Advice for Breaking into Sports from a 30-Year Industry Veteran

Advice for Breaking into Sports from a 30-Year Industry Veteran

If you want to get started, you got to be willing to make some sacrifices, and the best time to do it is to do it before you have a family and kids, and you have a bunch of other financial responsibilities. I started off straight out of college
with the Houston Oilers back in 1990. in community relations and marketing and then was
in charge of all the suites in the good ol’ Astrodome, the eighth wonder of the world. And now I’m in charge of the 177
suites here at Nissan Stadium. And I’m one of either three or four
people left with Houston ties. Start anywhere you can. Get your foot in
the door and kind of work your way up. It’s kind of a forgotten piece I think in today’s instant gratification kind of society, where, you know, everybody wants to kind of come out and start
at the top, but sports being the high-demand job field that it is, I think, you know, you have to kind
of be willing to work your way up and prove yourself. And what we’ve done is we’ve entered into a partnership with the Belmont University Masters
of Sports Administration program, giving kids a chance, giving them a
chance to get their foot in the door. And it’s a chance to give them
a great one liner on a resume, show them how a 177-suite program
runs on Sundays at a NFL game, and it gives them that hands-on, real-world, real-work
experience that you really can’t get anywhere else. We’ve had some people already graduate from
that program and, because of their work here, have gone on to work for the Miami Heat, the Nashville Sounds, Nashville Predators, Nashville SC, Kansas City Royals, Top Golf. The Houston Oilers back in 1989-1990 hired me. They took a chance on me, and I want to be able to
pay it forward and give that same chance to others. So hey, do anything and everything, work your
way up, work hard, and it’ll work out for you.


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