Advertising my channel to subscribe in block party xD | The Hive

Advertising my channel to subscribe in block party xD | The Hive

go this guy want these two people want to be in the video no gosh there's too many people back but is this hello everyone welcome back to another video I'm with people I don't know why I said tip to a card right now if I already just put in the chat like I'm gonna record so why are people saying my just fake I'm really recording right now guys I'm recording I don't know I don't know what people are saying so right now we will be playing a block party and so this campus city is you have to find like where to go why aren't people believing me I'm really regretting right now you can check later today channel is on underscore so yeah I'm really up obviously what I'm doing she's advertising like to random people of my youtube channel it's kind of where it's kind of cheating but I just I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers by the end of the by the end of the month a jury will want to reach this bowl no yeah so I'm just gonna be over here so people are like I don't know if you are so good at the game so yeah what dying mom yeah okay okay all right this game's Gideon's more intense right now like one blocks got standing one all right okay yeah right here okay this is much scarier than attorney hiding in place – you don't know what to talk about to be honest oh this is so scary like oh my god people just died and oh my god you're coming down here Jesus Christ exploded Boston if you guys wanna join it's in the hub or wait what it's in the hive vomit it's a hub so it's in the hive the server IP will be in description but you must have minecraft and also you guys wanna play with me just just join either oh I died just draw any other hypixel or this game or whatever okay alright guys I'll see you in the next game all right I put I'm recording right now for YouTube so let's see what people react because I alright I just want to see people if you actually sound like sometimes people are saying like okay whatever or people are saying oh I want to be in the video like that other girl you just stop so yeah no no I'm saying nothing which is pretty surprising why's everyone so still why is everyone still it's Squidward Jesus Christ that knows all right guys the game has started up so much is definite and well I'm gonna try to win for you guys and people just don't care that I'm recording supposedly the old God like that oh okay blowing Eric over here we yeah my main goal is to just there just reach like 100 subscribers by the end of this by the end of the jump of July because I really just wanted to get it over with and just reach 100 already so that's why I'm trying to advertise so I could be able to get that wish or it may be something to be wishes by the end of July because we're already on the 26 and 30 it is almost coming up and absolutely inundated before I can reach so yeah hopefully these people listen and you can subscribe to me so yes let's keep going let's go when the figure Oh like I ought to be was like I can stir it over there I don't know okay and never mind I gotta go somewhere no no no no all right guys here we are for the next game again and I'm gonna type in the thing again there you go I typed it in I put I'm recording for right now for YouTube to see how people react to just want to see that their reactions I wanna see if they wanted what they want to be in the video or not we're doing it up some people are some people are saying hi YouTube now this girl this guy want these two people want to be in the video no gosh there's too many people now what is this hi say hi see YouTube just what is it go doing okay look at these that's bubbles that's the Steve oh gosh what is this ah sub subs what does that mean does that mean subscribe yes I think I know he said taking another person oh no I'm gonna die okay I made it yes Oh like I fell oh no all right give me that phone okay get it oh no I can't jump anymore no I can't drum I think I got the bat powerup okay we gotta go in here what's the youtube channel one underscore there you go you guys could see it and also you guys are getting recorded yes you guys will be in the video for sure you guys will be my fans you guys will be only my fans just kidding you guys could be it you guys could do whatever you want let's go right here to be on this one oh wow lots of people I need that power up show right here right here right here no I gave me a curse again I'm like I can't drop guys we can't jump oh gosh I made it good okay fine take a dump though I'm not gonna get any more power-ups anywhere cuz this is gonna give me to death oh wow no one died surprisingly all right here here all know that Steve no they all died oh my gosh this intense are not getting that power Oh God okay no one day no one here gosh science and I'm here okay guys no they both died GG good job no I think I died ahh oh my god I was so close no they don't know I feel so bad I want them to win and what you want to win – oh yeah I lost I lost yeah GG good game all right then now is a good game those big fun all right guys I'm gonna advertise one more time but there's no orders a lot of people here all right I'm recording right now so let's see what they say again I don't I don't know why I'm advertising oh hi again so I wanna get I want to get other people to know me I don't know I wanna get other people to know me active it right now thank you yeah any people are liking my vids you guys will be in the video no I died okay we're gonna try one more round and that might end off the video right here all right I'm gonna put anyone one of the beat and prove it Rick or you hi YouTube again I'm sorry that looks like a lot of people coming back into this game hey again I'm sorry I keep seeing you guys oh hi how are you if there is one thing to just say and vid what will you say alright good someone put good luck have fun Lowell what else what else would you say no no it's you know start five seconds stop – Jeff yeah subject one yes yes good now let's all put someone put stop – PewDiePie why more like sub – Quan am i right hey sup tube oh my gosh oh my god that's that's just so hilarious I liked it so much you guys you guys are the best literally all these people are the Oh No all I think one of the best a lot yeah it's just since it's gonna be the last round or the last game might as well just play normally it's just it's just like get this over with which I can end off the video here it's just a blog yeah it is after round I'm end of this all right where is it ain't no no no no hi oh my gosh yellow this is yellow there's plenty of yellow everywhere not too pink everywhere if anyone wanna stay – and a good deal three I'm not getting that power up I don't want I don't like the curse all right this is so so scary okay here right here whoa look at all these people they're all here oh my god simple that go thank you yeah no those people died oh my gosh Oliver neh what's up ah hopefully no one died yeah I think are no one died it's nice guys okay thank you oh no hex this guy right here is thanking this guy right here this guy you don't belong here you're hacks no I caught a hacker guys I caught the emitter but I don't wanna care they're gonna get banned either way so yeah rip guys do that hack that's it okay that's one thing okay oh all right guys if you guys did enjoyed that video please leave a like and subscribe all it's the same girl hi everyone hi hi how are you so thank you guys for watching this video if you guys been enjoy please leave a like and subscribe and release to all my friends they're my fans guys so you guys did enjoy my video please leave a like and subscribe and subscribe to join the family and if you guys want more videos like these please leave a like and make sure to comment that down below and yeah that's all I have to say anything here watching this video and I'll see you guys in the next one peace you


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