AFCON 2019: Ghana blows over $4.5m on Black Stars

AFCON 2019: Ghana blows over $4.5m on Black Stars

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Connecticut the following festival they're playing buddy technical team members of parliament on the cellphone to its present watcher my good friend on our query was there in Egypt to supporting another directive about what my talent was also their religious of they cannot live palace with relatives of both brothers racing some staff of Ghana but as you see some time so people's was members also Palestinian and journalists the way about this has become now the grip down and here lipsticks fa9 a twenty four thousand onesies he promised them for players 107,000 if to polish per diem for technical staff 100,000 sustain the Polish young for additional technical stuff $90,000 [Applause] we need Balasco players now mr. thousand four hundred five dollars winning furnace particular car two three four seven two thirty seven when liberals were additional has two one seven seven service all at once and seven thousand honest accommodation in here include Putin on that campaign and of course camping facilities also for a for a pity party called the main internet reserved for members of the deer fields from where their oath players who had some of them cannot refer this email loser officials journalists most members of parliament in upper mountains 1 million roughly three thousand profit and nine dollars hidden allowance for also this abuse of names are mentioned also that is forward and nineteen thousand credit policies much tickets for all these activities operative officials and origins I've mentioned 41,000 serenity policy medicals across one foot four thousand five seven four bonus fissile fees eight thousand five four one bonus antenna transportation for the three thousand ninety two dollars incident has forty two thousand five seven dollars so total is as I said four five first is five three if either opt for five four four six five three five two four five six four three fortune is for first is for this year so fanciful through five so million in assistance in dollars so they keep another difference yet verify say of Phase three and five million dollars and for sis four million dollars who will tell to government chest as inference of one seven nine dollars wouldn't government chest or indifference others become a big director honest report which we provided by the moral authority by 26 July 29th after which their accommodation senses with regard to the renovation of way gonna be taken


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  • do not exploit the "Ghanaians live football" for your gains. Shameless people. U must be charged for causing financial loss to the state

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