Advertising on Instagram: 7 Winning Strategies for 2019


24 thoughts on “Advertising on Instagram: 7 Winning Strategies for 2019”

  • Ig ads are BS! They are sending my ads to underage kids when I set my age group to 25 – 55 y/o. These kids have nothing to do with what I'm posting. It's a scam. They throttle your post when you dont pay for an ad and when you do they send to bs accounts.

  • Fountain Square USA Original Art Apparel says:

    pleasantly surprised that this video is chocked full of great, actionable information| Thanks for doing such a great job Wes! We are going to implement immediately! so glad I found your channel!

  • Confeitaria Creative says:

    Thank's for speaking a clear english. Im not native but i can understand everything!!! But please let the subtitles ON. thaaanks!! 😀

  • so far no luck with fb ads, so maybe i'll try ig ads. I like the lead magnet as there's no pressure to the lead, but you get to build an email list independent of the social media feed

  • Wes thanks for giving me so much helpful information in a clean, concise manner. I am excited to get on Instagram and see if this can help my new business.

  • How do you respond by DM'ing them in the polling ad? I am not finding that anywhere. I can see in the ads manager how many have responded but do not have access to see their name or DM them directly. Can you help out?

  • Great video, Wes! Enjoying the content. Keep it up, man!
    (Btw I did not know you had your own show on HGTV and a twin)

  • Digital Solopreneur says:

    I like your videos, However There is no such thing as a ,,10$ per 1000 followers Rule'' On IG. The Shoutout rates depends on many different factors Like Page Niches itself as well as an average Rates of different sized Niche Pages. Luxury Page with legit 100 000 followers will charge more than a same sized Sketch Page.Nowadays there are tools like where people/brands will check page metrics before they will even reach the influencers, to make sure that they don't waste their money to display their ads in front of Fake Ghost Followers!!!

  • Thank you! Didn't know that that many people were in the IG stories (I find them pretty annyoing myself) but definetely a good tip for ads. I hate to be picky (becuase you videos are always excellent) but you have two number five's! 😉

  • Great content Wes , quick question can IG generate traffic , customers for me as a sales consultant in a car dealership ? your thoughts …

  • Veronika Gyenes says:

    Great video and just in time as my client (permanent makeup artist, so the lead magnet is a free consultation and a microblading discount) wants me to start advertising on IG for her. We have done FB so far using lead ads and nurturing those leads with a MailChimp drip campaign. The open rates of the emails wasn't too great, so I am thinking of trying 'send to messenger' and nurturing with a chatbot sequence. I couldn't find any info on whether Stories ads have the option to send to messenger. I know feed ads do. Also, do you have any videos on how to help a client with conversion other than chatbots? I bring her the leads, but I am not sure whether she is very good at sales… What I want to avoid is her telling me that the leads I bring her are not qualified and that's why she is not converting. For example, she had one lead in her salon and wasn't able to seal the deal. Many thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Thanks. But can you talk Instagram paid ads in more details? Like share your phone screens about how to do the ads?

  • Dr. Phill Great says:

    Awesome value bombs 🔥💣💥 Thanks for diving in "The Deep End" of IG ads. Absolutely love and appreciate your content 🤜👊🤛

  • Juan Rivas Caban says:

    “How does he do it?!” Great job, as always! I enjoy watching your videos a lot! I have learned so much in such a short time period! Thank you!

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