ADVERTISEMENT: The Marvin Beautiful Home Search

ADVERTISEMENT: The Marvin Beautiful Home Search

I'm Kim Demopolis and I'm Paul to mop lesson we live in Hoboken New Jersey with our three kids our dog and we're the winners of the Marvin beautiful home search Hoboken is very urban it literally is right across that sand river from midtown Manhattan everything is convenient clothes kids school six blocks away we walk everywhere that's what we were looking for we've lived here for 14 years I wanted something old something with charm high ceilings moldings wood floors I think Paul was most interested in outdoor space because we wanted a dog for sure the tree was even the selling point yeah at that big Japanese maple it's become part of our family which is really special the house was set up very differently the kitchen was downstairs on the bottom floor it was an interior space so it didn't have windows we had different ideas about what we wanted to and then superstorm sandy happened and our entire ground floor flooded so we lost was our family room or kitchen area and pretty much had to rip all of that out so we kind of thought about move that kitchen upstairs one thing that I said was I want light I mean I said a lot of things that I wanted but I wanted a lot of things I wanted light I really just wanted a wall of windows we worked with david korn of informed design on the project and it was really a collaboration once we nailed the design he worked out the details with Marvin and I think it went great they thought all the shop drawings made it happen and they were excited to see him get installed but I'm at the sink I could see my neighbor come out we wave at each other I like that feature of where we live that's why we live here on the weekends Paul and I will get up before everybody and we'll come into the kitchen we sit and talk the kids are in and out the dog likes to lie at the back door and look out at the world I wanted a loud busy house and we got that which was really nice the wall of windows Marvin just helps illuminate the whole space and gives it its own unique character without compromising what was there originally you get this incredible sense of just light and flow straight through from the front of the house to the back of the house it's a beautiful view and kids get excited about that I don't think they ever want to move I don't know that they appreciate it like I do but they watch me appreciate it every day you


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