Advertising Standards Authority: Every UK ad a responsible ad

Advertising Standards Authority: Every UK ad a responsible ad

the average person is exposed to hundreds of advertisements in a single day but what if there were no rules no regulations and no guidelines some ads may take advantage simply because they think it's okay to do so not pretty is it will that's where we come in we're the uk's independent regulator of advertising across all media we understand that everyone should have confidence in the ads they see and hear so we work hard to protect consumers making as responsible so that you get a fair deal and our work make sure that the vast majority of ads you see on a daily basis stick to the rules we monitor us and pick up on trends and complaints to identify and tackle areas of concern whether on screen in print or online ultimately we can have the ads removed if advertisers persistently break the advertising rules we can refer them to off Kong or treating standards for further action we understand that attitudes change which is why we employ an independent council made up of people from all walks of life but judges whether an ad breaks the rules 70% of our work is in tackling misleading advertising such as ticket prices with hidden admin costs or making sure that it's obvious when you see an ad online the other 30% is around a famous and harm in advertising like payday loans and protecting children from unsuitable content keeping children safe in a 24 hour instant access multimedia world can be a difficult task but we listen to the views of parents and young people to assure their voice is heard our ambition is to make every UK ad a responsible Act we are the Advertising Standards Authority for more information drop us a line or visit our website


One thought on “Advertising Standards Authority: Every UK ad a responsible ad”

  • devilzwishbone2013 says:

    Shouldnt the government be fined then?

    Brexit Advert for £350 Million to be spent on the NHS per week

    Then Nigel Farrah saying "Uhhh that shouldnt of been ran"

    HM Advert on Help 2 Buy ISA

    Now were finding out actualy No, you cannot use it on your deposit at all because you have to have your solicitor write to the bank first, and the deeds have to be signed (Aka deposit already paid for)
    So its not Help TO buy, but Help With Your Mortage!???

    Come on ASA get on this before every one else realises ASA are failing against the big cats

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