that you want to set up a site for a baby clothing that is your niche picking the right niche can make a huge difference in how much you earn and how much traffic you get to your affiliate site some niches are considered big and some are considered small for example the video game niche is huge but the octopus shaped niche is small the bigger the niche the more profitable it is deemed to be keep in mind that the average price of products in your niche of choice in the average number of sales can have a greater impact on your earnings than how big or small the niches if your niche of choice has an amazing market share but each sale average is only three dollars you'll need to make a Titanic amount of sales to turn a decent profit on the other hand if your niche of choice is small yet each sale is $4,000 you'll be making big earnings with a few sales a month also consider picking up a niche that you'll enjoy promoting that will make your affiliate site much more authoritative which in turn will make it more appealing to your visitors a domain name for your site now that you have picked up a niche you have to pick up a domain name related to it the domain name is simply the name address of your website and you can pick up one from a number of vendors online we recommend you pick your name through simply head to and click on domains in the choose your new web address bar enter the domain name that you would like to use and click on search to check if it is available once you check availability proceed to checkout website builder and hosting now that you have your niche and your domain name you now need to create an actual site the easiest way to create a website is to use a content management system and the hottest one right now is WordPress also you'll need a hosting service to house your website you can find great hosting low price on as well and pick a hosting service that comes with easy one-click wordpress installation you will not have to create separate accounts for everything just head to and click on wordpress hosting you have three packages available to get started and we recommend that you get started with the standard plan this plan allows you to install two WordPress sites on the same server which is great if you decide to experiment with two different but highly profitable niches along the way you'll be able to get up to 200,000 visitors a month and you get 150 gigabyte of storage space final recommendations use an affiliate friendly theme for your WordPress site such as xeno rhihub and price compare make sure that your site is neatly organized that your links are in order and that you use high quality appealing images make sure that your affiliate links are easily checkable lots of affiliates lose a great deal of earnings because they don't get customers to click through their affiliate links don't be shy setting up your amazon associates account setting up your amazon associates account to become an Amazon affiliate is quite straightforward and easy you might be scratching your head right now asking yourself why would you make me create my website first if this is easier well that is because you need to have your website ready before becoming an Amazon associate getting started before starting the signup process make sure that you have the following ready your website data that is you need to have your domain name a description of your site and information about other affiliate programs featured on your site and an account if you want to have a separate account for your affiliate activities make sure that you create a new one sign up and set up go to the Amazon homepage scroll all the way down to reach them make money with us section click on become an affiliate on the following page click on join for free for the purposes of this video we will assume that you already have an account so we will sign up with an existing Amazon user account during this walkthrough sign up using an email address and click on sign up using our secure server the first setup step is to enter your account information here you'll simply be asked to enter the payee information in other words enter the personal information of the person receiving payments for Commission's earned through your affiliate website the default info will appear as the personal info in your account namely your full name your address and your phone number but you can change it by clicking on select different address in the who is the main contact for this account you can decide whether you want the above payee to be the contact or to appoint a different one using the someone else box once you set this up click on next now you are in the your websites and mobile apps section here you have to enter at least one website or one mobile app to display your affiliate links and you can add up to 50 what you do here is write the domain name of your site in the enter your website field and click on add now that you are done just click Next note that before you can continue you'll need to declare if any of your websites or apps are primarily directed to children under the age of 13 because those websites are not eligible to display Amazon associate links banners or ads check no and click on confirm to continue now you'll be sent to the profile section where you'll be prompted to create a profile for your affiliate website first enter an associates store ID enter something simple that you can remember enter a brief description of your affiliate website in the what are your website's or mobile apps about field in the which of the following topics best describes your web sites or mobile apps display boxes select a primary and a secondary category fitting the content promoting your affiliate offers in the what type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your websites or mobile apps part check all the possible products that you think that you can potentially list on your affiliate site in the what type are your web sites or mobile apps display boxes select a primary and secondary category for your affiliate website now you'll get to the traffic and monetization box in the how do you drive traffic to your website's section check all the options that describe your traffic funneling methods now in the how do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income display boxes select what other types of monetization strategies you integrate into your affiliate website in case that you do not monetize your affiliate website in any other way simply select Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site fill in the how do you usually build links the how many total unique visitors do your websites and apps get per month the what is your primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program and the how did you hear about us sections according to your own criteria lastly enter the security code provided and click on next to move to the next section you'll get a confirmation informing you that your identity verification has been completed check the box under contract terms to accept the operating agreement then click on finish congratulations you are now ready to start using Associates central finding the best affiliate offers to promote congratulations for hanging with us so far you are now an Amazon associate with an Amazon affiliate website ready to go now the only thing that's left for you is to start promoting products in your niche of choice and start making some sweet money you'll need to be prepared for this because at this point it is pretty much possible that you still have only a vague idea of what you are going to promote on your Amazon affiliate website if you were thinking about promoting stuff based on those things that you specifically like in your niche you will need to change your perspective right now that is because when you promote things to drive sales through your Amazon affiliate website you need to promote stuff that is easily profitable hence to make money on your niche website you'll need to promote stuff that people already like and are already buying by the ton yeah we know that you have your preferences when it comes to certain products and the niche that you chose to promote but you need to rethink your strategy again if you promote something that is being backed by powerful reviews and a positive strong reception you'll make more money how do you know what affiliate offers are best to promote let's take a look finding the best sellers this is perhaps the best way to find affiliate offers to promote on your Amazon affiliate niche website once you settle on a niche to promote and base your entire website around the best strategy is to populate it only with the best of the best in your target market of choice to find the best sellers for your niche on go to the home page and place your pointer over the department's menu select your niche from the category display menu and click on the subcategory that best fits the products that you plan to promote on your affiliate website now click on the best sellers tab in the top bar menu every product category on Amazon has a best sellers list and we recommend you look at it on a regular basis to see if there is something worth checking out to promote and monetize as you can see on the right side of the screen there are other ways to find hot items to promote including hot new releases most wished for items and gift ideas if you want to see a full list of bestsellers in all categories simply click on the any department button on the left the following page will show you a partial list with a handful of bestsellers from each category in the left hand menu you'll see all the marketplace categories and you can check each one's bestsellers by clicking on them recommended categories the following is a list of categories that sell like crazy maybe because they are everyday things that are consumed on a worldwide scale and seldom need presentation you can easily review and recommend them through your niche site home improvement appliances automotive arts and crafts electronics baby care personal care fitness and sports home and kitchen patio and garden and pet care a final recommendation we recommend you evaluate affiliate rates before deciding to promote a certain product category to see if they fit your affiliate plan also evaluate how profitable it is to promote such categories in the long run according to your marketing strategies simply go to the Amazon Associates Program homepage and click on the advertising fees title under the earn section there you'll be able to see the fixed standard program fee rates per category and the variable standard program fee rates for other products per number of products purchased in a given calendar month writing content for your Amazon affiliate website despite their unconventional name Amazon affiliate websites are nothing more than niche websites niche websites are sites created with the intention of getting found by people looking for predominant keywords in a given niche at any given moment Amazon affiliate websites are mostly described as review sites or comparison sites in the mainstream it can be easy to be misled and think that it will be enough to pour out whatever positive thoughts you might have towards the products that you intend to promote or to simply create product comparisons in graphic chart form unless you have a cult following of customers willing to buy anything in any given moment you won't have any type of success if you follow that common formula writing content for an Amazon affiliate website requires a technical approach but there's one thing we can assure you about it's not difficult to do if you follow the principles listed next building money pages money pages are pages in a niche website that are in charge of producing affiliate income for Amazon affiliate websites there is a set of basic elements that need to be included on a successful money page profitable keywords great content and pricing tables let's take a look at each element on a purely individual level profitable keywords a profitable keyword is nothing more than keywords that willing buyers use when searching for information to buy a product there is something really important to understand in order to create a profitable niche site it is that people landing on your site are already in shopping mode they only need a little bump to make a purchase if you get them more interested in what they are looking for you'll push them towards making a purchase this means that your profitable keywords need to be a the common name of the product or product category that you promote be brand names and see key words or phrases commonly used to make searches related to the product or product category that you promote great content great content means content that is customer friendly and helpful you'll mostly be reviewing the products that you promote so there is stuff that you have to include on every piece of content in your money page mainly you have to mention the benefits of the product and how they can fulfill the customers needs secondly you have to structure your content in a way that your keywords fit naturally if you don't include them or if you only include them on titles your content will get buried underneath hundreds of search results also do not forget that your content needs to be long ideally 2,500 to 4,000 words long this is to comply with Google's algorithm quality standards it puts higher value on long well-written and well structured content which means that your money pages will show in the first page of Google's results pricing tables pricing tables are a nice little trick that will function as a backdoor of sorts pricing tables work like an invitation they seamlessly lure willing customers to click on a picture of a product that they want to buy so they can complete the purchase that they were going to make in the first place you only have to show them the way pricing tables are simple to create you just have to list similar products at the end of a piece of griten content each one featuring their corresponding picture name and price final recommendation as a final recommendation we advise you create comparison reviews featuring multiple products into a single piece of written content this is because it is sometimes really difficult to fit 2,000 let alone 4,000 words into a review about one single product if you create a multiple product review instead you can easily dedicate 500 words to each product this will also work great for customers researching a product before a purchase welcome to section 4 of our Amazon marketing video training in this section we'll talk about the hottest traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites using Amazon native shopping ads advanced FBA strategies and embedding an amazon astore into a Facebook page we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section the hottest traffic methods for Amazon affiliate sites your amazon affiliate website will be nothing without constant high quality traffic no matter what you do or how shiny the design is you need lots of people visiting it and purchasing stuff on Amazon after clicking through it getting traffic to your Amazon affiliate niche website is strongly tied to your content so let's recap the essential elements that you need to have profitable keywords great content and pricing tables in this video we are going to focus on teaching you how to master the hottest traffic methods for Amazon affiliate websites these methods are easy to understand and implement invest of all they work like a charm finding the right keywords we discussed this in the previous video but it's worth noting that this is perhaps what carries the most weight when it comes to getting traffic to any type of website niche or not the right keywords are going to help your niche website rank higher among sites relevant to your topic or in your case as an affiliate your niche there are two online tools that we recommend you use before you start creating content for your niche website these tools will help you find other keywords that are relevant to your niche as well as whole phrases used by customers during their research before making purchases Google Keyword planner the Google Keyword planner can help by allowing you to get search data related to your keywords simply go to slash keyword planner and log in using your Google account there you'll be able to search for new keywords using a phrase website or category get search volume data and trends using a defined keyword and to multiply keyword lists to get new keywords SEMRush use SEMRush to get a lot of information relevant to your keyword such as info on organic search paid search trends and a related keywords Target buying keywords buying keywords are keywords used by people that want to find more information about something before making a purchase this can happen for a variety of reasons most of the time it's because people want to make informed purchases or find alternatives a lot of times it's a simple form of building anticipation before making a purchase this means that buying keywords our query keywords that are derived from a specific keyword such as best blue smartphone when looking for blue or blue smartphones these types of keywords are important because people using them are ready to make a purchase the majority of the time using these types of keywords in your niche site can attract a lot of people through searches on google target longtail keywords longtail keywords are a much more specific form of keyword because they are used to search for more specific criteria when buyers are looking for something they really want using the blue smartphone example longtail variations of said keyword can be best blue smartphone 2016 or blue smartphone audiophile sure who on tail keywords tend to carry a low search volume because they are too specific however they also tended to lead to more profitable sales best of articles while product reviews are the most popular approach best of articles tend to work better for some niches this approach works amazingly well because best of followed by any product related keyword gets a lot of traffic surprisingly not many people know this leverage social media having a presence on social media can help you drive a lot of traffic to your site by simple crowd sourcing if your site features compelling and valuable content your social media followers will share it and could even become your ambassadors to keep social media users interested in your niche website make sure to fill in content other than reviews and affiliate centric posts using Amazon native shopping ads one of the greatest selling points of the Amazon Associates program for people with Amazon affiliate websites is that all the hard work involved in the creation of ad units to promote affiliate products is taken care of by Amazon itself whereas other affiliate programs leave you to deal with how to create your own ad units Amazon offers you banners direct links to product pages in the form of images enhanced images with text and simple text links the thing about these ad units is that they only work when you are using them to promote a product for instance you can only use an ad unit for a specific product on a page where you are reviewing said product the good news is that the Amazon Associates program also offers you contextual ads called native shopping ads they weren't much in the same way that Google Adsense ads work you copy a native shopping ads Koated to your website and your visitors will see the product ads according to the context for example if you have a photography website your visitors will see ads for photography equipment native shopping ads will allow you to show the most relevant products to your visitors according to context and they offer you flexible placement options they are also responsive so your visitors can have a seamless experience with these ads on any device lastly they are easy to implement you just have to set the code once and forget about it there are three types of native shopping ads recommendation ads these types of native shopping ads will be displayed in product article pages to show product recommendations for your visitors the recommendations shown by these ads will depend on the content of your pages and preferences of your visitors search ads these types of ads will show products to your visitors according to search results given to them by the Amazon Marketplace custom ads custom ads work in a similar fashion to product page links because these are ads that will simply show product recommendations set by you they are great for articles about products that are not necessarily reviews or comparisons leading to an affiliate link sign into your Amazon Associates account once inside look at the upper right corner and click on native shopping ads scroll down to locate the yellow create ad unit button and click on it a display menu will be revealed with each native shopping ad type unit discussed before recommendation adds search ads and custom ads let's have a look at each starting with recommendation ads first you'll be required to enter a name for your ad then you'll have to choose between two ad formats grid or list now you'll need to choose which categories should be emphasized by your ads and choose a fallback keyword in case no product matches are found let's scroll up and click on search ads here you only have to pick an ad format to specify a category and to enter a default search term let's scroll back up and click on custom ads again simply select an ad format and category then select a minimum of four products to show you you after you set up each ad you can preview how each will look on desktop or mobile devices to your right you once you are satisfied with your ads simply copy the generated code and insert it into your Amazon affiliate website Advanced FBA strategies using Amazon to sell your stuff has to be one of the most awesome jobs you can have you get to make money online as an e-commerce entrepreneur by using the largest online retail platform in the world you could safely boast about having a business partner that takes care of doing everything for you using FBA helps you succeed because it leaves the management of resources to Amazon which is incredibly beneficial for you after you learn how to prepare your items to have them shipped to Amazon the game is not over here are some advanced strategies to apply if you want to make the most out of Amazon's outstanding fulfillment service choosing products to sell it is wise to adopt a humble approach when you start selling stuff through FBA we recommend you start with simple small products that are safe to sell and escalate your business from there apply these elements to your FBA business keep it simple keep it simple at the beginning the first approach to simplicity is not selling stuff that will require a lot of planning or accommodations to be shipped you can do this by selling things that can be sold under private labels such as beauty products clothing and supplements besides these types of products are easier to sell and have a broader market appeal which will help you pile up earnings until you become able to absorb higher investment costs keep it small selling small stuff will save you a lot of strain and will also guarantee that you keep a tidy profit margin this is because the larger the items are the more FBA storage is required and inventory costs will go up keep it safe you also have to keep an eye on how safe your products are for consumers the products that we mentioned before are safe to store and ship without sustaining any major damage helping you avoid returns and damaged item costs applying SEO techniques apart from applying the usual search engine optimisation techniques such as getting press releases for your private label creating articles to rank your label as a keyword recognized by Google and bookmarking there is one SEO strategy that we have discovered that works extremely well for FBA it is to get as many backlinks as possible it doesn't matter if those backlinks come from guest posts or from backlinking services because amaz will not penalize you for it getting reviews getting reviews for your products offered through the FBA service is supremely important reviews are what will make your products stand out a well-received product will always get more sales getting reviews is sometimes difficult because customers can forget about reviewing a product after they have received it the good news is you can ask customers to review your products if you know how to ask them for it remember to get positive reviews not only does your product need to be top-notch but you have to provide excellent customer service how do you ask for positive reviews do the following after a sale has gone through and you are absolutely sure that the customer has received his or her order simply contact them through Amazon to ask them about their experience and subtly ask them to review your product you can get a note printed on your product packaging or ask Amazon to leave a note asking customers to notify you once they receive their orders and to please review your product if they are satisfied with it you can also outsource the job of calling your customers and asking them about their buying experience Amazon has your customers phone numbers available in your FBA account follow these simple yet extremely functional strategies to the letter and get the most out of the largest fulfillment network in the world embedding an amazon astore into a Facebook page Amazon a stores are a great and easy way to manage your Amazon affiliate business because they allow you to create an amazing e-commerce website mock-up within your own amazon affiliate website you don't even need to know how to code because you can simply create an a-star with a few clicks with your Amazon Associates central account in this video we will show you an easy way to integrate an a store into a Facebook page why would you like to integrate in a store into a Facebook fan page if you already have an Amazon affiliate website well here's a list of the benefits of doing so you can use your Facebook fan page to promote your affiliate website while giving Amazon customers a simpler way to buy what they want without having to leave your Facebook page your visitors will be more likely to make impulse purchases because all the items that you are promoting in your a store are listed in one single block of items ready to buy customers can simply scroll down your inventory while adding anything they fancy to their carts all without leaving your facebook page you'll be able to score a lot more affiliate sales because you'll satisfy two immediate needs online shopping and social media usage in this video you'll learn how to integrate your a store in to your Facebook page step-by-step the easy way please follow the onscreen walkthrough to have yours ready in no time before you get started it is important that you have the following ready a Facebook fan page for your affiliate website and Amazon Associates account and you'll need the following URL copied to the clipboard and have it ready HTTP colon slash slash apps dot slash static underscore HTML underscore plus slash for the purposes of this video and because you have made it this far into the training we will assume that you already have a Facebook fan page for your affiliate website and an amazon associate account as well as an A store built we also recommend you are logged into Facebook and your Amazon Associates account on separate tabs in the same browser just in case if you have not created an A store for your affiliate website yet just head to your Amazon Associates account go to the product linking tab and click on a store on the following screen click on build and a store now to create and personalize your own a store with a few clicks of your mouse you'll go back to your amazon associates account in a couple of minutes after you complete the actual first step in the process copy the HTTP colon slash slash apps dot slash static underscore HTML underscore + slash from the clipboard and paste it on the tab where you are logged into Facebook next click on the add static HTML to a page button click on the Facebook pages drop down style menu to select the Facebook page which is where you'll be embedding your a store then click on the add page tab button to continue right after the installation is complete you'll be redirected to a new welcome section in your fan page this is where your integrated a store will be featured to start embedding it simply click on setup tab scroll down and delete the text in the index.html field then go back to your Amazon Associates account to get your a stores code go to the product linking tab and click on a store under manage your a stores you'll find an info box with your a stores info click on edit now click the continue button without actually editing anything until you reach the finish and get link button in the page that loads check the embed my store using an inline frame and copy the code in the box below go back to the app control panel you were in before after you copy this code to paste it into the index.html field you'll be shown a warning message to not go into further detail you'll just need to make some minor changes in the code that you just pasted add an S to the HTTP part to make it HTTPS in order to make it safe for security checks made by the browser change the width value to 800 15px and the height value to 1200 px and change the scrolling value to yes now your code has been optimized for Facebook scroll up and click on save and publish go back to your Facebook page and click on welcome as you can see your a store is now embedded into your fan page to finalize we recommend that you personalize this tab according to your a store setup to do so simply click on the Settings button on the upper right hand corner of your Facebook page look at the menu on the left and click on apps now click on edit settings under static HTML colon iframe tabs here you'll be able to edit the default tab name and to add a personalized image to it enter a new name for your tab and a new image as well when you are done save and click OK now your Facebook a store is up to date and ready to roll welcome to section five of our Amazon marketing video training in this section we'll talk about do's to apply don'ts to avoid premium tools and services to consider and shocking case studies we hope you enjoy and get the most out of this training section do is to apply getting everything right the first time that you do something is not an easy task it's not healthy to always expect things to go your way so it is always good to have some help in the beginning here are some do's you have to apply if you want to get started on the right foot niche down your audience as much as possible you need to narrow the niche of your products and the audience that you'll target to successfully make money with Amazon this also applies for keywords that you want people to see on search engine results if you want your Amazon affiliate website to be easily found by willing customers use the US Amazon site making money with Amazon is possible to people from all around the world and because of this non-us people such as from Canada Mexico or Spain focus their efforts on their regional Amazon marketplaces the problem with this approach is that unless you are promoting products that are heavily in demand in such regions your profits can be lower than you expect the best approach is to use the US market place because it is reached by buyers from all around the world test everything there is one marketing strategy that many sellers and affiliates tend to overlook and that is testing in the specific case of affiliates testing doesn't mean doing extensive and complex ad stuff you just simply need to try different designs had copies images and wording and then stick to the one that you see working best track your results you cannot just guess as to what works and what doesn't based solely on the comments in your blog you have to track the data left by your customers you can do this by integrating a tool such as Google Analytics with your affiliate page to track the number of visitors the bounce rate and the click-through rates right after implementing certain changes for regular and FBA sellers tracking communications with buyers and review scores can be just as effective take care of branding branding is everything if you want to stand out branding yourself doesn't mean registering your business or affiliate website with a trademark it just means that you have to give yourself a distinct personality in order to communicate Authority if you do not brand yourself your products or affiliate websites will be just another one among thousands in a crowded marketplace take advantage of native shopping ads native shopping ads is an alternative way of monetizing a website other than with affiliate material if you are running a blog where you want to review some products in between opinion articles native shopping ads will allow you to place ads to promote products related to your content and pages that do not contain reviews or price comparisons promote your own products do you know what is better than earning commissions from selling products on the Amazon Marketplace earning a commission from selling your own products on the Amazon Marketplace yes you can earn extra money when you promote your own products on Amazon that means no matter if your product is a book an app a game assured or something that you are selling using the FBA infrastructure you'll earn a fee on top of what you earn for selling the products it is also an advantage to promote your own products alongside established brands because your products will earn exposure by being featured in the same place where people land organically in search of offers leverage social media social media can be an exceptionally good way to promote your products or affiliate websites because social media tends to foster discussion groups dedicated to niche markets and niche products remember that your approach to promoting stuff on social media needs to be focused on the user experience and on what people want the other good thing about using social media is that you can see how people are commenting in a niche before you decide to promote it and you can also see what people think about certain brands and products without having to wait for a review in the marketplace automate as much as you can the idea behind becoming an Amazon seller or affiliate is to create a passive income stream this means that you'll become an Amazon merchant or affiliate to make money within the platform without putting too much of an effort into it to do this you need to automate as much of the process as possible online tools such as the easy Zone plugin and drop shipping services help you set your Amazon business on autopilot use your own images using your own images instead of the ones offered in the default linking options can give you much more control over how your images fit the overall theme of your affiliate website you can also control placement and presentation the same thing applies to stuff that you sell in the marketplace don't settle for templates only don't to avoid there are some easy pitfalls when it comes to being involved in affiliate marketing hopefully we have collected some good advice to help you avoid some common Amazon affiliate mistakes don't distract your customers make sure that your product presentation website or your affiliate website passes the five-second test that means if a visitor does not understand your website within the first five seconds after he or she sees it you need to redesign it otherwise you might be losing money don't mess too much with native shopping ads while native shopping ads can be a great way to monetize your affiliate website besides your affiliate links do not rely too much on them you can make navigation on your page annoying use only recommendation ads in places where you don't have affiliate links and call it a day don't forget about offering value the most important thing that people will find on your product or your affiliate reviews is not the number of affiliate links or products that you offer it is the value of helping them make a decision remember people will land on your service product page your affiliate blog ready to make a purchase you just have to push them to make it don't just set it and forget it it is true that we talked about the importance of automating the money making process but automation does not equal neglect automate the process but make sure to pay special attention to how you present your content particularly during heavy shopping seasons like the holidays don't forget about the details sometimes the smallest details are the easiest to overlook stuff such as titles developers company names authors formats sizing your of manufacturing and conditions can have an impact because you never know when someone is looking at some of those details enthusiasts and collectors always look for details related to release dates and formatting for example help them find what they're looking for by including those details right in your descriptions and reviews don't use exact matches for your domain names using exact matches as domain names is when marketers use the exact name of a product or service as the domain name for their affiliate websites this will not necessarily help you reach the top spot on search results and you would benefit better by going after something more specific related to your niche and its audience don't rely too much on paid advertising paid advertising can leave you out of the game easily if you don't exercise caution because it can eat up your budget on a whim it is better to just focus on branding value quality service search optimization strategies and picking good niches if you have those right people will promote in your favor don't stick to a single traffic source sticking to a single source of traffic can be as defeating as not tracking and optimizing your descriptions or affiliate offers regularly there is a reason why the most successful sellers and affiliate marketers tell you to work on multiple product variations or affiliate websites at the same time even if you offer the same type of stuff on each instance by getting traffic and prospects from different sources through different channels you can see what works best so you can ultimately narrow down your options and adapt accordingly don't go into oversaturated niches while one of the best strategies is selling and promoting best sellers and top-rated products in the amazon marketplace it is good to remember that some really popular products have saturated the market this means that you might be out of luck if you decide to only sell or promote smartphones for example focus on niches that are unlikely to saturate the market don't try to do everything at once if you are succeeding with Amazon now concentrate on getting better and making more money from it remember that Amazon is a household brand you don't want to risk losing it as your business partner premium tools and services to consider here is a list of some of the best online tools to use with your Amazon affiliate website the Amazon seller app the official Amazon app for mobile platforms is here to make your life easier by allowing you to manage your business on the go in from just about anywhere with this app you can easily fulfill orders find new products to sell manage offers and inventory and keep in touch with your customers 24/7 FBA revenue calculator the FBA revenue calculator is great whenever you need to crunch your numbers as you've seen so far finding out how much revenue you can make on specific products is not easy because of the many factors to consider such as fulfillment and packing costs the FBA calculator is available to FBA sellers so they can calculate their revenue their costs their seller proceeds and their net profits reprice or Express reprice ur expresses a tool for Amazon sellers that want to keep a competitive edge by automating their listing prices this tool scans the marketplace to compare prices on items similar to the ones listed by Amazon sellers reprice ur Express then goes to price fluctuation history in the marketplace and automatically adjusts the price of listings to give its users that top spot on Marketplace results feedback express feedback expresses another tool that automates another hot topic among Amazon sellers feedback seasoned Amazon sellers know very well that getting the correct rating and Amazon can be a tricky task especially because customers tend to forget about a purchase after receiving their items feedback Express automates this process by getting in touch with customers to ask them in a very effective yet subtle way to leave feedback for their recent purchases it doesn't get any easier than this tax jar you'll be surprised to learn that a whopping number of Amazon vendors don't think about how taxes weigh in when it comes to their finances until they are discounted from their revenue tax jar is a tool that will help merchants easily save hours and eliminate sales tax headaches by allowing them to finish their sales tax forms in minutes and use the auto file system to never miss a due date among other benefits alley inspector a lot of Amazon vendors used the Aliexpress marketplace and to find deals to sell in bulk and the Amazon Marketplace yet it can prove daunting to do this the traditional way with buyers scrolling and searching among the many providers looking for the best bang for the buck how the inspector takes care of this by analyzing the best sellers in the Chinese marketplace generating niche keywords and then covering the potential for top performing drop shipping products automatically helium 10 helium 10 is a tool that will fully automate your Amazon Marketplace tasks it will allow you to do hours of repetitive tasks in mere seconds thanks to its powerful software engine it will watch your competition to show you which keywords they are ranking for the same products that you sell it will help you find profitable products and determine which keywords not to use it comes bundled with trend analyzing tools keyword research tools a misspelling extractor key word processor listing optimization tool and more shocking case studies these are some of the companies and individuals that have made it big with Amazon these are the success stories that serve as examples so you can see how hard work can have amazing results export ex export ex is a company that specializes in the introduction of novel products and to untested markets to facilitate exports between customers in a more globalized market the objective of the company was to use innovation to provide certain types of merchandise to people in countries where such goods would not be available otherwise the company used the sponsored products feature in the Amazon Marketplace to position locally produced products in foreign market places such as in the UK Canada and Germany results the company is currently running 90 successful sponsored product campaigns around the world with 25% of sales from those sponsored offers made in international markets six waves six ways is an internationally recognized brand in the social gaming sphere it is mainly a developer and publisher known in the Facebook platform six waves wanted to change the way they were managing their services they were once limited to physical servers which brought in a lot of constraints to the way they operated six ways migrated to Amazon Web Services to take advantage of the technology that the services built its reputation upon mainly elastic load balancing and security groups to control access results the company says that things are totally different now they can easily pull data from the Amazon servers by simply customizing their own server image they don't have to worry about migration and updating issues and all of this means that their business has reached a scale not possible for them before muddy puddles muddy puddles is an online retailer based in the UK that sells outerwear designed for children they specialized in outerwear that protects kids from harsh environmental conditions such as cold and rain the company's objective was centered on decreasing the number of customers leaving the checkout process without completing their purchases strategy they implemented pay with Amazon to allow customers to purchase from their ecommerce store using their Amazon credentials to facilitate checkout results muddy puddles saw its drop-off rate decreased by 40% when they integrated pay with Amazon in their storefront this also increased conversion rates by 15% an annual revenue by 5.8 percent axiom axiom is a us-based company that works with marketing and business data analysis it processes over 30 million data records each month axioms objective was to reduce the number of accuracy discrepancies caused by its optical character recognition system by outsourcing manual transcription of records to skilled human workers axiom leveraged a task force comprised of 125 human workers in the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform ensuring at the same time the quality of the output through an automated process results the company saw a 50% reduction of costs on verification only which incidentally also helped to cut on transportation costs AB off a ba is an Indian e-commerce venture founded in 2014 they are the leading provider of Footwear clothing and accessories for women and men in India and they are using the infrastructure to distribute their merchandise across 500 cities in India the company established that the way to run their business was not through physical servers which could slow down their operation the company chose to use Amazon Web Services to host its online storefront because of the optimization promised by the cloud and the array of services put at their disposal results thanks to the platform's fast load types of up to 1.5 seconds per page abbath saw a surge in sales through its online channel that registered a whopping 14 point 8 million annual gross merchandise value in its first 90 days after launch with a cool 20% in repeating purchases from repeating customers in the same period you


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