Advertising on Facebook - Learn How To Advertise On Facebook In This One Video!


20 thoughts on “Advertising on Facebook – Learn How To Advertise On Facebook In This One Video!”


    Awesome Miles! You are terrific!Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. This is what I have been longing for.Thank you once more.

  • Frederic Jean-Yves Perez says:

    Thks Miles. Great infos. Priceless for me as targeting audience for an Audio content (on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon…) is really not easy to reach. I did on my YouTube channel a presentation which introduce my Audio album, but I need first to grow the Audience on YouTube.
    Beside this I did an ad on Facebook with my page to promote this same album (37$) .
    Yes I’ve followed the FB way to target the Audience to who will be sent the ad.
    I’m waiting the full 10 days datas
    Anyway, thank you very much for your insights. 🙏

  • Vibrant Sol-utions says:

    I found you 2 years later, but right on time! I have recently been utilizing your guidance and (open positive spirit) and trainings in cohesion with Russell brunson and funnel hacking. I innerstand yiur points of view and admire and respect what you're doing, as well as Russell. Just wanted to put that out there. I appreciate you and your wife's

  • Karl Sultana says:

    In the newest video you suggest 'website conversion' objective even on a new site, no need for "seasoning the pixel"… just a note 🙂

  • Hi Miles! I hope you are fine! One more awesome videos from you! I just saw this video now too bad for me and i still have couple of questions for you. Sorry if the questions seems stupid but am new on the Facebook ads stuff. Am an affiliate and I tried to run a video ad and the product to sale is an online training. The Ad got rejected by Facebook the reason was we can not promise fake job promises or unclair… looking at this video I think I did couple of mistakes 1. My Audience was really too big and my description text was too long.
    Now1. Do you think I can still redownload that same video, redefine my audience and reduce my text description will work?
    2- i noticed you always have the learn more button on your ads. I guess when we click on it it brings us to another page how do you that?
    Thanks a lot and sorry for the long text!

  • What is your thought on a funnel for selling t-shirts? Does it work the same way as a digital product? Or do I even need it at all?

  • Woody Carter says:

    MIles, I am in the process of viewing for the first time your free online course and am reading through each section. I plan to start a membership course relying on your expertise and videos. I started looking at your Facebook ad video, but you have so many of them. Is it possible for you to list these videos in some kind of priority order for a beginner to view? I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  • Christine Loy says:

    I really love your video.. I have a question. Is it possible for me to leverage others content? For example, I share others link and inside put my own affiliate link. Then I send traffic to that link? I'm kinda confused

  • chahat handa says:

    Hey miles – hope you are doing great. I have a query – I am learning facebook advertising via your videos – but the probelm which i am facing is that the videos are all mixed up and puzzled up . Is there any segmentation from going from point 1 to2 …. to 10 like that.
    I have checked your playliat as well but it is also mixed up.
    Waiting for your guidance

  • Shulamita Pedida says:

    Hey, thanks for these videos. Hope you could make an updated version of these, maybe a 2019 or 2018 version. Bec. I think power editor has been combined with another function of some sort. Not sure what that is, but your videos are helpful. Thanks a lot!

  • Nice videos miles 🙂

    I have sent you request on Fb Abdul Basit is my name i need a help related to ads for fb please accept my request

  • Miles, I love your videos and putting all that beneficial business related videos. I am retired with traditional Marketing Background with limited source of income. Where Can I learn FB advertising and Sales Funnels ( know you prefer to use Word Press). I am desperate to learn and earn. Please advise. Thanks! APS

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